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May 19, 2010     The Julian News
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May 19, 2010

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[ #t/ ll ill ........... politicians afraid of losing votes I hope our FEDERAL politicians Ii ulr_ ,-1---,- ,-1-.., l..,,,,.J, i Candy-Fudge Garden&Gifts has turned the immigration issue get off their bloated backs des ,, 1.1 I s i .41 i ==~_ ~ ......... ~ - :~.::: . from be,rig a security Issue tea and secure the border I hope li ]l'lu'~n ,,olJ. ve |E il 76daz nl racialone, they come up with a imm grat on {/ 3 -. ! L Zd_' ..... I If the Federal government had policy that provides a reasonable Ii everta edln llllllUll .] llit _ I beendongtsjob.Arizonawould path to citizenshin for those ...... ...... ! ..... '- ~ I.j uuJ." AAX~: ) I not be placed in the position they willing to do it right , support a )) )( _ I ... I find themseves n now. dignified guest worker program , )) i ## I i i ' t.e ron I .ow arrogant of the President that provides for fair treatment )i "I ve been here mnce )) i == ...... i / , ., .... I and other federal legislators to and wages. I'd be happy to see )I ...1..,,,....,1... T ..,., .. 1:...0,)) ] 9araen.>no eruatte ' WAA AA .l,u A AAI / l V')l look down their noses at this the Arizona law repealed under )) ,l t" )) - - " i I, ,r.....r..,,.,m act on by Arizona when they those circumstances But if the )) ..... . , ,,~ . ) i' P? ql' rIBi ..... " %1 I are the ones responsible in the Fedswon't do the job,'then I think "If Tue aag! oo net uou club {" I first place Speaking of Moxie .... the states have a right to )i --- o- -- ...... il I T T | I I who do councilmen in southernIf hatred and bloodshed are the 4,.,.-,'a. it - - - - - :" Catering California think they are "calling result of this law, it will not be the A UA U vV x t- t, XXXU t,, for boycotting Arizona"? They state of Arizona's fault. They are I) 1T ocha 9ou ve ever had?" )) - - -- don't give a damn about illegals, grasping to deal with a problem )i they are pandering for votes the only way they can. AIIthose tl il _ _" They were elected to represent cand!,dates than ran promising ) UAA AAJL -- us on local issues, they dont that securing the border would )) ...... ....... L1.._ I )) p :a II speak for us on foreign policy, be a top priority for them then ) qUILJj[' i) I _ - .... " II7 _ t IIThey shou d st ck to potho es dec ded feathering the nests of ) "" _ )) - II II Imagine mountains of trashtheir campaign contributors was ' , . 19211 111 .............. (~a]lIII|n.Iar!Iorder, 76S 1906 It II ,n Ju.ans canyons. ,magine more important, they w.. be the "-- II . ... II gun battles in Julian's streets, ones responsible for the hatred : .-. _\ :- : II IIImagine your child getting shot on that is brought. They will be the ,,/11/ OOKKEEP NG & TAX SERVICE.I ...... IIIIT.,,n l.., II his/her way to school as a result ones with blood on their hands, l,/J l I ..... ofone ofthose battles Imagine If you are angry about what Jane+R,,anMorse CRTP :AL2~YPeeTzOf~ax I J II | ',=]l|lllP ll/illllllPIIour farmers and ranchers happened in Arizona do like me, Returns I ] -oc .... II IIafraid to leave their property if it says "incumbent" next to their RogerGaray, EA ,IRSRepresentation I ..... ":;r ". .."= II ,ven[ II that everything they own might name vote for someone else. 206.5Arn.oldWay, Suitel03 .Notary I 1 l[ II be stolen in their absence or Does not matter which party they mpmne, uA .BusinessP!anning I ann uonsmting _t. II IIworse yet their families might be represent. Keep doing it until -" ='.'. _ anacoasu,t, ng_ II mlflle to Complex IIharmed. People living along the the government does what the v...-w II ,, Itsouthern border deal with this Constitution and the Bill of Rights r .--, , : - - w 2000 Main St. II 11everyday, mandates them to do including www i![_o a.-'.net 760-765-2966 II .............. tlAre their rights less thanthose providing for our security. ,,., II IIof us out of the battle zone? Do Bruce Krtek - m .... II,,,-, IIthey not have a right to peace Julian' . 111 4[ ............. wp Main&CSt. II IIand security? EDITORS NOTE" This will be ,4 ltl u lNn ll e ill ,, ~ Every country I visit including ~the immigration [plI~II~~~LUNE Ii 1 LegalAdvice Mexico requires me to carry issue and the laws in Arizona. If I IH , , ........... , Identification, sometimes a anyone has something to convey [ I UI/' I%I I r_ HI I In Seri0us AccidentsllI passport, sometimes a visa as that pertains ,o Julian and our own ITALIANO .... III t Ill. ..... ,iwell. Every state requires me issues with immigration, we will ........... WtONfSOAY "THUK)OATIII III" .-,,,,e u.,,= Ill to have a driver's license whenconsider includingthat in letters. 271,g 'R", t 4:00 UNTIL 8: O III III . ,-r, Ill operating a motor vehicle there. CLOSED TUESDAY ,I III joseph ], UlDO Ill Young men are required to ~ 76(:) 765' 100 " T.,TZE Ill t register for the draft. " Aec l Ill Attorney At Law 619-235-0307 Ill What is so outrane s thatwe Letter to the Editor / o OU . . ~; . Ill III ask the occu-ants of Arizona to As with the other articles and , Ill Suite 420 III do the same p researched essays written with. . _ much thought and excellent Ill''U'~'~" >~L~_' .... Ill Last I looked Arizona ranked . I i nPi Ard-. .r I IYITIrtEYII hM Nfil , prose, Greg Courson wrote a Ill -- NoRecovery "NoFee -- Ill 2nd in crime, do you suppose it s . I, i piece that appeared in the letters those retirees over there who are .... I M~I~U'kUr--lylr--I~ll I I Att0mey-At-Law I responsible for that? to Editor COlumn. It explaineo I I n " I This is not a race issue and what the editor/publisher of those an th race card the Julian News. Michael Hart I ~.~~;~i~mL~ II "el~l,,~:::'a~at~:21r"L"iw"g' I p y g e know it Many of those who waveand Mlchele Harvey do to get I I I i, rln g . g ll V ll ir gll/11 ""' "^- " ..... he" -ot:"es A'the paper out each week.withI _ __ \ I I I n m i m n I Ill mun - Ill l,/u i.0Ull li,.ui nl, --_rkTI UlClt ,,a~ tmav~ ut m imm v I r.' e/ m m I v,,/ !v.,- v.// -v m only the two of them no office t Ill"" Sharpton should havestarted ! II " " I [ employees When there are lsniacos zl.,,Jb III looking for a different job after " I II 190]FirstAvenue, Suitell0 I , ilI~~A~ ~=L,~,,,,III the Duke/ acrosse fiasco weather-related stories or a I 7~O-7~.~-111.% I I SanDiego, CA. I i I0 IOli !J.Mlll Ill States alono our southern crisis happens, Michael may be m .......... I , i t Ill Ill border are steeped in Hispanic up !ill weehoursof the.morn,ng. I / -- ~'~i~i[ll~-- I~l[[d~.~1~ ~~ - M cne e. aTter De ng at neT store III IIIculture, all of us have family ......... ' , and friends who are Hispanic. JUlla.n .Yes t.e!years...w, ii stay up ISSN 1937-8416 ~i~.~il~~, j ana nelp M cnae ea t roT me next h Owners/Pubhshers We are no more racist than they , Michael Hart and Mic ele Harvey ..... are Truth is if our economy was day s printing. They, as Greg :;::?:7i, ;Circ afio /OffieeME/Cl fieds 1 in shambles and Mexico's was pointed out,. contribute to a sense Mich e! tion , of commumty WEINVlTE YOUR OPINlON sexpressed by our i doing great, our criminals would __ . " ....... /hanK you. reg. Micnele anQ "~';'~:" ";;:~::::~:~' "~;;~:~:~:~' n ultant I ssarily those of The I be headed rob banks ..... Don Ray ......... Co s I J ies to submit their I because that s where the money Mlcnaei ::::iiiiiiilil ......... Laurel Granquist .................. .......................... Jon Cou al ['~ribut.ed items I IS .... Michele Harvey :~!/iii :~:~;~i~u~ii~!:~ ........ ~:iiiiiii: p i I anc_e_trpu_I/caOn" I Our FEDERAL aovernment s Ju,an Scott Baker i!~:~i!ii:i. ::~:~i;:~i~ii!~!: ii~il;i::ii~;ii::~ :ii:i:iiii~ David Lewis - I cti.nformation. I resnonsible for nro idinn security Eric Stamets ! i!:iii iii!ii!!i McFedries : I Letters may be milled to: Julian News I . ... o ., - i I, Ultlll~l., IU11 ~ I Jean Anderson Laurel Granquist Albert Simonson TOr our citizens, vve are spenolng [ " P.O. Box 639 I ........... I zn the April 28 edition on panel Ed Huffman J. Grant Lance Arenson I Julian, CA 92036 i trlmons nghung in rorelgn []4 "CEI T Exercise More Thanl ] emai/:/etters@ju/ I countries once again supporting I l"Am n a K ndail wa l Svndicated Content [ Soundings Complex) I corrupt governments, shouldn t I -Amh-er.--I North American Precis Syndicate, Inc. I 1453 d(9am-3:30pm Mon-Fri) I we spend a few bucks to keepI fe,- nce I King Features Syndicate E/The Environmental Magazine the woves from corn ng n the I .... The lul|an News is published on Wednesdays, t All publications are copyright protected 2009 All rights reserved " 1 I)~~ ~~ I ~ The ]ulian News is a legally adjudicated newspaper of General .... ...... . ..... m ~ :~'~ ~"~'.T~ Circulation in the State of California, CaseNo. 577843 m NAME: m ~?~: ~~I1-~ m mt"ersn [ ~odatyh~Frid?y , t m ~ m ~ ~ ~_-~.~'ll %-z Phone/Fax 1'00'6~ ~?~ ~ ..fax 760 765 1838 emad I I "PHONE: ("---""~AYA~ m ~~L l~~~~ ,.~~ . email [ , m ~. ~ . ~.~.~.. ~ r~. ~, ~ J ~'~---;~ ~ I I~urdrop boxlocated on the ............... ~~~ ~ ~...~/,, ~ -" Af~s Offices. The phone will m ~'~'~'~": .... - ...... - .... m ~~ ~~)o~o/][ accept succinct messages 24 hours a day, ~-,~,o-~: ___,__ ~~~ ~[i'~[~ Member ~ ~ ~ Member .~ ~1~~'t :==~" ~ ~ II~ California Newspaper (t P_ 4 i) National Newspaper ~.~yc~ ~3U C~ILOU]"~IU~C~N~,'C/~'~I/~ ................ ~ ~ ~ Publishers Association ~ ~" ~'" F Associat on il 7" " illr i,r,-iiir:;, -- ;l lt : i im triii ............................................ '