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March 5, 2014     The Julian News
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March 5, 2014

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March 5, 2014 Thoughts by Michele Harvey Wolves And Nature nnl ilUUl Full Service Hospice & . Dementia Case by Case License Senior CQr~ #374601019 SUNCREST LODGE 34540 Engineers Road and Highway 79 (760) 765-0065 Marriages on the " =M6untain Chaplain Chiropractic J an 1455 Hollow Glen Road t.,-.~ to so,.,ding.~ OFFICE HOURS: Momlay 6:30-8am Tues & Thurs 8am-Noon and 2pm-6pm Fridays 8am - Noon 760- 765-3456 Now .,tvailable Cer/i]ied Animal Ad/zt~thlg No $30.00 /// A Division of Borrego Health Adult and Pediatric Services Certified Covered California Cardiology Services Enrollment Counseling (coming in December) Daily Borrego Pharmacy Delivery Digital X-Ray Behavioral Health Lab Services Smart Care Services Accepting Medi-Cal, Medicare, Community Health Group, Molina Direct HMO, Sharp Commercial, Most PPO plans and Trivare. Board Certified Physicians; Monday - Friday 8-5 pm arold K. Merrick MD & Blake A. Wylie Do 760-765-1223 /J The Final Journey Endings and Beginnings By Judy Jarvis, RN As the end of one's life reaches Keep in mind the patient is far less a point of acceptance we too affected by these symptoms than must accept that the time is near. the observer. And, fortunately, Things are changing and with by the time the most disturbing the help of our family, friends, symptoms occur the patient is hospice team and our spiritual usually non-responsive or only community we find the strength minimally aware. Occasionally, to put ourselves aside and give there are moments when our loved one the support they patients become aware of their need in these final hours, symptoms and restlessness During these last weeks, many or anxiety may intensify. With things are happening. In addition proper medications from your to the physical changes, family hospice team our patient usually dynamics often bubble to the is able to return to that peaceful surface. I believe the dying loved place while the body shuts down. one often brings these forward What may we see during these as unfinished business. I have last weeks, days and minutes of witnessed families of estranged life? generations coming together The blood pressure may be because of a dying loved one. lowering I've seen events that bring about The skin color may be flushed forgiveness or secrets aired (red in color), extremities may out in the final moments; times be pale or perhaps a bit grey when children teach adults about progressing to mottled and bluish death and dying, in profound The temperature of the ways. The scars, resentments patient's skin will fluctuate from and anger peeled away and hot to cool and vice versa. This removed like the layers of an isnot a fever from an infection; onion and replaced with love and it is the temperature regulating forgiveness. Somehow, our dying system shutting down. loved one is able to bring people The patient's breathing may together, bring about healing and become irregular, shallow or complete unfinished business deeper, faster or slower before they go. Perhaps it is their The pulse may be very fast final gift to those of us remaining, and weak, or fast then slower The patient will die exactly how, Urination will decrease in when and with whomever they frequency and amount need at their side. We witness There may be swelling in the this over and over. Some patients abdomen, or perhaps increased do not want their family to watch secretions in the mouth. them die. While others will hold Pain and sedation medications on until one' particular person may be increased for comfort comes (;r calls before they let go. and another medication added to Trust me when I say, all deaths help dry up excess secretions. happen exactly as they must for It is important to understand the one dying. Know this to be what is happening here, as when a true statement and release any the physical symptoms intensify regrets, or guilt, the family frequently becomes Last month's article described alarmed and seeks more subtle changes that we could see aggressive treatment. Though one to two weeks prior to death, this is understandable it will not We've already seen withdrawal change the course of events. from normal activities, disinterest The body naturally and very in food and increased sleeping, systematically shuts down This results in loss of weight, system by system and we are a hallowing of the face, blank seeing the results of this. The stares, perhaps periods of increase in secretions and clarity that are quick and lead to abdominal swelling is the result of increasing withdrawal from family the body's internal fluids seeking and friends. With the disinterest the path of least resistance as the in eating, we know that the body cells become more permeable is physically preparing for death (leaky). This is seen as increased and physical changes must congestion, secretions, and fluid occur for this to happen. These building up in the belly, or arms physical changes are always difficult to watch as caregivers, continued on page 7 I recently watched a video about what has happened to Yellowstone National Park since wolves were reintroduced to the park in 1995. Wolves had been absent from the park for 70 years. Before the wolves were returned to Yellowstone, deer had overgrazed the area. Many places in the park were completely barren because with no natural predators that made a major impact on the deer, the deer kept multiplying and devastating the land. They ate every little green thing that tried to grow and this included tiny tree sprouts and the greenery that would usually cover river and stream embankments. With nothing .to stop them, the deer were eating away the food and shelter that other animals needed to survive. Once the wolves arrived, they killed some deer, but another effect of the new wolf population was that the deer learned to avoid areas where they could be trapped and killed by the wolves. Those valleys and gorges that had been totally overgrazed began to show plant growth once again. Trees multiplied and they grew 5 times their previous height in less than ten years. Once the trees gained height, song birds and migratory bird populations grew. Beaver once again found small tree limbs and branches to use for dam building and for food. Beaver dams created larger and deeper pools of water which created habitats for muskrats, otters, fish, reptiles, ducks and amphibians. When the deer ate most of the greens that grew along the edges of rivers and streams, no roots lived to keep the embankments from eroding. The embankments broke down, but once the deer population dwindled a bit and moved away from the moving water sources, the plant roots took over and held the dirt along the streams and rivers. The waterways became clearer and deeper. The wolves killed coyotes, giving the rabbits and mice a chance to increase their populations. Once the rabbits and mice multiplied, hawks and eagles returned along with foxes, weasels and badgers. Bald eagles and ravens returned to eat the carcasses left after the wolves filled their own bellies. The bear populations increased because bears also feasted on the carrion and ate the berries growing on the regenerating shrubs. Thank you to the Greater Yellowstone Coalition for this information. Locally I can see changes in the ecosystems on my own property through the 17 years that I've lived on this piece of land. A few years ago one of my neighbors told me that the owners of a nearby horse ranch had killed 50 coyotes in 3 years. The reason he told me this was because I was complaining about the explosion in the population of rabbits and ground squirrels. I couldn't seem to grow any tomato plants because the rabbits ate the leaves so quickly after they began to grow. Once the leaves were eaten away, the plants had to spend their energy growing new leaves and didn't have enough energy left to grow fruit. During that time of exploding small mammal populations, the ground squirrels climbed our fruit trees and ate the apples and pears which would normally fall to the ground. This left very few fruits on the ground for the deer and wild turkeys to eat. Once the deer and turkeys ate the small number of fruit on the ground, they got into the trees looking for more. The deer reached up to the higher limbs and the turkeys flew into the trees. Each broke limbs. Once the coyotes and bobcats resumed eating rabbits and ground squirrels our local ecosystem seemed to balance out. For a few years. After the Cedar Fire raged through our neighborhood, we had a lot of bare ground, so for a few years, until the weeds and grasses built back up, very few deer or wild tu eys came onto our land. The rats and mice had hidden from the fire by staying in their burrows until it was safe for them to come above ground. Without many predators, their numbers increased, so we allowed more cats to call our place their home. The cats did a good job Of killing off most of the rodents, including gophers and moles, but the time came when they decided to hunt on our neighbor's property. The neighbors live close to the highway, which seems to be a I:iopular dumping spot for domestic cats that are forced to become feral. Consequently, our close neighbor has a large cat population that includes male cats that squirt their territorial scents on his property and on his buildings. He isn't happy and I don't blame him, although when he traps cats to take to the Humane Society, I hope none belong to us. I know that wolves have their human friends and foes. So do coyotes and many other wild animals. Educating ourselves about the importance of certain animals in certain types of environments can help us get along with our animal neighbors. Many people think of skunks and opossums as large rodents that are major pests. I don't think badly of them because I know that they are some of nature's garbage collectors. They prefer eating carrion and road kill. Opossums also eat grass, nuts, and damaged fruit on the ground instead of eating nearly ripe fruit in the trees and they eat insects, mice, worms, snakes, snails and grubs that can damage the plants that we love to grow. Bats scare many people who wish they would live elsewhere. Yet it's a good idea to attract bats to our yards because they eat an unbelievable number of insects as they hunt for food each night. Over 70% of the world's bats eat insects. A small brown bat can eat 1000 mosquitos in an hour and a nursing brown bat mother can eat (her body weight) 4500 insects each night. People who don't like or respect any particular animal may just be ignorant about its habits. Many of us understand that if we put our animal's food outside, we attract unwanted visitors. Raccoons and coyotes have no reason to leave a neighborhood if they can get free meals there. If we act logically, we can get along with our wild life neighbors and we won't have problems with most of them. These are my thoughts. Banner Creek Dump? Jeff Hoh was out scouting around for some shots of water running down Banner Creek just off Highway 78 near Canyon Drive in Whispering Pine when he came upon a make shift dumping ground of furnishings and trash. Locals warned the County, back when the dump was closed, that this was something we could expect to see in the future. photo by Jeff Holt The Julian News 5 All Your Tree Service Needs commercial & Re DO. for for Hedi for "Savino planet one belly at a time" . Come First Night between 5:00 - 5:30for registration III Class fee for 8 weeks is $40.00 - Due first night of class; March 6th III No ct~,s March e7 andApri110 No Performances required III Call Toni with Questions (760) 765-1905 Beginners Welcome/ Oh Look! Flamingos We're an hour out of Bhavnagar barreling down the Ahmedabad road. Barreling is, of course, a term of art on a two lane highway cluttered with ancient overloaded trucks, scooter rickshaws, occasional herds of cattle and a totally completely naked holy man. The latter was young and shapely. Of COURSE we looked. The barren salt flats stretched out on both sides, some areas worked by men standing barelegged in the muck, others hosting salt grass and birds. "Look, a flock of flamingoes! .... They can't be flamingoes, they're too short.". "But they're pink." They were flamingoes, the heads just like those in the San Diego Zoo, but we can't stop. Jane has a flight to catch to make her connectioB in Delhi for California. So it's inevitable that Elena looks up from rummaging in her purse. "OMG! I've left my passport and all my money under the pillow in the Bhavnagar hotel!" Consternation. Pravin the driver slows, not understanding ("English Speaking Driver" being another term of art) but picking up on the presence of A Problem. 'TII take a taxi back." Yeah, right, we haven't seen a real taxi in four days. But we can have it sent to the hotel in Ahmedabad. CP, our trusty travel agent and my friend from Delhi Polo Club days is called. It seems he was in the Navy with the Manager of the hotel so "Not to worry," more calls, the passport and all the money ($780, not a small amount) located and safe, will be in Ahmedabad late that afternoon. Arrival in Ahmedabad is arranged along the way, Elena checks into the Park Plaza, Jane is dropped at the airport, I am picked up by Asif the Good (in contrast to nephew Asif the Bad but we won't go into that family matter) and I ask him if there is someone who can put falls on my new saris. (That's the strip of cloth alongthe bottom that makes the cloth hang nicely and protects it, should you ask.) Yes, of course, distant relative Munir's tailor shop, how could I have forgotten (how could I have remembered is more like it) and we swing by. Home, afternoon nap, out in the evening for a bit of Retail Therapy, back to the hotel and the nice young man from the front desk of the Bhavnagar hotel is waiting for us nervously, ready to get rid of his burden. Passport, money, all well, Generous tips of course and we have bought a scarf for Travel Agent and Friend CP's daughter since one doesn't exactly tip former naval commanders. Three items of note from all of this. Thank God for cell phones. Connections make life easier. There are lots of helpful, great, honest people in India. Well, four. There are flamingoes on the salt flats of Gujarat along the Gulf of Cambay.