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February 17, 2010     The Julian News
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February 17, 2010

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February 17, 2010 Banking Community Banking , Checking Savings j Home Equity Business Banking 2033 Main St., Julian I 765-2765 i Member FDIC Accounting - Tax Pla'nning I Rabobank LUERS & DYER, CPAs, LLP CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS Income Tax and Accounting Full Service Firm Rt, becca  CPA Jan l,t, CPA ,:Magers Degtxe tn lhTAttk Personal attention to your special needs Wyttola Center. 4367 ltwy. 78, Suite 112 PO, Box 1934 Julian, CA 92036 TeI:760 765-0343 Fax:760 765.0150 Email: Senior Auction by Christina Haddock, Senior Senior year is upon us and flying by with already half the year gone and only about four months to go until the big day arrives. With so much to look forward to at the end of the year, including grad night at Disneyland and the senior trip, money is a vital ingredient for our fun. For months the senior class has worked hard to prepare for the annual senior auction to raise money for senior events and the class gift that is given every year On Slturday February 6, 2010 the senior class of 2010 hosted the 20th Annual Grand Auction. The auction raised about $7,000 and was a great success with over 150 items donated by various companies as well as by students. The auction consisted of a silent auction, raffle, and a live auction ran by Matt Gorhan. Much preparation went into the senior auction, including folding, stamping, and stuffing hundreds of letters, collecting and logging donated items, setting up for the auction and much more strenuous work, Class officers Chase Fisher and Shaunae Bullock especially did a tremendous amount of work in order to make the senior auction happen. The senior class of 2010 would formally like to thank the community members for all their support in donating and coming to the auction to support our class. Also, many thanks go to the Julian High School staff for supporting the senior class. It was because of all the support we received that the senior auction was such a successT Thank you for your assistance and encouragement! Who Dat? September 17th, 1967: The Saints faced off against the Los Angeles Rams in New Orleans. The Saints returned the opening kick-off 94 yards for a touchdown and the stadium went wild. The Saints lost 13-27. The end of their first season showed a 3-11 record. So ended the golden days of the Saints. August 29th, 2005: Category five Hurricane Katrina made landfall on the Gulf coast. The storm raged through the city of New Orleans. The pressure of the storm surge slammed through the 17th Street canal levee and water rushed Into the cry. When the water receded It left In Its wake as much as 14 feet of mud and the people who had refused to leave. FEMA, the National Guard, end other rescue teams came to the aid of those left alive and removed those who hadn't been quite so lucky. The city's beloved Super Dome was used as storage for corpses. Just one year later, the Super Dome reopened as a football stadium. Along with the return of the stadium came the arrival of new coach, Sean Payton, and new quarterback, Drew Brees, who had signed with the Saints after leaving the San Diego Chargers. As Payton and Brees grew into their new team, the city of New Orleans grew around them. The city of New Orleans has always loved their Saints, no matter the abysmal state of their current record, so when the team reached the play-offs for the first time in 2006 it was no surprise that the city turned black and gold. In the team's 39- year history they had never once made it past the regular season. The Saints played the Bears in the second round of the play- offs and lost 39-14, pushing the Bears onward to the Super-Bowl. This did nothing to dampen the spirits of the team or their loyal fans, however. The Saints kicked off the 2009 season with a 13-0 winning streak: the longest in Saints history. On December 19th they faced offwith the Dallas Cowboys by Rowan Sullivan, JUHS" in the Super Dome and lost 17- 24. This loss began the first and only losing streak of the season, losing 2, consecutive games to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Carolina Panthers. The team had, however done well enough already bought them a pass to the play-offs, and they gained home field advantage out of sheer good fortune. Play-off season 2010 witnessed the return of the team that all within the Who Dat Nation (Saints fan-base) had know for so long during the regular season, A 45-14 blowout against the Arizona Cardinals again put the Saints In the second week of play-offs, a game against the Minnesota Vikings that ended In another win with a final score of 31-28. The shocked and ecstatic fans all over the nation saw for the first time ever the Saints headed for the Super Bowl, a game they would play against the Indianapolis Colts. Super Bowl XLIV began with many firsts: the first time the Saints had been to the Super Bowl; the first time that two dome teams had faced off in the Super Bowl. The Saints had the 23rd ranked defense in the NFL, and many said that if the Colts ran the ball there was no way the Saints could stop it. Many were heard to say, "my head says Colts, but my heart says Saints". Through the first quarter it seemed that the Colts fans were going to get their wish, and even though the Saints scored during the quarter the point difference seemed to be too great to overcome. Coming out of half time the score was 6-10 Colts. Then Brees threw a 16- yard touchdown pass, giving the Saints a 13-10 lead. From there it seemed the Saints couldn't lose. The final score came as surprise to all: 31-17. Drew Brees was named MVP and dubbed New Orleans "patron Saint". Sean Payton went down in history as the first and only coach to ever take the Saints to the Super Bowl. From every corner of their nation a single phrase rose above the clamor: "Who Datl Who Datl Who dat say they gonna beat them Salntsl" Thou00tts by Michele Harvey Dealing With Sense Of Loss A few days ago I had a dream that I was walking through the house and yard that I grew up in. My mother owned that house for thirty years, and in the dream I was walking with the current owners showing them where my morn planted her rose garden, her only avocado tree, the sapota tree where we built tree houses, the pomegranate trees, where she grew a fence full of fragrant sweet peas and where the bird of paradise had been planted before the swimming pool was built. Inside we moved from room to room as I described how we used each room. What struck me as odd when I woke up and remembered my dream was that each room was furnished with my mother's furniture, not the furniture of the new owners. Not only were the rooms furnished with my mom's furniture, but each piece of actual furniture was destroyed when my sister's house burned to the ground in the 2003 Cedar Fire. After these six plus years, I'm reliving the losses of each family treasure that is gone forever. As I lay awake the next morning, other items that were either my mothers or were my grandmothers popped into my thoughts. Grandma's dressing table...It was given to me when Grandmas house was sold. What happened to it? I can't remember. In 1996, when I divorced my husband of seventeen years, I had to. sell quite a few family pieces because I needed money to keep a safe place to live, and I needed money to feed myself and my two teenage sons. Friends bought some of the furniture, promising to return the pieces when I could afford to buy them back. However, before I could buy them back, most were lost in a house fire, so those too are gone forever. I like to think that each year I'm les materialistic. Each year I freely give some of my belongings to people who need them more than I do. However, for a reason unknown to me, I'm feeling a kind of sorrow for family heirlooms that were wrenched away from me. Things that I had to sell to survive seem no different than the things that have burned up or were somehow destroyed in other ways. Even the family treasures that my sister inherited feel lost to me because I will never get to see or touch them again. A few years ago my cousin Paul's wife Marjie died. Last October Paul died unexpectedly. I feel like the losses of people who were important to me may have triggered my dream. Maybe the fam.ily heirlooms aren't the real subject of my dream. Maybe the actual people I've lost are the real focus of my dream. I've heard that our conscious mind only handles about 20% of our thoughts. The other 80% run through our unconscious mind. Apparently my unconscious mind has been very busy sorting things out. This past year, we in Julian have lost too many friends and neighbors. I also lost my cousin Paul who was very important to me. When we suffer losses of loved ones or belongings that hold good memories, I believe that we can get overburdened with the losses and our minds try very hard, unconsciously, to sort through the pain and help us to deal with it. Some people never get past their losses and many try very hard to deal with their pain and go beyond it. Until I had that dream, I wasn't aware that I felt so strongly about my own personal losses. About eighteen years ago I went through self actualization training. It was probably the latest fad in self awareness at the time. Some counselors loved to recommend it to their clients, then bring people back for group therapy. Self actualization training wrenches memories and attitudes from the subconscious and brings things to the surface that a person may not have known was inside needing to come out to be dealt with. During my training sessions I found out that I had a strong sense of being abandoned by my father who died in the Korean War. He had no choice when he died, yet I harbored a huge sense of loss and abandonment that I wasn't aware of until it surfaced during the training.. My whole life changed. Not immediately, but through the years since; I have found new ways to deal with situations and with people that have been very positive for me. In addition, I try to sort out the meaning of my dreams. I fully believe that my dreams have purpose and that my brain is truly trying to sort my life out for me and give me answers to questions I didn't know I was asking. When I think of the specifics of rqy dreams, I know that the actual things happening during my dreams aren't actual real life situations. However, if thought of as parables or like the lessons learned in fables, they have meaning. Like a puzzle, we need to figure out how to put all the pieces together in order to find that meaning. So many of us fill our lives with so much activity that we don't slow down enough to be introspective, I too have a busy life, However, without meditation or any other learned way to get Inside my brain, I ay attention to my dreams and what they can tell me about myself, Knowing this, I can be aware of my sense of loss and can accept that I'm saddened by all of the losses I've suffered, And now I can go on with my life realizing how much I miss the ones I love and I also miss the lost furniture and small treasures that meant connections to my arents, grandparents and others who meant a lot to me. With this knowledge about myself, I know that I honor those who have died by remembering them. I have good memories that help my lost family members and friends live on, I don't spend my days mourning all that I've lost. Instead I celebrate all that I've enjoyed in my life end the joys that are ahead for me. A sense of loss can be productive because it tells us that something in our lives that's no longer there had true meaning. As long as loss doesn't control our lives we can cherish our memories and live on to create new memories. Then we can have peace of mind. These are my thoughts. Puzzling Characters Collin Miller and Fred Fabre are very pleased with themselves after completing the Spring Bouquet, 1866 (Renior) jigsaw puzzle at the libraries puzzle table. A new puzzle is ready for anyone who has the patience. It is a community project provided by the library for those days when you want a little camaraderie or wish to engage in a challenge. Puzzles for all skill levels are available, photo courtesy Julian Library The Julian News 5 dU AN We Carry Stove Pellets 2902 Washington Street 760-765-1212 Winter Houri: Mon-Frl 8:30 to 5:00 and Sat 9:00 to 5:00 CLOSED on Sunday mF CollectiL les Gifts Jewelry Progressi rely Old Fashioned 2111 Main Street In The Heart of Downtown Julian Amanda and Sean's Love Story Ever since high school my brother Sean Vile has been in eve with Amanda Young. They dated in high school for a while and grew to like each other considerablyl Typical high school drama and other complications led them to break up. Afterwards could always tell my brother was still In love with her, and that one day they might come back to each other. After high school Amanda went and Joined the ArnerlCorps and my brother Sean joined the United States Marine Corps. As they experienced the world they both matured substantially. They both became adults quickly in their high stress environments. My brother deployed to Iraq and Amanda was sent to New Orleans to help build people new homes. While out in the world they both became self-aware of what they really wanted in life, someone to love and be loved by. They returned from their journeys and started new lives. Sean and Amanda were both invited to a local get together. When their eyes met for the first time since high school it was rapture. It was in this moment that their hearts would forever be entwined, there was no going back. The two of them started talking and going out on dates and before I knew it they were boy friend and girlfriend! It did not take long for them to say"l love you", because they both learned that there is no reason to wait to tell someone how you really feel about them, life is too short! After dating for five months my brother was itching to marry Amanda, the love of his life. On the shores of Moonlight Beach Sean got on one knee and asked the ultimate question, without hesitation Amanda replied, yesl On January 16th, In Point.Lores they became man and wife, Seen and Amanda will be holding a reception party on June 5th with friends and family to celebretel Amanda Is attending Grossmont College to obtain her associates degree In baking and pastry and will eventually be getting a degree In dietetics. Saan is still enlisted In the Marine Corps and is based on Camp Pendleton. Sean and Amanda's love for one another is remarkable. They now live in an apartment in Poway, a happy, married couple! Their story makes me a firm believer in true love, and that them meeting again was no coincidence, it was destiny.