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April 23, 2014     The Julian News
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April 23, 2014

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April 23, 2014 POPE TREE SERVlCE H My Thou$1ats by Michele Harvey All Your Tree Service Needs A Hen Named Red Commercial & Residentia Oak and Pine our Specialty we own a bit of property near Julian and we have a hen named Red CA. State License #704192 on our property. Red isn't a vagrant; she has her own human and she Fully Insured for Your Protection is a welcome member of our extended Wynola family. Patti is Red's Gravy Bacon 2nd and Washington-Julian CA Tall Man Group At The Library continued from page 1 featured in several movies and TV shows. Recently he had a song on the ABC hit "Good Christian Belles" and won the award for Best Country Song at the 2012 Malibu Music Awards for "It Was Love',. Jimmy "Muffin" Yessian ~ has been inspired by music his entire life. He is a passionate live performer who connects instantly with his audiences. He has performed around the country on the same bill or has worked with artists as diversified as Jeffrey Steele, Allan Rich, Steve Dorff, AI Anderson, Billy Dean, Gary Baker, Jamie O'Neil, Chuck Cannon and Tall Men Group. He was appointed VP of Creative Development for Ash Street Music Publishing in charge of signing and developing writers; and signed an exclusive writer's .agreement with the company. His song "Stand Tall America," co-written with Gary Baker ("1 Swear" and 'Tm Already There") and Jerry Williams was the featured song in the PBS aired documentary film One Voice/ The Healing Pole and is the lead song on the Inspiration New York CD. Currently Jimmy is pitching songs from his personal catalog, which includes songs from his latest record "not a wave goes by" dedicated to his late wife Amy who lost her battle with cancer in 2006. It features songs from their life together and follows Jimmy's journey to present day. For the low admission price of FREE, you can hear come to the library and listen to amazing performers who have collaborated to bring you wonderful songs. They love sharing their music and having the privilege of performing for you. Their best reward is to have an appreciative audience. This special concert is on Saturday, April 26 at 1:00 pm. For more information, you may contact the Julian library at 760-765-0370. The library is located at 1850 Highway 78, next to the Julian High School. human and Patti does a good job of watching out for, and socializing with Red. Red was one of 2 chicks given to Patti about a year ago. The other chick was a Barred Rock, a black and white hen who got eaten very recently. Barred Rock and Red were inseparable. When they were both foraging around our yard and noticed that one couldn't see the other, they both clucked and clucked loudly until they found each other and literally ran to each other until they were close enough to touch. Barred Rock hens are a bit skittish, and ours was not an exception. When a human that wasn't real familiar to her got too close, she ran away as fast as she could. Red doesn't do that. She is very comfortable with her humans and though she is wary of strangers,. she gets far enough away from them that they can't grab her, yet close enough to satisfy her curiosity about them. One day my son Thomas and I were sitting in his front yard, next door to my house. As we talked, we watched Red. She often goes into Thomas' house looking for the dry cat food that she knows is there in a dish. This particular day, she stood on the front porch, eyeing the door which was open about an inch or two. She looked carefully at that door from top to bottom. We knew she was trying to figure out how to get inside the house to eat the cat food. Within a few minutes one of our cats pushed the door open. Red almost beat him in and Thomas had to bring her back out. She was not pleased. Another beautiful day in our neighborhood, Thomas was sitting in a chair Outside his back door with his feet propped on the porch step. Red walked over to him, pecked at his shoe laces, and then walked along his legs until she got to his knees. Once there, she settled down for a nap. We have 8 catsthat have decided to live with us. All are spayed or neutered except one young male. One day when Young Male decided to scare Red, he walked toward her in his most threatening way. She wasn't impressed and showed him how unimpressive he is by pecking him between his eyes. Now he doesn't let her get within 5 feet of him. If she walks toward him, he casually gets,up and moves away from her. Red likes to eat dry cat food and finds it on all front porches and back patios where we place it for our outdoor cats. One morning as she approached one dish, the cat that was eating from it growled at Red. Red was so offended th+-t she chased that cat all the way from the front porch, around the house. Now that Red has discovered soft cat food, any morning that Mike sets it out, Red nudges cats away from their dishes and feasts on the soft food. When any of the cats object by growling or hissing at her, she ignores them and continues to eat. Like the cats, Red has learned what time Mike puts food in the dishes. Red isn't a very aggressive hen, she just likes to keep all of us in line. She likes to be petted by humans that she has learned to trust. When one of her favorite humans approaches her, she squats down and spreads her wings. That's her way of saying "Pet me." Red forages throughout our property, often near our driveway. She has learned that cars drive up and down our driveway and she crosses cautiously after looking both ways. A lesson we can all learn from her. Red is so good at looking below the leaves in our yard that husband Mike says that she rearranges the leaves. It's what chickens do. It's how they spend their days, creating mulch and eating insects. It's nice to have at least one of us creating mulch. I recently saw a posting in Mother Earth News where a woman used her chickens to create a shallow water ditch. She threw chicken food on the ground in a line. She did this daily and in about a year the chickens had created a ditch. No digging necessary. When the Barred Rock hen disappeared, Patti felt that she needed to protect Red from possibly becoming coyote food. She takes Red into her bedroom every night. Since coyotes don't ever enter Patti's bedroom, Red is safe there. Red has become house trained. She walks over to her area in the bedroom and settles on her own blanket. If Patti doesn't get out of bed early enough, Red pecks her until she opens the door. This week I heard that if the pecking doesn't get Patti out of bed, Red sits on Patti's chest and looks at her. She apparently looks right into Patti's eyes. That could be a bit unnerving. Once Patti opens the door, Red runs outside to do her doody. After she relieves herself, she fluffs her feathers and begins her day of foraging. People who think that chickens are stupid should actually watch one for long periods of time. Red is a good example of how much personality a chicken may have. Not all chickens are the same, just like all people are different. However, chicken watching can be relaxing and amusing at the same time. Watching Red sure is an education. These are my thoughts. A Good Day Fishing For Scouts Boy Scout Troop 690 help hosts a fishing day for boys with Autism at Mataguay Scout Ranch. (above)Greg Conitz teaches a boy how to lure a fish. (below)from left to right." Local Scout Will Hatch and former Julian Scoutmaster Henry Hall celebrate a big caoqsh with their new friend. The man who makes no mistakes lacks boldness and the spirit of adventure. He never tries anything new. He is a brake on the wheels of progress. -- M. W. Larmour , . The Julian News 5 "++eeeeeeeee,,eeeeee+,,eeeeeeeeeeee*e*eeeeee+*,eeeeeeeeee,,oee*eoeeee.eeee,e [W.M. FIMK t'?FNsh e d ', I  Chairs, De-Wobbled, Re-Caning and Rush + !I lflil Custom Furniture, Built-Ins, Interior Trim Woodworking Tools and Equipment Buy-Sell-Trade Woodworking Instruction By appointment - at my Julian workshop or your home. Call .7._6o...2...1:&!7!!. Which Way To The Border There's a problem in visiting Mexico. It isn't bandits or drug gangs or traffic--it's getting back into the US. This time it all would be copacetic (ha) pour moi and the old Trailblazer as both of us are on the Trusted Traveler program but Parkes was not so...a Plan. "Go to Calexico East because it's away from town," said Jose, "and Parkes can walk across. No one walks across there and it will be easy." Yeah, right. Real easy. Jose gave us directions to the border crossing which was good because there weren't any signs. The directions more or less worked. Mostly, though, our successful turns were based on gut instinct combined with a lot of dumb luck. So we're on the one-way street before the Crossing. The border is to our left, we're heading East. We hit a long line of cars in the left lane. Then we see our sign, "SENTRI Lane'i indicating that it's to the left. So MANY cars in the SENTRI lane? Where's the advantage? We halt, since there are no other cars on the road. We can't turn around. If we go forward who knows where we'll end up? We can't exactly back up twenty or more cars, so I roll down the window, hang the old head out to look up and down haplessley, then cut in. With a battered Trailblazer and tons of aggression it is, yes, absolutely possible to cut in a long line of cars waiting for the Border. We were not, however, surprised, when the passenger in the car behind us got out and came up. I rolled down the Window, expecting return aggression--instead I got help. "Do you speak Spanish?" the middle-aged man asked. "No," I replied, lying in my teeth. 'TII try to explain," he said, "this is the Ready Lane." Ah yes. You, dear reader, have possibly not heard of a Ready Lane at US border crossings from Mexico since its one of those little things the Homeland Security people apparently do without telling anyone so the news is spread only by word of mouth. Fortunately Jose, my Mexican brother (that's another story) DID know and had told me. It's a program where people can use cards instead of a passport and for some reason this entitles them to be in a special lane, passports clearly being less important, which on most days was an advantage. Perhaps not on this one. Anyway, the nice man explained we should pull out of this lane, go to the head of it and turn left. "In front of this line of cars?" I asked, somewhat incredulously. "Yes." So we drove a quarter of a mile past cars in the ReadyLane which was marked the Sentri Lane, and at the head the policeman immediately waved us left, crossing in front of the long line and into the left-hand lane in the Final Quarter Mile to the border which now really was the Sentri Lane with three Ready lanes to our right (kind of like Allemande Left in Square Dancing) and the unmarked lanes for everyone else beyond them. Parkes was let out and the old Trailblazer lumbered on to the border. As I looked across the realization hit that I had no idea whatsoever at all about where to meet my former passenger on the US side. Well... not to worry. Leaning out the window toward the border guard with a confused look wasn't difficult. It was, in fact, very very easy. "1 don't know what I'm doing..." I said. He was very nice and gave some directions. Parkes turned on his cellphone. I turned on mine. We met. Two lessons. (1) Thank God for cellphones. (2) A bit of aggression combined with looking old and helpless works magic. There are a few advantages to aging. +.+:.  "t . '. " . " " : + ' ,Ip ' "' " " ": :'"" J" : " " a/ ;,"'" -. i\\;'i.l....+. ,  ,. " /'.".  "O:. m' ":'_:'.'q.' : .... , - " ,"a "+ ,d,.  , *. , ' " " .... I'I ' 'I ,,' \\;. . .+ _ A.clm_fsslon" v + +i:. 00,ree +,..+:.+.'.,, May 9th thru May llth 10:00am to 6:pm daily Julian Town Hall 2129 Main Street Julian CA 1