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March 21, 2012     The Julian News
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March 21, 2012

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March 21, 2012 The Julian News 5 All Your Tree Service Needs Commercial USA Communications has increased Internet speeds in your area! Blazing Fast ]M[y Secret Thoughts by Michele Harvey Friends, Secret Pals Wouldn't it be great to have a secret pal or a secret friend. A secret friend could bring you things you want or need when you don't expect it and when you aren't looking. That's why they are secret. Hugs from afar, cards that arrive just when you need to be told something positive about yourself, little gifts just when you think nobody thinks of you; these are what secret friends and pals are all about. When I attended the local Methodist Church regularly, I had a new secret pal every year. This was before I had to work Sundays, Each year at a United Methodist Women meeting, we were given a small piece of paper with blanks to fill in. We wrote our birth date, our favorite colors to wear and our favorite colors to decorate with. We wrote down our hobbies, our favorite things to collect, our decorating style and other details about our life that could help a person to do things to make us feel special. The slips of paper were dropped into a container and we each picked out a name. We kept those names secret for an entire year and we all made plans for things we could do, throughout the following year for that lady whose name we picked. As a Secret Friend, or by any other name, I may have put groceries WOM~ IN~ANT$ & CHI[D~LF'N Groceries Fresh Produce Sundries Beer. Wine. Liquor Dry Cleaning. Lotto. Scratchers Full Service "Best in the County" Meat Department U.S.D.A. Choice Beef Buffalo Meat Sp.ecial and Holiday Orders, Cut to your Specifications OPEN DALLY 6a.m. TO 8p.m. on your front porch. I may have given your classroom some much S p needed supplies. I may have put you in touch with someone who I nternet eeds ....... cou,, help you, orwith someone you could help. '--- ,ill Pa Secret friends don't need recognition. They do what they do for the :~ '~' ~ '..,,~'=.,I W ~ Phone&Utilities P to blessing of being able to give, not for the pats on the back they may I U_ 8me....q get from giving. They keep their good deeds secretive and that's ...... where the joy of giving and of helping comes from. When I had secret pals at church, I had a lot of fun giving gifts and guessing who my gifts came from. One year I wrote that I collect cast iron trivets. That year I received some great trivets! The secret pal that I picked collected books about women in the American West, She didn't know that I knew she loved those books, so throughout the year I gave her about one book each month from my own collection. I had read the books before giving them to her so I knew she would like them. I really enjoyed seeing the look on her face each time she unwrapped those books. I really liked them and I found out that they were. perfect choices for gifts to give her. Each Sunday when I walked into the church back then, I looked to see if I had a gift of some kind from my secret pal. One Sunday around Christmas, I received an Amaryllis plant. That was In 1996 or 1997. I still enjoy that plant. It's very much alive after all of these years. Each Sunday I saw how the ladies in my church cherished their friendships with gifts of love. Sometimes the gifts were of things bought in a gift shop or gift certificates to shops or restaurants that they thought their pal would enjoy.. More often they were home grown fruits and vegetables, flowers, or the tasty desserts, jams and sauces made from home grown produce. Those Sundays were filled with wonder for me, looking at the thoughtfulness put into the selection of each gift coming from secret pals. When women come into my store and look at jewelry, sometimes they tell me that they have so much jewelry that they don't wear most of theirs. I tell them that they have the perfect opportunity to give unexpected gifts. When they socialize, they should wear the seldom worn jewelry. They can look to see who likes those pieces the most. On the next birthday, holiday or just plain giving day, they can give that piece of jewelry to their friend or relative and know they did a good thing. And it can be a secret. My brother is an Assembly of God minister. When he and his family moved to Ellendale, North Dakota, their first Christmas held some special surprises. On the first day of Christmas their secret friends brought them a large turkey. On the second day of Christmas they brought two somethings. The next day he and his family found three somethings. Each day, while my brother and his family were not at home, a box with food and a paper with part of the Christmas song was sitting on their front porch. My boys and I were visiting with them that week, so it was lots of fun for all of us those twelve days of Christmas. When the twelve days were finished, my brother and his family had enough food for a very tasty Christmas feast, and as I remember they had lots of visitors that Christmas day to hefp them eat all of that wonderful food. Secret friends and secret pals can be delightfully sneaky. Recently I seem to have a new secret friend. Since I don't know who you are, I thank you here in my column. My new secret friend has been bringing things into my store that I assume I can sell. A Christmas painting by a Laguna Beach artist,a picture of an Indian Chief on a grape drying tray, photo albums and other things that I put prices on and I hope this is what was intended. I really appreciate my new secret friend. I have sometimes been the giver and sometimes I've been the receiver of the love and attentions of a secret friend or secret pal. I thank every person who has been kind to me and I cherish the opportunities I've had to be someone's secret pal. These are my thoughts. IRS AUDIT REPRESENTATION, APPEALS, RECONSIDERATIONS High School Softball Fund Raiser At Jeremy's March 28th 4-8 pm. Fundraising dinner for the high school softball team at Jeremy's on the Hill. Adult meal is $15 and kids 12 and under are $12. Menu Chicken, mixed vegetables, desert. Drinks not included. Oceanside Bikers Come Up The Mountain For The Ride from Ted Snoddy of the traffic division, motorcycle officers zoomed into Julian on a training run. The officers, lead by Sgt. GabeJiminez, a 26yr. veteran of the department, as they used the ride to train officers on the mountain's curves and blind sections of highway to sharpen the officer's skills on technical driving, pursuit, communications, and teamwork. Additionally, they were also focused on. getting their annual fill of the famous Julian Apple and ice cream. "Donuts ....... we don't need no stinking donuts," one veteran motor officer was overheard saying as he lead the troops across the street and into Mom's Apple Pie. BOOKKEEPING & TAX SERVICE ALL TYPES OF TAX RETURN PREPARATION QuickBooks Training & Setup Incorporation Services Business Planning 619-445-5523 ph 619-445-1421 fax NEW YEAR, HEALTHIER YOU! START THE NEW YEAR WITH CRYSTAL CLEAR & REFRESHING DRINKING WATER Only" $19.75 per month, incl. cooler rental and 2 five gallon bottles of drinking water +tax & bottle deposit For home or office delivery: 760-805-8879 Now serving the entire east No contract! oounty Ask about our private label Spring Water liter & ,5 liter bottles for your add 84 cents per bottle business or special event and fundraiser. FDA Licensed Mountain Spring & Drinking Water Vanderstaay And Hardnack Wed i Mr. and Mrs. Peter Vanderstaay and Ms: Gieta Hardnack would like to announce the marriage of their children Surely and Dillon who were married at their home in Shelter Valley. The ceremony was conducted by Rusty Sexton. When Surely's children Nellie and Lucas were asked if they accepted Dillon as their father, they both said "Yea Dad!" The wedding took place On February 11, 2012. Lots of family and friends attended and a good time was had by all. Free Installation .... weighs one gram. That means 454 Every U.S. banknote, regardless of value, bills will equal one pound. Weird Sheep Derby, England--Sheep were scattered across the green meadow. A church spire rose in the distance from a picturesque village. Stone walls and hedgerows marked the fields. It was a perfect English scene. Except the sheep were seriously weird. Spotted brown, black and white, they looked like fattish scruffy goats. Most of them had spiky horns. Some had four spiky horns. One had horns like a Borrego Wild Sheep and another had six spiky horns. The old tail trick, learned in West Africa where sheep and goats really do look alike, said they were sheep--if the tails go up, they're goats; tails down they're sheep (Now you, too, are an expert in sheep vs. goat detection...) but it took the expert in our group (me) to make this final pronouncement. We asked in the Chatsworth Farm Shop about them. "Oh, yes dearie, they're Jacob sheep!" And it turns out that Jacob sheep not only have their own entry in Wikipedia (the Husband looked it up, being quite taken with e-mail accounts of this breed) but it's also a very long entry. They are, as you might have guessed, named after Jacob of the Bible ("According to the Book of Genesis (Genesis 30:31-43), in what may be the earliest recorded attempt at selective breeding,[3] Jacob took every speckled and spotted sheep from his father-in-law's (Laban's) flock and bred them."--Wikipedia) and circumstantial evidence does trace them to ancient Mesopotamia. They also have been found to have Tays-Sach's disease. There wasn't any Jacob Sheep cheese in the Farm Shop, though there was almost every other type of cheese imaginable along with "Game Sauce" and Lemon Curd and very British suchlike, but two days later a cap made of Jacob sheep wool surfaced in the Chatsworth House shop. (The Brits do as well or better than our Museums not to mention Julian in flogging goods related to tourist objectives.) One is in the mail to The Husband. Who would have thought sheep could be such a source of entertainment? i