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August 26, 2009     The Julian News
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August 26, 2009

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August 26, 2009 California C0mmentory Questionable Lawsuits Target Taxpayers Several years ago, Stephan :~Pastis, the creator of "Pearls Before Swine," drew a cartoon .... that illustrates the threat now ~faced by~ taxpayers. In the comic, ' Zebra is~complaining to his friend ,.Goat that he was being sued by ,'~crocodii~s. The crocodiles' cause of action? "Defendant Zebra has willfully failed to be plaintiffs' -food, in breach of Natural Law ... Plaintiffs seek defendant Zebra cooked :medium well over a " :barbecue pit." Taxpayers know what it is like -to be Zebra, as the tax-and- spend lobby is accelerating its use of the courts in an effort to make sure that those who pay the bills are the main course of government's feast. Particularly alarming is a suit filed by former UCLA Chancellor Charles Young asking the court to declare unconstitutional Proposition 13's requirement of a two-thirds vote for the Legislature to impose new state taxes. The two-thirds vote to increase state taxes was written into 'Proposition 13 by Howard 'Jarvis and Paul Gann for good ' I'eason. Once the 1978 measure put limits on annual increases ;".in property taxes, the authors , "wanted to keep government from , "just reaching into another of the ' taxpayers' pockets to make up , i the difference. ' :- Still, it has been proven that a ' two-thirds vote is attainable. In 1991, the Legislature increased ,sales and income taxes with a '. two-thirds vote. Earlier this year, ' the Legislature imposed the most massive tax increase in the history of all 50 states, again ,:~chieving the super-majority " requirement. Although the new taxes are supposed to sunset -after two years, California now competes with New Jersey for . the heaviest tax burden in the : .: nation. by Jon Coupal an additional defendant. Our request argues that, without our involvement, Proposition 13 and the two-thirds vote requirement for passing a budget will not get a fair hearing. Although Young's suit must be taken very seriously -- just look at what is at stake -- there is a high probability that taxpayers will prevail. The great weight of legal authority leans heavily on the side of Proposition 13's constitutionality. Another recent lawsuit should also be resolved favorably to taxpayers. Senate Majority Leader Darrel Steinberg, miffed that Governor Schwarzenegger actually reduced spending to more closely match revenue, has argued that that those reductions in spending were illegal. But, as cogently argued by Arnold's legal team and others, the Governor's constitutional authority to reduce budget appropriations is plenary. If Steinberg realizes, as he should, that his lawsuit has little chance of success, why bring it? Well, why does a career politician do anything? The answer is in the title of an analysis by political pundit Anthony York: "Steinberg Lawsuit Offers Political Dividends." Indeed, York unabashedly acknowledges that the suit was filed for reasons other than the underlying legal merits: "Whether he wins or loses the legal battle, the benefits for Steinberg are manifold. It allows Steinberg to get back into the graces of Democratic interest groups, who have watched Democrats approve deep budget cuts. It also gives Democrats a political opening to hammer Schwarzenegger." But on this issue, taxpayers are squarely in the Governor's corner and his actions to cut spending were not only constitutional, they Young's suit attempts to make reflect good policy. =the case that Proposition J3 is Inany event, the.interests of :(invalid because it is a revision, taxpayers 'ar6 threatened not o:not an amendment, to the State only when the Legislature is in =::Constituttion. This argument session. The courts are another .lanet Gastil Kaaren TerO' Bonnie Sharron Luro' & Halh, r Ann Failer cell 760-445-1829 cell 619-417-0481 cell 619-992-3868 cell(760) 803-1195 ;:was made in the 1978 case, *"Amador Valley Joint Union High . School District v. State Board of :=Equaliza{ion and was rejected by :.'the California Supreme Court. Howevei', Young argues that the Court's decision applies to other aspectsof Proposition 13, not the two-thi ts vote. To ensure that Proposition 13 will be vigorously defended, the HoWard Jarvis Taxpayers Association has asked the Supreme Court for permission to intervene in the case as battlefield upon which taxpayers must be willing to fight and to take the best weapons they have available to them. As dozens of published cases make clear, organizations with experienced litigators like Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association are great weapons to bring to the battle. Jon Coupal is president of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, California's largest grass-roots taxpayer organization, dedicated to the protection of Proposition 13 and the advancement of taxpayers' rights. by Linda Thistle 7 1 7 1 7 4 4 7 1 Place a number in the empty boxes in such a way that each row across, each column down and each small 9-box square contains all of the numbers from one to nine. DIFFI(,ULTY THIS WEEK: * * * Moderate ** Challenging *** HOO BOY! 2009 King Features Synd., Inc. As Heard On The Streets Of Julian by Eric Stamets The Julian News 13 Discovers New Universe At In spite of threatening and cloudy skies, an amateur astronomer at the Julian Starfest made probably the most important new discovery of the century, even though this century is still young. With the dark skies of Julian and Mike Menghini thoughtfully turning off the light on his loading dock, he spotted what must be a parallel universe, although it was actually almost at a right angle to ours, giving it a little more menacing look. He had just cleaned his lens, eliminating the chance of it being a smudge of mascara from a female or a decked out male guest viewer. Telescopes such as the Hubbell and most large earth based telescopes have such a narrow field of view, they could never make this discovery. Very small telescopes, like many amateurs use with not very powerful lenses, can have a much wider angle of view. The "thing" that was observed was huge- way bigger than even a giant galaxy cluster. There is no other logical explanation for it. There is a cosmological concept of what they call "Bubble universes" and "multiverses" and so if bubbles are also spotted with more powerful scopes, they would definitely serve as evidence that it was a new universe. However, the scientific method requires that observations are repeatable, so we'll just have to come back to the Starfest next year and make a confirmation sighting. page 2 - Wife Catches Husband In The Last week Mary Milford suspected her husband was up to something and so she arranged to go home from work for lunch, which was completely out of character for her. She hoped to catch her husband in the act and avoid the high cost of hiring a private investigator. She parked about a half a block away and quietly walked up to the front door and after a brief moment to regain her composure burst in. The sudden intrusion completely flabbergasted her husband and he dropped the vacuum cleaner hose in shock. She had caught him flat-footed cleaning the house. He admitted this had been going on for some time now, but she would always come home from work and complain about how dirty the house was anyway. 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Let your eyes be your guide- remember to look down the road while using your peripheral vision to pick up on any unexpected movements around the car. Deal with night glare by looking slightly down and to the right. Connect your mind to your eyes-focus on what you see by being alert and undistracted. Use roadway signs to guide you-that's what they are there for. And bone up on what they look like. Times change and so do signs. For instance, many people still think the yield sign is yellow even though the sign has been red and white for over 30 years. Remember the two-second rule-when stopping at a traffic light or stop sign, look both ways and count two seconds before taking your foot off the brake. Consider becoming a member of AAA or signing up for a car insurer's roadside assistance program. 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