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July 20, 2011     The Julian News
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July 20, 2011

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July 20, 2011 POPE TREE SERVICE Thoughts , by Michele Harvey All Your Tree Service Needs How To Get Rid Of Ants... .Commercial & Residential II l I  Oak and Pine our SpeczaltyI II Hopefully I . CA. State License #704192  I I  Fully Insured for Your Protection  II At our house a lot of really tiny black ants have invaded our kitchen Ilt00 Workers Comp.  II They are on the kitch 176o765.063800 ,m and somet m,s in r ; and puppies, l,nythil IIllt t fan immediat,. ff,spon, IIlI. _b,,  ,. i,;./ i.,i.,,,S[II IImll .'e what has )e n set lITain_edLExper, ts .,I" .'ehlt-III imagine hearing them say, "Is that for me?" II'Dfffi,c..'.uLRmyhl.s _i, - Ill Not or,ly ar tl,y too nurnerm ,.00llMz'0000I[00llll towel or pick u=,,ith a piec. of dt I Br, usl'i Clearing .....  decrease with no apparent logic. Cat Food... ! 0% off 9-9000- Washington Street Mon-Fn 8.30 to 5.00 and Sat 9.00 to 6:00 NOW OPEN SUNDAYS I O to 4 and one bathroom. They are on the kitchen counters, in my water glass in the bathroom and sometimes in my food. Sometimes they remind me of kittens and puppies. Anything new that is put on the kitchen counter gets an immediate response from the nearest ants. They run over to see what has been set down and I can almost Not only are they too numerous to wipe away with a damp paper towel or pick up with a piece of duct tape; their numbers increase and We have cats and our yard is home to deer, wild turkeys, song birds and other wildlife that might be harmed through ingestion of ant poison, so I'm looking for ways to get rid of ants that won't harm any other animal or plant life in my house and in my yard. I've talked with people and I've done internet searches for ways to get rid of the ants. Though I don't like to kill them because they actually can be beneficial, I don't want them in my house. As I look at the ants and try to figure out ways to remove them from the inside of my house, I keep telling myself that ants can aerate soil better than earthworms and they can clean our yards of dead insects and dead birds and rodents in very little time. Just a few days are enough for a colony of ants to clean up a dead mouse. I just want them to do all that work outside. I don't want to stay awake at night wondering what part of my house they may be damaging. One of my friends said to try corn starch, baking soda, talcum powder or baking powder to get rid of ants. Diatomaceous earth is also a good ant deterrent and it's good at killing all manner of crawling insects. Anything that kills earwigs is tops in my mind. I bought diatomaceous earth at the Julain Feed Store. It's in a bright yellow bag. Even flour could work as an ant deterrent because apparently the powdery substance gets caught on tiny ant legs and it really bothers them, so they avoid it. One recent evening I put a line of corn starch on my kitchen counter. The line went from the coffee pot to the edge of the counter, a distance of about 15". I glanced at the ants a few times while I cooked dinner. None of the ants wanted to walk through the corn starch. Some tried and looked like they were trying to walk uphill on a slippery sand dune. They never made it from one side to the other. The ants that tried going around the edge didn't have any success either. Most of them fell off the edge of the counter. 1 watched the ants every few minutes for about a half hour. They tried very hard to get around the corn starch without being able to go through it, but never quite succeeded. After I finished eating dinner, I looked at my line of corn starch which was about % inch high. I didn't see one ant near it. My conclusion is that corn starch on a clean, flat dry surface deters ants. For about two hours. After that they return. I guess they had a discussion and decided that thecorn starch could be walked around. I don't necessarily want to kill the ants. I just want them to leave. IU, I [Baci00country Bqrgains] /l We've Got Plus Sizes / J I OPEN - 11 to 5 Closed Wednesdays J i( Cabbages TT u== A=.-s, Cabbages and Kings l ..... v -- -- i and ' WHERE Pest control people suggest following the ant trail until the ant colony is found. Oh, sure. My house is carpeted and furnished. I can only follow an ant trail a . few feet,, and then I If my house was completely empty '' nd novegetation vasging anywhere near the house; then maybe I would have a chance. I almost think it would be easier to get the ants to stand still long enough for me to dab glow in the dark paint on them all. Then I . could really follow them. Inside the house, I look for ant trails along the edges of carpets, near fireplaces, sliding glass doors and other possible entry places. They often live in the vegetation near building foundations. Move the vegetation away from the foundations to check for colonies. Look under rocks or any other items resting near the foundation. Ants like to live under things and in mulch too. Though mulching is a good way to keep moisture in the ground around trees and other plants; it's good to keep it away from building foundations because it attracts ants and other crawly things.. Lots of people recommend sprinkling lemon juice, vinegar, sage or peppermint leaves inside or outside a house to deter ants. Just like using corn starch, or other powdery substances, these are called barriers, and one barrie'r that intrigues me is cucumber peels. I don't know of any cucumber peels that lay flat, so in my mind I picture fitting them together like pieces to a jigsaw puzzle. At least they have a pleasant, refreshing aroma. Cucumber peels also help get rid of cockroaches. That certainly is worth knowing. I like to slather petroleum jelly on the cords holding my hummingbird feeders. It keeps the ants from the nectar because they can't cross over the petroleum jelly. Ant predators exist and they include woodpeckers and yellow shafted flickers. Do what you can to attract these birds to your yard and they will thank you by eating ants. I looked up ant control on www. and found out some really interesting facts. If you take a shovel full of ants from one mound and dump it on a second mound, then take a shovel full of ants from the second mound and dump it on the first, they will fight each other and will kill each other off. We don't have to get rid of the ants. They do it all by themselves. We can plant a large variety of plants that help repel ants such as catnip, pennyroyal, peppermint, sage, and spearmint. Tansy is also a decent repellent, but it can be toxic so be very careful if you plant it in your yard. If you do find an ant nest, The Julian News 5 pour apple cider vinegar down the hole or pour boiling water down the hole. Repeat this for several days until no more live ants appear. Sometimes I simply flush the hole with water from my hose every few days when I water my yard. It works. We need ants, I just don't want them in my house. These are my thoughts. NOW AOOEPTIN6 CALIFORNIA 0 Groceries Fresh Produce, Sundries Beer Wine Liquor Dry Cleaning Lotto. Scratchers Full Service "Best in the County" Meat Department U.S.D.A. Choice Bee[ Bujalo Meat Special and Holiday Orders, Cut to your Specifications OPEN DAILY 6a.m. TO 8p.m. .!MONE --' --'''II BIll Pay Tattered Tidbits No. 3 by Albert Simonson Santiago Arguello San Diego mountains, January 20, 1836 "Savage Indians pardoned in the time of [Governor] Echeandia" must be restrained, stated a letter of that date sent to the "Jefe Superior Politico." Juan Marron, a respected ranchero and political figure, had been brutally attacked while asleep but was saved by friendly Indians. This was at "Cueros de Venado" (Deerskin Ranch). The evildoers should pay with their lives for their atrocities, the writer thought. The writer, Santiago Arguello, a tall, haughty ex-comandante, owned much land between present Ramona and Lakeside. He proposed a "respectable force" of 25 or 30 troops at Santa Ysabel to counter the incursions. There was a precedent - in 1826 troops had been stationed there and they beat the insurgency in a kind of early days Surge. Santa Ysabel was already a largely Christian Indian mission farming community, a good forward base for search and destroy campaigns. Things only got worse, and 1837 was a year of bloodshed, kidnapping, the battle of Cuyamaca, and humiliating defeat at "El Matadero" (the killing place). I don't know if the Surge ever happened or even could have worked. The final defeat of the insurgency took place much later by the U.S. Army with many more troops camped at Santa Ysabel, supported by advanced weaponry like Kentucky rifles and howitzers. The letter is Bancroft Collection C-A 70, 10-11.