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June 30, 2010     The Julian News
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June 30, 2010

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June 30, 2010 Julian S.T.O.R.M. Offers Self-Defense Course by Annete Retz We have been approached by many concerned individuals and parents in Julian who have requested that the Julian S.T.O.R.M. offer another summer Self-Defense Course. We had a successful course last summer and through word of mouth, people have been made aware of the course and are now asking for a course this summer. When the horrific news of the murders of Amber Dubois and Chelsea King arrived in Julian, women, parents and teens became scared of the threat hitting so close to home. At about the same time, news came that a real estate agent in Corona, when doing her job of showing a home, was savagely attacked by a predator disguised as a client. There are too many sad stories told of unsuspecting women, teens and children of all ages being the prime target of predators. The reality that there are bad people out in the world is something that we can&apos;t deny; this is an absolute. The fact that monsters really do exist, is something that we as parents hate to admit. These bad people prey on the weak and unsuspecting to victimize; this is a fact. We teach our children to do their best and be all that they can be. We look with excitement at the potential in each of them and treasure and encourage their hopes and dreams for life. Sadly there are parents whom this privilege of watching their children grow up has been taken from them, robbed from them. What can we do as adults to protect ourselves and our children? The answer is simple, awareness and preparation! The Academy is NOT trying to instill fear into anyone. We are promoting awareness and a way of having peace, of mind through knowledge and the ability to protect ones' self and loved ones. The basics of Self- Defense alone could make the difference in potentially becoming a victim OR getting away and having the attacker identified,, tagged and convicted. There was a 22 year old woman visiting San Diego from Colorado who had gone for a run. While on her run, she was tackled down by a predator, possibly the same one who attacked and killed Dubois and King. She was attacked but knew how to strike her assailant in the face with her elbow which allowed her to escape. She claimed her ability to get away was due to her knowledge of and training in Self-Defense. Victims of crimes often freeze from sheer terror when being attacked. With only moments to react, fear, lack of knowledge and training of how and when to react often takes that opportunity away. We as Instructors want to help anyone who is interested in developing/improving their reaction time to a possible attack and increasing their ability to fight off an assailant. Knowledge is something that you keep with you and will have for the rest of your life! You can share this knowledge with those you love and care for and help them to be prepared as well. At the Julian resident's request, we are offering a Self-Defense Course that will involve assault- type situations as well as how to fight back when a weapon is involved. Students receive training on how to fight off their Instructor's who will be playing the roles of simulated and fully- padded attackers. The students will be instructed on how to strike the Instructor's, how to end the threat and get away. It will be a Krav Maga-style Course of Self- Defense. 20 pre-enrolled students ages 15 and up, men & women are needed to guarantee the course, Course is to commence on Friday evening, July 9th 6:30-8:30 for Four weeks on Friday evenings and will be held at the Julian Jr. High Wolf Den. If you have any questions and are interested in taking the Self Defense Course, please contact Julian S.T.O.R.M. Instructor- Annette Retz at (760) 765- 0644. Sifu Annette Retz and Sensei James Schrader will be instructing the course. Remember the Academy is promoting awareness and preparation NOT fear. Knowledge is power! Don't be a victim. Be prepared, protect yourself & othersT HEALTH SERVICES JULIAN MEDICAL t00-LINIC A DIVISION OF BORREGO COMMUNITY HEALTH FOUNDATION We accept Healthy Families Insurance (Next To Town Hall) www.julianmedicaLcom OPEN MONDAY- FRIDAY 8:00AM TO 5PM 24 HOUR ANSWERING SERVICE Healing Arts z Massage Ayurveda Acupressure Yoga Meditation reflexology craniosacral herbs aromatherapy Lorien A. Lehmer Certified Massage Therapist p, _#1 (760) 310-8974  lorierflehmer@ao].com www.wis domwithinhealingarts.com No Appointments Just Come In ! 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Private rooms from $3,550.00 973 Arnold Way, Alpine, Ca. 91901 Phone 619-445-5291 Fax 619-445-5844 Visit us at www.alpineviewlodge.com State license number 374-600-694 6-Bed Full SetWce Hospice & Dementia Case by Case I.Jcense "" Sniolr lqr #374601019 SUNCREST LODGE 34540 Engineers Road and Highway 79 (760) 7650065 The Spats /T. .e zovll rT A poe For< i by Jeff Picketing { ::I: WL 1: ooL) " [  A TA / What Is Krav Maga from Wikipedia The name in Hebrew means "hand-to:hand combat". Krav meaning "combat" and Maga meaning "contact" or "touch". Generally, there are no rules in Krav Maga, as it is a defense fighting technique which is not regulated, but utilized to keep the user safe and incapacitate the opponent by any means necessary. Men and women generally undergo the same drills. It has no sporting federation, and there are no official uniforms or attire, although some organizations do recognize progress through training with rank badges, different levels, and belts. General principles include: Counter attacking as soon as possible (or attacking preemptively). Targeting attacks to the body's most vulnerable points such as the eyes, jaw, throat, groin, knee etc. Neutralizing the opponent as quickly as possible by responding with an unbroken stream of counter attacks and if necessary a take down/joint break. Maintaining awareness of surroundings while dealing with the threat in order to look for escape routes, further attackers, objects that could be used to defend or help attack and so on. Basic training is a mixed aerobic and anaerobic workout. Protective pads and other personal protection equipment may be used during initial training. Scenarios are used to train personnel for situations typically encountered in street patrol or combat situations. Training scenarios teach students to ignore distractions. [16] Other training methods to increase realism might include blindfolding or exercising trainees to near exhaustion before dealing with a simulated attack, as well as training outdoors on a variety of surfaces and restrictive situations. Training also covers situational awareness to develop an understanding of one's surroundings and potentially threatening circumstances be%re an attack occurs. It may also cover ways to deal with potentially violent situations, and physical and verbal methods to avoid violence whenever possible. Krav Maga was developed in Czechoslovakia in the 1930s by Iri Lichtenfeld , also known as Imi Sde-Or (Sde-Or - "Light Field"- a caique of his surname into Hebrew). He first taught his fighting system in Bratislava in order to help protect the local Jewish community from the Nazi militia. Upon arriving in the British Mandate of Palestine, Imi began teaching Kapap to the Haganah, the Jewish underground army. Imi Lichtenfeld The Julian News 7 Groceries Fresh Produce. Sundries Beer. Wine. Liquor Dry Cleaning Lotto. Scratchers Full Service "Best in the County" Meat Department U.S.D.A. Choice Beef Buffalo Meat Special and Holiday Orders, Cut to your Specifications i[ i i  :' ,.::':"':::: Billo,,..,.Pay 'i'.:: :,.!t '!!: :, ,': :!, i,i , ...........  -- . ..[ .... , ....... . .............. . . Local Tperience Since 1988 * Tree Consulting and Inspection * Long Term Forest Maintenance and Planning * Hazardous Removal and Precision Felling * Ornamental Pruning and Lacing * Brush Clearing and Chipping FREE ES TIMA TES Licensed and Bonded Fully Insured for Your Protection ERIC DAUBER H: 760-765-2975 C: 760-271-9585 PO Box 254 JULIAN, CA. 92036 License #945348 WE-8690A With the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, Imi became the Chief Instructor of Physical Fitness and Krav Maga at the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) School of Combat Fitness. He served in the IDF for 15 years, during which time he continued to develop and refine his hand-to- hand combat method. In 1964 he left the military though continued to supervise the instruction of Krav Maga in both military and law-enforcement contexts, and in addition, worked indefatigably to refine, improve and adapt Krav Maga to meet civilians needs. In 1978, Imi founded the non-profit Israeli Krav Maga Association with several senior instructors. He died in January 1998 in Netanya, Israel. Prior to 1980, all experts in Krav Maga lived in Israel and trained under the Israeli Krav Maga Association. That year marks the beginning .of contact between Israeli Krav Maga experts and interested students in the United States. In 1981, a group of six Krav Maga instructors traveled to the US to demonstrate their system, primarily to local Jewish Community Centers. The New York Field Office of the FBI and the FBI's Main Training Center at Quantico, Virginia saw it and expressed interest. The result was a visit by 22 people from the US to Israel in the summer of 1981 to attend a basic Krav Maga instructor course. The graduates from this course returned to the US and began to establish training facilities in their local areas. Additional students traveled to Israel in 1984 and again in 1986 to become instructors. At the same time, instructors from Israel continued to visit the US. Law Enforcement training in the US began in 1985. Krav Maga is currently being taught as a primary hand-to- hand combat technique among Police Departments in the United States. All Israel Defense Forces soldiers, including all Israeli Special Forces units[9], learn Krav Maga as part of their basic training, although most non-Special Forces trainees only spend a small amount of time training in Krav Maga, up to a week of training for a few hours per day. Further, Krav Maga is the defensive tactics system used to train the Israeli Police, Israeli Intelligence and all Security Divisions. Krav Maga is also taught to civilians, military, law enforcement and security agencies around the world. The Swedish Army uses Krav Maga lightly in close combat training for urban warfare. The International Krav Maga Federation in Netanya outside of Israel trains some of the world's top bodyguards, who use Krav Maga as a trade fighting art since it includes several exercises in evacuating a VIP through a hostile crowd. Also, the tactics for dispatching several opponents quickly is vital for personal protection agents. 1fl I ' I i r  ....... ' : : T :: i lr!:i/;:li, * ;;! [ !11' lllll[ii'il[lilliiLi',;llllliili[:lPilitii]![ii ,i[liH]itl'.::liil1*,[Tl{:(lll|bl'$1[[il!l Ii]ii ;ii, :",/[ 1 l ' I , , .... : , !ii| I !*: ! l,,,l;, Iil|]lliil,ml[IL":,ltlll '