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August 18, 2010     The Julian News
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August 18, 2010

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August 18, 2010 California Commentary Jerry Brown Lets Down His Clients Two recent court decisions raise serious questions about Attorney General Jerry Brown's ability to be fair and impartial in matters of great importance to all Californians. Most Californians are aware that the Attorney General is the state's "top cop" as well as lawyer. The expressed constitutional duty of the Attorney General is to ensure that the laws of the state are uniformly and adequately enforced. He represents the people of California in cases before both state and federal courts. Among the myriad of less well known responsibilities is that the AG is responsible for drafting a nonpartisan title and summary for initiative measures that qualify for the ballot. Additionally, the Attorney General establishes and operates programs to protect Californians from fraudulent, unfair, and illegal activities that victimize consumers. Voters, who are consumers of information, may find this last duty ironic in that within the last week, Superior Court judges in Sacramento, in two separate cases, found that the AG prepared "false" and "misleading" summaries for Propositions 23 and 25. For both propositions, both judges were compelled to change language from the AG that was clearly designed to influence voters to oppose Proposition 23, the California Jobs Act, and to support Proposition 25 that would make it easier to pass a budget and raise taxes. Writing an even handed ballot description of Proposition 23, which would delay implementation of California's unique "go it alone" greenhouse gas' emission standards until unemployment drops to 5.5 percent, or Proposition 25 which lowers the vote to needed to pass a state budget as well as opening the door to higher taxes with a simple majority vote, should have been a straightforward process. The Legislative Analyst office provides clear, concise language describing what these initiatives do and, in the past, these The right word may be effective, but rightly timed pause. R.ED. by Jon Coupal analyses and others have been a guide to Attorney Generals in preparing fair language that voters can easily understand. But here, Jerry Brown went out of his way to use language so one sided that the courts described it "false," "misleading" and "prejudicial." Jerry Brown is a graduate of Yale Law School and has passed the California Bar exam. As a lawyer, he should be well aware of the ethical standards required of the profession. Violations of professional responsibility include "colnflict of interest," which occurs; when an attorney's ability is "mlaterially limited by their loyalty to another client, personal relationship, or other reasons." In this case, Brown has voiced his strong opposition to Proposition 23 and has now let his personal views influence his professional judgment. And in the case of Proposition 25, it is hard to call his providing a falsely flattering ballot summary a coincidence, when the primary sponsors of Proposition 25 are the public employee unions that are also the biggest backers of Brown's campaign for governor. Make no mistake. If Jerry Brown, as a private person oras a gubernatorial candidate, desired to sign a ballot argument for or against a particular measure, he could do so. And that argument would surely be a one-sided piece of political advocacy. There is nothing wrong with that. But in his constitutional role as AG, he has a separate and distinct duty' to his client, the People of Clifornia, to prepare a fair and impartial title and summary dmvoid of advocacy, for or against. Two different judges last week foLund that he violated that duty. For a person seeking the highest office in the state, that of Govelrnor, such lapses in judgment are cause for concern. Jon Coupal is president of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association -.- California's largest grass-roots ttaxpayer organization dedicated to the protection of Proposition 13 and the advancement of taxpayers' rights. no word was ,ever as effective as a [,, ]!l .... I /vze I  E'g2'l ,/ep.ocer, m-oRe't / 2"qli',_)l - Mark Twain by Mike Marland Weekly SUDOKU by Linda Thistle 8 4 7 1 4 3 6 1 3 3 2 8 9 9 1 5 6 8 2 3 4 7 28 96 7 5 2 Place a number in the empty boxes in such a way that each row across, each columln down and each small 9-box square contains all of the numbers from one to nine. DIFFICULTY THIS WEEtK: * * * * Moderate ** Challenging *** HOO BOY! 2010 King Features Synd., Inc;. As Heard On The Streets Of Julian by Eric Stamets Starfest 2010 Update After last year's somewhat disappointing weather for the Julian Starfest in 2009, this year's was blessed by beautiful dark and clear skies. I was fortunate to not be in the hospital this year so I could attend for the first time. The staff treated me royally in seeing that I couldn't walk very far and made provisions that got me from the parking area to the Starfest site and back. All the attendees seemed very friendly and mannerly, although in the dark I couldn't see who they were. To start, just after sundown there was a beautiful grouping of Venus, Saturn and Mars whether you were looking in a telescope at one of them or not. Unfortunately as complete darkness unfolded, I didn't have the stamina to stay for very long and so missed many of the deep sky treasures that were observed that night. I did hear a follow up report the next day on the startling discovery last year of a parallel universe by one of the amateurs. If you'll remember, he spotted what must be a parallel universe, although it was actually almost at a right angle to ours, giving it a little more menacing look. He had just cleaned his lens, eliminating the chance of it being a smudge of mascara from a female or a decked out male guest viewer. Telescopes such as the Hubbell and most large earth based telescopes have such a narrow field of view, they could never make this discovery. Very small telescopes, like many amateurs use with not very powerful lenses, can have a much wider angle of view. The "thing" that was observed was huge- way bigger than even a giant galaxy cluster. There was no other logical explanation for it. There is a cosmological concept of what they call "Bubble universes" and "multiverses" and so if bubbles are also spotted with more powerful scopes when viewing time would allow, they would definitely serve as evidence that it was a new universe. However, the scientific method requires that observations are repeatable and so this year's observations were very important. Upon observation, the other universe was gone from where it was spotted last year, but with so many telescopes observing at the Skyfest it was soon discovered that the parallel universe had moved to the other side of the sky and was attempting to do what ever it was doing last year, but through the back door after being caught red giant handed last year. We'll just have to come back to the Starfest next year and see what happens next. The Julian News 13 HOMES. CABINS. LAND. RENTALS. PROPERTY MANAGEMENT. VACATION RENTALS 2019 Main Street 760-765-0111 $65,000 - Move In Ready Mobile Home in Julian Townsite, Great- condition, Must see to appreciate, $669,000 Truly custom in Julian Estates, 3 bedroom, 3 bath, den, 2 car garage on 6.89 acres. 2 master suites, one handicap accessible. Mature forest plus orchard. Horse property. Great Locale, ample parking, easy access, well on property, 2 well- maintained buildings and a 700 sq.ft. cabin that can be used as an office or rental. Known as the Julian Feed Store. This commercial site has endless possibilities for your business. Proposed building site for an additional 1300 sq.ft, bldg. For more details and maps, please contact Sheryll Strickland at 760- 765-0111 or 760-604-2226(ce11] Offered at $739,000 $694,000 - Julian Estates 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, 2 car, 2460 sq,ft, 2 story, 4,32 acres, Large barn and corrals, Strange But True by Samantha Weaver It was librarian and essayist Frederick Saunders who made the following sage observation: "Pride, like laudanum and other poisonous medicines, is beneficial in small, though injurious in large, quantities. No man who is not pleased with himself, even in a personal sense, can please others." Earthquakes occur at a rate of roughly one every minute around the world. About eight of those every year are considered to be major, registering above 7.0 on the Richter Scale. If you're a sailor you're probably familiar with the hazards of being out on the water: high seas, storms, hidden reefs. You probably wouldn't count whales among the dangers, but you'd be wrong. It seems that on a recent day sail out of Table Bay Harbor in South Africa, a couple on a 30-foot sailboat were whale-watching when one got too close for comfort. A 40-ton whale they had been viewing breached right next to the boat and landed on the deck, breaking off the mast and then thrashing around before sliding back into the water. The whale lost some skin and blubber, but was otherwise unharmed; the couple were lucky to still C rd have aseaworthycraftand made I'0SS-W  it safely back to the harbor. Statistics show that the $469,900 Julian Estates - 3 bedroom, den, 2 bath, 2 car garage, 2200 sq. fl., 4.42 acres. Wood Interior, Lodge Feeling. Undeveloped Land $39,500 Harrison Park Lot .49 acres - ready to go! 6 9 o  average 5-year-old boy today .... weighs about 10 percent more and the average 5-year-old girl about 8 percent more than children of the same age in the 1980s. 22 Those who study such  29 30 things say that the word "daisy" -- --- started out as "day's eye" and was shortened over the years. Similarly, "God be with you" 4T became "goodbye" and "whole be thou" became "hello." 46 47 48 . . . 5o ----  Thought for the Day: "To avoid .... situations in which you might make mistakes may be the biggest mistake of aft." -- Peter McWilliams (c) 2010 King Features Synd., Inc. 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The Julian calendar, a reform of the Roman calendar, was introduced by Julius Caesar in 46 B.C. and came to be known as the Julian calendar. The Julian year is on average 360% days long. IQng Crossword - Answers Solution time: 21 mins. s lolI-lvlsIa u , ullolvldlll s olol*Ilnlol*lv 5- d -4 i I H i El El v o v -I o oIlul Iu HOi IoIo DRUGS.i: i: i. 3. Barbiturates . i! 2 4. Street methadone:  ') 5. Alcohol '  " 6. Ketamine i 7. Benzodiazepines!i 00Xan.x,V0000um, . Rohypnol) , 4  - .. /!::: 8. Amphetamines:-,,.  9. Tobacco iii i:: 10. Buprenorphine  ../ Source: Advisory Councit:i(   - on the Misuse of Drugs, k 2010 by King Features Syndicate Inc. World rights reserved. Weekly SUDOKU Answer 9 6 9 9 9 L I. t 6 g L 6 L L t 9 8 g L t, i: 6 9 8 L 9 9 L g  t g L 6 9 L 1 I. 6 g 9 I. g 6 L L t i L t 6 g 9 L L 6 t, 8 9