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August 25, 2010     The Julian News
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August 25, 2010

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August 25, 2010 The Julian News 13 California Commentary The Spawn of Enron Giving Millions to Save AB 32 recovers• Even Spain, the champion of green jobs, found that for every green job they created with taxpayer money, it destroyed two jobs in the larger HOMES. CABINS. LAND. RENTALS. PROPERTY MANAGEMENT. VACATION RENTALS byJon Coupal economy. 2019 Main Street 760-765-0111 Ken Lay, the former CEO of concedes that California's global Opponents of Prop 23 have ........... ,..,....,. ,... Great Locale, ample parking, easy Enron, loved the idea of a cap- warming law, by itself, will do ,=,y ......u ........ and-trade program for carbon nothing to solve global warming, is funding our campaign. It is access, well on properly, 2 well- dioxide. Ken Lay, a Greenie? Of The opposition to Prop 23 is all absolutely truethatthe petroleum maintained buildings and a 700 sq.ff. course. He was chasing green about the money• industry has a lot at stake in this cabin that can be used as an office his whole life. Cap-and-trade, So who exactly is bankrolling fight b.ecause, left unabated, AB or rental. Known as the Julian Feed 32 will cause dramatic increases " ..... according to the felonious Mr. the opposition campaign? ........ Store. This commercial site has endless Lay, would "do more to promote It certainly isn't the earnest in me cost OT Tuei ann energy But here n California these possibilities for your business. Proposed Enron's business than almost environmentalists in their Companies employ tens of building site for an additional 1300 any other regulatory initiative." Birkenstocks. The big bucks thousands of workers and pay sq.fl, bldg. For more details and maps, O0,UUU Move In i eaay V y 1 oy Lrtc tamels accessible, Mature forest plus .......... Enron8 brass may havei been are coming in from5hedge fund 0 Chess--ece criminals, but they were smart, managers, Wall Street traders millions to the state and local please contact SheryllStrickland at 760- Enron made their money trading and venture capitalists. In fact, governments in tax revenues. 765-0111 or 760-604-2226{ce11) stuff, and the mother-of-all a hedge-fund manager formerly PleUS, thueY %OdeUCe products that Offered at $739,000 markets is for carbon dioxide, of Wall Street's Goldman Sachs Y . Yup, the very stuff that we all is the major contributor to the No So when the Spawn of Enron exhale with every breath and on Proposition 23 campaign•executives, hedge-fund and that is generated by cars, air These moneyed interests want Venture capital managers conditioners, stoves, washing to use AB 32 to take money out of and Wall Street traders machines, livestock . . . just the pockets ofthe rest of us in the complain about "out-of-state oil ..... about every human endeavor form of higher energy costs and companies, remind them that that involves energy, put it in their pockets in the form those who live in glass houses But there is a big problem of AB 32 credits and subsidies, shouldn't throw stones. trying to trade in a commodity for Proposition 23 would put a stop Jan Coupal is president of ~ ~~;i~" . the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers ~~ ~~ .... which there is no natural market, to that Wall Street game-playing. Association -- California's largest ,.~ ~...~ .. , _ _ ~OY4,UUU - JUlian I::$TQTeS You see, the law now is that Let's be clear. Most of grass-roots taxpayer organization ...... " ....... 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, 2 car, 2460 Americans do not need a permit us backing Prop 23 are big dedicated to the protection of IVIODI!e Home In JUlian iownslTe. L reaT- sq.ff. 2 story, 4.32 acres, Large barn and to breath• But if crafty market proponents of capitalism. What Proposition 13 and the advancement conalTiOn. MUST see To appreciate, corrals manipulators were somehow we object to, however, are the of taxpayers'rights. able to get government to create corporate rent seekers who such a market, and if those same pursue market manipulation and in 'Julian Estates, Trul cust crafty capitalists could control heavy government subsidies at © As Heard On The 3 bedroom, 3 bath, den, 2 that market, they would become the expense of everyone else• Streets Of Juhan © car garage on 6.89 acres. 2 lllt PF// very, very wealthy. Opponents of Prop 23 will tell ...... master suites, one handicap " One of the ways the California voters that we need AB 32 for Self-Checkout orchard. Horse property. 1 i Air Resources Board (CARD) "Green Jobs•" Baloney. There proposes to reduce carbon is a market for green jobs right dioxide emissions is through now and we don't have to trash At Julian the very kind of cap-and-trade the California economy in order system envisioned by Enron to attract them. In fact, California Library as its next big profit center• would have alotmoregreenjobs But since Enron is no longer, now if it were not for our hostile In an effort to continue to .... provide library services with its philosophically simpatico tax and regulatory environment• all the budget cuts across all , , progeny are planning to useIronically, many of these "green aovernment aaencies (except Julian Estates - 3 bedroom, den, 2 bath, California's global warming law, jobs" have already moved out of .... ..... AB 32, as their very own treasure state because California ranks the Federal Government), the 2 car garage, 2200 sq.. ft., 4.42 acres. Julian Library is instituting self- Wood Interior, Lodge Feehng. chest, dead last in multiple surveys on checkout similar to the way I But one thing stands in the business climate. way of those who stand to profit Opponents will say we needsome checkouts are being used I handsomely from California's the absurd and byzantine at stores such as Home Depot I _ _ one-of-a-kind global warming regulations flowing from AB 32 and Costco. It is expected that II Undeveloped Land I law: Proposition 23. A broad to foster "Green Tech." Again, the circulation of any materials I u,...:o....,,,.., I coalition of taxpayer groups, this is merely an admission that with a more mature content will II ' I large and small businesses their business models won't be increase because you will not I - ,~L~Jy ,~J "Jr: have the scrutiny of a librarian .... I and labor organizations have profitable without government you know so well at checkout. " - - - - I qualified this measure which intervention. "Green Tech" may would temporarily suspend ABjustaswellbecalled"Greenbacks Julian is so very fortunate to i 32 until. California regains its Tech." economic footing by improving China, India, France, Australia, haVequahtya andlibrarYa canng°f !his staffSize thatand K(Hlr¢ll Tero, Janet Gastil Carre St. A ,'dre Sherrll. Stricldami ........ cell 619-417-0481 cell 760-44 -1829 cell 619-922- 687 cell, 60-604-22 6 its employment situation, all other western states and now nas to De me most helpful in the " " Those who thought that AB the U.S. Senate have recognized county. San Diego County has 32 was about saving the planet the high costs of cap-and-trade felt the effects of the recession Strange But True -- weekly SUDOn,u -- need a reality check• Even the and have abandoned such and .compared to some o!her -- by Samantha Weaver Answer counues ann espeaaiiy cities California Air Resources Board programs until the economy .... , It was American drama critic and author John Mason Brown who 9 fi ! 6 L L I £ 8 liKe uiego, has none a gooa ........ .... made the following sage observation' Reasoning with a child is fine L 6 I- ! g 8 [ 9 joo oTweathering the storm vve .... " . I I I I R.ED. bvMikeMarland . , " If you can reach the child s reason without destroying your own , , , , I I I I [ are allhopingTortheDestforour ' 8 £ t7 9 G 6 /. L r 8u-r -n E i i ....... it opened in 1962, it had a total of 16,000 square feet of space. Today, Isl lalglalzl lGl¢ i Iec°n°my' out 'n the Tuture 'f there ::)KS L, KE I ...... • The first WaI-Mart was located in the town of Rogers, Ark. When [ [ I ! I I I I I nave to De more cuts, our IiDrary , there are WaI-Mart Supercenters all over the Un,ted States, and they [ ] L [ 9 I I 1, I I S II will be equipped to handle the , . ..:. ..... • ........ : . ........... measure at least 100,000 square feet and can range up to 220,000 [ I i I I I I I t 'II' ii! i] cnallenge, , wlm me selT-cnecK... ..... ,...., 16 I tt I , I I L I g I 8 I 9 I , ' ' ...... "" ........ • The or,g,nal Maytag company was known for mak,ng horse-drawn 117 I S I 6 1 z I I I I e I a , The worst case scenario that I =~ua,~ ig.~t~ . i i ~ i I I I I I ' " ..... , " " nave .neara .... OT ,S mat everyone bugg,es rather than apphances.' I = I e I z I I ¢ I s 1 9 1 1 e .... . ] except one iiorarian would be mia ........ ,, . • The word pretzel comes from the Lat,n word for little reward. I I I I I I I I I i off and an armea guard hired to • L 9 £ 6 8 Z S . . . • Researchers at Johns Hopkins University and the University of I I I I I I I I I shoot anyone who tried to get out .... i weekly i ..... Pennsylvania conducted a joint study on Americans weight. They of the iiorary wimout using the . • . . . , ........... concluded that current trends continue 86 percent of adults in thB T |ltln lrnqk" m3"ft'] -- selt-cnecKou[. LeEs all ao our. ..,.. , ,...^ ^.^^^ ' ..,.v....,,,...,.. COUHL/y Will U~ UU~b~ uy /UOU. part to De productive and help Answers .. • Before H Ross Perot became a successful businessman -- and ...... me economy so we never get to • " • • OIUl[ion time" zb rains • . had a brief, somewhat less successful career as a pohtician -- he " ' that point, broke horses tara living•IslsIoI±IINIoIslIsI±Inloi 1 • Statistics show that three out I lvlolsll lnloll lulol i age of 50 are on their second . . . . . . . . . by Linda Thistle I rOSSW0rC[ of four married women over the ACROSS 1 2 3 4 !"--"~ ~ m rri . .. / INI IHIOIVlttlXlVld ' ," ,' 1 I ,° ," a age. in me same age range, ,k s JL n 9 I / d-3 a v 1 Tobacco I III fiv . f .... I, lSl±lnlDl±llldl lalV 2 1 e 3 e out o six men are in me ~p 12I I I 1 I l • ITM 1 ] ...... IVlNIvlalNI IalalNIvls 5 Possesses ~~ ~ same marital situation. I±lvlol±lolal l l INIn 6 5 3 7 8 Benedict • Fireflies start to glow in order s I o v =t s q 3 v4 XVl, e.g. to attract a mate, and they die8 n o J_ o o v u I ^ 12 Places soon after finding one. 3 ± 3 d 3 3 ^ u 3 d V 13Groupo i i-i i i i i--ro • Experienced boot makers I lol^lv•±lolvll,loIol i v, .. scenes reportedly can get three pairs I lalol llslvlHIloIvlHlsl ]4 AcKrow- of the footwear out of a sing e 6 1 9 15 Unoriginal ostrich hide. one I l'l I l'l I I I • When you sneeze, the II, 1 5 9 7 16 Geese-in- air leaves your mouth at • 1 • flight approximately 100 mph. formation l'°l I I l"l I I I 14' *** 3 2 8 17 Rose or 4s ,s , ~ ~ Thought for the Day: ""Anybody I "K It_ _, "rL ..... z I Townshend ~ ~ ~ who has listened to certain kinds I IV'I'O~[ "~ ~L~[ I 18 Shrew [50 II I 1 I 1 • 1 1 1 " of music, or read certain kinds of I - 7 2 4 3 20 GO .---l------L-----ll I~ poetry, or heard certain kinds of I H ~11~11 l~ ~ -'-... "1 sightseeing I~1 I I 1'41 1 1PI I I performances on the concert,na, I JLJL111~lleL~i~:~S~_-~.~l. 22 Accepts the ~~ ~ will admit that even suicide has I !~11 ~ ~ ~1.~ "~c-A 2 8 1 truth ~-t I=gos. • .n,sneaa z~ unsKmeo its brighter aspects." -- Stephen I I ;I lrll 26Maeok ne counterparts. . nigh 32 Eaters Leacock I i i~l~ilblblli~ L~I ........ 49 Tiny bit 5 Destruction outings c 2o10 Kin Features S nd Inc I t ~ ,, -I ~,~ • '~! " ° I;' cene '¢ran u ,t ...... _Dn 50 Drudgery 6 Blackjack 33 Swordplay 4 9 6 morsel Poolroom component specialist ~~ I Place a number in the empty boxes in such a wayI 31 Loaical stick 7 Cowboy hat35 Manhandle -2 VV-r"s-tl-in" 52 Wound cover 8 -New 36 Wildebeest ~~~ I ~]~_s_.Inin¢ /.//.i~I ,,~.,,~,~ 53 On the -- Guinea 38 Mardi Gras ~~ I ~ocnla ...__':~/~'~'-~ I that each row across, each column down and I 3 e ~i~ !i~!idly) 190 ~!~hergear 39 :'~c;sli ~,~\~~~ [ 6 Ml~rUaSt~e/R~,Sf/j~ I each small 9-box square contains all of the I 33 or 54 numbers from one to nine. t'' i I I rl P Y g 34 Cit 'c drink ~;~/~.r~ I '7 r'v,-i~m,,,, ~-./[ /fJ I )I S WEEKi; i as Pendolom 55 Throw 11 Ram's mate 42 Crazy -- sit-e~- ........ 19 Festive 43 H HH, in ~ :'~~ I 8:P';i'l~-;~;;" f /(~-/'~-A --^ -- " DOWN 21 Frequently Greece In 1869, Dr. Brown's Celery Tonic I q Mint /' ~,'~-~ "] q rave , . • 37 Office 1 Balkan 23 Archieswife 44 Surveillance went on sale for the flrst t,me. The [ \ (---I equipment I * Moderate * * Challenging I 4 p,• ,,2 Anzonanative"" 24 someCatcheSrays 4645 DebtorPair s anddrinkhelpedCrushedc°nsistedto spark a celeryCelery°f seedS°dacraze. ItwateralsOin I ~~1 zu.-xya~u,t,, ~/ "~""~( ~'ll I *** HOd BOY! -unman s uig name in ,ema,n ,eEers ................ I .... .... \ I I is il oesK~op ~Js z~ M, orancn ~ ~'a~r m s e ........... •_ celery-flavored soft drinks, celery I . ~, ~ ................. mesate l~tn cenzurymatinciuaea , ~ ~.. \ t I @ 201 0 King Features Synd., Inc. 45 Connections,~ He can nola z/ /_llCn gum, celery soup and elixir of©2010 by King Features syndicate, Inc. © 2010 King Features Synd,, Inc. celery. World rights reserved. Kaaren Tero, Janet Gastil Carte St. Andre Sher ,11 StricMami cell 619-417-0481 cell 760-445-1829 cell 619-922-9687cell 760-604-2226 Weekly DIFFICULTY THIS WEEK: *