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July 23, 2014     The Julian News
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July 23, 2014

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July 23, 2014 The Julian News 5 C lob tio of t ikansrucl aturc a - July z6 1pm julian Communit nitecl Mothodi t Chu & Family Owned & Operated 1st fill $1.89 per gallon there after market rate of $2.41 per gallon Residential, Commercial, and Agricultural Enrollment Now Open For 2015 "Exploring Our Sense of Place" The San Dieguito River Valley topics including Mammals and Conservancy officially opens Tracking, Native Americans, enrollment for its 2015 Exploring Birds of Bernardo Bay, Geology, Our Sense of Place Program Chaparral.and Water Resources, today. Enrollment is limited to25 Piedras Pintadas Botany and participants in order to maximize the recent multi-million dollar the experience for participants, Wetland Restoration Project Participants will experience at the San Dieguito Lagoon. the San Dieguito River Valley Recognizing the importance of and watershed in all seasons, connecting people with nature, following its path from Volcan time is set aside at each event for Mountain in Julian to North special "reflection time." Beach in Del Mar, encountering A Graduation Luncheon is plants, animal and human served at the San Dieguito inhabitants and will connect Lagoon atthe end ofthe program. to the River Valley with their More than 175 Explorers have heart and minds. The eight graduated from the program, excursions are held monthly many of whom continue to from September through May participate in ESP Alumni hikes including a welcome reception and educationalexperiences. Go at the Del Mar Powerhouse, to ExploringOurSenseOfPlace. followed by seven outings org for further details and to with experts in a variety of enroll. - t The average person falls asleep in seven minutes. ~< >k d "The amount of sleep required "by the average person is five minutes more " Wilson Mizener ,L RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU OIL by Michele Harvey Two Cats, A Skunk, A Raccoon And A Chicken My title looks like a lead-in to a joke. I didn't plan that. Like so many of life's funny moments it just happened. We own 8 cats. Two of them live their entire lives inside of our house. Once in a while they venture out as far as the outside edge of the door mat on our front porch. When they try to adventure farther away from the interior of the house, they scare themselves and they rush back in. That's all the column space they get this time. We have 2 cats that live outside most days and inside most nights. They avoid the other outside cats, or they confront them with growls and hisses, so this is all the column space they get this time. Two of our outdoor cats avoid the others. One is our kitty matriarch. She thinks the other cats are all trespassing on her territory, so each year she becomes more anti-social. This is the last you will hear about her in this column. We also have a cat that lived at our neighbor's for about 12 years, and then he decided to adopt us. He's a very purry cat who avoids any trouble from any animal on our property. He is worth writing about, another time. That leaves us with 2 cats, a skunk. A raccoon and assorted stellar's jays and scrub jays. I didn't mention the jays in my title because the title would have been way too long. My husband Mike feeds our outside cats twice each day. He feeds them at about 8 a.m. and again soon after 5 p.m. Until recently feeding the outdoor cats posed no problems. The cats have decided which one of them will eat at which dish. Mike puts a bit of dry food in each dish as each cat waits patiently. A few months ago everything changed. The change wasn't abrupt; however, it is very obvious. First, Red, our Rhode Island Red hen discovered feeding time. Red loves to eat dry cat food. It's one of her favorite foods, right behind popped popcorn. For weeks she was patient, when the cats got fed, but this week she threw patience to the wind. This morning Mike told me that it's really disconcerting to bend down enough to pour some food into a cat's dish, and see a hen running full speed toward him. Of course her interest had nothing to do with Mike except as the guy with the food. Red also runs to Mike's car when he arrives home because she knows that the front of his car will be filled with tasty bugs. She really likes cleaning the bugs off Mike's car. I think they are her third favorite food. This week Mike has had to chase Red away from the front porch kitty dining room until the cats had eaten their fill. Then she is allowed to munch as much as she wants. Sometimes she eats the food soon enough to beat the ants to it. If not, the raccoon comes later at night and eats the food and the ants. At night we have different issues to watch for on our front porch. After Mike doles out the evening's ration of dry food, and after the cats have eaten, our friendly teenage skunk and teenage raccoon show up for an evening treat. Fortunately for us, the skunk doesn't spray us or our cats. We surprise him often enough that we could have been sprayed a number of times. Mr. Skunk just wants to eat and then move on into the night. Our teenage raccoon visitor occasionally comes into my son's house. He smells food and heads for the cat's gravity feeder. This is also one of the hen's favorite places to look for a snack. Once in a while the cats actually get to eat some food from their feeder. All of the animals have learned to get along at the gravity feeder, taking turns and not botheringeach other. The raccoon sometimes stays long enough to check out the rest of the kitchen just in case other treats may be within reach. He seems to know that my son Thomas isn't a threat to him and he has occasionally eaten a snack from Thomas's hand. Apparently our porch is a different kind of territory. If cats, raccoon, skunk or the hen claim the dry food, no one else is allowed near it until that one critter is finished. After the morning feast, when all of the mammals are off the porch, that's when the jays and the crows venture forth to see what they can find to eat. Sometimes during the day I see a scrub jay or a stellar's jay jump onto our front porch to steal a crunchy piece of cat food. When was fortunate enough to watch from our yard instead of from the narrow view from my kitchen window, I cnce saw a jay pick up a piece of food, fly to our porch roof where he wedged the food under the edge of the roof flashing. Once the food was solidly wedged in place, he was able to peck off little bits and eat them until he ate the whole thing. After that, he flew down for another piece of food and repeated the entire routine. The crows simply hop toward a piece.of food, picking it up, then they fly away with it to a safer place to dine, returning as often as they can before wandering cats or a hen show up in the near vicinity. lIKE USED OIL FILTER IS EASIER THAN LOCAL DROP OFF AND FREE CURBSIDE Thanks for doing you keep your comm by all ,7 . One recent night, one of our cats tried getting to the food when the skunk had already claimed it as his own. The first time the cat got close; the skunk stepped toward him and hissed. The cat moved away, but not far enough to satisfy the skunk. The second time the cat closed in on the skunk, the skunk made firmer movements. He lurched forward and made a sound that was a little bit hiss and a little bit bark. The cat didn't need to be told a third time that he needed to back off completely. I love living near all of these interesting animals. As my friend Tracy Turner says, you sure can learn a lot when you watch animals. These are my thoughts. Julian Library Hours Monday closed Tuesday 9:00 - 8 Wednesday 9:00 - 6 Thursday 9:00 - 6 Friday 9:00 - 5 Saturday 9:00 - 5 Sunday closed Bobk Store Hours (I ,- Saturday 5 pm 1850 Highway 78 765- 0370 (619) 246-8585 Groceries. Fresh Produce. Sundries Beer, Wine Liquor Dry Cleaning, Lotto, Scratchers Full Service "Best in the County" Meat Department U.S.D,A. Choice Bee[ Buffalo Meat Special and Holiday Orders, Cut to your Specifications OPEN DAILY 6a.m. TO 8p.m. The Cat Likes It! The Diplomatic Service is a lifelong learning experience. New Cultures, new languages, how to write cables, how to draft Diplomatic (or "Dip") Notes: "The Embassy of the United States of America presents its compliments to the Ministry of External Affairs of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and has the honor to inform the Ministry that " and so on and so forth. What it doesn't do is teach you how to put together new deck chairs Yes, there are instructions and they are just fine as long as you KNOW what an "Alan wrench" is. At least these instructions were marginally comprehensible which those dealing with computers are not. So we sat on the patio steps, the "bucket" (fortunately there are pictures) upside down on our knees (unfortunately they don't go into actual methodology, those pictures) and the semi-comprehensible instructions on one side held down by various screws and a couple of odd looking tools on the other. Fit the legs on to the bottom of the chair, both arrows pointing in the same direction, roger, over, out. and it all fell off. Pick up same and try again, fit screws on from underneath, bolts or whatever those thingys with hole in them are called over the screw ends, tighten with fingers finally figure out what an Alan wrench is for (odd looking piece of equipment, that) and voila! Well, more or less voi-fizzle-la One chair done. The nice man at Big Lots said he had put the set (two chairs and a little table) together in half an hour. He started to explain how easy it was but apparently saw the look of pure terror on our face and changed the subject. The first chair took us forty minutes, twenty of which were figuring out that the optimal.way was to sit with the bucket as per above. Trying to set the chair on the legs and tighten bolts or whatever they are from underneath, no, it just doesn't make it. Get a glass of wine. The second chair took fifteen minutes, mainly because we lost a screw. Get another glass of wine and regard the table with apprehension. "More difficult" said the nice man at Big Lots. Drink glass of wine. The table took five minutes to put together. And the moral of this story is thereprobably is a golden opportunity out there for a small business which re-writes Chinese instructions.