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June 15, 2005     The Julian News
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June 15, 2005

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6 June 15,2005 The Julian News Understanding Your Body #16 by Dwight L. Farr, D.C . Garden Design Body Building $I I Part 2: Carbohydrates, While proteins constitute the structural elements in animals, liTHEJ0RIGiNAL carbohydrates are what provide su pport and energy in the vegetable Pare & Mark Churness kingdom. ' I ][ J][]Le01]l lr,ogs By taking carbon from the air and hydrogen and oxygen from Lincoln Solariums Lincoln Timber Frame Lincoln Cedar Home Log Home Thermo Panel Home LoG HOME Authorized Dealers 2015 Mum Street, Suite D water and using sunlight to power the process plants manufacture Julian, CA 92036 www.loghomecastles.com carbohydrates. loghomecastles@sbcglobal.net Please Callforan Appointment Cellulose, starch and sugar are all carbohydrates. Cellulose, the LIC. 413964 1760) 765-1117 (619) 972-7113 cell most abundant organic chemical on earth, makes up the structural framework of plants. Plants use sugar for available energy when the sun isn't shining, while starch is energy stores. Dense with starch, tubers, seeds and grains represent the dormant stage in a Logging plant's life cycle where saved,energy awaits conditions favorable for I growth. Dean Press I Technically, carbohydrates are saccharides, sugar molecules General Contractor Frank Dial containing carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms arranged in P.O.Box381 Cell (760) 525-5162 OGGL a specific order. Monosaccharides are sugars, the simplest Ramona, CA92065 P.h/Fx(760) 787.0392I carbohydrate molecules. Glucose is the monosaccharide that fuels " our brain and body. What we commonly call sugar (sucrose) is really a disaccharide: two sugar molecules linked together into a Powell Construction stable, crystalline form, composed of the monosaccharides glucose and fructose (the mirror image of glucose). A General Engineering Contractor' Cellulose and starches are polysaccharides multiple sugar The Water Directors Irrigation System S oecialists, molecules bonded together into long chains. CA Lic #822216 Glycogen is an animal starch, a polysaccharide we produce from . Specializing In: glucose and store in our liver and muscles. When our muscles need energy in a hurry, glycogen is quickly turned back into glucose and Irrigation Systems Installation & Repair burned. When athletes "carbo-load" the day before a big event, (Maintenance Programs Available) they eat lots of carbohydrates to maximize glycogen storage. Retaining & Free Standing Walls Cellulose is not digestible by humans. We have relatively short Patios, Pool Decks, & Garden Terraces intestines and lack the enzymes capable of breaking it down. Cows, Grading, Terracing & Land Sculpturing Starting Up? Insights From Small Business sheep, rabbits, goats and a host of other animals have enzymes Concrete ALL Phases Bobcat Service For Small Business that demonstrate the ability to digest cellulose. In reality, it is the bacteria in their gut that does most of the digesting. A Cow has four Office 760788-7787 Fax 760-788-7772 (NAPS)--Every year more address," she says. "Unlike a p.o. stomachs; each loaded with friendly, cellulose digesting bacteria, cell 760-803-0351 than half-a-million people choose box, you have an actual street to indulge their entrepreneurial address for your business, which The bacteria break down the cellulose into simple sugars that thee-mail instincts and start their own conveys a more professional touch, cow then uses for energy and growth. businesses, and you can receive packages Whennutritioniststalkofgettingmorefiberinyourdiet, what they're According to the Small Busi-from any carrier." talking about is cellulose. Cellulose feeds beneficial bacteria an our nessAdministration (SBA), there Another important lesson intestines creating, a symbiotic relationship that benefits the host into the blood keeps hunger in check, energy levels even, mood are more than 20 million small George learned is l~hat time is businesses in the U.S. The most money. "Convenience becomes as well as the bacteria. Fiber cleans our intestinal walls, soaks up elevated and fatigue at bay, without triggering the mechanism that recent data indicates that small even more critical when you're excess cholesterol and toxins, prevents constipation by absorbing promotes weight gain. busir~ess created all of the new net self-employed," she says. "One- water and fosters a healthy alkaline environment that prevents many Though cooking breaks down starches making them easier jobs in the U.S. from 2000-2001. stop shopping isn't a ]uxmT, it's a intestinal disease processes, to digest, the best source of complex carbohydrates for the diet, Once a budding entrepreneur necessity." A diet high in starch and sugar but low in indigestible cellulose especially cellulose, is raw fruits and vegetables. While current has done the due diligence, filed George's customer Cinda Orr, the appropriate paperwork, and who owns two small businesses, creates an unhealthy acid environment in the gut, and to some" media hype tries to instill fear of carbohydrates, they are still a very secured a business license, the Scorr Marketing and Princess extent in the blood. It also has a roller coaster effect on blood sugar, necessary part of our diet. Go ahead, enjoy that apple. real work begins. That's when Posy, couldn't agree more. "It has taxing the ability of the pancreas to produce insulin, while reducing Dr. Farr has been in Hofistic Chiropractic practice in Santa Ysabel for 15 many wonder what they've gotten been invaluable for me to have a insulin's ability to move sugar from the blood into the cells where it years. Questions or comments? He can be reached at 765-2495 themselves into. single pointofpurchase for every- is needed. Eating more carbohydrates than your body needs for its The "deer-in-the-headlights"thing from shipping and document expression is familiar t'o people services to packaging and office immediate energy requirements begins the process of convertin-g like The UPS Store franchisee supplies," she said. "I also appreci- excess blood sugar into fat which is then stored for future needs. Mary George. "As a small-bust- ate having a house account which The human body has other~ uses for carbohydrates besides ness owner myse!f ~c~p relate," helps me keep track of my energy. Carbohydrates attra 'and 'h01d Water molecules. says George. "Because~T ~ been expenses." Glycosaminoglycans are complex protein-carbohydrate molecules there, I can use that experience to George adds that many of her help my small-business cue- small-business customers think of that retain moisture. They form the base substance'for the saliva that tomers, many of whom are just her team as their personal staff, moistens our food, the mucus that lines our sinuses, and intestines, setting up shop." "We know them by name and tryand the mucus that allows the passages of our lungs to stay open George recommends obtaining to anticipate their needs--and toexchange oxygen and carbon dioxide. Glycosamin0glycans form a business address by signing up they don't have to put us on their The lightning rod was invented by Benjamin Franklin at his re=i- for mailbox services at a place like payroll!" she says. the basement membrane of every single cell and also constitute the dence in Philadelphia in 1749. He later gave the first demonstration of ']~ e UPS Store or Mail Boxes Etc. If you're conside~ng your ownsinovial fluid that lubricates all the joints in our body, as well as the the relationship between lightning and electricity in 1752. "That way, if you're running a small business, helpful informa- clear fluid inside our eyes. business out of your home, you tion can be found on the Internet A balanced diet contains about 40% carbohydrates, a large . , don't have to give out your home at www.sba.gov, or www.score.org, portion of which is indigestible cellulose. Complex carbohydrates I I (polysaccharides) require longer digestion and enter the blood I ,000 readers In ,| IIf you have or know of an event in Julian, LakeCuyamaca, Ranchita, Wamersprings, Santa Ysabel, Shelter Valley or elsewhere that should be listedI m re sl wlythan simple carb hydrates (m n and disaccharides)" I san ]]leg0c0U"tl] S Backc0Un|rt -(' :inthe This allows blood sugarto climb gradually, helps maintain the acid/ I Call Julia. News at ,0 I Backcountry Happinings column, please contact the ~ ~ at 765 2231, fax alkaline balance of the blood even and eases the burden on the I 7651838(PO, Box 639 Julian, CA92036) or drop the information by our oflice in pancreas, which must regulate blood sugar. A slow release of sugar I We have Budget Advertising Bates ',: the Soundino s Office complex I ll ll ll m ll ll ll ll l~ ll ll ll ll m ll ll ll ll lU ll ll ll ll ~l ll ll ll ll mJ Flower Shop Photography Chiropratic/Message Therapy : 765-3638 / 765 1738 He=N Th -F-Sa-M Sun lO-:3 pm Locksmith Dermatologist RAMONA DERMATOLOGY 1516 Main Street 104 Ramona, CA 92065 D.P. Knapp, Iq.D. Board-Certified Dermatologist Diseases and Surgery of the Skin Skin Cancer Call (760) 789-6463 for an appointment Classes: Tuesday Thursday Saturday Gentle Yoga Tuesday 5:30p.m. Thursday 5:30 p.m. Original aturday S:00 a.m. Flow All Ages Welcome Call: 760 -765-4646 Traditional Chinese Medidne Acupuncture.Herbal =didne Massage Therapy Nutritional Counselfnt TherapeuUc Skin Treatments ountain Yoga N turat rned/dne lw the ; ae rm . om 4355 Highway 78 Business Services. Copies Fed& - UPS - Notary- Supplies Community Bankinc FED EX* UPS SHIPPINGPACKAGING I-,~=.~Erll CONFIDENTIAL FAX * OFFICE SUPPLES I ":~==Z.' 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