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July 31, 2013     The Julian News
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July 31, 2013

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July 31, 2013 3ted Here Monday m Saturday 9 am - 6 pm Sunday 9 am- 5pm =117 MAt= Street I 760. 765 8SO0 I Dry Cleaning Service in by Tuesday, Back by Friday I Phone in Your Meat and Bell Orders - No Waiting POPE TREE SERVICE All Your Tree Service Needs Commercial Busted A fox raiding the water bowl, captured by Sara VanAmelrooy "s "stelth trail camera " HEALTH and PERSONAL SERVICES Massage by Melanie CMT Come in and get a relaxing massage at Julian Fitnen! Tuesdays and Thursdays Call for appointment 76o-765q576 760-765q410 (No m.,,,b..hip ,,i,a0  a l-Z_a a,, JULIAN MEDICAL CLINIC A DIVISION OF BORREGO HEALTH We accept Community Health Group Insurance Julian Clinic will be open until 7pro on Tueadaya nowJ Walk-ina are wslcome. Now accspting Holina and CHG Inaurance , &Bed Full Service Hospice & Dementia Case by Case Senior cqre License #37460101g SUNCREST LODGE 34540 Engineers Road and Highway 79 (760) 765-0065 Mar0ages on the i6untain ick Thilkn, Chaplain 00760-70065-1578 d,.c K f,20;36i@ g m ail.,:cpm C o nt Wedin:gs ues,gneal-0r YoU: call Rev LeSTurner 760,443-300930 leszmor@al!b No Appointments Just Come In / Now Available Certified Animal Adjusting, fia 1 Only $30. 00 1455 Hollow (next to OFFICE Monda Tues l00[y Thoug]lt s by Michele Harvey Snake ! Gopher snake A few days ago my cell phone rang and I walked into the dining room to get the call, since I keep my phone in my purse, not with me. After digging in my purse, I picked up the call too late, and missed it. However, as I held my phone, I heard a hissing sound. Just a light hissing, it was like a small air leak and I couldn't figure out what could be leaking air in that area of our house. I walked down our hallway, past two of our cats who were looking intently near an electric wall socket low on the wall, near the floor. As I passed them, I noticed that I also passed the hissing sound. Since I was on my way to the home office, I picked up a flashlight there, turned it on, walked back where the hissing was and pointed it toward the cats. Coming from the wall socket was a jumble of wires connected to a battery charger. Tangled in the wires was an 18" long snake. One of the cats was batting at the snake and the snake was striking at the cat. Fortunately I had put my cell phone in my pocket. At this point I called my sons who live next door. I told them I had a snake in the hallway with the two cats batting at it as it struck at them and I told the boys to come fast and wear heavy gloves. Thinking I had a full grown rattle snake in my house, they brought a flat nosed shovel to cut its head off and a large trash can to throw it in. Since the snake was young and small, one of my boys simply scooped it up and tossed it in the trash can in one very smooth move. Though I didn't panic because snakes don't really bother me, I thought the snake was a rattler that had managed to crawl 25 feet into my house. It was 25 feet beyond any door that opens to the outside. That still bothers me. I thought he was a rattle snake because of the shape of his head. It was kind of diamond shaped. Later, husband Mike found out through research that our snake was a gopher snake. I have since researched more and have found out quite a bit about rattle snakes and gopher snakes. When annoyed, gopher snakes can quickly become defensive. They glare at you, flatten their heads, vibrate their tails and hiss loudly. This is what I encountered when I flashed my light on the snake and the cats. Those cats were really annoying that snake. When feeling threatened, gopher snakes also ;ilJrate their tails and they strike at what is threatening them. This, along with their hissing makes them look and sound a lot like a rattle snake. Gopher snakes and rattle snakes can look remarkably alike. However, rattle snakes have a head that is more triangular than a gopher snake head and a rattler's head is noticeably larger than its neck. Rattle snake eyes are pale in color and have vertical cat-like pupils. Gopher snake eyes tend to be round. The gopher snake that was in my house, seemed to have round, black eyes that matched his tongue. Gopher snakes have a slender glossy body and rattle snakes have a thick, blunt, dull body, not glossy at all. Rattle snakes have a blunt tail with at least one rattle while gopher snakes have a very slender tail. In the few moments I had for decision making, I mistook a gopher snake for a rattle snake. I was deciding on the side of caution which is always a good idea. Once we got the snake and the large trash can outside, we took pictures of him, and then we released him in the pasture across the road from our property. Rattle snakes and gopher snakes are good to have on our properties because they kill and eat rodents that can carry diseases. Walking around rural or urban lands, it's always a good idea to be cautious. Paying attention to your surroundings, sights and sounds, is a good way to stay healthy in our environment. These are my thoughts. James F, Morton June 22, 1928 - May 21,2013 Born in Crown Point, San Diego, James had many family connections to Julian, California. Jim was a 1945 graduate of Julian High School and he had many happy memories of visiting with his Uncle and Aunt, Harold and Frances Sharpless, long time Julian residents, at their home near the Eagle Mine. Jim's father, William Henry Morton and his two brothers all lived in Julian at one time or another, his family were 1930s Borrego pioneers and his parents owned the 5M ranch near Julian. As a self- employed plumbing contractor, Jim provided well for his wife and children. He was known for his love of good food and it's been said that you couldn't know him without being treated to a good meal, often at one of the city's finest restaurants. Jim is also remembered for his spiritual side. He had a strong belief in Jesus Christ as his personal Savior, teaching Sunday school, praying and reading his Bible. His favorite passages of Scripture were 1 Corinthians, chapter 13. Jim is survived by his children, Donald James Morton and his wife Alexandra; Mindy (Morton) Hagen and her husband Craig; Alice (Morton) Gannaway and her husband Jeff; eight grandchildren, three great-granddaughters, step daughters, Sherry Vance and her husband Ron; Becky Halgren and her husband Bruce; four step- grandchildren; six step great-grandchildren and many nieces and nephews. The Julian News 5 DESCANSO HAY AND FEED JULIAN DELIVERY WEEKLY ... LET US DEUVER VOR YOU! CALL- FAX - EMAIL FOR DELIVERIES: FAX (619) 445-1596 DESCANSOH&Y@AOL.COM HAY, FEED AND SUPPLIES | DOG AND CAT FOOD, SUPPLIES  ALFALFA AND BERMUDA AND BIRD SEED TOO! STORE HOURS: 25077 VIEJAS BLVD MONDAY- FRIDAY 8AM TO 6PM DESCANSO, CA 91916 SATURDAY 8AM TO 5PM LOCATED NEXT TO MCCUNTOCK'S SADDLE SHOP CLOSED SUNDAY Fun for all ages! Thursday 1@lpm from the Julian Pie Company! Deer, Deer Nixie leaves her perch on the shady patio barbecue to amble inside the house and throw up on the Persian rug. The old, family Persian rug. Then she walks out, marking her exit with the click of the cat door. Haiduc pees inside the barn, on the same spot, until the spot is a swamp of mud and you-know-what in spite of our usual near-zero humidity. But. these are minor annoyances. The major animal annoyance these days is deer. There are too many. They don't have enough to eat. They want my garden. They got in during my absence which is par for the course and ate all the Swiss chard and some of the kale. After I returned and secured the perimeter, they infiltrated through a knocked down fence and ate the rest of the kale and some of the tomatillos and eggplant. The flowers they like were already gone. Fortunately, they don't like the expensive chrysanthemums. The perimeter was secured again and the makeshift gate reinforced. They pulled away a chair and ate more of the tomatillos and damaged tomatoes and zucchini. They are not only evil, but desperate. So out came the heavy artillery, that is the, .22, and shots were fired in their general direction on their next daylight appearance which was, in fact, the same day. At least we can scare them into someone else's back yard. Two deer bounded gracefully away, not really worried. Another shot. Another deer ambled away. Another shot. Deer number four looked calmly in our direction and said, quite distinctly, "1 dare you." Ah, temptation. There are too many deer for the food supply. There are people who don't like hunting or hunters but good food on the cloven hoof is eating my garden while people are hungry. Surely there is a balance somewhere.