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March 19, 2014     The Julian News
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March 19, 2014

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March 19, 2014 The Julian News 7 Volume 2 - Issue 6 March 19, 2014 Page 1 Sonja Kodimer, Advisor Lanae Cranfield, Student Editor Julian Softball Team Off to a Winning Start The softball season has begun, and this year the Lady Eagles are off to a great start. They've won both games so far this season, ten run ruling their last opponent, Lutheran, at the first home game. Nikki Blanco hit two grand slams and three other home runs while her sister, Bianca Btanco, pitched a fantastic game. The players this year are definitely in it to win it, and have shown their d'rive so. Next week, the second home game of the season will take place Friday against Calapatria. There is little doubt the Eagles won't keep up their great record thus far. This season will take the team far, catch a look when you can! Art Class Students Preparing To Show Their Work In the age old tradition of artists, the second year art students at Julian Union High School are currently immersed in figure drawing and still life drawing with charcoal. The students have enjoyed working with this media and have shown great skills. The final piece of art for this unit will be a painting in the style of Paul Cezanne. The student work will be displayed at the Annual Student Art Show for the month of May at the Julian Library. Thursday, May 1st will be the opening reception with food and ceramic items for sale to benefit the art department. Julian Union. High School Students News Dreams The best thing we can have in life is love, and when that eludes us, we can only hope that one day; we can find it again. Jay Gatsby is the single most hopeful person in all of American literature. Fitzgerald's classic, The Great Gatsby has proven to be more than just "in-tune with the times", but also expresses the very ideals of which every free person wishes to one day acquire--a dream worth fulfilling. In the Great Gatsby the American Dream varies from character to character, but in my opinion, only one of their dreams was actually attainable, and frankly, it was undeserved, During the i920s, the perception of the American Dream was that an individual can achieve success in life regardless of family history or social status if they only work hard enough (The Demise of the 1920s American Dream in The Great Gatsby). Gatsby epitomises self-made success, creating an "entirely new persona for himself from his underprivileged past." "The culture of the wealthy Americans represented in Gatsby was defined mainly by consumerism and excessive material wealth. Wherever given the opportunity, Jay Gatsby is inclined to ostentation as shown in his flamboyant style of dress, what Tom refers to as his ,'circus wagon" car, and of course his huge mansion where he throws lavish, drunken parties." Jay Gatsby represented the ideal American dream to "be successful", of which to many, preluded to money.'s depiction of the American Dream is that of the impossible, he convinced himself he can achieve what is unrealistic. He had obtained the material status to give off the impression of wealth, yet, it still wasn't enough for him and sought out the demeanor to make others believe he was truly unprecedented. For example, in Chapter Five, Gatsby says to Nick, "My house looks well doesn't it? See how the whole front of it catches the light." (Fitzgerald). Jay specifically points out how elaborate his house is, almost believing that by saying this, others will believe it simply because he said it aloud. He may have had the house, the parties, the impressionable demeanor, and decadent life, but he was no where near to achieving his dream of his life with Daisy. The preludeto his wealth was not for the love of money, but the belief that by having it, Daisy would be drawn to it's irresistible power--and ultimately to Gatsby, himself. In Ray E. Canterbery's article, "Thorstein Veblen and The Great Gatsby" he remarks, "Jay Gatsby wants to live with Daisy Buchanan because she is a member of the established American aristocracy of wealth. Gatsby lacks the maturity to realize that Daisy cannot be obtained by money alone and in a vulgar display of conspicuous consumption, he flaunts his nouveau wealth." What Gatsby doesn't realize is that Daisy can't be bought. Jay goes about living hoping Daisy will forget what feelings she felt for Tom, to start anew with him, and accept him now that he is no longer penni less. Which leads me to Daisy, and how her American Dream did not revolve around Gatsby as it did for him around her. Daisy's dream was completely void of Gatsby, entirely. Daisy Buchanan had a rather simple dream--a dream that would never be fulfilled. She has the old money status, luxurious lifestyle, gorgeous, healthy daughter.., well, what else is there one could want? In her eyes, she desperately wished she was the only woman in Tom's life. One cannot undo the past, but merely mask it, and this fact is what deteriorated Daisy from the beginning with the very first woman who ever laid her lips upon her husband's hard mouth. The moment he cheated, Daisy's dream was lost--she was not the only woman Tom "loved" or even loved at all. "Well, I've had a very bad time, Nick, and I'm pretty cynical about everything... It'll show you how I've gotten to feel about--things. Well, she was less than an hour old and Tom was God knows where. I woke up out of the ether with an utterly abandoned feeling, and asked the nurse right away if it was a boy or a girl. She told me it was a girl, and so I turned my head away and wept. 'all right,' I said, Tm glad it's a girl. And I hope she'll be a fool--that's the best thing a girl Can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.;' (The Great Gatsby). Daisy's whole perspective on life change, because of Tom's dishonesty towards her. Ultimately, leaving her to live an unfulfilling life full of pessimism. Nick on the other hand, being young and naive, saw the world through bright, new eyes, something glittering in every hardship--completely oblivious to reality. In the summer of 1922, Nick visits his cousin Daisy, and immediately becomes intrigued with the lavish life they live. He remains to be fly on the wall, simply tagging along the coattails All About San Diego's New Mayor by Ashleigh De Vault San Diego county, where are we headed? We already took a rough hit with the Mayor Filner scandal. He proved himself to be not only a pervert, but someone the city can't trust. Who's to say we won't end up with another malfunction with Mayor Kevin Faulconer? We won't know for a while. The public should be informed of the political Promises made to us so we can call them out when they aren't fulfilled. If they are, we can write them off our stress checklist and perhaps even have faith in our local government. Mayor Faulconer looks promising. He's already served eight years on the city council, helped protect our waters with the Mission Bay Initiative, and has worked with former Mayor Sanders in saving the city over a billion dollars. Let's hope he keeps the progress going. These are some of the new mayor's plans: to stop regulations that prevent the economy from growing, to give educational opportunity and work on libraries and recreational centers, to spend on public safety like road repair and preventing kids from joining gangs, creating a "Technical Task Force" as an attempt to make government more "innovative", and to make a well thought out budget. All this and other plans for the city canbe found at the mayor's website, www. As wrestles as we are to see if the government will really be of some benefit to us, we have to give it time. It Can't be done in a day, but if it's not done at all, it's the peoples job to hold the politicians accountable for their hallow promises. It should be of great importance to San Diegans to make sure our county runs smoothly. Let's keep a close eye on Mayor Faulconer for the prosperity of the city. Lost in the Making 1920 Research Article by Lanae Cranfield of these elaborate people, listening to their secrets and drinking their wine. As soon as Tom and Daisy Buchanan desert the city after Gatsby's death, Nick no longer looked upon the world with optimism, but rather a bitter distaste he would never cease to get out of his mouth. "They were careless people, Tom and Daisy -- they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness, or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made..." (The Great Gatsby). The reality of the fact was that Daisy and Tom acted this way all along, yet Nick was blind to the matter. Gatsby died because of their carelessness, a friend he would never again regain. Before the summer started his American dream was to make it in the bond business even though he was meant to be a writer, however, after Gatsby's death, he simply wished he had never met Tom and Daisy at all. No matter how hard he tries, he will never find someone like Gatsby again nor will he ever be able to erase the disgusting image of that summer in 1992 from his mind. It seems as if no one's dream would come true with Fitzgerald's continuum of lost dreams, but there isn't a recurrence, and in fact someone does achieve their dream, Tom. Yes, the bad guy wins in this story. Nick states that Tom was the star quarterback at Yale for four years, a time Tom refers to as the height of his life. He explains how he wishes he could experience it again and again over and over. He may not have been able to travel back in time to relive those exact moments, but he found an alternative. When one knows they can't win a game, what do they do? Cheat. When Tom was the star, he was unstoppable, everyone let him know he was the best, and that he had all the power; he found this same reassurance through other women. Tom's mistresses gave him the same satisfaction, the equivalent to his glory days. They told him how great he was, how much they loved him, how Tom is the "King"...Ultimately, Tom relived his winning football years through other people's lives. This "game" he played was according, to his rules, and he was the only character to have his American dream come true--and he was able to relive it every day. At the end of the book, Tom is the only one smiling: he got the girl, Gatsby died just as he "should", and he was able to escape somewhere else with lot's of more beautiful, intriguing women, or in other words brand new games... F. Scott Fitzgerald portrayed the American Dream as an inconceivable quest for what we think is our happiness. Tom was the only character who didn't hide behind a mask, and even though he was selfish and brutal, he embraced it, thus leading him to attain the only attainable dream in this book. Gatsby would never get Daisy to be with him forever, Nick would never live in a world without careless people, Daisy was not the only woman in Tom's life, Myrtle would never marry Tom, Wilson would never be able to make Myrtle love him, Henry Gatz would never see his son happy, and T. J. Eckleberg would never witness otherwise. The Great Gatsby inhibits the ideals of the American Dream, but also depicts failure as a common occurrence in life--one in which may never be validated. Movie Review by: Aiysa Smith Disney has made another hit sensation with their new movie Frozen! This movie turns family time into fun time with strikingly beautiful songs sung by broadway musical singer Idina Menzel (starred as Elfaba in the broadway musical Wicked) and Kristen Bell (a successful movie actress). This movie features two princess sisters, Elsa and Anna,seperated by a freezing magical power and one of the best-kept secrets in the royal family. While the younger princess, Anna, ventures out to bring her older sister, Elsa, home she is helped by new friends; including trolls and a snow man named Olaf, only to be betrayed by a man who she thought was her true love. This movie includes daring princesses and peasants in dire need of their help to save the kingdom and keep it running, helpful trolls who posess magical healing powers and a hilarious, talking snowman with witty remarks. Disney teaches it's viewers that the importance of forgiveness in any. relationship is needed to keep that relationship steady and that the first person you meet may not be your true love. Frozen was nominated winner of the Best Animated Feature, Best Original Song ("Let It Go") by Academy Awards and Best Animated Feature Film Golden Globe Award. I enjoyed seeing this movie with my family, singing the songs, and dancing my way around the house for weeks.This new PG rated Disney movie is a must see film! And Over At The Jr. High Nine CLUB LIVE students from the Junior High and 120 from San County county schools attended "Spring Jam" at Camp Cuyamaca March 8-9. This annual retreat themed, "i. lead i. decide i. change" was packed with leadership. development, prevention workshops, and team building, activities. This weekend experience gave participants the opportunity to meet others who are passionate about making positive choices on their campus and in their community. CLUB LIVE meets on Wednesday during lunch at the Junior High. See Advisors Kymm Hanson or Dana Pettersen with any questions about participating.