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January 11, 2017     The Julian News
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January 11, 2017

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January 11, 2017 The Julian News 5 by Michele Harvey Welcome To The New Year It's Problem ... I've been looking at facebook posts to see how people feel about the passing of the year 2016 into 2017. It amazes me to see how many people describe 2016 in swear words. Many say that they will be very glad when it ends because it was such a horrible year for them. The people that I'm talking about live in Or near Julian, California. We have had really nice weather most of this past year. We have had no major earthquakes or devastating fires. No oil spills or water contamination, which some of us have had in the past. I can't think of any mass murders that occurred here. Our area has not been shattered by war. It has been a very safe year for us all and it finished with a blessed 2 to 4 inches of rain. I can't imagine anyone starving to death here or dying from the cold because we have several local food distribution programs where a person could also ask for and receive a garment or blanket to keep them warm. Some of our schools give free meals to students who otherwise wouldn't have food to eat. In the summer time our local county library gives meals to children 4 days each week from June through August in partnership with Feeding San Diego. Most of us have a decent place to live. I know that the biggest complainers all live in decent houses. Having a roof over one's head to keep the rain and snow off is a privilege that some people don't have, so I get really angry at the people who live comfortable lives and still find reasons to be glad when 'this year is behind us. At my home during the coldest days in December we had no propane Last week The Kid sent a memo she had received from a young person working in an ad agency. The individual, now "gender neutral" asked that people not use "he" or "she" but "they" when they referred to, um, "they". We pointed out that this could be confusing and that there is a perfectly good singular gender neutral pronoun in English which is "it." Why not refer to the individual as "it"? "Kyle's going to do the art and it's got great a great sense of color." Not perfect but better than, "Kyle's going to do the art and they've got a great sense of color." This was not well-received, MISTAKENLY not well-received in our view, and high-handedly not passed on to the individual in question who might have realized that a plural pronoun for a single individual poses...well, problems. We then pointed out what The Kid knew very well from her high school language class, which was Modern Greek. (Don't ask.) Greek uses the equivalent of the English "it" to refer to children. Gender neutral, right? And quite appropriate for many kids, we might add. O andras (o dvrpag) the man. Y gynaika (q yuvaiKa) the woman. To paidi (TO Tral(Si) the child. Clear as day. Somehow The Kid found this less than convincing so we gave up trying to be helpful. After we stopped laughing. The more interesting question is that of "gender neutrality" as a sociological construct. Trans-gender one understands. LGBTQXYZ (lest I have forgotten something as we up here in the hills aren't always quite up to date nor do we do well with political correctitude) as well. That's not the problem. "Gender neutrality" doesn't seem to be biologically based (look down, my friend) and may be mostly symptomatic of another, more widespread social problem. With a large population and a society that doesn't pigeonhole most people by birth and social class, many Americans have a problem of identity. Not gender identity (usually) or citizenship (most of the time) but identity related to the simple fact that each of us wants to be recognized as an individual--unique, special, "me"! In a small school like Julian it's not such a concern because everyone is different-- there aren't enough kids to be'lost in a crowd. But in a school of 3,000 students, most living in similar houses, wearing similar clothes, living similar do you stand out? How do you express what you KNOW, which is that you are YOU, the only one you, you who are not like everyone else, who needs to be recognized as that unique human being you are. Not everyone is a basketball star, the most popular girl in class, the winner of all the scholarships and spelling bees are YOU different? It's an interesting question. Gender neutrality may be one answer. Perhaps not the best one. You just wish sometimes that people would treat you like a human being rather than seeing your gender first and who you are second. -- Frances O'Grady .... ,~ ~ so we had no heater. Fortunately we have a fireplace and we burned a lot of cardboard to keep our house from cooling down because it's so difficult to reheat a coot house. During the warm months I like to buy comforters at the thrift store in Ramona. Prices for blankets and All Your Tree Service Needs Commercial comforters are good during the hot months. During those very cold nights I put extra comforters on our bed until I had enough to make us warm and to keep us warm. No complaints. Putting my clothes under the sheets during the night assures me that they will be warm when I put them on the next morning. So many people around our wider world live in conditions that we can't come close to imagining. Some countries like India and Bangladesh experience both drought and flash floods that whisk away their homes, sometimes their families and their lively hoods. None of that happens in Julian. I remember seeing the occasional mud slide here, but not bad enough to send giant multi ton boulders into anyone's living room or harming anyone. In many countries a person can be tortured, beaten and executed for saying one thing against their government. Maybe a person doesn't actually say a negative thing, but someone else doesn't like that person so police are informed with lies and someone gets tortured INTERNET ISSUES - VIRUS - NO BACKUP? NEED SOME TECH SUPPORT? Call Tom Swysgood (949) 310-1607 a Ju,,.n Resident Check me out @ Residential, Industrial, Commercial Serving Southern California Ben Sulser, Bi'anch Manager and possibly executed. Thankfully that doesn't happen in Julian. ] Our town is not controlled by a vicious drug cartel. It is not run by I a bullying Sheriff. Our laws are easy to follow. While following our local laws, it's difficult to get into trouble here. I have a friend who was didn'tticketed for jay-walking in 1990. Even with that on her record, Sheconsider it a bad year. [ F!Xn!tAWee end ! Conc et So many people have good !ives, yet they approach each day with a huge amount of n,egativity. Im reminded of the old joke tha! goes ,Handymankservice e I something like this. It hurts when I do this. Then dont dothat, i 6 /7 i!ii34C m This past year one of my sons got pneumonia and spent 3 weeks in hospital. My brother had heart surgery. My car broke down 4 times, 7( ? needing major repairs, but thankfully not majorly costly repairs and it ) also needed the air-conditioning repaired. Our laundry room roof leaks and it's been leaking so long that the room is beginning to smell like a body of water We tried to patch it in several places that we thought were obvious places for a leak to form. The Spats by aeffPiekering We used several methods to patch the roof, yet each succeeding I ft~'rmNT~,K~e'~--- I1o / /~Y~tEYOO_\"-=-- II/OO~IDrr-A,I"LLflAV~'~I I IIi II method didn't work. Now, until we can afford to reroof our house, we place an assortment of plastic containers on our laundry room floor I II II hoping-to catch the rain before it floods the room, which it did once ~,.~_,.,w~, ~_. ~.w~ already. , ~~~ If you live in Afghanistan, you cant walk out of your front door without a sniper shooting at you. Terrorists are killing people around the world, but not in or near Julian. Julian people; instead of whining 2017 - Julian Library Grading & Demolition Bruce Strachota Grading, Demolition, Underground Utilities, Dump Truck, Excavation, Loader, Bobcat Rental, Rock & 8age cell: 619-972-0152 R about the horrible year you had in 2016, please be grateful for all of the good that came to you this past year and hope or pray that 2017 is at least as good as 2016 was for you. My gosh folks. If your child didn't die of cancer or your car got blown up by a terrorist, then settle down and be grateful for the life you have. This past year we dug ditches to repair outside water lines. From necessity we have replaced our refrigerator our clothes washer and our upright freezer. This was the year of replacing appliances. Yet all is good now and I believe we have had a very good year. Since facebook posts aren't private, I stole the following one from Mary Clare-Walker. Thank you my friend. "How to start the New Year off right: 1-Make a list of all your accomplishments during the past year, 2-make a list of all your goals for the coming year, 3-make a list of everything you are grateful for, down to the teeniest thing. This should take you quite a while, and is a great way to usher in the new year. Remember when you're down to make a gratitude list, and also to ask for help when you need it, from your Spirit helpers, from Source, from family and friends." As for me, we invite our grandchildren to our home nearly every Wednesday night for dinner and a movie. I finished the year by making a soup that consisted of previously made chicken and rice soup (Which I had stored in the freezer), a chicken enchilada which I chopped up before putting it into the soup, and a can of Santa Fe style chicken soup. My Grandson told me that dinner was magic and all of the dinners I cook for them are magic. What a wonderfully positive way to end the year. A JOYFUL 2017 to all of you. These are my thoughts. . Stage Play 2 PM. Internatlon hildren's literature by SDSU Professor, Dr. C le Scott. 2:30 PM. Hosted by the Swedish Center and Swedish School o[ San Diego. Realistic Resolutions For Busy Moms II (StatePoint) Time is perhaps the most coveted thing moms have and it's crucial to manage it effectively for you and your family. To help moms everywhere make the most of their precious minutes in 2017, aqtress, director, producer, entrepreneur, mother-of-three and Nutrisystem ambassador, Melissa Joan Hart reveals her New Year's Resolutions, crafted from years of juggling different time consuming tasks. Just say "no": Sometimes you just have to decline requests or pick and c'hoose which ones are doable. And remember, it's okay to ask for a rain check. Limit screen time: It's easy to fall into the screen time black hole. Instead, be present -- put your phone down and limit your children's time in front of their screens. Even talk to your spouse! Set aside 20 "Mom Minutes" daily: Do something for yourself for 20 minutes every day-- meditate; do a quick workout, call a friend you haven't spoken t6 in a while, or simply do nothing with a cup of coffee in hand. Have one-on-one time with each child: Create no-fuss activities like coloring or playing cards that you can do with each child individually based on his or her personality. Spending quality time separately will feed your soul and theirs. Try to be guilt free: As a working mom, you are doing things for your family even when you are at work, so don't feel guilty about the time away from loved ones. Make simple healthy changes: Remember that your kids are always watching, so being a good role model when it comes to health and fitness will pay dividends for them and for you. Simple, easy changes in your daily routing can help you with your health goals. For example, drink a nutrient-rich shake for breakfast, such as Nutrisystem Turboshakes, drink more water throughout the day and maintain a consistent exercise schedule. And if you want to lose weight, as so many do in the New Year, Hart says, "look for a plan that works for you. I chose Nutrisystem because it was simple and fit with my lifestyle. I lost 40 pounds and feet better than ever!" For a kick start to your New Year, consider Nutrisystem Lean13, a new program designed to help you lose up to t3 pounds and seven inches in your first month. More information can be found at Plan quality couple time: Make time to reignite your romance. Go out to a movie, take a walk together, write each other love notes. "Don't put too much pressure on yourself to make grand resolutions," says Hart. "It's the small resolutions that can make every day just feel better." Every American deserves to live in freedom, to have his or her privacy respected and a chance to go as far as their ability and effort will take them - regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or economic circumstances. -- Christopher Dodd