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April 6, 2011     The Julian News
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April 6, 2011

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April 6, 2011 The Julian News 5 * Tree Consulting and Inspection * Long Term Forest Maintenance and Planning * Hazardous Removal and Precision Felling * Ornamental Pruning and Lacing * Brush Clearing and Chipping p .Cnc!/ DAN ]l ]WK-3r'i'ho-uglat by Michele Harvey Some Things That Irritate Me Tonight I tried cooking dinner with my undivided attention. Didn't happen. In twenty minutes, I answered the telephone five times. I ocafcE,.v. continued answering the telephone because it may have been a call I wanted to receive. Perhaps one of my family members was calling. License #945348 FREE ES TIMA TES Licensed and Bonded Fully Insured for Your Protection ERIC DAUBER H: 760-765-2975 C: 760-271-9585 PC Box 254 JULIAN, CA. 92036 WE-8690A 760 765 1020 ULIAN (ESTERYEARS 2902 WashingtonStreet 760-765-12 2 Mon-Fri 8:30 to 5:00 and Sat 9:00 to 5:00 CLOSED on Sunday The first college basketball game using five-player teams took place in Iowa City, Iowa on Jan. 16, 1896. The University of Chicago defeated the University of Iowa 15-12. Artist Of n Library Renee Fredricks Is The The Month At The Julia Renee and her husband moved to Warner Springs from Cardiff- by-the-Sea seven years ago following their retirement from 25 years of owning and operating an electrical contracting business and raising three children. Renee soon became enthralled with the beautiful back country and its animals, tractors, quaint churches, old buildings, barns, and serene landscapes. It was such different scenery from the coastal area she had known and also loved. Renee hadn't done much in art since high school where, many years ago, she had taken and enjoyed art classes, but the back country inspired her to begin taking watercolor and oil painting classes from local instructors, Carol Ravy, Cindy Triplett, Stan Goudy, and Judi Doxey. This has rekindled her passion for making art. "There's always something new to learn, to see and to imagine," says Renee, and she finds a way to express her changing vision through art. Instead of hearing from someone I would like to have talked with; I received five unsolicited telephone calls. Once we began to eat dinner the telephone rang four more times. More unsolicited telephone calls. In the space of an hour, we received nine phone calls from the time I began cooking scrambled eggs and biscuits until we finished eating. Yes, they were very irritating. And no; I didn't answer any of the rings while we ate dinner. In years past; I felt like telling those people to get a real job. In today's economy; they may feel lucky to have those jobs of calling people during dinner time. That doesn't make them less irritating. How about when people say "Not to mention" and they just mentioned whatever it was. Those kinds of sentences really bother me. I admit that I seem to get irritated much more easily since I quit smoking ten months ago. I also decided that when I passed my sixtieth birthday last November, I just wouldn't be as nice about some things as I always thought I needed to be. Sometimes when people talk and continually say "You know", I say, "No I don't know". I realize that I'm being ornery when I do this. Sometimes I don't feel real polite. You know? "More better" is another phrase that irritates lots of people. In grade school, I was taught "Good, better, best". We never heard "more better" because "more better" is actually the same as saying best. At least I think so. None of this has anything to do with how many years we've spent in school. It's all about paying attention to what we say. Arthur Ashe, the champion tennis player told of how as a child, he wanted to talk like an educated person. Instead of talking with slang words, he wanted to be understood by everyone. He accomplished his goal by listening to radio personalities. They enunciated their words and spoke clearly and concisely. Arthur grew up to be a terrific speaker. When people come into my shop, or into any business and say, "You don't have", that really irritates me. Very often I do have what they are asking for, but I want to say that they must know my stock better than I do because I sure thought I had that item. When people ask for directions, they should listen. My shop is in Wynola Farms Marketplace. The market place is made up of several buildings. The retail stores are all in the buildings closest to Highway 78. The service types of businesses are in the back building. Sandra Sevilla has her hair and nail salon in the back building. Her salon isn't in an obvious place. First time clients sometimes have to be shown how to get to it. After that, it's easy to find. When asked how to get to her salon, I point to the door in our building that's on the east side of the building. I tell people to go out that door, and go immediately left without walking down the stairs. At that point it's easy to see Sandra's salon which is in a small building inside the bigger building. I've often seen people ask directions of a second person before they ever get to the door. That irritates me because it tells me that I gave easy instructions to someone who wasn't listening. People who interrupt while someone else is telling a story are really irritating. It's sometimes called one-up-man-ship. Another way to describe this kind of interruption is "My story is better than yours." One thing that really irritates me is people who are late. If you say you will meet me at a certain time, please be there when you say you Will: Your time is just as important as mine. But it isn't more important. Highway 78 runs in front of the building my shop is in. Last Saturday I listened as cars driven by people who were in a hurry and who weren't paying attention honked at cars ahead of them that were slowing down to turn into our parking lot. Yes, I saw blinkers on most of the turning vehicles. I know the drivers behind them were irritated. They made it clear when they blasted their horns. However, our section of highway has many driveways and a few parking lots along it and vehicles often turn onto and off of the highway. Drivers who see that we don't have an interstate highway with clearly marked entrances and exits could use their brains, slow down and pay attention to the view around them. The view often includes brake lights ahead. Lots of things can be irritating. People who don't listen to an answer after asking a question; people who twist the truth and act like they are repeating a story or event exactly as they heard it; people who drive too fast or too slow, drivers who don't pull over when a vehicle behind them is trying to go faster. All of these things can be very irritating. I don't care whether my toilet seat is left up or down. Toothpaste tubes can be squeezed anywhere along the tube. No problem for me. I can still get the toothpaste out of the tube. I know that I do things that irritate others. But I try not to. Sometimes I try really hard not to irritate others. ACCEPTING WOMEN, INFANTS & CHILDREN Groceria Produce Sundries Beer Wine Liquor Springtime In The Country will be the theme for the United Methodist Women's Annual Fashion Show on Wednesday, May 25. As always there will be a choice of shows to attend, 11:30 a.m. Luncheon ($20 donation) or the 7:00 p.m. Dessert ($12 donation) Advance tickets only available at Julian Tea & Cottage Arts or at the Church on Sunday mornings. Contact Jan Bunganich at 760-936-1119 for additional information. Sherry Pope modeling at last years show. ,ilL, in Wynola Farms Marketplace 4470 Highway 78 Methodist Church Spring Fashion Show These are my thoughts. Music At The Marketplace very Ellisman, Director of the Julian Fiddle Camp, along with a few of the camp's young fiddlers will be doing a brief performance at the upcoming Julian Farmers' Market on Sunday April 10th. They will demonstrate some of the fiddling that will go on at the camp, and let you know some of the music that will be whafting through the hills April 14th - 17th at the this year's fiddle camp. Come on out to the Market and preview the traditional acoustic dance and fiddle music that is alive and well, and being taught in our own backyard. JULIAN EAGLES BOOSTER CLUB JULIAN UNION HIGH SCHOOL POST OFFICE BOX 417 JULIAN, CA 92036 SWAP MEET REGISTRATION High School Parking Lot Saturday, April 23, 2011 from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Vendor Pre-Rental Space Form Name/Group: Mailing Address: Phone Number: Number of Spaces: One parking stalls $20.00 Two parking stalls $25.00 Three parking stalls $30.00 ** Please mail this form and your check to: Checks will Julian Eagles Booster Club P.O. Box 417, Julian, CA 92036 be non-refundable Types of items for sale (for pre-advertising curiosity?) Please note: Upon receipt of this form, the Booster Club will send you a receipt for your rental space, map of the parking lot indicating your assigned space, and a continental breakfast voucher(s) for each rental space. Check-in/Set-up Time: 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. You are welcome to bring your own canopy to fit your rental space(s). Sellers/Vendors will be responsible for their own clean-up of space. We cannot provide dump/haul-away service for unsold items PLEASE SUBMIT NO LATER THAN APRIL 15th For Further Information, please call Melo-de Savage (760)504-5720 Thank you for your continued support! All proceeds support our Athlete's. I Full Service "BestJn the County"Meat Department I U,S,D,A, Choice Bee[ Buffalo Meat I Special and Holiday Orders, Cut to your Speci[ications I Dry Cleaning Lotto Scratchers