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June 29, 2011     The Julian News
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June 29, 2011

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12 The Julian News EARTH TALK00 Questions & Answers About Our Environment Dear EarthTalk: Isn't spray sunscreen a health and environmental nightmare when ff seems that more of the sunscreen ends up going up my nose than on the kid at the beach next to me? -- Lillian Robertson, Methuen, MA Spray cans of sunscreen may no longer contain chlorofluorocarbons (also known as CFCs, which were phased out in the 1990s for causing holes in the stratospheric ozone layer), but many contain other chemicals that are no good for our health or the environment. Researchers have found that the chemicals and/or minerals in the vast majority of commercially available sunscreens--even the rub-in creamy or oily varieties-- can cause health problems just from ordinary use; inhaling them only magnifies the risks. And just what are the risks? According to the non-profit Environmental Working Group (EWG), there are two major types of sunscreens available in the U.S. "Chemical" sunscreens, the more common kind, penetrate the skin and may disrupt the body's endocrine system, as their active ingredients (e.g., octylmethylcinnamate, oxybenzone, avobenzone, benzophone, mexoryl, PABA or PARSOL 1789) mimic the body's natural hormones and as such can essentially confuse the body's systems. Quite a risk to take, considering that the chemical varieties don't even work for very long once applied. Meanwhile, "mineral" sunscreens are considered somewhat safer, as their active ingredients are natural elements such as zinc or titanium. But "micronized" or "nine-scale', particles of these minerals can get below the skin surface and cause allergic reactions and other problems for some people. EWG recommends sticking with The Environmental Working Group recommends avoiding spray sunscreens entirely. With so little known about the effects of sunscreen chemicals on the body when rubbed into the skin, they say, we may never know how much worse the effects may be when they are inhaled. "mineral" sunscreens whenever possible but, more important, taking other precautions to avoid prolonged sun exposure altogether. "At EWG we use sunscreens, but we look for shade, wear protective clothing, and avoid the noontime sun before we smear on the cream," the group reports. As for spray varieties, EWG recommends avoiding them entirely: "These ingredients are not meant to be inhaled into the lungs." With so little known about the effects of sunscreen chemicals on the body when rubbed into the skin, we may never know. how much worse the effects may be when they photo courtesy: Thinkstock some of which were proposed by government scientists more than three decades ago. EWG only considers a small percentage of the sunscreens on the market--none of which come packaged in spray cans-- safe for human use. Some of the top rated varieties come from manufacturers including All Terrain, Aubrey Organics, Badger, Blue Lizard, California Baby, La Roche-Posay, Purple Prairie Botanicals, thinksport, and UV Natural. None of the mainstream drug store variety brands appear on .EWG's recommended list. The full list is available on the sunscreens section of EWG's Skin Deep are inhaled. But suffice it to say: .website. With summer now upon When your neighbor at the beach is spraying down Junior, it's in your best interest to turn away and cover your nose and mouth. The root of the problem, according to EWG, is failure on the part of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), despite repeated requests from public health and consumer advocates, to implement sunscreen safety standards, A hot dog at the ball game beats roast beef at the Ritz. us, stock up on good sunscreen before it's too late. CONTACT: Skin Deep, www. EarthTalkฎ is written and edited by Roddy Scheer and Doug Moss and is a registered trademark of E - The Environmental Magazine (www. Send questions to: Subscribe: subscribe. Free Trial Issue: www. emagazine, com/triaL -- Humphrey Bogart Humans Are Visual Beings Technology Can Help (NAPSA)-Most people experience life visually. From primitive cave paintings, through Egyptian hieroglyphics and Chinese ideo_grams, to the charts and photos and design elements we use to communicate with each other today, humans tend to create, record, share and experience life through visuals. That may be why, according to a recent global study by Harris Interactive, most American, German, Chinese, South Korean and Indian adults create, document, share, view and live their lives through pictures, videos, stories, online posts, online communities, blogs, art, entertainment, e-mails and letters-and computers can be a big part of that visual world. The survey also discovered: • In the U.S., 75 percent of adults who watch movies view most of them on TV (including via vi_deo/DVDs, rentals or subscription services or cable/ satellite providers), while 10 percent watch the majority of the movies they see at the cinema, and 7 percent view movies mostly on their computers. • Sixty-eight percent of American adults who have visual experiences say photos of family and friends (posted online and physical photos) are the most integral element, more likely than adults in the other countries. • Most American adults said capturin a memory is the most important reason to share visual experiences. To enable, power and enrich the way you can see, share and live with your computer, Intel has created its second-generation Core processor that offers better overall power management and greater efficiency and battery life in the areas where most people are computing today: high- definition (HD) video, photos, mainstream gaming, multitasking and online socializing and multimedia. With Intel Wireless Display technology, by simply connecting your laptop to your TV wirelessly, you can now enjoy all your personal and online content on your big screen with great image clarity and sound. You can even immerse yourself with full HD stereo 3-D viewing right on your PC and June 29, 2011 get awesome performance for mainstream gaming with no extra hardware needed. You can learn more at www. t J. Grant rmtuzdmt Native Lupines Our native wildflowers are in full bloom, the hills and meadows are painted with colors. As the season changes to summer, and the temperatures rise, more plants are blooming. The Lupines are flowers that we will see much of the year, in different varieties and colors. They are members of the Pea family (Fabaceae) and their pods resemble peas, but consider all lupines poisonous. Early in the year the Stinging Lupine (Lupinus hirsutissimus) appears, especially after fires. This purple flower has stiff prickly hairs all over its leaves and stems, much like stinging nettles. Itcan grow to over three feet, in a fairly short time; March to May. The seed pods appear as prickly peas, as the pods dry they twist and shoot the seeds as far as 6 feet. All the lupines have modified seed pods that readily disperse the seeds. Next to bloom is the Chick Lupine(Lupinus microcarpus var. denseiflorus) strikingly white against the grasslands and meadows where it grows. The Eastern edge of the Santa Ysabel valley has a great number of these white flowers peeking above the tall grass, This flower is not very common, occurring in only 4 places I know of. The False Lupine(Thermopsis californica var. semota) is the yellow pea like flower of bur mountains, not a true lupine but is also a member of the pea family . Look for this flower in meadows, Hoskings ranch has these flowers spreading over many acres along the highway. One of my favorite lupines is the Bush Lupine (Lupinus excubitus) also called the grape-soda lupine. It grows in open shaded places, and along roadsides. The leaves of this plants are a beautiful silver green, and the flowers a pale purple. This lupine reaches heights of 4 feet, and the bushy plant is around much of the year. I anxiously await the bloom of the Stream Lupine (Lupinus latifolius var. parishi ) each year in mid to late June. Growing to as high as 6 feet, with 2 foot tall whitish- purple flower stalks, and 6 inch diameter leaves it is a lush plant. The most stunning display is almost a solid acre of these flowers along Engineers road. Within the boundaries of Cuyamaca State Park is where this magnificent spectacle occurs. As its name implies shaded streams and wet areas are its home. If you happen to collect lupine seeds and want to plant them, score the outer shell of the seed with a knife or sandpaper. This will help to increase germination of the scattered seeds. CONTRACTORS General Contractor Contractor- New - Kitchens DOLIEE COMPANY, INC Genera/Contractor JGeneral Contracting New Construction • LicenseKitchen#64o628 -Specialist Bonded & Insured Room Additions I" Remodels " /[l>" RemodelsDeCks [* Home Services: /1 ." I Carpentry, Plumbing, Over 35 Years Experience 760" 765 • 2363 /l Electrical, Appliance Lawrence Noble, Owner PC Box 1342 l[nst6lla'ฐ k Julian Ressit,,2ent fOreo2e27 years JULIAN, CA 92036 Remodeling Contractor Electrical i ..._ Gus Gatcla's lldlJ*water Well Electrical i"/V XNew Meters I  XNewPanels I #Additional Circuits i ขFans & Lighting Ph. 765 3410 cell (760) 271 0 i 66 ..... 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