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April 11, 2012     The Julian News
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April 11, 2012

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April 11, 2012 H POPE TREE SERVICE J] wly 00hou00t. All Your Tree Service Needs I Have A Cold Michele Harvey Commercial u USA Communications has increased Internet speeds in your area! No Contracts No Equipment Fees No Fine Print i!F 00USA Let our s BLOW YOU-AWAY WELCOME! Theosophy-in-the-Pines Sunday, April 15, 2012 - 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 Noon TOPIC: "Theosophy, Alcoholics Anonymous and God" Our monthly main presentation will give direct focus to how Theosophy can offer a deeper meaning to each person's spiritual path. Phone: 760-765-1090 Held in Kentwood - All are Welcome Refreshments Served - I live with intestinal problems brought on by stress. I learned to live with them years ago. They go away for as much as a decade, and then when I'm experiencing new reasons to stress, they come back and I learn to deal with them all over again. I get sick for an hour or three, I concentrate on breathing slow and evenly, I take a nap, then I'm fine. I'm usually worn out and exhausted, but definitely fine. A bit of inconvenience, sometimes scary jumps in blood pressure, but mostly I can manage it for a few hours. This week I caught a cold. I was talking with my cousin on the phone one recent evening and felt this cold developing. Darn it! I have things to do and people to meet! I need to open my shop and smile without contaminating anyone with my germs. I plan to speak at a memorial service. I need my voice. I need to be able to be with people without my nose dripping uncontrollably. I need to get ready to have a yard sale. The ad is already in the newspaper. When I say that I've caught a cold, usually the person who gave it to me doesn't let go completely. I think it would be nice if people could take turns with colds and flu..1'11 take it from one person, keep it for awhile, and then pass it to someone else. I think that's fair. If I'm going to catch the cold, I think I should take the entire cold, leaving the person I caught it from feeling ever so much better. Colds don't work that way. They spread to every person they can find and stay as long as they possibly can with each person. People share colds. Often we don't know how we got a cold. It may be that we used the bathroom and in a hurry, decide not to wash our hands. I've seen people sneeze or cough into their hand, then pick up an object in a store or turn a door handle. Yuckl They are spreading germs that can make other people sick. I'm not good at being sick for more than a few hours. A few hours of sickness gives me time for a few bathroom stops, a nap and then I'm ready to go on with my life. When I get a cold, which is most likely a side effect of stress, I know it will get progressively worse for days before it ever gets better. My nose will get stuffed and runny at the same time. Then my nose gets sore from all the tissues and sometimes I get a bloody nose from blowing my nose so often. We've all been through it, probably more often than we want to remember. Other than my stress problems, I seldom get sick. I can go years without a cold and even longer without flu. Because I have very little experience with illness that lasts more than a day, I'm not good at it. I want to go to bed and sleep until it's all over and I want it to be over quickly. I get grumpy when I don't feel well. I want to be left alone which is difficult when I have to be in my shop. I get achy along my back; my throat gets dry and sore. I drink hot milk, which I should probably stay away from, but it is so very soothing. By day three I feel fatigued. I spend lot of time carrying a box of tissues around with me and I just want to lie down. I'm lucky. Though I don't feel well today with a headache and sinus pressures, I know that I will be okay within a few days. We don't get colds because of changes in the weather. We get them from being with people who have colds or from touching things that were touched. by a person with a cold. People with asthma or allergies can expect to get a cold virus more often than other people. Symptoms of colds are runny or blocked nose, often at the same time, fatigue, congestion, watery eyes, cough, sneezing, sore throat, lower sense of taste and smell and a low grade fever. Try to prevent getting a cold virus with a few simple steps. Wash your hands regularly - and always before meals or before touching your eyes and your mouth. Disinfect surfaces that can keep germs such as handrails cabinet handles and knobs and door knobs. Walk around your house with a disinfectant wipe, wiping every surface that people touch with their hands. Clearly, I didn't do this. Do your best to stay away from people who have a cold and avoid staying indoors with a large group of people, especially during cold weather when air isn't circulating because chances are that someone in that room has a cold and that person may be touching things that you are touching. Once you have a cold, how do you live with it and how is the best way to get rid 'of it. Drinking lots of water, juices and clear herbal tea is a good idea. They help keep mucous membranes clear and they keep throats from drying out. If you have a fever, drinking lots of liquids helps keep you hydrated. Also, drinking lots of liquids helps to remove toxins from your body. No alcohol though and no caffeine. They tend to dehydrate the body. Hot baths are a good way to break up congestion. Even hanging your head over a pot of steaming hot water can help. Hot soups are one of my favorite ways to deal with a cold. Not only do I hydrate yourself by drinking the soup, I also help break up the mucous in my sinuses by breathing the hot steam. Chicken soup in particular is good because the protein from the chicken helps build our immune systems. When you have a cold, it's good to have a humidifier to keep the air in your room moist. This helps to moisten nasal cavities. Make sure to clean the filter often because humidifiers can get full of moulds which create their own problems. Rest. Get lots of rest. Relax, nap. Turn off your phones. Relaxing while comfortable and warm at home for at least two days can help speed up your cold cure. When you have a cold, exercise is not the same as relaxation, so avoid exercise for at least 4 days. Washing your mouth with salt water helps cure a sore throat which often accompanies a cold. Add a teaspoon of salt to a glass of warm water. Gargle 5 or 6 times to relieve a sore throat. Do this daily to relieve a sore throat. More often if needed. Eating certain foods may help get you cured sooner than not. Fruits and vegetables with vitamin C are good for you. Oranges, lemons (I drink lemon juice with hot water and honey), parsley and celery ( I put these in my chicken soup), grapefruit, cauliflower, honey, peppermint (good for a tummy ache too) garlic and foods containing zinc such as peanuts, oysters, sesame seeds, lamb, low fat roast beef and dark chocolate. Don't smoke. Smoking is not a good way to find out if your throat still hurts. It aggravates a cold and will just make you feel worse. I try to avoid cooking when I have a cold. Yes, I could spread germs if I don't keep my hands clean, but more important to me is that when I am fatigued, I'm likely to make mistakes that could hurt me. Other than wishing I'd made myself lots of chicken soup to freeze ahead of time, I'm just going to relax with my cold and read lots of books. These are my thoughts. 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Given the nature of the MBC, we take this as a sign of character. The Hoovers were harder to trace much back beyond David L. who had the Santa Ysabel Store and another great-something or other who went out to the California gold fields and disappeared, probably involuntarily. Eventually Cousin Bob came up with some letters showing a great-great-great someone else had been in New Jersey in the 1820s. New Jersey? Oh, well. Father Ed Skagen's mother's family goes back through North Carolina through Virginia to England. "Perhaps younger sons?" I asked hopefully, thinking of royal or at least aristocratic forebears in Merrie Olde. "Not a chance," said The Kid. "A long line of poor white trash." This is probably unfair given that most willing emigrants were either bound labor or hard scrabble farmers in those days. But the Skagen family was harder to trace. Grandfather Jens arrived from Norway in 1900. He was born in Vik I Sogn on a fjord. He had brothers and sisters but going farther back was hard as the Norwegians took the father's name as the last name of the new generation and, furthermore, repeated names through the generations. Jens, Mads, Edvard, Dankert...Jensen, Madsen, Edvardsen...then repeat, a variation on the .theme, in the next generation perhaps adding a Ludvig or get the picture. Confusing. Fortunately, Second-Cousin- Once-Removed Olav has untangled much of the history and made it accessible. The Skagen Farm isn't in Vik but across the fjord. Great Grandfather Mads came to the town, married a local girl and became Warden of the prison--but the Skagen farm still exists under that name. So does Vik I Sogn. So does the prison. And now there is another place to put on the "Must Visit" list...