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June 15, 2005     The Julian News
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June 15, 2005

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12 The Julian News June 15,2005 ; Ca " nJa Commentary businesses leave the state for a ' i hfor ---- om --o m more tax-friendly climate. As B.A K 0U/ . 1,0DGING. ]N6. RES0R?S i; lne P.Vii KlCn noted by .economist Art Laffer, b Jan Coup=l there is nothing so mobile as the , Y wealthy and their capital LTLI:LN LC JUH 'I j1 1 4 . However, when the "wealthy" 14th& c Streets, Ju,anil. Your AdHere- / iney dye among us approve it because it will not egaramss or ones income, include' tradesmen an' They make every attempt to affect them It was the late all Californians should be headedtoLasVeoasfora ower I ABed&BreakfastMountianlnn It tl ; ve anonymously So as not to Senator Russeil Long of Georgia- concerned about tax increases r.n tnflivinn or.i -. I withC untryH spitality 23Air i:/ i~ ial ml wal . )- who The " t," o --.- udlnu -- I Conditioned Rooms with Private ) attract attention, they drive two- summed up the approach eta e is alreaay in the top 10 the rest of California ouaht to be or three-year-old cars. Chances this way, "Don't tax you, don't tax in per capita taxes. Although wnrried I Baths and Cable TV. lz' ) t~ II!V?ILi=~II. are, they live in,homes valued at me, tax that fellow behind the thereare somein the Legislature If those makin" more and (760) 7651420| ONLYSgO.O0 about a half-million do are, the tree " After all, it's no great who would like to be able to a in r -- "" " . p y g mo e ta^ = L,l current state average Some sacrifice to vote to tax other snout, vverenumDerone, most state, those left beh nd may send the r children to rivate people, and the "r ch" are alwa s taxpayers are already pa nfull ;', P Y Y discover that t s they who , schools, yet many more send a tempting target. And it is aware of the substantial burden inherit a hiahertax burden " their children to public schools interesting, to note that Speaker they carry and they believe that Jan Coupal =, because the cost of a private Nunez, whose pay will go townm mey provioe snoule De and nresident of the Howard educat on is just out of reach. $127,512 ths year, plus a daily sufficient to fund essential Jarws"- =,auu auu," "-"-- However, their da s of tax-free allowance of $138 will services Y " - Cafifornia s 1urges[ taxpayer posturing as ordinary see his taxes go up. However, mose lawmakers oroanization with offices in hardworking people that haveHowever, before anyone is who seek to perpetuate an over- - " LOS Angwes ano uacramento. had some modest success havetempted,to support the priced public service sector are come to an end. The Democrats Democrats proposal, they mayunlikely to be dissuaded After in the Legislature have justwant to look at how fast theall, many politicians owe their ripped the masks from--"The definition of "rich" for taxelection to the state's public Evil Rich! " purposes has declined employees, who, according to Under a plan announced by Just"last November, voters the U.S. Census Bureau, arethe I ' : Assembly Speaker Fabian approved another soak-the-rich highest paid in the nation. I Sam 1tlrl Nunez, those "rich" people measure, Proposition 63, theWhile politicians will continue I"--".----i making more than $142,582will mentalhealth tax thatincreased to try to make it tempting to I Some Old see their taxes go up by 7 the levy on those making a consider increasing taxes on [ L . o. percent to a marginal tax late of million dollars or more by 10 those who are more financially / uy ssemo/yman 10 percent. While the super percent. In just seven months, successful, there is a major flaw I Ray Haynes rich, those making more than the political definition of rich has in this thinking. It is that those / Term limits was supposed to $285,164, will see their tax rate declined by 85 percent to just making the most already pay / bring new blood and new ideas go up. by 17 percent. " " over. $142 0001. If we were to most of the taxes. If the state / to the Legislature. It was If the Democrats, are contmue, at this rate by theconbnues to pound above supposed to.qet peopl ewho had successful. . in pl cing this, tax. the begmning of July, those makin g average earners with new taxes,been living in the real world. rich scheme on ballot, some - mmlmum wage cou d expect to the more hkely it =s that we will understood real world solutions voters may be tempted to be classified as rich. see taxpayers,jobs and to government programs, and ' - . " because the new blood would g g . . ' not be "professional politicians," I ~Ts foryour speciel Mr, they. would, not perpetuate the old I ~tBegin~th/ocal cider thinking and the old processes I ~dinner. Plan an adventure ' " ~* ~ ' .d~ilTlll ll~'~W~lill=.~ 11 ~ that had gridlocked the California I ~, Ilamapacking, ortour "'" '" [',i rnm JniP tP [ lnh' ilv Legislature since the 1960's. the goldmine. " . lll'~inif~tl P~ki "1"~1 I V,i~l IIl~VIrb~llYMIIl lttVl IIIIIIMIIIVMi%t VIVMM|IJ| ; But this week the Democrats ~ ', I Unlimited Access once again, proposed tax ' i i l i1= Il ll l~ increases to ,'solve' the state $ilrllCe lgtl - San IDieeg'$ :l C. Today I IEllllli i OC Pl " a" L al Ulal U budget deficit ', ",Well term limits sounded good ': Innn - nn =a a I I I I I f " r n=t NULOCal unar.qes il anyway. 8 Acres of Solitude I vv,- v,-v,voI I,II-L J=JLI It.I[ Connectina ALL! Newt Gingrich once noted thatI ltl lll. I .dtl, i I Local I il I the back ceun l institutions are 97 per cent I p=,r,=,= U I Personal service we provid i! structure and 3% personnel. He ' I "" in-h9me service if re.quested, i was right. After thirteen years in I I I J i et no addi ona| charge, i" the Legislature, I have seen the . m I ~ ~, ~ Y I ! II, names and faces chanoe, butthe : . -=i same old solutions the Left Carpet I1 1a Domain Hosting, II that runs the Legislature year cabins & Lodge Rooms Daily-Sunny Bru,wh ~~ : ~ = : Co-Lock,alan, I 4559 fliflhway 78 I Me hunt Services, l aner year "Fresh Air Served Daily i I Julian if0rnia I esignandConsumng! 1991 Facing a $14 billion tarry, Starry Nights, Nigh@ I i aisowailable i deficit, Democrats proposed S . I// u=u=[y l CallMichaelHartorMicheleHarveyandgetconnectedin20i inut-es'E--'-T' sing taxes,by $7 ltion and Fartyol" I Hanafin I "cutting sp#nding" by $7 billion. Catcrh : III S '-I I Spending went up anyway and ItBQ lo I.)'em'h Cui. ine III --/ I I B so did the tax rates. The only Rent l,o(ige. Be,', l)eck~ or Theatre JUL~.~N I problem was that revenue 765-1100 "'="- ,JIll,lAIN dropped almost $2 billion. The . / > ' - - -: " . tax rate increase resulted in a 2960 La Posada Way Julian, CA92036 - -'- " / ,~ w =~ FLOOR COVERING Busine=m/Industrial/Re idential Storage real revenue loss, and Created a www.pinehillslodge.com & INTERIORS. INC. "Serving the Community of Julian" $3 billion deficit GATED, SECURE STORAGE SITES- FULLY ENCLOSED YARD 1993---to solve the real deficit " Fire Protection INDUSTRIAL/BUSINESS SITE FOR MACHINERY & EQUIPMENT STORAGE caused by the 1991 tax increase, I Outside Storage - Trailers, Boats, Cars, RV's Democrats proposed raising CROSSWORD PUZZLE ' We takethe worry out of 0x2. O' 10x30 I=-- ACROSS item 1 Composer 28 Slander I FIRE "" '-:,taxes again, claiming that the 1991 tax was "not enough. 1 Poet 43 Opener who had 29 Boxer i Governor Pete Wilson said no toSNapped 44" of the .20 children 31 Go along SS the tax increase, cut spending by to Puts 2 d'Urber- 2 Exchange 32 Stop I 3582 Highway 78 at Newman Way $3 billion, and by 1994, revenues 14 Ripeningt getherand2 45 Miscal-VilleS"culated 3 MonthlypremiUmpayment 3533 LOCkTake Fax once again started to increase. Dircc~t " II~ (760) 1995---a balanced budget is agent 46Wesin 4Scrapesa 38 Young onen 'udshment i (8se) 672-4t46 mlia 7 ;. 797 me fore- dyer ' 38 ~ys finally back. The state had to 15 firma I Toll Free i ~ ~ 16 Pastures front bottom event ] (888) 807-8207-'lf~ borrow money to get through 17 Movie: Sp. 47 Shade 5 Performer's39 Item next' J I www,thedamage ontr01.com Solar Systems Water Testing 1993 and 1994, and 1995 sees is Building producers spot to a night I k California State C,16 Fire Protection ,= A ~. . "1 wing 48 Attack 6 Contact stand li h) =Contractor License Number 755949,~]II~J~ILI iWalefSanlnlinn Send ==,= ~ enough money to pay off that 19 Latvian 50 Half of 7 White- 42 Stones L nn,u, =eo, I i i nilnl emimu I borrowing.In 1995, however. Handyman o I '~4t~ SALES"" s v,c, I I~ compile wM= I 20 Lunch MIV t~dled 44 Eulogy ^ervices the 1% increase in the top tax items 51 Sweet eagle 46 Tenant " ll WATT'S NEW " ,i rate that occurred in 1991 is set 2422 ROllGolly treatSnsrs S Determined9 One of two 4947 Makea MR. llTIr UNDER THE SUN a sis to expire. The Democrats toppers 54Optomet- beforehand bow i Spe iadizingin: I I Renewable Energy I U.Kmsam / proposed keeping the tax. Fasteners 25 Irritable concem certainties' 50 Color I Framing - Carpentry I I off Grid system I I 0 P.O. BOX 301 / Governor Wilson says no, and 26Baffling 58 Iranian" 10 Calmed changers I Door&Wl[=~lowReph=cement II Llcense#C10815540 I I ;, Julian.gAg2036 / the top rate drops from 11% to question currency 11 Judge 51 Feminine I TileRelDair-l te tei l=l I,760-782-9200 I J O "'"-"" ------ i, 9%. The 1995-6 budget year 20Drawing 59Onthe ' 12Ca|endar items, I I :o I I (760) 765-0693 I or sculp- shelf square 52 River In I Plumbing HNNENeRYc0m' sees record surpluses, as does turing 61 Part of 13 Fast jets: Belgium www. atts e " " 7~1~ 30 Respond 54 Across abbr. 53 Astronaut's I =eLl(ale) II ---t a tsnew .a0t o, / I . ll7ellitll. leml . I,the budget years from 1996 62 South 21 Poet's con-employer: 743-9145 ~TES . ~ izeslnp~jUlllWlLClml 35 African fox traction abbr. increases in these years from ~-/hitney 63 First Pope 23 Turkey's 54 Biblical I .o Ii through 2000. State spending 34Margins i ,i ?65-2455 Propane Service " Tree Service/Removal . $48 billion to $79 biliion general 36 Burrowing 64 Great ' place, in land mammal quantities song 55 English . |ohn K cexl A ---- - fund during this same time. 37 Dnnk 65 Red and 25 Inexpensivedyer i I mill unll uualunlwL i nun TREE SERVICE 2000 faced with record 38 Noah's Yellow ornament 56 Loan I/^ dlgLIRII rnvriRilllr i lieN Rigging & Removal Expert, I --w,~ L,~.l Pr~.ne C~mm=nv I J l i o Trimming, Topping budget surpluses five years ina delight 66 Penn and 26 Talk on and 57 Young lady Chim, ney Sweeps I ~-" I Ii " i LAND CLEARING row, the Democrats propose 4o Charlotte 67 LastC nneryparts 27 Texas n and on 60 Give go I ~ I,Home & Commercial Serv/ce,I I FirlP.Sato Pe.m*t*. I (~ ~"~ ~ I. I ,Rel~b/e, Fnendly Staff I I ~ Bmah and Tree Clearing allowing the sales tax to 4~ ~istling DOWN athlete -- I oawy~ r ,311 I ~~1'g'~".o,r I Smallor eP.pl.ies increase. Democrats claim we fi E I Enterprise U,;~ lil I I :L":.".;.~::",:. are not going to have enough ~ ~ ~ ~ "~ ~ lZ revenue to cover their $82 billion --- ---- "--- --" = I --- - " i I ~lii, I ~ ~ 2001-02 budget plan. .--. 1 '-'Jill I ~ 7~7e~1~1 .=.m, ~ m I,Chimney Relining .TreeW0rk II! I I J-- -- c : 2001---after allowing the sales "- - - = I . Drainage Systems & Rain Gutters ! I i IlU InlureclbyU l hi fL nd n tax to increase in the 2000-01 . Rof~ 1 " Ha dyman&Carpentry Tract0rW0rk I I . II im=B budget year, Democrats find that i iI.Min0rPi,mbing&ElectricaI ,Gar enin ! J .*u,a eete.rlew= t=mr,oce. os FIRSTAIDFORYOURPROPERTY Fences g . i they are facing a record deficit. ii 1nJulian Since1976 ~1 ",' I They propose raising taxes, L L ITim Sawyer 76 -2933! ' Governorm re specifically' the car tax thatwilson had cut in 1998. Their $82 billion revenue ;ALIFORNIA REBATES I =. I - .- : I- " "; - " Ir Lumber~Hardware Hardware prediction turns into $66 billion in s'7" -- --- Answers to Crossword Ransom Bros. Lumber & Supply 532 't]" Street P. O. Box 159 Ramor,CA92065 (760) 789-0240 NOW OPEN SUNDAYS! Ktlltop Supply A Real Country Hardware Store Why spin your wheels trying to find items elsewhere? Our customers say we stock almost everything they've ever tried to find. Instead of last resort. TRY US FIRST! We don't got it, we can get it. Come and see why we're 'HILLTOP SUPPLY." 473-8461 445-2133 27506 01d Hwy. 80, Guatay actual revenue (for the record, the state spent $64 billion in the 1999-2000 budget year) Rather than reduce spending to 1999 levels, Democrats propose increasing taxes to pre-surplus rates 2002--still refusing to cut spending, Democrats try to violate the state Constitution and raise taxes on a majority vote. continued on page 14 46 m m L---- .win. m M $7 I I I I 61 mmm m ram llm ~ Ulm ~ m i ,re=m= 2005 Puzzle Featur~ Sym~ Dist. by DBR Media, f t t