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June 14, 2017     The Julian News
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June 14, 2017

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June 14, 2017 The Julian News 7 Flag Day by Bic Montblanc Maybe my view of history and patriotism is because I'm a child of parents who were members of the greatest generation who gave me a link to the early twentieth century and my grandparents who gave me a link to the 19th century. From the perspective of immigrants enduring extreme hardship to come to this country and parents who were given the opportunity to thrive and of course as I get older I'm developing an appreciation of the past that is unique to America. We are unique as Americans because of what we have endured as people, the struggle we have overcome, the fights we have fought even among ourselves and because as a country, we are more diverse than any land on earth. As a result, we celebrate holidays that are uniquely American. Independence Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Presidents Day (celebrating Washington and Lincoln) and Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebrated by most of the country. Another holiday we'll be celebrating this Wednesday is Flag Day. Flag Day commemorates the adoption of the flag by Congress on June 14, 1777 less than a year after the American declaration of independence from Britain. While the celebration has been attributed to many individuals and individualcommunities throughout the country and while it's celebrated in many ways, in Julian the celebration will be a traditional one at the American Legion. Over the course of the year, folks drop their worn out flags into the patriotically painted box on the front porch of the Legion. They are gathered and stored and once or twice a year they are respectfully burned in the parking lot outside the Legion building. Burning is the traditional and proper way of retiring the flag and the American Legion will honor that tradition in a solemn respectful way at 6,p.m. Of course the ceremony is open to the public and parents are encouraged to bring their children for a teachable moment of Americana. After the ceremony the Legion will be your host for hot dogs and snacks. Originally Old Glory had thirteen stars that represented the original thirteen colonies and then states. Throughout our history as states were admitted to the Union additional stars were added. On May 1, 1795 after the admission of Vermont in 1791 and Kentucky in 1792 the official flag was changed to 15 stars and interestingly 15 stripes, the only official flag to have that many stripes. In 1818 the flag was changed to 20 stars to represent the 1 2017 V14"23 PUppy (Let's play songs h e r ttr set au Fa i. e r;ri pe lrYlS a e li ses / iersey ._ [ around a campfire.) Sometimes, he kicks up dust and makes more noiseI x money / Read ou below to fill in our fun than everyone else put together. Once in a while he / Father's Day crossword puzzle: even wants t brrow your headphones or allowance I 1 2Plnbal' 1. help him clean up the mess when the for that pizza delivery to the door! What's a kid to do?] makes a mistake It's a tough job, so here are some tips on... J banana 3 2. don't let him bring his handshake ") " -- a 6 to Parents Night at school L9 [,U 0 e 5 3. let him play his old rock and roll as loudly as he wants 4. don't ask for the when you think you've beaten him at mini-golf 5 let him play an "old-fashioned" game of 6. make him put the fruit in his split sundaes 7. let him borrow now and then 8. watch him laugh while enjoying old with 9. let him use the old video even 9 though his movies make everyone dizzy 10. help him learn to use programs on his 11 don't laugh when he squeezes into his old football 12. make sure he has money to buy his 13. remind him to bring his library back on time 14. let him surf the TV channels with the control 15. make sure his match in the morning 10 lunch 13 15 8 Socks L9 U [} 0- Lg0C r} ECARAGNZNKURK]HGTR 2. te is What does youi'Dad do for fun and M N M G F N P O I U T T R E G .] H G F - " .. exercise? 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E K .] N B O K J U Y H G T F R M F M M N 6. h_ck_y Use the letters in Find and V Z H G D B L 0I G ES A Q K H F N I G G NH K ]E K G N P I T G D C ] F A U T \[ 87' _ing-_Ongvolleba [] thebelowtofOOt of thefill in thebt circleactivitiesthatthese M G H G K T S TO T PK J H A R A S H G _ __ D F U T Y A I L K ] N B V C B K H T I N ba__etb__ll best playedbymoreblankstseesprts for DadtodoCan be fun A H G T EK OKN H T RFB EL J IHI s , N F S S W ,.. t N G K S G D C Z K //e ") k than one player, alonea friend:r with N A K ] U Y H B V F ES A Z R ] F SFHT T , n oe, s I y f o ice skating Iil Illlu \ horse ac r, in0 s ate oar ,no ,cs swi i running a race hiking rollerblading weightlifting ' Make a list of the special eO things Dad does "on the ranch" for you and your family Have everyone write one line. When 8.= you are done you can cut the! list out and put it next to his I place at breakfast or hang it I on the refrigerator for all to see and agree! Solu on Page 12 admission of Tennessee 1796, Ohio 1803, Louisiana 1812, Indiana 1816 and Mississippi in 1819. The stripes were changed back to thirteen realizing the impracticality of a new stripe for each new state. On July 4, 1819 (and whenever a new star was added it was done on July 4) another star was added representing the admission of Illinois in 1819. Two stars were added in 1820 for the admission of Alabama 1847 and Wisconsin in 1848. California became a state in 1851 and the flag now had.31 stars. The flag remained the same for seven years when Minnesota was admitted in 1858, and when Oregon was admitted in 1859 the flag had 33 stars. Kansas was admitted in 1861 during the Civil War and Lincoln refused to allow stars to be stricken as southern states seceded. When West Virginia one year later Wyoming entered the Union bringing the flag to 44 stars. Utah in 1896 was the last to achieve statehood in the 19th century. :.. The first state admitted into the Union in the twentieth century was Oklahoma in 1908, New Mexico and Arizona in 1912 brought the flag to 48 stars and statehood across the continent was complete. It wasn't until the admittance of Alaska in 1819, and Maine 1820. seceded from Virginia and 1959 and Hawaii in 1960 which The twenty four star flag admitted as a state in 1863 the brought the flag to fifty stars, changed in 1822 as Missouristars nowtotaled 35. that a noncontiguous state was 1821, was added and this flag The rest of the 1860s saw admitted to the Union. lasted fourteen years until 1836 the admission of Nevada and when Arkansas was admitted Nebraska in 65 and 67. In 1876 and the flag was changed to 25 the flag changed to 38 stars with H -ear stars. In a year the flag changed the admission of Colorado. Francis Scott Key wrote again as Michigan was admitted In 1890 incredibly large areas the Star Spangled Banner on in 1837. of American territories became September 14, while viewing In eight years another star was states when North and South the 15 star, 15 stripe flag that is added for Florida 1845, then Dakota, Montana, Washington still referred regarded as "the" the Texas star in 1846, Iowa in and Idaho were admitted and Star Spang/edBanner. Childhood Trauma continued from page 3 targets of bullying. Information specific to the trauma or distress associated with bullying can be found at www.StopBullying. gov. SAMHSA also developed a free app to help prevent bullying called KnowBullying, which can be found at.http://store.samhsa. gov/apps/knowbullying. Prompt and proper intervention can help save children from some of the serious effects of childhood trauma. kind of traumatic exposure (e.g., mass violence, disaster and bullying). They can be found at www.samhsa.gov/child-trauma/ understanding-child-trauma. This page brings together useful information, from recognizing the signs of traumatic stress to where to find a mental health Birds consume hundreds of provider or other support, insects each day. You can Children exposed to trauma encourage them to take up residence in orchards and may have been a target of bullying gardens by installing birdhouses, or their behaviors may make them feeders and water sources. Sports Quiz 1. How many skippers of the New York Mets have managed the team more than five years? 2. Name the last person to manage the Chicago White Sox for at least 10 seasons. 3. In the 2015 season, Alabama became the second team in the poll era (starting in 1936) to win four national football championships in seven years. Which was the first school to do it? 4. Who was the first NBA player to record more than 1,000 assists in a season? 5. In 2017, Florida's Jaromir Jagr set an NHL record for most points tallied after turning 40 years old. Who had held the mark? 6. How old was Dale Earnhardt when he won his seventh NASCAR Cup championship? 7. Name the last time before 2017 that tennis player Venus Williams reached the singles final at the Australian Open. answers on page 14