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January 27, 2016     The Julian News
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January 27, 2016

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January 27,2016 . "' ' ' i.I . Iroceries, Fresh Produce, Beer, Wine Liquor .... . Dry Cleaning Lotto Scratchers ...... Full Service "Best in the County" Meat Depart .n,t; ):. U.S.D.A. Choice Beef Buffalo Meat,- . Special and Holiday Orders, Cut to your Speciflca 0PEN DAILY 6a.m. J 8 ,.m. CARDS, Purr-Fect Tips To Protect Colts Year-Round (Family Features) When cooler weather arrives, you may assume your pet is safe from parasites - especially if your cat liveS, 0r exclusively indoors. To the contrary, identifying the risk for i r sites', such as fleas ear mites and heartworms, and provid g ttt pest protection for your pets has very little to do with the seasons. " "Back when I was in veterinary school, we believed therewere parasite 'seasons,'" said Chris Adolph, DVM, MS, DACMM, a board certified pai'asitologist, veterinary specialist at ZoeUs and fl rner veterinary p ractice owner in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. 'q'oday'shighiy variable weather patterns have resulted in the possibility, ofpa 'asite transmission well beyond traditionally warmer months, and.in.turn, ncreasing the likelihood of infection or infestation to your pets. Cat owner Lauren Swern learned the hard way that even indoorcats can be afflicted with parasitesand ultimately traced a flea infestation m her cat, Oreo, back to a pair of sneakers she'd worn in the garden. After trashing most of Oreo's toys and bedding, Swem's veterinarian recommended a topical, broad-spectrum preventive. After treatment with Revolution(r) (selamectin), Swern's home was again ..flea,free and continues that way thanks to monthly treatments she-at .l;d.ies to her cat. Photo courtesy of GettZ /rr~Ze~ The best way to protect your furry feline friend year-round Is: by following a few simple tips: , Routine checkups. You may believe_ that once your kiitel received its vaccinations, you're finished with veterinary vislts it's important to continue taking your cat for annual examinations to help maintain a high quality of life. Cats tend to hide illness very well, and your veterinarian can help identify problems you may n'ds at home as well as guide you in areas such as dental care, nutrition atld behavior. Preventive medication. Regular use of a monthly parasite preventive, such as Revolution, can protect your cat from many common .internal and external parasites. Along with fleas, broad-spectrum p'revet ves by Michele Harvey Rambling. Thoughts Sometimes ! gothrough an entire week not knowing what I will write about toie yweekty column. I sit at my.computer with lots of ideas that are worth. lfew sentences or perhaps a paragraph or two. That Just isn't enougK | like to come up with an idea, flesh it out and then wrap It up. F0rche, that takes about 1000 words, much more than a few sentettce , Sometimes I can expand my ideas to create a column that is longer theft, a few sentences by typing an outline or a few ideas like rear, of us learned to do in high school. Writing my column makes me./eet accomplished. Pdodtle are important to me because some things just have to be done each day to keep me from getting hopelessly behind. I try to stick to myme tal list of priorities each day. Making my bed when I first get up.eaC.il morning is a simple, yet important priority for. me. Takingalfew ,teps from my bed, knowing I've started and finished a task in tile tftst few minutes of my day makes me feel accom plished. Setting ouFmy clothes before I step into my mornmg shower also gives me a sense of accomplishment in the first minutes of my day and it kes'aWay:time that can be wasted in confusion. This sweater? That btou= ? ich pants to go with which scarf? When I was young, in the 1950s and 1960s we had no electric devicecJ beyotld appliances and our televisions and radios. Many families didn'teven own a TV in the early 1950s. We certainly didn't have any idea..that one day we would have .computers with internet and all. of the. e her electronics we have today to take up our time. Many of uS- pendLway too much time on our computers. I know I do. Does Faceb k take up a lot of your time on unimportant things like it does mine? No matter.the time I can easily waste on other computer related tasks, I like the convenience of typing on my computer. No matter what kind f d cument I am creating, I can move words, sentences and entire, paragraphs around to improve what I am trying to communicate. Writing my.cblumn each week is one of my top priorities. Getting started can bel difficult because I can't seem to sit very long without getting distr d ed. Am I ADD or ADH D? Perhaps. If I am, I try to make it work fO-m ven though I get distracted really easily, I multi-task really well and'am good at starting and finishing several things at one time. Saturday morning as I was heating a morning cup of tea, I mixed up dip to serve tolmorrow with vegetables. Tonight while I was planning my colamn:.j mixed and baked a cake. After I put the cake in the oven, I cut upveg tables for Sunday morning snacks at church. By the time I finished cutting up the vegetables, the cake was ready to come out of the oven tput the cake on a wire rack to cool, and sat down to begin this column. When I needed to stretch my back, I walked back to my kitc end frosted the cooled cake. Getting several things done at onceworks better for me than doing one thing at a time. 'm not sure hoW l, ot this way; however, I really like this part of being me. I like to 'live-my day to day life by working up a reward system for myself,. .l begin by doing a task that I don't like to do, such as reconciling 0!y-checking account. Once done, I reward myself by doing something I want to do like making and eating lunch or filling my bird feeders. I like to puta load of laundry in the washing machine and then take my Shower. Once I am clean and dressed with my makeup on, my clothes have.finished washing and I can load my clothes into the dryer or hang;them on my clothes line. Having finished all of those tasks in a hoCt time, I make and eatmy breakfast and reward myself with a telev.isiort program as I eat. I often- t push myseff'fo complete tasks and often have to push even.hard.or to begin tasks that I don't want to do. This is why my reward system has become a necessary way for me to get much of anything accomplished. It's almost like I'm my own mother watching to see if I've t ished my chores. I don't want to disappoint the mother in me, ao LpUsh myself to start andfinish that one more task. In pasteotumns I've written about a book that I have read over and over to help me keep on track. It's called How to Get Control of your Time and Your Life. Alan Lakein wrote it. The book has short chapters;so .as you finish reading one chapter of maybe 3 or 4 pages, you knowyou have accomplished, something. Mr. Lakein first published;.th "l ook in 1973, giving strategies for managing time. I The Julian News 5 The Julian Chamber of Commerce 2016 Installation Dinner Dressy ne Theme : $45 Advance Re Required Checks payable to: Julian Chamber of Commerce Send to: P.O. Box 1866, Julian, CA 92036 Credit Card Payments: Call - (760) 765-1857 Helping Kids Thrive Through Intelligence by Denise Daniels (NAPS)--As most parents know. small children have no problem letting out their emotions. But how wel do they understand what they're feeling? That skill is known as Emotional Intelligence (EQ), the process by which children learn to recognize, understand and manage their emotions and EQ is key to a child's success n life. According to Marc Brackett, Ph.D., Director of Yale's Center for Emotional ntelligence, "Research shows that children who learn EQ skills have less anxiety and depression; have fewer attention, learning and behavior problems; are better problem solvers; display greater social and leadership skills; and perform better academically." Fortunately, young children can learn simple EQ strategies that will help them nanage their emotions in a socially acceptable manner. What You Can Do Here are a few things parents can try: Teach children a vocabulary for their emotions so they have names for their feelings. Encourage them to express emotions through conversation and play, music, art or exercise. Create a safe, nonjudgmenta environment where kids can share thoughts and feelings--and validate those feelings without telling them how they should feel. Be a role model for expressing emotions. - Read together and talk about what the characters in the story might be feeling. Now, a new line Of books and toys for children between 3 and 7 can help kids learn EQ skills while having fun with five colorful little detectives known as The Moodsters. Each Moodster represents a different emotion anger, happiness, sadness, love and fear--and they come to the rescue whenever there's a feelings emergency. The Moodsters give preschoolers a vocabulary for their emotions and strategies to manage them. With a curriculum rooted in decades of research, The Moodsters help kids handle the everyday challenges of growing up and can foster conversations between parents and preschoolers about feelings. Books and Toys can address risks related to heartworm disease, ear mites (O(odectes cynotis) roundworms (Toxocara cati) and hookworms (A cylos(oma I relax. B eat ng a task into several parts can be good for getting bits tubaeforme). / " of it donethat eventually add up. Spending 20 or 30 minutes, or even Feelings Flashlight and Behavior monitoring.. Don't assume that a cat that begins exhibiting 10 minutee toward getting a task done will help overall. ' . Storybook: Shining a light on behavior problems is simply acting out. Mostundesirable behaviors, r I like te,seW,.'l make potholder appliques that take 4 Steps to feelings has never been easier-- such as suddenly refusing to use a litter box or aggression, 'can complete, F0r One of my designs, first I cut 2 different fabrics into or more fun. Before nap time actually be signs of illness. Consulting a veterinarian can help y06 stdps, and then,i sew the stdps together. Next I cut the sewn strips, or bedtime, point the flashlight determine the best course of action. . . " reversing every'other0ne and then sewing those strips together to toward the ceiling or a wall and Consider the climate. Just as extreme temperatures can affect make a gatchw0rk design. I do 2 of these tasks in my shop and 2 at The Moodsters will appear, people, excess heat and cold may impact your cat. Cozy bedding in home: 4 steps.tbta with each part in small increments of time. Though offering wisdom and humor for front of a bright window may provide just the right warmth winter, my house is often a mess because of all the tasks that I decided were every emotion. Included is "The but prove too toasty in the summer. Make adjustments thmughqutl e less important than' others, I really am a decently organized person. Scary' Sleepover" storybook year to keep your kitty comfortable as temperatures chang . :. As a multi-ta ker, I like to keep-something to read in my car. As " Moodster Mirror and Ample activities. Even mellow kitties can benefit from exercis just the transp0rter children, friends and grandchildren, I like- to give Storybook: Preschoolers are like humans. Provide toys to encourage cats to keep active and h thy myself sofftething to do in my time of waiting in doctor's offices, at often blissfully unaware of how and offer diversions such as scratching posts from terr afmns the mechanics or at the library Reading is my continuing education. " their emotions show on their faces or how to read others' faces for clues to their feelings. The Moodster Mirror helps them make the connection between Moodster Meter and discovere ..it early 1990s. Fve read it many times and have .... ....... given copies to my children and some friends who were as frustrated Storybook: Young children often ...... as I was anti, am because so much of my time isn t productive. When don't have the verbal skills to I say product ve, I mean that I do a task that makes me feel good put their feelings into words. The once I Ilave completed it. Maybe. I decide to Scrub all of my kitchen Moodster Meter puts those tools in the child's hands--literally. counters. .back to front and clean the coffee maker, m crowave This interactive teaching toy oven, blenderand toaster as part ofthe entire project. Another time I gives children a basic vocabulary of feelings. There's even a special may decide to lie in bed and comfortably read a book. Being a multi tasker, iwitl have put a load of clothes into the washing machine to Power Up button so children, can point the arrow to the Moodster that represents how they feel, openmg doors for calm communication wash while t.teisurely read, knowing I'm getting something done while about emotions. like carpet or furniture. Mental stimulation is also importantl .Piecing As I come to the end of my day, I count it as a good day if I managed birdfeeders or birdbaths Outside of windows and hiding smalt artlot.,its to meet mychalle]nges of multi-tasking., of food at different levels throughout the house for your cattof d, Can I never get l: r. ed: help keep your pet entertained as well as mentally sharp. . :: , , These are my thoughts. Learn more about protecting your cat from cornrnon pa sites " ,;,- ',11.. ,',,, , , " , r' ..... ] , ~'= , ' , and take The 9 Lies of Cats quiz for a chance to win a KitNipBex though I. 'engly disagreedtechnology, has influenced my subscription at Revo[ution4Cats.com. ' " with her,. l i n'twant to spoil a parenting, especially when it Important Safety Information: Do not use Revolution slek ; eak pleasant ve ing sol headed to comes to letting my kids loose in or underweight cats. Useonlyoncats8weeksandolder.sideeffe6ts: thebuffet, imn0tofletoshyaway cyberspace. may include digestive upset and temporary hair loss at appticat!ofrsite from a good. 8rgument, but when My attitude has been; with possible inflammation. In people, Revolution may be i ritating:to it comes ,to kids and technology, essentially, Bring it on! I give my skin and eyes. Wash hands after use. See full prescribing information, my persl b.tJve'is different than kids almost complete freedom, many par ': i--- and that'sto use Facebook, Instagram, Confessions Of A probably putting it mildly.Tumblr, Twitter, smart phones, Cyberstalking Mom -.i:i-:: .... One tech fanatic sets her kids free online aTId lthe spies on them relentlessly. Is this the right .Wagt0 parent in the digital age? by Christina Tynan:Wood I'llcome Cte n" ,rm atech geek. I,'m enatT ; d w'dh technology; not only that but, l've been making a livingwritirt about it for some pretty geek'y publications -- PC World, PC :Magazine, Popular Sc!ence, "and:: :many more since Ma ':Zuckerberg was in kindergdrten, Z have two kids, ages t4 and '17,'and there's no doubt that my love affair with GPS location tools, and anything else they want. Much the same way my parents saw the bicycle, despite its potential dangers, as a way to give me freedom to explore the world, I see social media as a way to let my kids find their voices. Most importantly, I don't leave them out there to fend for themselves..I use these same continued on page lO ,,, "Just say no. she said with authority. "And stick to y r g We were at a dinner party at a friend's house whenapare who takes a hard line on social networking began offering adViCe, Even feelings on the inside and facial expressions on the outside. Kids make a happy, sad, angry, scared or loving face into the Moodster Mirror and can see what these feelings look like. By turning the dial, kids select the matching Moodster to hear the character's wisdom about that particular feeling, which will help kids recognize their feelings and nonverbal cues. Included is "A Time To Be Kind" storybook. Made by Kids Preferred, one of the world's largest manufacturers of plush toys and gifts, these are all available at Target stores and at Target.com. Learn More For more information, visit www.themoodsters.com and www. denisedanielsparenting.com. Denise Daniels is a Peabody Award-winning broadcast journalist, parenting and child development expert and author who specializes in the social and emotional development of chi!dren. We face the question whether a still higher "standard of living" is worth its cost in things natural wild, and free. Aldo LeopoM