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February 17, 2010     The Julian News
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February 17, 2010

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February 17, 2010 California Commentary "Open Primary" Designed to Open Your Wallet by Jan Coupal Taxpayers, hang onto your wallets. The latest threat to your hard earned dollars is a ballot measure with the innocuous title of "Elections: open primaries." The stated intent of the authors of the 'open primary"-- now designated for the June ballot as Proposition 14 -- is to force the election of more "moderates," meaning those willing to "compromise" on the passing of a budget or the enactment of new state taxes. Currently, both actions require a two-third vote of each house. Proposition 14 was approved for the ballot by the Legislature as part of deal with Republican Senator Abel Maldonado to secure his vote for last year's tax increase, which, not coincidentally, gave Californians the largest tax hike in the history of all 50 states. In fact, Proposition 14 does not "open" a primary; instead, it eliminates the primary-general election system as we know it. The measure would close the general election to all candidates other than the top-two voter getters in the first election. This means that in many districts voters could be faced with a final choice between two Democrats or between two Republicans and candidates from smaller parties would be eliminated. Although the loss of small party candidates could make elections less interesting and informative, it is another aspect of Proposition 14 that puts the taxpayer's wallet in serious jeopardy. Here is how, under Proposition 14, the system could be manipulated to elect more candidates likely to vote for "compromise" tax increases. If Proposition 14 is approved, it is highly unlikely that a fiscally conservative or anti-tax candidate will be voted in first or second place in districts within regions with long histories of supporting higher taxes such as San Francisco and Los Angeles. In more conservative areas, however, the opposite is not necessarily the case. For example, in Orange County, government employee unions - the most powerful political force in the state - could easily mobilize behind a Republican candidate that has a pro-union record and who they believe would vote for a tax increase. Kaaren Terry Janet Gastil Halley Ann & Laro, Falh, t cell 619-417-0481 cell 760-445-1829 cell (760) 803-1195 With ample funds for mailers to Democrats and union households identifying who "their" candidate is, and with other mailers to GaP homes upholding the same candidate's Republican bona tides, it is simple to see how the system could be rigged to weed out fiscally conservative office seekers. Supporters of tax and budget sanity, however, do not have the same funding and messaging apparatus as the government employee unions and would be unlikely to implement the same tactics in San Francisco or Los Angeles. So while Proposition 14 could result in electing a slightly more moderate candidate in these areas, the chances that that candidate would be a strong fiscal conservative opposed to new taxes is small. Unfortunately, Proposition 14 would only worsen the real problem, which is pro-tax group- think on the budget and taxes that permeates most of Sacramento. Rather than confront the fact that our state spends more than taxpayers can provide, the legislative leadership prefers to simply continue to increase taxes, play budgetary tricks, declare the budget "balanced" and then kick the problem down the road to future leaders and taxpayers -- while crossing their fingers that the economy will recover despite the debilitating tax increases they have imposed. These same rogues are counting on Proposition 14 to bring in legislative reinforcements so they can continue to play what Howard Jarvis used to call the "tax, tax, tax, spend, spend, spend, elect, elect, elect" game at taxpayers' expense. Taxpayer opposition to Proposition 14 has been called "alarmist" by the usual "goo-goo" crowd. (Meaning those interests which have deluded themselves into thinking that what they promote is "good government.") However, when one considers that, in the near term, Prop 14'S biggest beneficiary would be Abel Maldonado himself, taxpayers have more than enough reason to be alarmed. Jan Coupal is president of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association - California's largest grass-roots taxpayer organization dedicated to the protection of Proposition 13 and the advancement of taxpayers' rights. I thinkpeople are intimidated by grilling. Maybe it's the flame, maybe it's the big grills. Maybe they've had some bad childhood experiences.., but I think grilling is actually the easiest cooking technique. -- Bobby Flay Week y SUDOKU by Linda Thistle 3 7 6 1 4 5 7 7 6 5 2 4 8 2 5 3 1 9 2 1 8 8 9 4 3 8 5 9 1 6 9 4 4 7 2 Place a number in the empty boxes in such a way that each row across, each column down and each small 9-box square contains all of the numbers from one to nine. DIFFICULTY THIS WEEK: * * Moderate -k-A- Challenging **, HOO BOY! 2010 King Features Synd., Inc. Strange But True by Samantha Weaver It was American writer Cullen Hightower who made the following sage observation: "Laughing at our mistakes can lengthen our own life. Laughing at someone else's can shorten it." If you were asked to name the northernmost of the United States, I'm sure you'd have no trouble naming Alaska. And you probably also know that Alaska is the westernmost state of the union. You might be surprised, however, to learn that Alaska is also the easternmost state. Yep. The Aleutian Island chain crosses the International Dateline, placing a few of the islands in the Far East. Thanks to the fact that their eyes are placed on the sides of their heads, rabbits can see behind themselves without turning their heads. In the town of Arcadia, Calif., there is a law on the books that grants peacocks the legal right of way when crossing any street or driveway. Those who study such things claim that there are 293 different ways to make change for a dollar. In 2002, a research firm conducted a poll on Americans' beliefs about the existence of alien life in the universe. It seems that a whopping 68 percent of us feel that the U.S. government knows about alien life but refuses to publicize that knowledge. The Russian Space Agency has a full-fledged space tourism program -- and a popular one, at that. Despite the $20 million price tag, all the available trips were fully booked by (wealthy) civilians in 2009. If you and your spouse are like the average modern married couple, you spent more than $2,500 on photos and videos of your wedding. Thought for the Day: "1 look to the future because that's where I'm going to spend the rest of my life."-- George Burns (c) 2010 King Features Synd., Inc. The Julian News 13 HOMES. CABINS. LAND. RENTALS, PROPERTY MANAGEMENT. VACATION RENTALS 2019 Main Street 760-765-0111 $499,900 Julian Estates - 3br, den, 2 ba, 2 car, 2200 sq. ft., 4.47 acres. Wood Interior, Lodge Feeling. $299,990 - Cuyamaca Woods 2br, 2 ba, 2 car, 3.3 oak filled acres w/ views, Solar & generator, $259,000 Whispering Pines, 3br., 2ba., fenced 1/2 acre, wrap-around deck w/built-in play equipment, dual pane windows, FA/AC Incredible views, 10,34 acres, Property boasts a well, 2-5000 gallon water storage tanks, fire hydrant, 2 car garage, 3 graded pads, underground electricity, paved road, behind a gate for privacy, Asking $275,000. $179.000 Kentwood II - 2 br, 1 ba 2 car garage, fireplace, hardwood, dual- glazed windows, A/C. $50,000 Shelter Valley 2,73 acres, well, electric meter, fenced, $39,000 - Cuyamaca Woods ,83 acre with views to the mountains and lots of trees. $116,000 - Coulter Ridge 7,15 acres, Ocean Views, Perc for 3 bed room, County Approved septic lay-out, Easy paved access, Varied topography The words "alumnus" and "alumna" are the Latin words for "foster son" and "foster daughter." Though used in Great britain to mean "pupil," in America they describe only graduates of a school or college. #4 Heard On The Streets Of Julian by Eric Stamets Bureau of Engraving and Printing Receives Award This month the U.S. Federal Bureau of Engraving and Printing, not to be confused with the new State of California Bureau of Engraving and Printing, has received the prestigious award from the Finance R.ED. by Mike Marland I "F:r, stt. r" [ P.srm, I I$/ a4M... ill u rm S'rP.AD'A L/-_..   li'l WONDt [HTAIqDtN' ROLtHE.RE 00ing 5 6 23 25 9 26 3O 44 42 43 48 5O disciplinarian 27 Phony Potential frat 29 Homer's imp ACROSS 3 --" 1 Annie Lennox's, "No More '1 Love -' " 5 Shade 7 provider 8 Grate  122 12 Ordinate counterpart 14 "Do- others ..." 33 15 Labyrinth beast 3-- 16 Ollie's pal 17 Little, in ] 139 Paris 18 Unisex top 20 PC peripheral 23 Folder contents 24 Angered 47 Skin opening 25 Stately 48 Eternally 8 dances 49 Prepared to 28 "- drive 9 Miserables" 50 Reuben 10 29 Pugilist bread 11 30 Discoverer's 51 Impale cry 13 32 Mosque DOWN 19 tower 1 Sweet 34 Culture potato 20 medium 2 Kyoto 35 - and crafts cummerbund 21 36 SALT subject 3 Sailors' org. 22 37 Elk 4 Evaluated by 40 Crucial eyeing 23 41 Mideast 5 Jacob's 25 airline brother 42 Member of 6 Baton Rouge the clergy sch. 26 7 Strict member son Con 31 Sphere Celeb 33 Caught Bridge, in redhanded Brest 34 Bottomless Particular pits Speak 36 Estate sloppily recipient Wire mea 37 Sobbed sure 38 Lotion Utah city additive Lucy's 39 Rid of rind partner 40 Patella site Repairs 43 Wall climber Bergen's 44 Youngster dummy 45 Historic time Snerd 46 CSA soldier Takeout request 2010 King Features Synd., Inc. and Kiloton Exchange (FAKE) for excellence in counterfeiting U. S. currency. The amount of money necessary for all the recent bailouts wasn't available, so the Bureau of Engraving and Printing counterfeited the necessary amount for the federal government. The award was for recognition of the excellent job done in the counterfeiting of the money. Since the government printing presses were used for the job, the counterfeits are indistinguishable from real currency and it is the first time a U.S. federal government agency has received the award. The State of California has hopes of being in the running next year. Previous winners were agencies of Iran and North Korea. U.S. Prel;ide],rls' 1. Lincoln :4 2. Washington  3. F.D. Rdsvelt ,, ] 4. T. Roevelt,,,, , ,,= 5. Truman 7. Jeffersofi 8. Elsenhower 9. Wilson 10. Reagan *Greatest leaders Source: C-SPAN 2010 by King Features Syndicate, Inc. World rights reserved. Weekly SUDOKU -- Answer g L 9 1 6 8 *** g 9 L 6 Z  ! You can check a vehicle's I g 6 8 L g L crashworthiness ratings at the L 9 L g 6 ! Insurance Institute for Highway Safety at Subaru has I 8 t L 9 earned at least one Top Safety Pick 6 lr g 8 g 9 I. in every vehicle class in which it 9 L I 6 L g  competes. You can learn more at 6 Z  t' 8 L 9 *** i 8 L 9 S L 6 Friday Night Basketball continued from page 13 As for the boys, it was a fast past, good played rivalry type situation. The score bounced back and forth throughout the game. There was some pushing, grabbing, elbow flying situations, but all in all, a well played out game. Unfortunately this time the Borrego Rams took the victory from the Eagles. Final score was 63-71. High Points were from Seniors Andre Dominguez and Ryan Monroe. L 9 8 6 Z g -- King Crossword - Answers Solution time: 21 mins. v l!slla , EIO ........ h 1 I S J. I V i1 n i N S s vlugg