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June 3, 2009     The Julian News
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June 3, 2009

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June 3, 2009 California Commentary The Reaction Last week, this column set forth the various messages that were sent to our political leaders via the stunning defeat of the budget "reform" package of Propositions 1A-1E. Despite stacking the deck and outspending opponents by at least 10 to 1, nearly two-thirds of voters rejected the proposals and the $16 billion in tax increases they would bring. Among the messages sent by the voters is that the status qua is over. 'No' is going to be a new word in the lexicon of many of our elected leaders. They are going to have to shut off the spigot of taxpayer revenue for their powerful political constituencies that have controlled Sacramento for so long. Also, voters were crystal clear in statement about their tax burden. Voters are not happy about carrying the highest tax burden in the nation so our public employees can continue to be the highest paid in all 50 states and so that special interest contributors get tax breaks. The post hoc rationalizations by various left of center pundits about how this was not a vote about taxes range from weak to silly. Another message -- one that has been sent by voters before -- is that deception in politics can be fatal, as well as immoral. The worst thing our elected officials can do is try to fool the voters. Here, the notion that Prop 1A had nothing to do with tax increases (the Governor's early position) didn't even pass the laugh test. The effort by the legislature to present a deceptive ballot title, ballot label, ballot summary -- as well as cherry-picking the arguments "against" -- was despicable. And it backfired. Knowing that the voters sent these messages with a high degree of clarity, the next question is to discern whether they were received by their intended audience -- California's existing political leadership and, if so, what will be the response? Some of the Governor's early The Julian News 13 by Jon Coupal he has stated in fairly clear terms that further tax increases are off the table. Even the Democrat leadership is being very reticent about saying the "T" word too loud. Seems as though that last Tuesday was an epiphany. But then the next question -- and one that responsible taxpayers have been asking for years -- is whether in their drive to cut government spending, will our elected leaders exact revenge on voters by cutting programs most working and productive citizens want and need, or will they reduce spending by targeting our most wasteful and corrupt programs first? Will the Integrated Waste Management Board be eliminated before the California Department of Forestry eliminates positions? Will the legislature hold hearings on the labor abuses rampant throughout California government at all levels? (For example, LAUSD pays 160 teachers not to teach -- they just show up to work and do nothing except collect their paychecks). Or will California' best and brightest teachers be fired before the lazy and incompetent ones are laid off? Will our elected leaders dust off the California Performance Review and begin to implement its recommendations for streamlining government enthusiastically, or will they just go through the motions, implement a few minor provisions and claim that there is no more fat in state government? Will our legislative leaders breath new life into JLAC (Joint Legislative Audit Committee) and aggressively review long existing state programs to see, first, if the program is still as high a priority as it was when the authorizing legislation was enacted and, second, assuming that the answer to the first question is yes, is the program being administered in a cost effective manner? Will dangerous inmates average. Taxpayers would be well-served if political leaders ignored the political influence of the prison guards and seriously considered contracting out prison services. These are legitimate questions and voters will be watching to see if the reductions in state spending are imposed in a rational manner preserving our most needed programs-- especially public safety -- or whether our political leadership will exact some sort of revenge against voters for turning down the proposals on May 19th. Regrettably, we have already heard some legislators adopt a "we'll show them" mentality as they review spending priorities. But that would be a mistake. Our elected leaders have already made one huge political miscalculation this year. Cutting needed programs and services while leaving vast amounts of waste, fraud and abuse will not be tolerated by the voters. If that occurs and Californians perceive that our elected leaders are reacting to the May 19th election like a petulant child, the stern message of the May 19th vote will pale in comparison to the reaction of voters during the next election cycle when most of these leaders have to face reelection. Jan Coupal is President of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association -- California's largest taxpayer organization -- which is dedicated to the protection of Proposition 13and promoting taxpayers' rights. Letters continued from page 2 during their visit. Surrounded by ABDSP on all sides, the village of Borrego Springs relies heavily on the tourism the state park provides. The town and its businesses would be economically devastated by this potential closure, as it would lead to a substantial loss of visitors. ABDSP is host to over a million visitors each year. A loss in tourism of this magnitude would have a devastating effect on Borrego Springs, made even more vulnerable by an already unstable economy. $459,000 In Town, 2bd, 2ba with separate 1 bd guest suite, built in 2003, Seriously Custom Home. Kentwood, l bd, l ba with large loft. All wood interior, large deck, completely furnished. $289,000 Harrison Park Bank Approved Short Sale $319,000 3br, 21/2 Be plus 1,200 sq. ft. Guest House Over Garage 5 acres 2 Horse Barns, Small Fruit Orchard $1450/mo In Town, 3br., 2ba, 2 car Garage, Hardwood, fruit trees, lots of parking, private. $800/Month Lake Cuyamaca Views Downstairs Large Studio w/entertainment wall Full Bath, tile floors, FA/AC, washer/dryer reactions were quite positive, be released early, or will the Anza-Borrego Foundation, Indeed, at least for now, he Department of Corrections on behalf of its 2,300 members, is sounding like the man wereduce the costs of incarcerating vehemently opposes the hours to make one flag or Julian for them. If you have a change of Weekly SUDOKU --- elected to replace Gray Davis prisoners? California is perhaps Governor's proposal. We will bracelet. I sell them to help with heart PLEASE send them to me and who triumphantly rode into the least efficient in corrections continue to stand up for Anza- the cost of gas for my husband to in a bubble envelope to: Answer Sacramento to blow up the costs, nearly double the per- Borrego Desert State Park and drive up and down the mountain Terry boxes. After Tuesday's rejection, inmate costs of the national all of California's state parks, towork. I hopethat you are sorry PO Box272 9 I.Z 6 S 9 Contact your state legislators about taking them without paying Santa Ysabel, CA 92070 :Z 9 JZ L g S tP R.ED. "by Mike Marland by going to www.calparks.org/ g 6 g 8 L L stopclosures. 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