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February 28, 2018     The Julian News
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February 28, 2018

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Feel Sick? Get Well! I feel achy, feverish and crabby. 1. person trained to help doctors and take care of sick people 2. treatment of medical problem by using surgery 3. pill or liquid used to treat a disease or relieve pain 4. person licensed to treat diseases or injuries 5. medicine injected into the body with a needle 6. instrument used to take temperature 7. sleep, relax 8. ill, not healthy 9. common sickness: sneezing, runny nose, coughing 10. building where doctors, nurses take care of sick or hurt people 11. tiny living thing that can cause disease Everyone feels sick from time to time. Thanks to shots and vaccines, doctors are able to help us avoid many diseases. Medicines may help us feel better too. Doctor, What Have I Caught? “Healthy” Expressions 1. sick as a dog 2. catch a cold 3. fit as a fiddle 4. under the weather 5. head is spinning 1. on the mend 2. in the pink of health 3. just what the doctor ordered 4. have a “frog” in one’s throat 5. there’s a bug going around A. someone in good shape B. not feeling 100% well C. very sick D. feeling of dizziness or confusion E. get sick with the common cold A. in perfect health B. getting better after an illness C. something keeps you from speaking clearly D. a cold or virus that everyone seems to have E. exactly what is needed pneumonia sore throat food poisoning athlete’s foot ear infection diarrhea stomach ache influenza cold mumps rabies polio measles chicken pox Achooo! Sniff! R A B I E S O M U M P S I T E I D I U H J V F R G T J D S O N N I R T G N I N O S I O P D O O F A R F G E W A S X C U N M F Y L R S T O M A C H A C H E J S H U R O J F E S D T Y H G U G E S E H R J G O L O I P U Y M G T E N E E A R I N F E C T I O N E G Z A T J H L O I Y O G G N H L S A R H I J O J T E L C V I K H F S L R J H P K J U D G R A K T O L X O P N E K C I H C L U H A H R S A U E R F G T H S E L S A E M T T O O T J D E C Z Y L I U H J Can you find and circle these illnesses and medical problems? Forest has a “little frog in his throat” that makes his voice sound froggy...er...funny. Can you help him get to the chicken soup that may comfort him? 1 3 4 5 7 8 9 10 11 2 6 thermometer nurse germ cold hospital rest shot sick operation medicine doctor 9 8 . 6 ˚ fever earache headache 5. discover what is wrong 6. to become healthy 7. pain in the top of your body 8. a strong uncomfortable feeling 9. a sign of what is wrong 10. to give medical care diagnose symptom pain cough treat heal flu 3 4 6 5 7 8 9 1 2 10 Newspaper Fun! Created by Annimills LLC © 2018 Newspaper Fun! www.readingclubfun.com Kids: color stuff in! Annimills LLC © 2018 V15-8 Read the clues to fill in the crossword puzzle with medical terms. 1. to clear your throat 2. high body temperature 3. virus, short for influenza 4. pain where you hear If you don’t feel well in class, ask to visit the school nurse. Hey, I don’t have anything to do with your chicken pox! We weren’t sick at all last winter... ...but this year some of us caught the flu! Have you ever heard someone say “I feel blue?” You know that they are not really colored “blue,” but that they feel a bit sad. An expression that people use to mean something different from the actual words they say is called an “idiom” ( ĭd’ ē əm ). It is almost like a secret code. The English language can be hard to learn because it has a lot of idioms. Match these 2 groups of “health” idioms to their meanings: Ugh! I’ve been sick this week. I caught a virus – or it caught me. I’ve used all the facial tissues in the house. I think I’ll need a huge tractor-trailer truck to deliver more! I went to see my doctor, who said I have a common cold. She gave me medicine to help me feel better, and told me to rest and drink lots of fluids. Sometimes, the doctor lets me try that cool instrument she uses to listen to sounds in my body. If you read the clues and fill in this puzzle with words about health care, you will find the name of the instrument under the arrow: Answers on page 12 1. When was the last time before 2015-16 that the New York Mets made the playoffs in two consecutive years? 2. Name the last reliever before Travis Wood of the Chicago Cubs in 2016 to hit a home run in a playoff game. 3. In 2016, Derek Carr set an Oakland Raiders record for most passing yards in a game (513). Who had held the franchise mark? 4. When was the last time before 2017 that Rhode Island’s men’s basketball team won a game in the NCAA Tournament? 5. Name the Toronto Maple Leafs’ only No. 1 overall NHL draft pick before Auston Matthews in 2016. 6. In 1985, Russian Garry Kasparov became the youngest winner in the history of the world chess championship. How old was he? 7. Who gave boxer Sugar Ray Robinson his first pro defeat, in 1943? The Julian News 7 February 28, 2018 Murder In Our Schools Solution Page 12 continued on page 8 Like you, I am sickened by the recent school shooting in Florida, as I was at the shootings in Connecticut, Colorado, Virginia and it seems on and on. Unless there are mass casualties we don’t seem to pay much notice. I don’t have an answer as to why it happens or how to solve it. I think that a lot of the frustration in how to stop it comes from the bottom line that the issue is complex. Are simplistic answers like banning guns, tightening restrictions on who can have a gun, banning video games that are seeming to inure our youth to violence, placing armed guards in schools or if you see or hear something do something or tell someone the answer? In and of themselves, they are not. With each shooting comes the demand for Congress to do something. I’ve got news for you, they have done something. They have made laws limiting and restricting guns. Believe it or not there are tough laws on the books but don’t forget two things. Congress must abide by the Constitution and they abide by their constituencies. Often times while the laws would seem adequate the cumbersome process of enforcement through the bureaucracy fails. There are states with very strict gunlawsthatoftengetchallenged as to their constitutionality. Even these states though, still suffer school shootings and the mayhem created by gun crime. Attempts at the severest penalties for gun violence seem to fail. Attempts at holding what police feel are people that are mentally unstable and potentially violent, fail time and time again as civil libertarians challenge the constitutionality of holding someone without cause. If you do report someone that you feel is a threat, who will be the arbiter in determining their fate? Psychiatric worker, bureaucrat, the police or FBI? Have you seen the movie Minority Report, where technology enables the police to see the future of potential criminals and arrest someone ahead of the crime? Where will future technologies take “us”. School shootings in America are not a recent phenomena. In 1764 Lenape Indians entered the schoolhouse in Greencastle, Pennsylvania and killed the schoolmaster and ten children. In 1853 a student in Louisville, Kentucky shot and killed the schoolmaster for disciplining his brother. In 1868 in Chattanooga, Tennessee a student refused to be whipped, left school, returned with his brother and friend and engaged in gun fire with the teacher at his home leaving three of the four dead. In 1891 the first mass shooting of students occurred in 1891 in Newburgh, New York when an elderly man fired a shotgun at a group of students on the playground. Fortunately injuries were relatively minor and no one was killed. These are all incidents involving guns but there were many school deaths during this time from knives, swords and blunt instruments. The most horrific school killing in the United States occurred on May 18, 1927 in Bath Township, Michigan. To this day it is the single most deadly mass school killing event in our history. Andrew Kehoe was a disgruntled treasurer on the school board of the Bath School. His wife was suffering from illness and Andrew’s finances had been failing for some time. Additionally he was incensed and humiliated at his election loss for clerk of his township. He had gotten reports that the bank was going to foreclose on his farm. He began purchasing dynamite and pyrotol that was an explosive made from surplus munitions from WWI. He planted them around his property and for some time secreted them into numerous locations in the basement of the Bath School and wired them to detonators. Sometime prior or up to the 18th he killed his wife and blew up his farm. About 8:45 a.m. his timed detonators blew up an entire wing of the school killing 36 children and two teachers immediately. As rescuers began swarming the school, Kehoe drove up in his truck loaded with dynamite, set off the charge and killed himself and took other innocents with him. Search of the school after the incident revealed another 500 pound of dynamite that failed to explode. Needless to say the horrid injuries to surviving students were massive. Even though school killings in America ebbed and flowed, mass killings didn’t occur in my consciousness until 1966 when Charles Whitman committed mass murder at the University of Texas in the infamous tower shooting. From the 28th floor of the tower he killed 17 people and wounded 31 in 96 minutes. If not for suppressing fire from civilians until Austin police officers shot him, the casualty rate would surely have been higher. Prior to the rampage, Whitman had stabbed and killed his mother and his wife. His weaponry in the tower were three rifles, a shotgun, three handguns and a knife. What is amazing is how this hard working, intelligent, former Altar Boy, Eagle Scout, Marine and engineering student who adored his wife and mother became so unhinged so quickly. What is also amazing is how and why nothing was done even after a University of Texas psychiatrist made notes of his extremely violent tendencies and his vision of shooting people from the UT tower. In this modern age with advanced weaponry it is our youth that are doing the killing . The general trend is that the perpetrators either kill themselves or don’t really have any hope of survival. Of the killers of the ten largest school murders in America, seven committed suicide, one was killed by police, the killer in the Oikos University, Oakland, CA shooting is doing life and the killer in the recent Parkland, FL massacre is in custody. Guns were used in all ten of the murders. Explosives (one was the primary weapon) was used in three and a knife in two. One of the killers also used his car to kill some of his victims. We are not alone in school shootings, 334 were killed and 783 wounded in Russia in 2004. In Pakistan, 149 were killed and 114 wounded in 2014. And in Kenya 148 were killed and 79