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February 11, 2009     The Julian News
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February 11, 2009

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News from Lake Cuyamaca Last Week's Results and This Week's Prognosis Greetings from Lake ,Cuyamaca. Weather was windy ,early in the week and raining ,today. Success has been with the ,old faithful nightcrawler/power -bait combo. Water temperature -is still in the mid 40%. ; WINTER HOURS ARE: : THROUGH FEBRUARY 28TH. Monday - Friday 8 AM - 4 PM '. Saturday and Sunday ' 6 AM - 4:30 PM Junior Water Fowl hunt was ,Saturday, January 31st. Spencer ,Crowder and Adam Miller each ,bagged a Ruddy. A good hunt and all had a great time. Jack ;Leslie won the Pellet Rifle. : Best Trout Spots: Lone Pine, ;Chambers Park and Dike area. Notables: Rex Pendleton caught a 6 Ib trout at Chambers ,Park on power bait. Oliver Schutte caught a 2 1/2 pounder ,on night crawlers and Jesse -Sanchez caught a 3 1/2 Ib trout on Chartreuse power bait and night crawler today. Limited out jn 1 1/2 hours. Don't forget the Free Fishing ,class on Saturday. Ranger Charlie will be teaching cold iweather tactics. , Jess Ranch delivered 1200 Ibs ,of very nice trout this week. THE DECONTAMINATION WASH DOWN IS REQUIRED FOR ALL PRIVATE VESSELS BEFORE LAUNCH. A fee is charged. (Boats, motors, float tubes and waders). More information under boat wash down. OPEN MONDAY - FRIDAY 8:30AM TO 5PM -- For more information call toll .free (877) 581-9904. Labour is prior to, and independent ;of capital. Capital is only the fruit of labour, and could never have existed if labour had not first existed. Labour is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration. - Abraham Lincoln Things Mourning Doves Love: White rnillet, safflower seed, sunflower chips. Fresh water, gentle rain showers. Fence posts, rooftops, brush piles, Early-morning hours. E-maih birdingbits@cfl.rr, cora @2009 King Features Syndicate, Inc, The Ice Storm continued from page 5 Zhivago .... right? Magnificent beautiful crystals in the morning OUTDOOR TIPS WHEN i.mNG WITH A LIGHT LINE F-OR .#1 WITH ROUGH I4OUTH, IT 15 I--T TO U6E A HOCK TIPPET ; OR A WIRE LEAPER ON THE END OF: 'YOUR LINE... Mother Was Raised To Be A Lady There were certain things Ladies Did Not Do. Ladies, for instance, never sweated. They didn't even perspire--they "glowed". Well, that's going a bit far, perhaps, but well bred ladies didn't make scenes in public. They didn't show uncouth emotions, like anger or anguish. And they were never, ever rude to other ladies unless they were wearing velvet gloves. This was a great handicap at times. One of those times--several of those times--were when the good women of the Lofthus Missionary Retreat down on Frisius came to call which, one Summer, they did incessantly. They had the best of intentions, of course along with a good deal of insensitivity. Barging in through the screen door, they would seat themselves at the kitchen table and begin. "Tell Virginia, dear, how your found Jesus." "1 found Jesus on a street in San Francisco. I was walking down Market when..." This was, of course, a blessed event and highly laudable, but not entirely welcome conversation when you were trying to fix dinner. It was also a bit...shall we say overly emotional?....for someone raised an Episcopalian. Mother complained about these interruptions, of course, and she gently tried to tell the good emissaries that she wasn't really interested in their particular approach to God, but Ladies often didn't quite make themselves clear. They were too polite. Mother needed help. I taught riding to the children of one of the members of the camp, so gaining access to the Good Women of the Retreat wasn't difficult." "Uh look," I started, scuffing my dirty shoes in the red clay and looking suitably embarrassed. "1 hate to say anything, but you really need to be careful with my mother." ??? "She's, uh, sometimes she has problems and isn't rsponsible for her actions. She keeps a loaded rifle behind the kitchen door and if she really gets angry at intruders...well.., please, you probably better not call on her again." That solved the problem. But even Ladies get mad at their daughters. Valentines For Veterans Courtesy Of Elementary's DREAM Kids At Julian Elementary School, third grade teachers Joan Cirillo, Nancy Younce, and Tere Tangeman are inspiring their students through an innovative program dubbed "D.R.E.A.M. Fridays." (D=digital, R=read, E=eat/exercise, A=art, M=motivate) DREAM Fridays are designed to expose and inspire students. Mrs. Cirillo exposes them to digital technology using the new class set of laptops 3rd grade received this year. The students are exploring computers, from keyboarding and word-processing to using creative software such as keynote, pages, and even ichat! In Mrs. Younce's class, students are exposed to motivating math games, creative eating projects, and fun and exhilarating exercise routines! Ms. Tangeman exposes the students to art, striving to develop confidence in each child to discover and experiment with their own creativity. Together, the CYT Team hopes to teach and motivate their students in such a way as to inspire and encourage confidence in each student, so they know that they can not only DREAM big, but achieve those dreams. Incorporated into DREAM Fridays is community. Part of one's self-esteem and confidence comes from being a part of something bigger than self. For .students, this means not only in the classroom, but in the larger community as well. To this end, the CYT Team connects with issues important to the community. As mentioned recently in the Julian News, the students, along with other Julian Elementary and Jr. High students, made seed balls to aid in the restoration of the Cleveland National Forest. The DREAM Kids, along with a leader from the Wildlife Research Institute, went into a previously burned area and distributed those seed balls. As the school year proceeds, the CYT Team and their DREAM Kids will continue to explore their world, and grow into ever more aware and involved citizens. light ...... and I took many photographs. Later that day the power went out and chagrined... but prepared....we broke out all the equipment for this big ice adventure. Ice continued to fall and then turned into rain. As we went to bed early that night ..... nighttime comes early when there is only candlelight... ..I listened to the rain falling on the skylights. I slept for probably the normal 6 or so hours and then awoke. It was dark. No... It was black, deep all encompassing dark. I looked outside and could see nothing except for the white on the ground. I don't know what time it was but I put another blanket on the bed and was unable to fall asleep. Then I began to hear the ice storm. Each drop of rain - normally musical on our skylights - was turning into more ice. The soft deadly rain continued its assault on the trees. Trees, burdened earlier in the day and bent under the weight of ice began to crack. The dark nighttime silence was shattered with a crack and then the sound of a huge falling tree. We are blessed with about 4 acres of trees; many of them are 50 to 100 feet high. I began to recognize the sound of a smaller tree falling from a larger tree. The larger tree sounded like a short clap of thunder, followed by the branches breaking through the trees below. Then I heard nothing but silence for a few minutes. Again, that sound, but a smaller tree this time, perhaps like a gunshot or a loud crack in the night...just a quick snap and then it hit the ground. Every one or two minutes .... unrelenting. This cacophony of sounds continued and I lay in the bed realizing how unprepared we really were, realizing the tremendous awesome power of nature and our incredible lack of control over it. And I knew this frightening music of the forest was spread over thousands of miles and millions of trees....falling, breaking and splitting. If you have seen an ice storm on TV you have seen ice on trees. You have seen cars that have difficulty maneuvering. Perhaps it seems bad to you. You do not really know how bad it is until you lie in the dark .... waiting...listening .... like one who is suddenly blinded and the sense of hearing has become acute. You listen to your world changing. I think that our country right now is in the deep, dark night of the ice storm. For many of us it is something we have never experienced. As I lay in bed last week, I thought of the hundreds and thousands of men and women burdened with debt, lying in bed awake and wracked with worry about how to pay the mortgage and the credit card bills. This is not the annoyance of high gas prices a few months ago. This is the all encompassing worry that your life, as you know it, is going to change drastically. Men and women have slowly, over the years taken on one debt after another, each seemingly Two-fer SALE Order a 2 Week Display Ad Pay for Only One! minimum 1/8 (6X5) page ad must be used in consecutive weeks based on weekly rate ONLY FOR NEW ADVERTISING PLACEMENTS UP TO 10 WEEKS innocent by itself. Thin little slips of credit card paper - - the new outfit - - - the X-Box for Christmas for the kids-- that special vacation trip - - the new furniture - - and the refinance for the mortgage to pay for it all. These little slips of paper, innocuous enough by themselves, are glued together to form a horrible burden that is bending and breaking the good people of this country. Some of it was innocent enough - - and some of it was overindulgence that cannot be undone. Our representative government reacts to this deep, dark night of the ice storm in an interesting way. Unlike most of us, they are not suffering. They will tell you about their parents' struggles or their struggles as a child. But for those of us with children, we know that a child's struggles are not the same as ours. We know they don't lie awake at night with worry about the bills. But our elected representatives tell us how bad the ice storm is .... and how compassionate they are. Their words are the raindrops that used to sound so musical on the skylights of our lives. Now those same compassionate words are turning into raindrops of spending that will glue themselves to those horrible slips of paper already bending us...already breaking us. It may seem a small thing, but I watch House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She has her hair done. The Julian News 9 She has her makeup done. I see her on television day after day. I used to work day after day. I had my hair and makeup professionally done when my daughter got married. I will probably have it done again after I am dead and laying in my coffin. Does she understand the fears of the cold dark night of the ice storm? I think not. Would not so many of us go back and undo so many of those little slips of credit card paper if only we could? Then how can we listen to those same elected representatives who seemingly have no notion of how we got here ..... much less how to get us out? Mr. President, Madam Speaker, and Elected Representatives - the people of this nation are lying awake in a cold dark night. Families are teetering on the brink of destruction. Honest working men and women are cracking, breaking and falling. Elderly people fear losing what little keeps them going. Please, take some time from whatever you are busy doing and stop spending our money. Instead; spend some time in the dark and the quiet. You do not really know until you lie in the dark .... waiting...listening .... like one who is suddenly blinded and the sense of hearing has become acute. You will hear our world changing. Perhaps that will change your perspective. 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