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January 18, 2012     The Julian News
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January 18, 2012

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January 18, 2012 NOW WlC Groceries. Fresh Produce Sundries Beer. Wine Liquor Dry Cleaning. Lotto Scratchers U.S.D.A. Choice Beef Buffalo Meat Special and Holiday Orders, Cut to your Specifications 0PEN DAILY 6a.m. To 8p.m. .............   .... i Bill Pay II POPE TREE SERVICE I1' All Your Tree Service Needs Commercial ,76o George Thomas Poppe December 18, 1919 - November 25, 2011 Born Clinton, iowa in December of 1919. Passed November 25, 2011. Survived by his daughter, Karyl Poppe of Ramona and his son Daniel Poppe of Arroyo Grande, CA. Also survived by his 5 grandchildren. Danica Davis of Stockton, Jesse Sissons of San Diego, Forest Sissons of Julian, Sheana Sissons of El Cajon and Rose Sissons Martin of La Mesa. He is also survived by 9 great grandchildren. George grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota during the depression. He joined the Navy in 1936 at the age of 17 and served for 43 years, retiring as a Chief Warrant Officer from the US Naval Reserve. Veteran of WWll and the Korean Conflict. He got his law degree in 1961 and practiced law in Los Alamitos, CA until he retired in 1986 and moved to his ranch in Mesa Grande. He relocated to Ramona in 1998 where he resided until his death. He was also musician, pilot, carpenter and a good friend to many. A memorial will be held at the Ramona VFW Post on Sunday, January 29 at 2:00 PM. The post is located at 2247 Kelly Ave in Ramona. PRO FLAM E Serving The Community We Live In For Over 60 Years Commercial oo0 Residential o Oo Payment Options I rA00eAge, i -.;:CL%,, Trained LID/JCOUNCIL 24 Hour Emergency Semice l Celebrating Thoughts by Michele Harvey Tools We Can Use I recently read an article on the internet titled "9 tools that every home needs." by Julia Lewis for House Beautiful The article begins by showing a torpedo level. Levels are good for making sure the pictures and other decorative items we hang on our walls are level and not hanging crooked. Wall hangings that aren't level drive many people to distraction. Levels come in many lengths. My shortest one is about a foot long and is great for leveling pictures and framed artwork. I use my 4' long level for construction and remodeling. A 12" level can be bought at Julian Hardware for under $6.00 Next, the article shows a genuine Champion Plus Swiss army pocket knife. I think most of us have seen or at least heard of Swiss army knives. Swiss army knives are great for hunting and camping trips because they have so many features in a pocket size space. Not only do they have blades and screwdrivers, they also have a can opener, a corkscrew, scissors, tweezers and a toothpick. This implement has 30 different tools included. A person can entertain themselves for a long time, just looking at all the different tools on one of these great inventions. If you live in the Julian area, you can purchase a real Swiss army knife at Quinn Knives in the grey and white Cole Building on the 2100 block of Main Street. Be prepared to hand over a chunk of money. Swiss army knives are pricey. I don't own a Swiss army knife. Instead I own an inexpensive tool caddy where I store an assortment of hand tools. I have screw drivers in several sizes, both Phillips and flathead, a package of 2 each is available at Julian Hardware for $14.49, some small wrenches, vice grips, pliers (6" slip joint for $2.89 at J.H.), two kinds of hammers, (average price at J.H. is under $10.00) and other tools that I've found handy through the years. A step ladder is a must in any household, including apartments. Try changing a light bulb, hanging a picture or getting into the highest kitchen cupboards without one. I own two styles of step ladders. One is short and has just a few steps. It folds to about 6" in width and can be easily tucked in a closet. It works for most jobs. I have two taller step ladders because I use each differently. My taller step ladders are sturdier than my short ladder. They fold out for use and they flatten for storage. They have two steps, one is for gaining height and the second step is a nice platform for standing on for long periods of time. At the top, my heavier metal and durable plastic ladder has a small fold out shelf that tools and nails can be placed on. My lighter weight aluminum ladder has a fold out shelf that is big enough and strong enough to hold a gallon size paint can and also has holes to hang hammers, paint brushes and other necessary tools. The step ladder that was recommended in the House Beautiful article has a $345.00 price tag. The three ladders that I recommend can all together be bought at The Julian Hardware store for under $50.00 and they are all available during the summer months. The next item on the House Beautiful list is a 6 volt cordless screwdriver. The difference between a cordless screwdriver and a cordless drill is power. Their recommendation has 6 volts. 6 volts is not enough power to do most jobs that I've done in my many years of working on home projects. I own a Black and Decker 12 volt cordless drill and a SKIL 14.4 volt drill. Both are rechargeable. Both have plenty of power for my jobs. I bought my Black and Decker cordless drill a few years ago at The Julian Hardware store. It has screwdriver bits which make it versatile and it has an extra battery so I always have one charged. I love my cordless drillst Next, House Beautiful recommends a special small LED flashlight. This one can put out a focused beam that I assume is very bright. I'm just not thrilled about our LED flashlights. I keep more than one flashlight in our home because you never know... We have a flashlight on our bathroom counter, another on my night stand, one at each entry door, one at my computer desk because I just can't read the words on my printer screen, and I have one each in my purse, in my car, and in the pockets of the coat I wear most often. We didn't go out one day with the intention of buying a bag full of flashlights. Like most things including our hand tools, they have accumulated through the years. House Beautiful wants us to buy Goo Gone Spray Gel. I don't do well with spray bottles, and I don't like buying a product that I can't use to the very last drop, so whenever possible, I buy an item when it can be gotten without a spray bottle. Goo Gone is no exception. I began using it about 15 years ago to strip wax off glass shelves when I worked at a candle store. It's also great for removing price tag adhesive, jar labels and grime from things that haven't been cleaned in a long time. Goo Gone is great whether you buy the spray bottle or the squirt bottle. I buy mine at Julian Hardware. The last three items on the House Beautiful list are a natural radius grip garden trowel for $10.00, a Metrocane Rabbit corkscrew for $50.00 and a stylish broom for $30.00, If you garden, by all means buy yourself a garden trowel. I own several because I use them year round and I use each for a different purpose. I like. a garden trowel that has a straight handle because ergonomically made tools just don't work for me. I don't know why anyone would need a $50.00 corkscrew. First of all, not being a connoisseur of wines, a $2.00 corkscrew has always been adequate for me. Liquor stores and wineries sell a variety of corkscrews, so if you feel a need to own a $50.00 corkscrew that looks like is has rabbit ears coming out its sides, then feel free to buy one. You can probably buy one at a local winery or at Brooms are important items in and around homes. I prefer owning and using straw brooms. My 765-0130 Ben Sulser, District Manager mother-in-law owned smaller brooms with slanted nylon bristles. I think those brooms are nearly useless. Because of their size and structure, they take a lot longer to do most jobs around our windblown property. The stylish broom in the article is cute and would be great as a decorative item hanging on a wall in a home. But for me, the $30.00 price is too high for a broom. A good nylon bristled broom is for sale at J.H. for $7.99. I buy good sturdy straw brooms for $20.00 or less which is why I can have one each in my laundry room, my barn and at all doors leading in and out of my house. We all have our own needs for tools. In my list, I .would add duct tape (20 yards for $5.99) and masking tape (60 yards for $2.59), a cutter with a retractable blade, a tape measure, needle nose pliers, scissors and any other tool that looks useful. Having a personal tool box is a great idea. Through the years continued on page 13 The Julian News 5 30 Ibs- AvoDerm Chicken & Rice $45.99 50 Ibs- Lay Pellet, Crumble or Mash $12.99 P-9000- Washington Street ,760-765- ! ! Mon-Fn 8:30 to 6:00 and Sat 9:00 to 5:00 OPEN SUNDAYS ! O to 4 i My Laptop Is Allergic To Cats, Problems began to appear shortly after the arrival of the new laptop. The sound system went wacky, the external hard drive wasn't recognized, this wouldn't work, that sneezed, something else snuffled all the mysteries and frustration of the technological world snapped at my heels, wrapped up in one slim machine. Hours on the telephone honing Spider Solitaire scores resulted in a return to factory settings. Temporary improvement. The Kid came and took out 'bloatware', the junk put on by the manufacturer pushing products or whatever, who knew? Temporary improvement. The Kid came again and did a 'clean install' with new programs from the bottom of the computer up in the 'nuclear winter' of computer repair. Temporary improvement. "Is it out of warranty? Yes? Sounds like you're going to have to buy a new computer," said Mike Hart looking at me around and over the stacks of paper on his desk. "There's one other thing, though. Clean the keyboard. Sometimes stuff gets under the keys and that can really mess up the way a computer works." Clean the keyboard? How novel. Home to gaze at the keyboard. Clean it? But wait...wasn't that, no; yes, a white cat hair. Wet the finger, get if off the keys .... but wait, there was another. And another. And another. And go find the tweezers .... Over an hour and a pile (well, a SMALL pile) of cat hair later the computer stopped sneezing. A bit longer, it coughed, cleared its throat, and started to function properly. The external hard drive worked. The sound system could be turned back on without whining. Things behaved as they were supposed to. Bless Mike Hart. The only problem is that cat hair creeps back in. The computer is now kept shut--it is true that the cats, while kittens, liked to sleep on the warm keyboard which was discouraged as it probably wasn't a good thing. But that isn't enough. Sneaky white cat hair slinks up over the edge of the desk and creeps into the closed computer, there's no other explanation. So the tweezers live permanently on the desk and instead of playing Spider Solitaire while listening to endless menus read by computerized voices on the )hone, out come the tweezers... It works. The only problem now is that the cats have taken to sleeping on the printer which doesn't have a keyboard and it's impossible to know where to tweeze so the whole machine is furry. Perhaps an antihistamine might work. The Ocean Does A Million Things For You Whether you live in Kansas or on Kauai, the ocean affects your life. Covering more than 70 percent of the planet, the ocean is a vital source of life on Earth. Every other breath you take originates from the ocean.  Scan this QR [,4 code using your smartphone to learn about ocean threats and what National Marine Sanctuaries are doing to help out.