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March 28, 2012     The Julian News
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March 28, 2012

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March 28, 2012 Hello There, remember me, CiCi the Shiloh Shepherd that used to sit outside Lew's Coffee House, sometimes by myself and Lew and Mary Anne would bring me some of their oh so good bacon and sometimes with my owners Roz and John when the weather was just too good for them to sit indoors. If we all were together outdoors I was allowed to go say Hello to other people (really on the pretense of cadging a bite of some ones breakfast - do you know they have really good food there) and Oh Yes I loved their Volcan Freezes too. Did you notice I am putting this in the past as of right now. As a friend of my human Mum's once said to her explaining about the death of her dog, My dog woke up dead this morning and I guess that what's I did to them, it was very traumatic for them and they are both very sad but you know I had a really good and happy life with them. I arrived from Texas, I flew on a plane you know and landed at San Diego Airport, and they came and picked me up from the large luggage department. I didn't think I was that large. Someone told them they could not take me out of the kennel I arrived in until after I was out of the building so my new human Dad put me on a trolley and wheeled me out to their vehicle where he took me out and my Mum exclaimed OMG John look at her long legs she looks like a foal, not a puppy! Well, what did she think she was getting, I was a Shiloh Shepherd after all and we are one of the largest breeds of Shepherd type dogs there are. As you know my home was in Julian and I made friends with all sorts of people from day one. My Mum and Dad would say we can't go anywhere without someone asking what she is, how Old, how friendly, does she bite (EXCUSE ME), is it a.wolf, is it a bear (Oh for goodness sake did I look like a bear really) it seemed like I was some sort of celebrity in my home town. People would ask if they could take my photo, sometimes with them, sometimes without, they didn't care, well neither did I really. I was allowed in The BirdWatcher and visited with Brenda, Rick, Kate and Richard (he is retired now), sometimes before Richard CiCi by Roz Brooks retired he would bring up fresh Crispy Creme's yum he would always give me a bite, right up to the end I would go in their store and go to the staircase to just see if there might be a whiff of them still around there! I would like Brenda and Ricky to know how much I truly did care for them in letting me wander around their store and visit with their customers and play pounce with those little wind up toys which they have on their counter. I got a bit too boisterous with a frog one and kapow it broke into pieces. They always, every year bought me a Christmas present, it would be a squeaky toy and I would see how quickly I could de-squeak it, I was pretty good in the end at doing that in about five minutes, but guess what my Mum forgot to tell you that this years was still squeaking[ You won the game in the end. I had a great time on and around our property too, I was able to Chase the deer, they always won though, rabbits, I gave up on them in the end, squirrels and how I loved woofing and chasing the two ravens that have visited our homes for many years now. They were particular fun, because I would woof and my tail would go round in complete circles with happiness and I would charge after them and they would fly up in the air and squawk and stuff at me and then land about ten feet in front of me and we would start all over again. Thanks Ravens it was a great game of chase we had over the years. Of course, there were the skunks too and I have to admit I didn't learn too quickly about them; my Mum would make really strange gagging sounds and my Dad would have to come to my rescue whilst I chocked and dribbled over him as he would try to clean me up the best he could. The best of these stories is when my Dad got skunked, you can ask him about that and my Mum's reactions and mine and our cats too! Phew. CiCi - the Shiloh Shepherd - October 2002 -- March 22, 2012 Of course I musn't forget my time with the ladies (f Barbee Skinner's sewing group, boy did I have fun there, they knew me right from a pup and one of my favorite people was not just Barbee (thanks for all the doggie treats) but also Evelyn Mazzone, she would getright down on the floor with me upstairs in the Fire Department building in Cuyamaca and play woof with me and I would run like a mad thing round the tables up there, she did that when she came to my home too and I jumped all over the furniture with joy. I.sort of got an A in sewing but I think that was more for good attendance than my sewing projects and what I really, really, loved was that I would get to lick all their plates when they had finished with their goodies and coffee. Yum, thank you all, I had such a good time and will miss each and every one of you. I guess I need to look Evelyn up in my new abode now. There were many other things but too many to tell you about here after all that nice Mr Michael cant waste all his columns on a mere dog after all. Remember this though, I loved all of you, everywhere, I know already that you have all been nice about my passing and my Mum and Dad really do appreciate your thoughts and hugs and expressions of caring. Well, I can't hang about here any longer I do believe I see a pair of ravens up here, woo hoo, or should that be woof woof. The Julian News 7 Woodworking Seminar Features Restoring And Care Of Cain Chairs Bill Fink working with students. The Art and Craft of Woodworking, a series of seminars and woodworking lessons begins this Sturday, March 31st with a seminar and demonstration of caning. The first guest woodworker will be Elton Lawson, a San Diego based chair-maker who specializes in Maloof style chairs. Elton is also a renowned caner and will demonstrate this ancient craft. He'll talk about its history, show and demonstrate the tools and materials it takes to cane a seat. Elton is a full time woodworker and in addition to his caning business and chair making, he teaches woodworking at Coronado H.S. and Palomar College in their acclaimed woodworking program. When antique shops require caning, Elton is the go to guy as well as the preferred reference of other woodworkers. If you've ever thought about repairing and refurbishing that old caned chair you have never been able to throw away, or have ever thought about a home business and taking up the craft, don't miss this very informative, well spoken expert. Elton says that unlike other aspects of woodworking, caning requires only a modest investment in tools, materials and space. The first seminar will be held at the shop and studio of W. M. Fink Woodworking located at 17955 Cuyamaca Meadows Rd., five miles from town off Rte. 79 on the way to the lake. There will be two sessions available beginning at 10 a.m. orthe second at 1 p.m. Each session will last for two hours, Cost is twenty dollars for advance registration and twenty- five dollars at the door. You can get information, directions and register by calling 760 215-1711 and leave a message or by e-mailing the website wmfink.com. The next "hands on" seminar on April 14th will be all about Milk Paint taught by Bill Fink. This ancient product with its' beautiful colors is a preferred, non-toxic finish for antique and modern furniture, wood products and room finishes. Learn about its history, how to use it and how to layer colors, blend and distress it to create a finish that looks a century or more old. On a two-week basis after that, Fink will teach the use of hand-tools, sharpening and techniques to build and repair furniture. All these classes are small, and hands-on with close supervision and demonstration by Fink. If you've ever wanted an introduction to woodworking or to brush up on your skills, this is the class to take. I=ROFLAM E Serving The Community We Live In For Over 60 Years WINE APPLE 'S DAILY 8AM w00endL util Commercial o0o Residential ooo Celebrating 100 Payment Options WGASCheck.mP,opA,f,...,,,,_,._ .%'2:>' Trained LWJCOUIKIL 24 Hour Emergency Service , Barber Chair 760 765-0130 Ben Sulser, District Manager Q: I have a 1908 Koken Congress barber chair made of wood and brass. It is in fairly good condition. I would like to know the value of it. -- Charl!a, East Alton, Ill. 'A: Although barber chairs i! were 00anuacture00 n the United States as early as the 1870s, it was Ernest Koken, a German immigrant, who introduced deluxe barber chairs that often included leather seats, padded foot and arm rests, and elaborate wood carving and fancy detail. The Koken chairs were manufactured at a plant based in St. Louis and distributed throughout the country. Restored Koken chairs often sell in the $500 to $1,500 range, but as with most collectibles, there are always exceptions to the rule. To sell your chair, I recommend you contact antiques dealers in the St. Louis area. Q: I recently placed an ad on eBay to sell some fishing lures that were made about 1950 by Heddon. No one responded. What should I do next? -- Lucille, Albuquerque, N.M. A: I think you should invest in a copy of "Heddon Plastic Lures: Identification and Price Guide" by Russell E. Lewis (Krause, $24.99). This excellent guide will give you a better idea of the value of your lures. Keep in mind, however, that a price listed in a guide is only a point of reference. Sometimes it is difficult to hook a collector who is willing to pay full book price. Be willing to bargain. Q: I have some LPs and 78s that I would like to sell. They include such artists as Dolly Parton, Dean Martin, Ed Ames, Jim Reeves and Jerry Vale. -- Bonnie, Granite City, Ill. A: The Record Exchange buys and sells vintage recordings and is one of the largest businesses of its type in your region. The contact information is 5320 Hampton Ave., St. Louis, MO 63109. *rr Q: I have some old telephones I would like to sell. -- Catherine, Surprise, Ariz. A: The Antique Telephone Collectors Association was chartered in 1971 and has more than 1,000 active members scattered throughout the world. This might be a good group to contact about your telephones. Its address is ATCA, P.O. Box 1252, McPherson, KS 67460. Write to Larry Cox in care of King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475, or send e-mail to questionsforcox@ aoLcom. Due to the large volume of mail he receives, Mr. Cox is unable to personally answer all reader questions. Do not send any materials requiring return mail. 2012 King Features Syndic:ate, Inc,