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January 28, 2009     The Julian News
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January 28, 2009

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10 The Julian News A Time For Celebration by Jeff Holt Inauguration day '09 A new celebration for a new man in town A new dawn with the diversity of man all around Waiting... anticipating.., new beginnings A time for celebration We are the children of history Each of us brings his unique self, ready to serve Humanity Barack Obama is humanity A time for celebration Some saya new Kennedy, a Lincoln, even an FDR How about a new chance for all us? How about somebody who paints houses in DC? How about us moving beyond greed, self-service, and sermonizing How a about a time for celebration? All races and creeds now! All colors and needs now! All inclusive All together, we make the effort to succeed Yes we did A time for celebration The fire next time Is going to be quenched this time In a country bordering on the brink of despair We go to the well together We cross the waters of uncertainty together Yes we can A 44th man and not any man, a black man.., for the first time Soon to be a woman, soon to be gay History is on its way for Thomas Jefferson tells me so A time for hope, for reckoning, and for reconciliation A time now for celebration I liked Hilary Clinton by Kiki Skagen.Harris Tanzania, 1997, a Visit from the First Lady. People outside Embassies have no idea how much work high level visitations are for those on the ground. Everything has to be choreographed, everything has to be perfect. We were a small post, Mrs. Clinton was .going to three separate sites. Tanzania wasn't exactly the most developed country in the world. Everything was set up for a nightmare scenario. The self-imortant, amateur Advance Team was a royal pain. They were expense paid only volunteers in the spirit of pi.nching pennies since "saving money" in government isn't new this year or any of the last thirty years, and out to get everything out of the trip they could. Some asked for kickbacks from hotels. Others tried to get us to pay for meals for them. One young wheeler-dealer bribed the Tanzanian airline not tocharge for his overweight bags (filled with souvenirs I think he intended to sell in the US) with White House memorabilia meant for courtesy gifts. And they were, like most White House Advance Teams, ugly to deal with. Picture a gum chewing woman in jeans walking into the Residence of the Tanzanian President and ordering representatives of the Foreign Ministry to move furniture without so much as a 'by-your-leave'. A teeny, bopper volunteer (Daddy must have been important) started to drag a fragile wood canoe from one side of the museum hall to another. At least she did it herself. I stopped her. She got mad. We had no mult-box (apparatus to enable reporters to plug directly into a speaker's microphone, now outdated) so Mbena made one from raw wood and spare parts. We had insufficient drivers and vehicles; we leapfrogged them. Arusha didn't have enough international telephone lines (read "any") of good enough transmission quality. And on. In spite of everything, The Visit went perfectly. In stark contrast to the unpaid flunkies, Mrs. Clinton was well prepared, .serious, gracious and unpretentious. She was more interested in learning and doing than getting publicity (VERY unusual--don't get me started on Bill Richardson, not to mention Madame Albright) and very down to earth. The second evening in Dar Perspective SomeThoughts For A Special Moment In The History Of America by Laurel Granquist After the clean and honest campaign conducted by now President Barack Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden, I proudly reveled in the inauguration of the 44th President and Vice-President of the United States of America last week. It feels like a breath of fresh air .to have a president who was a University professor of Constitutional Law, community organizer, U.S. Senator, eloquent and straight talking speaker, of mixed national and racial heritage, a man who is willing to come to the table with world leaders and is married to an intelligent, accomplished wife who will share the White House with their precious, beautiful daughters. Barack Obama's election sends a message to America and the world that YES, WE ARE GOING TO BRING AMERICA BACK TO ITS' CORE VALUES with a government that will be accountable to all of us. Many pec pie have experienced discrimination in their lives on the basis of religion, sexual orientation, education, heritage, economic status, race, disability. There are people in our own community of Julian who have experienced discrimination. For them and for all of us, we are seeing a new day in America. I am so proud of my fellow Americans and PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN. I was 'sitting with the reporters who had come along in the hotel dining room. She and Chelsea came over and chatted. Good vibes. I liked her. We all liked her. Good luck, Secretary of State Clinton. And, um, pay attention to reining in your advance teams. Please. The standard wine bottle holds about three-quarters of a liter. January 28, 2009 Legal Affairs: Assisting Your Loved Ones (NAPSA)--Good news: The number of older adults in the U.S. continues to increase. It's expected there'll be 80 million Americans over the age of 65 by the year 2040. As a result, more adult children of aging parents will need to initiate a discussion about the need to address certain" legal matters so that their family members' wishes will continue to be honored even if they are no longer able to manage these affairs at some future time. Documents such as wills, living wills and powers of attorney for health care and financial matters need to be executed while someone has the capacity to make decisions. Sometimes older individuals are reluctant to speak about these top- ics. They may prefer to speak with a neutral third party such as an attorney, a financial adviser, a social worker or perhaps a good friend to address these issues before a crisis occurs. Here are some tips: Helpful Hints • Learn what is important to your loved ones in making financial and health care decisions. Help them to implement a plan that will ensure their wishes are carried out. • Discuss the options of plan- ning ahead for finances and health care so that your loved ones can have their wishes honored. • Encourage the use of an attor- ney or financial planner if your family members are reluctant to discuss personal matters with you. • When formal documents have been created, make sure their loca- tion is readily available and encour- age your loved ones to review them at least every two years. "* Estate planning and terminol- ogy can" vary from place to place. Enlisting the help of an elder law attorney may be beneficial. The increase in the older adult popula- tion in the U.S. has given rise to the specialty of elder law attorneys who focus on the many legal issues spe- cific to older adults. In addition to Legal Matters ~ ~,~ ~ : ~ the many legal complexities, elder law attorneys have experience with older adults and an appreciation for many of the physical and mental challenges associated with the aging process. These lawyers can assist older persons and their fami- lies with such issues as Social ~cu- rity, Medicaid, Medicare, estate planning and preservation of assets. Where There's a WHL.. One important legal considera- tion for your family members is the creation of a will. When creating a will, they need to consider: • Is there a need for trusts for a spouse or other dependents? • How will the assets be divided? • Are charitable gifts a consideration? • Who will be named executor of the estate? • What might the tax considera- tions be? • Once a will has been created, make sure the original is kept in a safe place and the executor knows where it is. Managing Financial Affairs At some point, you or someone identified by your loved ones may have to make financial or health care decisions for them. They should consider establish- ing powers of attorney, identifying the individual or individuals they trust to make these decisions on their behalf if the need should arise. The best choice is usually a spouse, adult child or other family member. However, because, of age, incapacity, distance or estrange- ment, family may not always be the best choice. A trusted friend or per- haps an attorney may sometimes be a valid option. It is also wise to consider an alternate agent in the event that one's first choice is unable to serve. The creation of a living will requires considerable thought. Areas to consider might be: • What are some of the usual procedures and care options for those who are seriously ill, such as antibiotics, intravenous hydration, pain medication, artificial nutrition (feeding tube), CPR or diagnostic testing (labs, X-rays)? Are there any treatments or procedures that they would specifically refuse? • What are their beliefs about the use of external life-support machines and medications? • In creating a living will, your family members should try to be specific, thinking of it as a blue- print for someone else to follow. It can serve as a guide for the indi- vidual(s) they identifiy as power of attorney for health care matters. Learning More You can find additional informa- tion about important legal consider- ations for older Americans in a' free booklet from the MetLife Mature Market Institute called "Legal Mat- ters." It is part of the "Since You Care" series of guides created.in cooperation with the National Alliance for Caregiving. It includes information, resources and check- lists. You can get a copy by calling (203) 221-6580, e-mailing mature markefinstitute@metlife.com, visit- ing www.maturemarketinstitute. corn or writing MetLife Mature Market Institute, 57 Greens Farms Road, Westport, CT 06880. Putting Children's Sleep Issues To Bed (NAPSA)-If your child rarely seems tired when bedtime comes around, he or she might need to go to sleep earlie[. Sound counterintuitive? Maybe, but that's just one of many proven ways Jennifer Waldburger, a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and pediatric sleep specialist, says you can deal with children's bedtime issues. "Most. young kids should go to bed between 7 and 8 p.m.," says Waldburger. "If children stay up past then and become overtired, they can produce a hormone called cortisol that has a stimulating effect. Once it's kicked in, they'll act like they drank a pot of coffee." According to Waldburger, these are some of the most prevalent bedtime challenges and ways to address them: Problem No. 1: The Stall Toddlers and preschoolers are notorious for stalling at bedtime. Here's what you can do: • First, rule out any major issues like separation anxiety or fear of a big transition-starting preschool, say-that might explain the behavior. • Next, offer lots of pre-bedtime choices so the child feels more in control. Which pajamas does he or she prefer? How many kisses does he or she want? Should the bedroom door be open ol" closed? It might also help to offer a stuffed animal to cuddle with after you've left the room. Problem No. 2: A "Second Wind" Even with an early enough bedtime, young kids have energy that often seems to kick in later in the day. Here's how to channel it: • Structure some active, after- dinner playtime before their bath- chasing or tickling, for instance- to help them blow off any extra steam. • Guide kids through a calming, predictable bedtime routine that includes reading or watching an appropriate TV prOgram like "Pajanimals," a new show produced by The Jim Henson Company and 4Kids Entertainment that airs on the 24-hour, preschool TV channel Sprout. It entertains and comforts preschool wewers with cuddly puppets singing original bedtime-themed songs that focus on typical issues like sleeping through the night and being comfortable with the lights out. Waldburger, alOng with fellow sleep specialist Jill Spivack, LCSW; served as consultants on the show. Problem No. 3: Monsters An imagined monster or other scary character can keep kids awake. Here's what you can do: ₯ Be supportive. Tell children that monsters aren't real and that they're always safe in their room. • Don't accidentally reinforce their beliefs by setting up pretend ways to "protect them," such as "force fields" or "monster spray." For more information, visit www.SproutOnline.com. SERVICES Contractor 765- 1296 Kevin O'Connor General Building onpor .&. Family Contractor/Owner = onsll:rucuon UO. Bonded Your Neighborhood Contractor. No Job Too Big, No Job Too Small Quality Work For A Fair Price Living in Julian, I know how the economy is affecting us all. We are here to Help, Repairs, Remodels and New Construction Handyman Services I ALL RESIDENTIAL REPAIRS Custom. Sheds, Barns, Patio Covers. Decking and Gazebos Room Additions, Remodels, Custom Homes, Drafting John K. Cox 765 ’838 CELL GI9 743 9145 L~ce:se 734652 Carpentry CABINETRY. 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