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July 21, 2010     The Julian News
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July 21, 2010

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July 21, 2010 The Julian News 13 California Commentory Taxpayers Deserve a Better Return on Their Investment by Jon Coupal While many Californians are taking a summer vacation, few would do so if it meant leaving a mission critical task undone or, worse, violated the law. But that is what California legislators are governor has been compelled to order pay for state employees to be reduced to minimum wage. While many are critical of a system that has made California government workers the highest © As Heard On The Streets Of Julian © by Eric Stamets Local Resident Arrested For HOMES. CABINS. LAND ° RENTALS. PROPERTY MANAGEMENT ° VACATION RENTALS 2019 Main Street 760-765-0111 doing right now. The Legislature paid in all 50 states, few would Last week a local resident is on its summer break -- argue that the majority of state (for the sake of privacy and although in an effort to improve workers deserve no more than not unduly influencing jurors, their image, Senate leader the minimum wage. Also, those you know who he/she is), was arrested for impersonating a $7]0,000- Julian Estates Darrell Steinberg tells his flock in the private sector, who, in journalist in the Julian News• He/ 3 bedroom, 2 ]/2 both, 2 car, to be available within 24 hours good faith, provide products and notice, if needed, services to the state, deserve she (for the sake of privacy) was 2460 sq.ft. 2 story, 4.32 acres, While the Legislature has to be paid with real money, not also charged for impersonating Large barn and corrals, missedtheconstitutionaldeadline IOUs. a writer, since he/she had never to pass the annual budget and Then there are the vulnerable taken an actual writing class in the state faces a $20 billion in our societywho are dependent college other than bonehead English• Since April 2, 2008, budget shortfall, lawmakers are on government programs• there has been quite a body adopting the attitude of"Ho-hum, Don't they deserve to know of evidence piling up against just another deficit," and most how they will be treated in this him/her• One person said, "1 have fled Sacramento to work on era of declining government their tan or their reelection, revenues? And, of course, there watch the TV news and I read . in the San Diego Union about " - In a way, we cant blame them• are the taxpayers -- usually the how grotesque and messed .... . .....5 :i!- They've already been told by their last group to receive respect leaders that they might as well from Sacramento -- already up everything is. Do I have to $259,000 Whispering Pines, 3 bedroom, understand why too9 Give me,a . , .... '-" World nghtsmserved stay home. Assembly Speakerbent nearly double under the • ' 2 both, fenced ]/2 acre, wrap-around ............. break" The last article featuring John Perez sent what was burden of high taxes, who want " " deck with built-in play equipment, dual D=,.,--= nnn Gov Schwarzenegger was the one windows, F AC "' "" - ,,,-.---,,,.,,,,v supposed to ben confidential to know what kind of additional last straw and the governor sen! pone windo_ws_, F A/AC _ . memo to Democratic members punishment may be dished out theorder"Bring him/herin. $669,000 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ordering them not to negotiate out by lawmakers who do not There will be an appearance atTruly custom in Julian Estates, I' on the budget. Said Perez, "it understand that declining state the San Diego Inferior Court in 3 bedroom, 3 bath, den, 2 1 is critical that the Democrats revenues are the direct result of Julian (it's the most the County car garage on 6,89 acres, 2 " hold firm and not engage in any the declining incomes of those would give us.) In the interest master suites, one handicap negotiation until the governor who pay the state's bills• shows signs of reciprocation." Working on and passlng the of public decency, the columnist accessible. Mature forest plus ....... : ..... has been indefinitely suspended orchard, Horse property, Perez objects to the governor's budget is the Legislature s most by The Julian News pending : budgetwhichreflectsasubstantial important responsibility. Tryingto outcome of the trial• Finally this reduction in spending. However, balance the needs and desires of might be the weapon needed to there is a problem with his logic 38 million residents is not always silence this aggravation, but it's and approach• The governor's easy, but Californians expect no not a slam dunk. However it is ' . . budget plan is, in reality, just less than earnest effort. a proposal• It is the job of the There are no excuses, rumored that the writer was just . - . Legislature to respond. If there Members of the Senate and amayorfrOnt hasf°r thenotedtruethataUthor.if his ownThe is disagreement, lawmakers Assemblyvolunteerforthesejobs indictment had been so minor can, and should, make a counter and they are well compensated to have been scheduled in the proposal• By abrogating thewith high pay and benefits• The Julian court, he would have responsibility to negotiate, Perez midst of a budget crisis is never been off scot-free by now. As it injures all Californians. the appropriate time for vacation, is, having to hire an expensive ............... The failure to pass a budget Jan Coupal is president of .... the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers lawyer in San Diego is draining and deal with the deftctt is not a ............ ...... /4ssoclauon - a,rorma s largest his campaign fund dry. At least if T meoreucai problem, it means real grass-rOots taxpayer organization he's judged guilty, there won't be pare for real people. Because of dedicated to the protection of any funds to return. • ' $469,900 the Legislature's inaction, the Proposition 13 and the advancement of taxpayers' rights. ~ Julian Estates - 3 bedroom, den, 9 both, R.F.D. by ,ik arland 2 car garage, 2200 sq. fl., 4.42 acres. [1 l/h'qDqOJe.~ GF.N'rLEME-NFAR~£R$. M _di tar " "gr v, " " " Wood Interior, Lodge Feeling... .......... H-I I~.~:~T .~E.~'-..,,"~ ~A'r~o~: R~CN ~dEEKEkt~RS " ~'t ' co.ti..ed from page 13 ~ ca, Social Security at i (800) 772-1213. 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