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July 7, 2010     The Julian News
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July 7, 2010

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July 7, 2010 Community Banking I I "Checking • Savings I • Home Equity • Business Banking 2033 Main St., Julian 1 765-2765 Member FDIC I Rabobank LUERS & DYER, CPAs, LLP CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS hL'otne Tax and Accounting " Full Ser*t*de Firm Rebecca Luers, CPA Jan Dyer, CPA Masters Degree: in 1Lxtttion Personal attention to your special needs WynoFa (;;enter • 4367 Hw) 78 Suite t 12 • 1() Box 1934 • Jldkm, CA 92036 Tel: 760 765-0343 • Fax: 760 765-0150 Email: rebecca@luerscpa.€om Lori A00er MANAGEMENT CAD/Drafting v' Building Permits  Project Coordination I Bookkeeping P.O. Box 401 Julian, CA 92036 760-765-1113 i H i ANTHONYJ, ROMAN0 Attorney-At-Law Real Estate, Estate Planning, Business and Water Law (619) 696-9916 1901 First Avenue, Suite 110 San Diego, CA. I BOOKKEEPING & TAX SERVICE 760 765 102( ULIAN (E 300FER fEARS Order A Catalog Order Dinner Delivery to Julian Every 2 weeks on Wednesdays Order Direct 858-231-1384 on your FIRST PURCHASE receive: $5.00 OFF $25 oY $10.00 OFF $50 Newest Wylie Has Arrived Wade and Jennifer Wylie were given the gift of a new baby girl on Friday June 18th, 2010 at 7:55 am at Pomerado Hospital in Poway, California. Alyssa Rees Wylie was 8pounds, 10 ounces, and 21 ½ inches long. Her big brother Ezekiel was thrilled that she was joining the family and we he first saw her he said, "Oh, she is so cute". My Thoughts • • by Michele Harvey I Qu,t Smok, ng The summer of my twelfth year, my friend Debbie came from San Diego to La Mesa to stay with us for a few days at a time. This happened throughout the summer. Debbie brought cigarettes with her and taught me to smoke them. Since she lived in San Diego, I thought she must be so much more sophisticated than me, a country girl. If city girls smoked, then I would smoke too, so I could look sophisticated. After sharing a precious, hard to come by cigarette, we jumped in the swimming pool, rinsing our mouths out with chlorinated water and attempted to erase all traces of smoke. It was our secret. The autumn that I entered high school as a freshman, one of my first friends was Kris. Kris was a smoker and though I thought my smoking days were behind me, Kris talked me into smoking by telling me that I looked very Cool holding and smoking a cigarette. I was a skinny, awkward, shy girl, so looking Cool was something I certainly wanted to do. Maybe I even looked sophisticated. For a couple of years I only smoked four or five cigarettes a week as they were offered to me. The summer before my sixteenth birthday I met Gary. Gary became my true high school sweetheart and kept me spinning on a merry go round, up and down, around and around keeping me dizzy and off center for eleven years before I was able to jump off that ride. During those years I became a real smoker. It seemed to help keep my anxiety levels down. With Gary, I never knew what he liked, disliked or if I was going to get scolded for anything. His moods were unpredictable, and they kept me guessing constantly. Smoking was a way to keep my self grounded. It kept away anxiety attacks. After Gary, I met and married Dennis. Dennis was a big improvement over Gary in many ways. However; Dennis was an alcoholic. When we first dated, and then married; I didn't recognize his alcoholism, and I really think he tried to keep it under control. However, it got the best of him, really the best of him and my smoking increased. When I was pregnant with our oldest son I cut my smoking by half. Then a little more. My doctor said that was good and not to force myself to quit because the stress wouldn't be good for the baby inside of me. However, my non-smoking sister hounded me to quit and had my mind on cigarettes nearly all of the time. Consequently I went from smoking a pack a day, to drooping down to a half pack a day on my own, then increasing to a two pack a day habit because of always thinking about cigarettes. When Dennis and I moved to Julian with our three children, he declared his intention to quit drinking. He actually drank more and switched from beer to whiskey. The bills increased though our spendable income went down. I contracted colitis, a nerve related medical problem. I could barely eat anything at that time, but I could smoke and I did. I actually did quit for the last five years of my marriage with Dennis through a group training that lasted five smoke free days. I put the cigarettes down and didn't think of myself as a smoker or an ex-smoker. Smoking seemed very foreign to me at that point. When Dennis and I split up after seventeen years of marriage, he said and did mean things, which are not uncommon during the process of divorce. A few months after our breakup I began dating a man who was a chain smoker. One morning that had been particularly rough for me, I took his lit cigarette and smoked it, I've been smoking ever since. It's just that easy to gain the addiction of smoking. It was true for me that once I was a smoker; I was always a smoker. Through the years I attempted to quit smoking many times. I tried pills, patches and gums. I tried prayer and I tried staying away from smokers. The only time it stuck was during those wonderful five years of gaining my health back. Now I've quit again. Sometimes I still want to smoke. When this happens I take two deep breaths to make the feeling go away. I also try to change what I'm doing that particular moment. rve talked with a few people about my need to quit smoking. At night, lying in bed, I could hear all the little noises my throat made when I breathed. I got short of breath with very little exertion. I have friends who hike and walk up long hills. I can't do that and I'm not quite sixty years old. I wondered what my life would be like in the next five, ten, or fifteen years. I didn't like any of what I saw as my future, so I needed to quit smoking. It was no longer a matter of whether or not I wanted to quit. Once the word "need" entered my thoughts I had to find a way to never smoke again. Now I've quit smoking by taking prescription CHANTIX. I'm on my third week of taking the pills and my second week of not smoking. This column is not a commercial for CHANTIX. After all the different ways I've tried to quit smoking, this seemed most promising for me. The prescription instructions said to take the first pill in the morning. It also said to take it after eating and not to operate heavy machinery or to drive. After I eat in the morning I drive to work, so I took the first pill after eating and before going to bed that night. I was amazed when I woke up. I still wanted to smoke, but I just barely wanted to smoke. CHANTIX allows smoking the first week of taking the pills, and I already didn't want to smoke as much. Each day of that first week I smoked fewer cigarettes and less of each. I remembered once, reading that before beginning a diet, don't gorge with food. I applied that to my last week of smoking and rm sure it helped. My last smoking day I smoked about three drags each from about six cigarettes. Normally I smoked about a pack of twenty cigarettes each day. Having smoked so little my last week; when I woke up my first day of not smoking, it wasn't really difficult for me to not smoke. Some Eagles Reunite, 30 Years On The class of 1980 celebrated their 30th class reunion on Saturday June 26th at the hone of Laura Lewis in Wynola. Music from the 80s echoed through the valley all day and night. (Back - left to right) Kurt Casto, Greg Wanket, Pat Madden. Julie Kemp, Laveta Nicodemus, Daniel Starnes, Clint Johnson, Gladys Lawrence, Brenda Wentworth, Kim Wanket, Pixie Sulser, (Front) Laura Lewis, Gina Moretti, Yvonne Andermatt, BJ Lynch. moments are harder than others. Stressful times are still hard on me, but I know my need to quit smoking is getting stronger than my wanting to smoke. CHANTIX is costing about $100.00 per month. Cigarettes cost about $150.00 per month. With some luck, I'll be able to save all of that money in the near future. During stressful moments I still want to reach for the crutch that cigarettes provided, but l don't. I make it through the moment by reminding myself that I didn't quit because I wanted to; I quit because I had to. The act of sucking in smoke and getting the chemical charge to my body is nearly eliminated by the ingredients of my prescription. However, habits are difficult to change. We don't smoke in our house, so I've developed habits that take me outside where I can smoke. When I needed a break from typing; I went outside and lit a cigarette. When I answered the phone; I went outside and smoked while talking. Filling the birdbaths took just about the The Julian News 5 • • U U @ U • • • • • • • • • •  I i 00qu,rrel,nator i SAVE $15 O0 • ,' Disposable Fly Traps = S3 .99 '. Lay Pellet 0,49 Washington Street 760-765- i 21 Mon-Ffl 8:30 to S:O0 and Sat 9:00 to 5:00 CLOSED on Sunday 0 Unique and Old Fashio00,e(l • Collectibles • • Gifts • Wall Art • • Candles • :00,oa00s • in Wynola Farms Marketplace 70 Highway 78 Schwan's Truck Load Fair Friday At Julian Lodge Schwan's, the food delivery your dining. people and the Julian Lodge are teaming up for a special event on Friday July 9th at the Lodge Parking Lot. As an introductory to the backcountry Schwan's local delivery will be holding a Truck Load Fair, come sample the various products available for The fair will start at 11 in the morning and continue through out the day (you could make it lunch, or an afternoon snack) until 6 pm. The Julian Lodge is located at 4th and C Streets. Special sign up deals are going to be available for first orders and regular customers. same amount of time as smoking a cigarette. Toasting bread in the toaster look about the same amount of time as a cigarette break. Start the car without lighting a cigarette? I couldn't imagine that until a few weeks ago. All of my smoking habits are still with me, but thankfully they began to fade within a week of not smoking. I have low blood pressure and I know it will go up because I smoked often to relieve stress. But it won't go up very much. I know my weight will go up some because I often smoked when I wanted to eat too much. I'll deal with these things because I know I can and I think I will be stronger each day I make it through without smoking. I've had people lecture me to quit smoking. Really! Doesn't lecturing someone my age seem more that a little futile? I'm not going to become an obnoxious ex-smoker. If people want to smoke; it's their business, not mine. I enjoyed smoking for the better part of forty years and now I would like to walk to the top of my driveway from our road and still be able to breathe when I get there. Getting my legs into better shape will be a plus too. I have to quit smoking for my own health. and that's the best motivation I've ever had. I no longer feel that I have a choice. These are my thoughts.