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March 25, 2009     The Julian News
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March 25, 2009

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March 25, 2009 California Comm tntary Governor, You're Not In Hollywood Anymore by Jon Coupal In Hollywood, when a studio is having problems with a screenplay, they often call on a skilled writer known as a "script doctor" to improve portions of dialogue, pacing or, in extreme cases, even the story line. Hollywood veteran Arnold Schwarzenegger apparently is having problems with one of his own productions, Proposition 1A on the May 19 special election ballot, a measure that would cost Californians $16 billion in additional taxes. So our Governor is trying to rewrite the script himself. But in politics, this function is called a "spin doctor." Although Proposition 1A was put the ballot as part of the February budget deal, the governor has embraced it as his own. And Dr. Arnold is now promoting it as budget reform, not a tax increase. the state from sixth in the nation in taxation as a percentage of personal income, to first. Ignoring this,the governor wants us to believe that Proposition 1Ais simply a measure that will provide the state with a rainy day fund to be used during difficult times, and cap on spending. But Proposition 1A fails in its promise to provide a real spending limit for California. How can it, when the Governor can suspend transfers into the budget stabilization fund simply by issuing an executive order? How can this be characterized as imposing "spending discipline" if the spending limit will automatically be adjusted upward for new taxes? The only thing certain about Proposition 1A is that it will continue the tax increase by an amount estimated by the non- and heaped lavish praise on both Howard Jarvis and the work of the taxpayers organization he founded. Not once did he express the view that the organization that had helped millions of Californian's keep their homes was a "special interest" or advanced an agenda outside the mainstream. In fact, after being elected governor, he asked me, the organization's president, to join his transition team. The governor has run twice as a steadfast opponent of new taxes. His change of heart is reminiscent of one of his movies, Total Recall, where memories are erased and replaced. Is it possible that Schwarzenegger's mind has been replaced by that of another filmmaker, the far-left Michael Moore? ion Coupal is President of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association -- California's largest taxpayer organization -- which is dedicated to the protection of Proposition 13 and promoting taxpayers' rights. In a speech before San partisan Legislative Analyst Pest Protection Francisco's Commonwealth Office to be $16 billion. Club Schwarzenegger said Apparently believing that the continued from page 7 Proposition 1A is not a tax increase because the tax increase has already been approved. "No matter how you vote on the reform package, yes or no, taxes will be increased temporarily," he said. "It's just a matter of whether it's two years or it's four years." Let's see. Suppose one buys a car and agrees to a price of $20,000. After believing the transaction completed, the buyer receives a bill for a second payment of another $20,000. When calling the dealer, the buyer is told that the second $20,000 is not an increase in the price, it is just an extension. I suspect very few people would accept this explanation and for most the next step would be to contact a lawyer, the attorney general's office and the Better Business Bureau. Yet this doubling of the tax best defense is a good offense, the governor attacked opponents of Proposition 1A calling them "special interests." By special interests, does the governor mean taxpayers? Does he mean those of us who are struggling to hold onto our jobs at a time when more than one in ten of our neighbors are unemployed? Does he mean those who are desperately trying to hang onto their homes in an economy that is resulting in record high foreclosures? Is he referring to the millions of Californians who work hard to provide for their families, while at the same time paying record taxes so that state employees -- the highest paid in the nation -- can be exempted from any significant sacrifice? Schwarzenegger also claims that those who say a vote for Proposition 1A is a vote for tax increases are on the "far right" and are guilty of misleading voters. Could his remarks be are increase, by extending the length of its imposition, is not a tax increase according to'the directed at the H0waed JarViS Taxpayers Association, which has taken a leadership position in opposing Proposition 1A? That seems odd because six years ago he gladly appeared as the featured speaker at an event commemorating the 25th anniversary of Proposition 13 governor. In case anyone has lost track, as a result of the budget "deal" Californians will pay higher sales, income and car taxes. Families will lose an additional $200 in tax credits for each dependent child. These tax increases will move R.ED. by Mike Marland a new pest called the gold- spotted oak borer. It is suspected of damaging or destroying thousands of oak trees in the eastern part of the county. Other pests may be harmful to humans, such as mosquitoes which can spread West Nile virus. A record-number of human cases was reported in the county last year. "There's no way to predict what it will be like this year, but people can help prevent the disease by getting rid of standing water around the yard. Rainwater may still be sitting in the bottom of pots, children's toys, birdbaths and even old tires. These.are perfect breeding sites for mosquitoes," said Chris Conlan, Vector Ecologist with the Department of Environmental Health. You can also protect yourself by: wearing long pants and long-sleeved shirts when you are outdoors; using repellent containing DEET, Picaridin, Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus or IR3535 The Julian News 11 7.15 Acres. Views to The Ocean .83 ACRE, PALOMAR VIEWS Hwy 79 & Coulter Ridge $I 39,000 Owner Will Carry $49,900 $1800/Month. Kentwood custom home 3br, 2 1/2ba, 3 car with family room and views, $13001Month, Harrison Park 2br. 2be. Like new with large dining room and kitchen, All appliances included. Mountain Life - Desert Views Cottage with loft bedroom, 1 & 1/2 bath. Wood stove, forced air - AC. RV parking, hot tub and BBQ, on the ridge to the desert. $ I, 100/Month As Heard On The Street Of Julian by Eric Stamets Mayor Now Says "He Supported Obama" -- King Crossword -- A ns wers Solution time: 27 mins. on clothes and skin; and making As you remember because he is an independent, Julian's mayor sure screens on windows and attended both presidential conventions to both political partys' dismay. doors do not have holes. Since the mayor's stealth re-election and his January Inauguration I~~1tx,~,oc~L~,~...~ ~-..:--:-.;~.1i Learn more about pests by (boy, will the attendees remember that party for awhile), the court I~~"-" watching the slide show on proceedings on his indictment are grinding along slowly and he has the County's Web site at www. been laying very low. The only thing heard out of him in the last To find out more few months was his public condemnation of ex-governor Blagojevich ~~~ about West Nilevirus prevention, of Illinois for being more corrupt and greedy than most politicians. visit However, wanting to share in the fallout from the high approval ratings [ in the polls that follow President Obama, he has just now revealed that he supported the president in the November election but he ---- Weekly SUDOKU -- didn't want to say so at the time Answer V~IFt P~.r~e,c~v=v~-r] because he is an independent. 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