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February 2, 2011     The Julian News
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February 2, 2011

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8 The Julian News 4470 Highway 78 Paul Bicanic, Broker Plenty of FREE Parking at Wynola Farms Marketplace !.19 Are -- Water Meter, ptio gysi'els). Wilitiu. ready to Build q 19.000 .. I Z* Rotes  Very Private Pim Hllls Lal. Views to the Coast a.d Owmaoas. Near the e,d of Quiet Oak Trail. Horses OK. gEI.LEE WILL if, APE - PLUg 0ASH - FOP, A JULIAN SIPEXOE 00Z$9.000 L9 Acres -- Fabulous 360 View Property. pHo Approved for  kd oo All Ufllitlu at Property. Water Meter I.rl'alled. Is of Usable I La.dforltorm.#ardem. 199.000 I $.1 Acres -- Near Tow - Fabulous Iviews fro this large usable parcel. I Approved for  R resideme. Ca. build [(/.} hems legally, Priveway al pad II roughed I.. aso,al creek with area III z00z Ma,aetured Home at 0olde, Nugget Park. Z Br, Z Ba, 16 II suitable for po.d. Part of la.d was . previously terraced {or orchard Tom of S.F. oom (gould be Brd Bedroom). Wood Bumi.g Fireplace. II Oak Firewood to be harvested. for I Fe.ced yard. Two (/.) Peeks. View of Meadow, Pi,e, Oaks. Walk to I I horses. $19 000 ow.. #0 Space retal - Trash Water, SP#FE extra. I#[,000)I " j Z.[ Acres -- All u,dergrou,d utilffies, Septic layout approved for $ BE reside,ce. Lots of 0aks. Asphalt Paved oad - -I [0,000 Z. Acres -- Approved Pla.s for  Bed goo, ZBath, Z400 &F. lt, eddeme, gou|ty approved 0radi.g Pla.. Approved  Bed It.corn Septic layout, Water Meter, ready To Build -Z|9,000 J roel. $oe have water eters. soe reed wells. All ori#nlly approved for $ ed Room reddeoes, Bdfable {or .aWaotured homes. 1 Acre -- orgeous, Slopi.g. Buildable Pared Kedueed 1"o Sell .0,000 .[ Acres -- Fabulos Views a.d Privacy .............. #B9,000 .B Acres -- Fabulous View, Seller WEll Provide Septic Layout with aeptable offer ................................... l $[,000 .9 Acres -- Large Parcel with Water Meter ........... 95,000 Z. Acres -- Fabulous views from the Serenades to Sa. Olemee. Porders State Park. Approved Septic Layout for $ d Koom resideme. Priveway a,d Pad roughed ie ............ 95,00( BOOKKEEPING SERVICE and Office File Organization Julie Press Bonded, 28 Yrs Experience QuickBooks Premier, Pro & Online QuickBooks Payroll Let me train you to do it yourself! 760 765 5856 On f/e BOOKKEEPING & TAX SERVICE Roger Garay, EA Alpine, CA 91901 ANTHONYJ, ROMAN0 Attorney-At-Law Real Estate, Estate Planning, Business and Water Law (619) 696-9916 1901 First Avenue, Suite 110 San Diego, CA. Representing Victims of Serious Accidents Home Owner Fire Insurance Claims Joseph T. Dibos Attorney At Law 2445 5th Avenue, Suite 420 San Diego, CA 92101 619-235-0307 No Recovery. No Fee -- LUERS & DYER, CPAs, LLP CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS Income Tax and Accountinl Full Service Firm Accounting and fmancial stements Tax planning and preparation Rebec'ca [uetw, CPA Maq*'l  | )tt- hi "C,txatio. Personal attention to )'our special needs Wynola (;enter -t.7 Hwy. 78, Suite 112 I(). Ik)x 1934 Julian, CA 92036 Tel: "760 -16.vO34 Fax: 760 -165-O1O Emdl: Community Banking Checking Savings Home Equity Business Banking , 2033 Main St., Julian I 765-2765 Member FOrE I Rabobank m Wcx00 I 00t00ma]mt Life Underground In the ground hides many different creatures, the Long- tailed Weasel (Mustela frenata) is one of them. Mostly living in burrows that previously housed rodents. The weasel moves in after either eating or driving away the squirrel or gopher. These predatory mammals belong to the same family as skunks, badgers and otters. Chances are that you will see at least one weasel in your life, and it will probably be crossing a road. The Long-tailed weasel is tan, with a white belly and face, the tail is as long as the body. Size varies from 11 to 22 inches, males are said to be twice the size of the female. Weasels have been thought of as nocturnal, but will hunt during the day. Rabbits, mice, poultry, and insects are the main foods that the weasel will pursue. Weasels will kill more than they need at the moment, and store the food in a cache. When a weasel enters a hen house, it will kill as many as it can and retreat with its harvest. Grasping the prey behind the head and breaking the neck is the course of action LOG HOME? NEED FINANCING, REFI ? I SPECIALIZE IN LOG HOMES, DOME HOMES AND BACK COUNTRY CUSTOM MORTGAGES, FHA, VA, CONVENTIONAL, MANUFACTURED, MODULAR REFERENCES AVAILABLE MORTGAGE LENDER Mike Mclnt00_00sh_ BACK COUNTRY  SPECIALIST NMLS#: 226000 [ 619-561-6241 FAX: 619-749-3667 CELL: 619-316-7732 EMAIL: MMC l NTO S H @ P RI KCE' P-ES:COM ...... MORTGAGE. INC. - I 6370 LUSK BLVD, F209 | SAN DIEGO, CA 92121 i'| for this predator. Weasels will use the scent glands they share with their cousins the skunk when alarmed or to mark territory. Communicating with many different vocal calls, makes this animal even more interesting. A weasel will squeal, shriek or purr among many other sounds. I have seen at least 20 weasels in my life around these parts, and can testify first hand to their biting power. My dog once brought me a "dead "weasel, as soon as he dropped it at my feet it came right at me, no longer faking death, and biting my outstretched hand. My advice is don't pick up a weasel dead or alive. But do keep your eyes peeled for a glimpse of this secretive hunter, and listen for his calls. How Julian Prepared Me For A Foreign Service Career by Kiki Shagen-Harris Until 1951 there was no indoor plumbing on our place. We climbed the hill to the outhouse and us kids were given baths in a big tin tub on the kitchen floor with water heated on the woodstove. On the surface it doesn't look as if this would have much to do with success in international relations but you never know. Sierra Leone in the early '90s. The Deputy Director of the US National Park Service was coming to talk about national parks and (we in the US Embassy Freetown surmised) to do a "Roots" trip. Bunce Island over by the airport was an obvious destination, a British slaving fort with buildings that at the time were still sort of standing (held up and together by the giant fig trees that would eventually destroy them) but our DD NPS wanted to go Up Country. So Up Country it was. His assistant was a woman of my age from Mississippi and we bonded over shared tales of growing up in the country. When we compared our childhood lack of indoor plumbing and laughed about it I knew she'd do well in West Africa. But when her boss, 'raised and still living in Darien, Connecticut, asked if he could call the US using his credit card from Makeni we suspected we might have trouble. There weren't any telephones in Makeni. None, nada. No hotels, either, not to mention electricity. Just arranging for a visit was a major undertaking. General T, the Commander of the Sierra Leone Army graciously offered his personal quarters to the DD NPS because he had a generator and air conditioning. The rest of us stayed in a Dutch company guest house with a generator and fans. After a day of meeting with bewildered Sierra Leoneans who had no idea what the DD NPS wanted to do and dinner with American Missionaries (who, incidentally, are heroes in their quiet way) we all retired for the night. Not long into sleep a Sierra Leonean military jeep roared up to our quarters. The DD NPS was having a meltdown, had insulted the Base Commander and yelled at his ADC. Come quickly. Come more than quickly. It was an International Incident! The Deputy Chief of Mission (a consummate diplomat, now US Ambassador to Cyprus) and I threw on some clothes and hurried over. It seemed that the DD NPS couldn't find the hot water faucet for his shower, probably because there wasn't any. A word to the man specially assigned to take care of him would have produced a bucket of hot water but he never got that far. Culture Shock up the wazoo. The DCM went in and, after a period of... the din inside began to subside. In the meantime I walked up and down in the soft African night soothing the Sierra Leonean Base Commander and his ADC. I admired the sentry's rifle (a Lee- Enfield, quite old), listened to their hunting tales and bragged about Mother Virginia's marksmanship (SHE wouldn't have used six bullets to kill a posing caribou). We compared notes on raising cattle. The mood mellowed as we found common ground and, once the DD NPS had been calmed and a bucket of hot water produced, time had come to say good-by. We parted friends the two African soldiers and the American diplomat from Julian. The international incident, such as it was, had been averted. Some time later the DD NPS was indicted for having improperly used NPS contractors on his house in Darien, Connecticut. Snickers resounded through out the Embassy Freetown. Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go. -- William Feather February 2, 2011 The Naked Truth "What is a nice Mormon girl like me doing here?" I think on my first visit to the Swallows nudist resort on a beautiful Saturday morning. Let me explain. Dave works here at the Swallows, and makes the negatives for my print shop. I'm in the midst of printing a yearbook with a major deadline approaching fast. "Dave, where are my negatives?" I asked on the phone early this morning. "Sorry, Lily, it got too late last night to drop them off. You can come out here to pick them up, or I'll deliver them on Monday," he said. "Ahh .... Ahh... will they let me come in," I stutter, not adding, "with my clothes on?" "Sure, just tell them at the gate you're for Sunlight Press." I call my friend, Sandi, and barely finish explaining my predicament, before she's at my door, and we're on the way. The gate keeper, in the buff with only a straw hat on her head, casually directs us towards Dave's shop. The route is a narrow road threading through a beehive of activity. A volleyball game is in progress on one side of the road and a tennis match on the other. Men and women are shooting hoops and playing around the swimming pool. The only fabric around is an occasional knee brace or sun visor. I have to watch the road, but Sandi is exercising both eyes to full capacity taking in the sights. She gives me a running commentary as I negotiate the twists and turns. I finally park, and she gawks while I enter the print shop. "Dave's in the darkroom" says a totally naked man standing at a huge printing press. He points (with his finger) and I pray, "Please God, let him have clothes on." It is not to be. Dave comes out of the darkroom wearing nothing but his reading glasses. I struggle to carry on a serious conversation about my negatives while keeping my eyes firmly focused above his waist. This is much harder than you may think. It's a struggle to talk normally, not giggle, and never glance southward. I'm losing the battle so I grab the negatives and head for the door. Upon returning to my shop I discover to my horror, that in my haste to leave, I neglected to pick up the originals. This, of course, requires a return visit. Hubby just won't believe the second trip to the Swallows was the result of this innocent mistake. Honesty Is Not Dead by Shirley Doan A true and amazing drama unfolded a few days ago at the Target Store in Poway. It is a story that must be told. My daughter Kathy, my husband Bob and I went there together to spend our Christmas gift certificates. We were excited! Kathy & I headed for the camera department. I bought a Nikon on sale for $199.99. Then we headed for the clothing department and jewelry. Bob found us at that point and offered us his $50.00 gift certificate, saying he didn't see anything he wanted so he went to the the front of the store to get a cup of coffee. I took the certificate and he left. As time went by, we finished our purchases and stood in the check-out line. I went thru my purse and said to Kathy in a whisper, "1 can't find the gift certificate! .... Oh no, Kathy said and we went to find Bob, thinking he must have that card. We found him and he said, "No, I gave it to you, Shirley." Then Kathy, who never wastes a moment, started back tracking all over the store looking for that gift card. Before she left, she and I had a quick prayer. We didn't want to use our postgraduate degree from the University of Anxiety. Five minutes later Kathy came back to where Bob & I were waiting and told us this story. While examining the floor around the jewelry counter, she noticed a saleslady close by folding clothes. She told the saleslady about the lost gift certificate. The saleslady dropped everything and went with Kathy to the Customer Service Department; only to find out that no one had turned in a gift certificate. Then she went back with Kathy to re-check the floor all around where we made purchases. They made inquiries of another saleslady working nearby and found that she had been given a gift certificate by a customer who noticed it laying on the floor! She pulled it out of her pocket and handed it to Kathy, who ran back up to the front of the store to show us. I believe I know what you're thinking. That short prayer couldn't have helped. Yes, it could! Prayer, long or short, is powerful! It is telling God we need Him. When we don't pray, it implies that we can handle everything on our own. But the truth is, we can't handle anything on our own. We need God for everything. We need Him to save us, forgive us, heal us, deliver us, fill us, restore us, redeem us, free us, guide us and protect us. Two other people were involved in finding this card besides Kathy: The customer who found it on the floor and the saleslady who gave it to Kathy. Bless their hearts, God used them too and their honesty. Never think that honesty is dead. It was alive and well in that Target store that ordinary, yet extraordinary afternoon. Kids Kraft illllllllili9iillililllllilllllllllliiliWl9 !Make .Valentines Day Cards I for someone special", " Julian Library 4 /