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March 7, 2012     The Julian News
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March 7, 2012

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March 7, 2012 WE ACCEPT Groceries Fresh Produce. Sundries Beer. Wine. Liquor Dry Cleaning. Lotto. Scratchers IRS AUDIT REPRESENTATION, APPEALS, RECONSIDERATIONS Full Service "Best in the County" Meat Department O.S.DA. Choice Bee]: .Buf[alo Meat Special and Holiday Orders, Cut to your SpecJj:ications OPEN DALLY Sam TO 8p.m TAX PREPARATION STARTS AT $60 INCLUDES 1040EZ, CA RETURN, EFILE AND OPTIONAL DIRECT DEPOSIT Drug Free Julian I JULIAN 1 B 5Olbs. 'bat of Chick:el Feed with this coup pies //- ,n00v 1 on P-9000- Washington Street 760-766.1212 Mon-Fri 8:30 to 5:00 and Sat 9:00 |o 5:00 OPEN SUNDAYS ! 0 to! 4 Jim Baker To The Rescue by Jim Baker always gets out to an early start on snowy days with his trusty tractor and ptow "Fergie. " As he says, "Iplow the driveways of people who are disabled or older than me." Actually, he does a lot more than that. This last snow storm, he got a call from Dick Hobson to come help a guy,with a stuck pickup truck. That was at midnight during white-out conditions. His volunteer work continued until late in the day. By then he had cleared most of the driveways in Pine Hills. To quote Jim Baker, "It doesn't get any better than this. lVly Thoughts "by Michele Harvey Emails And More Emails From time to time I receive emails that are interesting, but often inaccurate. I look up the information and if it's wrong I send an email to the sender and sometimes I hit REPLY ALL so all the people on that list can get the right information for them I hate it when people send out emails that haven't been checked for accuracy. It's like gossip, often spoker but seldom containing real facts. I receive amber alerts that may be years old, or amber alerts for children who were made up, who never existed. After the 9 -11 tragedies, lots of emails circulated asking people to sign petitions or buy t.shirts to help the New York Firefighters. Many of those petitions and t-shirt sales promotions were a ruse to enlarge mailing lists for porn sites. I know this because I researched the facts. Nell, one friend on my email list who liked to forward every imaginable email without checking them for facts blithely told me that he didn't need to check if the emails were factual because he knew I would. Of course. Why should he take some of his precious time to check the accuracy and safety of the emails he forwards? That was when said good-bye to Nell. Actually I said good-bye after I chewed him out. for his laziness and lack of caring whether or not he sent his friends wruses. Viruses were very prolific back then. I haven't heard from him in several years. I don't consider this a loss. Some people think they have been hacked when actually they have been spammed. Definitions... spammers send you emails that you don't want. Sometimes they send you lots of emails you don't want. Hackers send you emails that can mess up the insides of your computer programs, pull information out of your computer such as all of your friend's addresses and other personal information: Both are really irritating. To help prevent hackers from getting into the information stored in your computer, don't open attachments unless you are absolutely certain that they are okay. When I see attachments from someone I know, I call that person to double check that it came from them and that the attachment is safe to open.. When using computers, and specifically using computers to access the internet and the World Wide Web, be extremely cautious. Safety is extremely important. If a virus gets into your computer you can easily spread it to everyone who you contact by email, and you may never know it came from you. get lots of emails with misinformation. I can't always tell if people take time to read emails before forwarding them. I sure wish they would verify the information before passing them on. Sometimes people write lies just to stir things up. During the Cedar Fire evacuations in October of 2003, some of the local San Diego County news organizations set up blogs so people could find their friends and relatives and so people could pass on information such as where livestock was taken and what condition neighborhoods were in. The purposeful misinformation that people put on the blogs was horrifying and rm sure many people believed it and passed it on without checking for truthfulness. One blogger wrote that downtown Julian was completely flattened by fire and though firemen kept the fire from getting near the Julian townsite, many people believed it burned to the ground 'and avoided coming to Julian for several years because they thought our town no longer existed. Another blogger wrote that it looked like an atomic bomb hit Pine Hills, destroying the entire area including historic Pine Hills Lodge. Also not true, though Pine Hills lost many homes. Husband Mike and I owned an Internet Service Provider at the time. When we evacuated, we drove from our home in Wynola, east to the desert, north to Temecula south on highway 15, west on Mission Gorge road and on to our San Diego destination. When evacuating, we took all of our comPuter equipment. Our computers were the first things we unpacked and we immediately hooked them up. We were back online within a few hours of leaving our home and we spent about 15 hours each day contacting neighbors, putting people in touch with each other and sharing accurate information. So many people passed on information that was posted on blogs and sent in emails that needed correcting. As an Internet Service Provider we felt it was our duty to our clients and our friends to give them accurate information Now that use my computer for my personal and business uses, I still believe I need to make sure that any information I forward is true. like truth and I like searching for it when necessary. I understand that when any of us receives an email frpm a trusted friend, it's natural to trust that friend enough to pass the information along without question. However, each time a friend receives an email from a trusted person, then forwards it to someone who trusts that person without double checking to be certain the information is correct, we could all be in trouble. We could all be receiving viruses, we could get spammed or hacked because the origin of that emait is seldom known and we simply want to believe that none of our friends would hurt us. Well, they may hurt us and our computers without knowing, because that person blindly trusted someone who blindly trusted someone else. Our world is a harsher.place than it was when I grew up in the 1950s and 1960s. Maybe the number of evil people is the same and they have found more ways to trip up the rest of us. The internet can be a wonderful place to research and to communicate. It also has become a playground for anonymous criminals. We all nee to do our best to avoid becoming internet victims. We must also do everything we can to protect our friends and families. One of the easiest things we can do to protect our loved ones from internet criminals is to research the information in forwarded emails. Don't open attachments unless we are absolutely certain that they are safe and don't forward any email without considering its veracity. These are my thoughts. Painter Margaret Larlham Exhibiting At Santa Ysabel Art Gallery At Santa Ysabel Art Gallery, Marcl 18 through April 22, 2012 will be Flow, a one person show featuring the landscape paintings of San Diego artist Margaret Larlham. On exhibit wil be Larlham's plein air and studio paintings in pastel and In oil. The subject matterr of the paintings for this Santa Ysabel Art Gallery exhibit are rural scenes from San Diego County (particularly Mission Trails Park), and paintings from her travels, especially her native South Africa. The public is invited to meet and listen to Margaret Larlham at a Conversation with the Artist on the opening day of the exhibit, Sunday, March 18th, from 4:00 - 5:30 PM at Santa Ysabel Art Gallery. Admission =s free. The public is invited. Margaret Larlham has been painting and exhibiting her work for many years, but it is important to note that aside from painting she has led a wide creative life. Larlham has been active not only in the visual arts, but also in dance, storytelling and theatre for the whole of her adult life, and is currently a tenured member of the faculty in the School of Theatre, Television and Film at San Diego State University where her focus has been devising and directing plays with SDSU students for youth, both for touring schools and for the theatre. Originally from Durban, South Africa, Larlham came to this country in the 1980's when her husband joined the staff of the drama department at SDSU. She has also been an Artist in Residence with the San Diego Unified School District. Margaret Larlham was an award winner in Southwest Art magazine's Artistic Excellence competition in December, 2011. Larlham says of landscape painting in San Diego County: "1 live next to Mission Trails Park in San Diego and regularly walk out and paint there in the afternoons." She feels a similarity between Mission Trails and the countryside she had such kinship for growing up in South Africa. My family and I have grown roots in this wild track of nature in our back yard. Endlessly changing, the park is a safe place - where we hike, walk the dogs, set up easel and enjoy uninterrupted stillness for a couple of hours - to be part of nature in the midst of San Diego urbanization." On painting in pastel at Mission Trails she says: "The struggle of scrubby plants to survive in the rocky ground interests me. Pastel- pigment and dust, it seems to me =s an especially fitting medium to express quickly the forms and textures of the landscape and the glow of trapped light. My eye, my hand, a box of pigments tangles with the arrested view". Santa Ysabel Art Gallery is located at 30352 Highway 78 at Highway 79 in Santa Ysabel, seven miles below Julian. Admission is free. Gallery hours are Thursday through Monday, 11AM - 5 PM, and by appointment. The gallery is closed Tuesday and Wednesday.. For more information call 760- 765-1676. The Julian News 5 O Et, e BOOKKEEPING & TAX SERVICE ALL TYPES OF TAX RETURN PREPARATION QuickBooks Training & Setup Incorporation Services Business Planning 619-445-5523 pho 619-445-1421 fax www.olbts.com Are you concerned about the health and future of Julian's youth? Get involved with Drug Free Julian Community Coalition! We use science-based, data-driven prevention strategies to reduce substance abuse in our community. Coalition meetings are on the second Thursday of each month at the Julian Library--6pm To learn more, Contact Jean Dully 760-765-2228 Jean.duffy@ecasa.org "A community putting prevention strategies to work creating healthy drug-free environments where we work, live, and play. POPE TREE SERVICE All Your Tree Service Needs Commercial Residential00 II Oak and Pine our Specialty[ ii CA. State License #704192  II Fully Insured for Your Protection _ I Workers Comp. t II ,76o765"0638, ,00t300J] "-. ! . .ralnea.. I=xReEll:S,    ;i,;:>:: III [ Brusll Clea"Fing" " I If a little knowledge is dangerous, where is the man who has so much as be out of danger? T H Huxl Way Farther-East Ahmedabad--This city, the capital of Gujarat in Western India, is layered with time and memory. It was founded by Ahmed Shah in 1411 (on January 20 at 1:20 p.m. according to an old Gazetteer but who's counting) by the Muslim conqueror Ahmed Shah and never stopped growing. Beautifully carved stone Muslim monuments dot the Old City, almost buried under buildings and traffic. Louis Kahn designed the Institute of Management and there are a few LeCorbusier buildings here and there including a house once owned by friends. "Corbu" had decided doors were superfluous but our friends disagreed. Especially on the bathrooms. Almost fify years ago a younger me wheeled her bicycle handily around corners and across Nehru Bridge. Fifty years ago there was less traffic. Buried in a "pol," a once-gated narrow street that forms an enduring community of endless origin, Kanubhai sits o0 the floor in his narrow, raised shop surrounded by toothsome textiles and selling, mostlj wholesale, pillow covers and purses and the occasional old lovely piece of handwork that he values too much to cut up. We always remember older brother, Manubhai. He died twenty years back or maybe it was twenty-five. "No, I absolutely don't need that mirrored piece and...how much did you sauy it cost?" The Hindu inhabitants of 15th century Ahmedabad resented the Muslim invaders and still do. In spite of Gandhi's very real presence and ashram here, there have been terrible riots ever since but, "How is the situation?" I ask "Good, no problem." "Will that last?" "Who knows?" At least young Wasif has Hindu friends, something that didn't seem possible ten years ago. The family is large and always welcoming. It's hard to remember all the great-nieces and-nephews names. It's hard to talk to the older generation which does't have much English but the old Urdu is coming back quickly and sign language along with laughter goes a long way. We all love to eat and it shows, regardless of Country of Origin. Food is another uniting bond. Outside the Muezzin =s calling the faithfu to before-dawn prayer. In the distance a bell rings in a Hindu temple. Noisy, crowded, polluted, dirty with corners of astounding beauty, I loved and hated, Ahmedabad is still home.