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September 10, 2003     The Julian News
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September 10, 2003

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September 10, 2003 The Julian News 9 SPOTLIGHT ON POLITICAL OPINIONS...AND CONCLUSIONSI? I I WE INVITE YOUR OPINIONI The views expressed by contributing writers are not necessarily those of The Julian News or its management. We invite allparties I to submit their opinions and comments to The Jufian News. All contributed items are subject to editorial approval prior to acceptance for publication. I "CAH DEREGULATION CARRY THE POLITICAL CURRENT?" Let People Do Their Jobs, Says Paul Jacob Washington, DC -- "If we want electrical power, we'd better let people provide it," advises Paul Jacob, a Senior Fellow at U. S. Term Limits, in a recent column for Townhall. Jacob says that despite broad expert agreement that the power grid needs an upgrade, the more basic problem behind the Great Blackout of 2003 lies elsewhere. "We need a political upgrade too," says Jacob. "We need deregulation." He notes that "the deregulation that's been taking place is akin to removing a man's handcuffs but keeping him in leg irons then telling him to go forth and do gymnastics. Sure, he can move around more easily than before, but he's going to trip over a monkey bar eventually. "The other minor problem with the thesis that 'deregulation' is the 'cause' of the recent blackout is that in 1965 and 1977, when previous sweeping blackouts occurred, Mr. Deregulation was nowhere to be seen. Well, they never caught the Zodiac killer either." Jacob argues for "simple and total" deregulation of the electricity industry, saying that"it's a lot harder to come up with creative solutions when you've got to go running to regulators or legislators for permission for everything you do." TO read the column, which is available to be repnnted, visit: htp:ttwww.townhall.coiNcolumrdatslrmuliacobld120030824.htrnl A biography of Mr. Jacob is available at: httn:llwww:townhall.comlcolurnniets/bios/eblacob.html t*WW'k*ft**** CALIFORNIA: EMERGENCY IS NO REASON TO RAISE TAXES "Disaster" Rationale For Not Signing Pledge Doesn't Hold Up Candidates have indicated a reluc- tance to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge on the grounds that a terrorist attack or natural disaster might create a need for additional revenue in the form of state tax increases. The Pledge states that the candidate, if elected, will "oppose and veto any and all efforts to increase taxes." Consider the following: Following the massive Northridge earthquake in 1994, California received $15 billion in federal aid -- roughly the same as that received by New York following the September 11,2001, terrorist attacks when adjusted for inflation. Between 1989 and 1994, California received 55% of all federal disaster aid. "Whenever terrorists or natural disaster strike, Washington can't send federal money for recovery fast enough," said taxpayer advocate Graver Norquist. "Disasters are the worst time to consider tax increases. Families would need tax relief, not tax increases, in times of distress." Norquist is the president of Americans for Tax Reform and author of a taxpayer protection pledge signed by 90% of U. S. House Republicans, 80% of U. S. Senate Republicans, one-third of Republican governors, and the President of the United States. California's state and local taxes are among the highest in the nation at 10.6% of income -- well above the national average of 9.7% Americans for Tax Reform is a nonpartisan coalition of taxpayers and taxpayer groups who oppose all federal and state tax increases. For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact Jonathan Collegio at (202) 785-0266 or by email at jgllegio@atr,ora. 'k'k *'k 'k  'k '/r ,k'/rk WHO'S DRAGGING DOWH WHO? CALIFORNIA'S REAL IMPACT by Assemblyman Ray Haynes I think it is important people know what is happening in California govern- ment. One in seven people who live in the United States live in California. California constitutes ten per cent of the entire national economy, and it is the fifth (or sixth or seventh or eighth) largest economy in the world (our ranking shrinks each year Davis stays in office). When California's economy hiccups, it causes a national economic earthquake. A large, diverse, and powerful economic actor is important, not just to those of us who live here but also to those who walk the halls of Washington power as well. Government at any level can't do much to help the economy. The econ-omy is driven by people's needs and the endless effort of private companies to meet those needs. Government, however, can screw it up. Using tax and regulatory policy and government subsidies, government impacts individual preferences by increasing the price of one product or service (or decreasing another) and shifting limited social resources to government-preferred activities. If these preferred activities aren't beneficial to the economy as a whole, government causes the economy to falter. Jobs are lost, people are hurt, and the economy shrinks. Given these facts, it would be important to cover any government function that affects ten per cent of the economy. Sacramento should be the focus of a lot of media attention. It is not however. In fact, it is very difficult to find out what is happening in California state government. So as a public service, I will help. Do you want to find out what is happening in California's economy? Go to the web site for California's Department of Finance (www.dof, ca.flov), and click on their monthly finance bulletins. These bulletins chronicle just what is happening in California's economy and how that is affecting our state budget. Here is what happened during the month of July. Industry employment in California fell by 21,800 jobs. The nation lost 44,000 jobs in July. That means that half of the job losses in this country are due directly to what is happening in California. We are ten per cent of the economy, but we cost this country half of its jobs. Similarly, while all 50 states had some budget problems this year, California's deficit accounted for about half of the total shortfall nationwide. This is important because many of my Democrat friends, including our current Governor, are claiming that the problems in California are part of a "national" problem. Well, yes, to the extent California is part of the nation, this is a national problem. What is clear from these figures and the information that you can get from the Department of Finance, California is most of the nation's problem and has been for sometime. When Pete Wilson was governor and California's economy was humming right along, my Democrat friends were more than willing to give Bill Clinton the credit for Pete Wilson's work. Now they want to blame George Bush for the problems they created with the help of Gray Davis. If California has an economic cold, the nation has an e(:onomic flu. If half of the jobs lost in the nation come from California, it is clear there is something wrong in California, not the nation. As President Bush has cut taxes to spur the economy, Governor Davis has raised taxes and killed California's economy. As President Bush has cut regulations to make it easier for businesses to grow, Governor Davis has hurt business with new regulations. The problem is that ten per cent of the nation's economy is drag- ging. Everybody else is growing. We're shrinking. As forty nine other states begin to expand and grow out of the economic malaise that began in December 2000, California remains stagnant. So just who exactly is dragging down who? When he's not planning famines and plagues and the demise of our democratic form of government, Assemblyman Ray Haynes represents the 66th Assembly District, which includes portions of Western Riverside County and Northern San Diego County. For more information call our office at 909- 099-1113, THEY JUST DON'T TRUST US by Jan Coupal In the early part of the last century, the Southern Pacific Railroad owned the California legislature in all but title. To break the hold of slecial interests on state governmenL Republican Governor Hiram Johnson managed to push through a pro- gressive agenda that included the initia- tive, referendum and recall. (This was back in the days when the word "pro- gressive" meant something good.) These powers, enumerated in the state constitution, were intended to insure that government would ultimately be responsible to the citizens. If the legislature proved to be too indolent, incompetent, or corrupt to address impor- tant issues, the people had the ultimate power to pass legislation of their own design. If a lawmaker or state con- stitutional officer proved to be indolent, incompetent, or corrupt, the people were entitled to fire that official using the recall procedure. The classic example of the impor- tance of the initiative is from 1978. When government refused to temper property taxes that were escalating so rapidly as to make home ownership untenable, the people took matters into their own hands and passed Proposition 13. It has been said that Proposition 13 is to a liberal as sunlight is to a vampire. Recent events show that liberals are averse to anything that remotely resembles citizen control of political power. It is therefore no surprise that the recall election has given California liberals a real hotfoot. Those who so often remind. us of their camaraderie with "the people" are now expressing outrage now that the people are exercising their constitutional rights. Pandering politicians and elitist pundits who have so often criticized Proposition 13 and the initiative process are showing dread and fear that the people will be deciding the fate of a sitting gover- nor with three years still remaining in his second term. They disparage the elector- ate's ability to exercise good judgment in choosing among scores of replacement candidates, as if somehow the average voter cannot distinguish between the leadership qualities and policy positions of the comic Gallagher (he of smashing watermelon fame) and say those of Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante, State Senator Tom McClintock or Arnold Schwarzenegger. And if the voters did choose Gallagher -- which would be their right -- would they be significantly worse off than they are now with Gray Davis, the poster child for fiscal mismanagement? But the left recoils at the thought that the people might prefer a well-intentioned amateur to a callous, calculating politician who has used his power to make winners and losers out of groups of Californians based on the size of their campaign contributions. Perhaps worst of all, these critics overlook the fact that control of California's government is already in the hands of another militant special interest: the government itself and its extended infra- structure of unions and special interests who feed at the trough. In a discussion of the recall on Fox News with Hannity and Colmes, California political commentator and former Michael Dukakis campaign manager Susan Estrich suggests that "something will have to be done." Something like what? Some- thing like stripping the people of the right to take action when they are ill-served by their representatives? Why not draft Sad- dam Hussein and just have a dictatorship? The message seems to be that democracy is "too messy" or that government is too important to leave to the common folk. On KNX news radio in Los Angeles, Marty Kaplan, associate dean of the VSC Annenberg School for Communication and Director of the Norman Lear Center, tells an interviewer that government is supposed to protect us from our "mob instincts" and compares California to a "Banana Republic." Those who see the use of the initiative and recall as evidence that the sky is falling are joining the chorus of the Eastern- based media who see California as the loony state. But these elitist liberals have lost sight of the purpose of government: to serve the people. They would do well to review Section 1 of Article II of the Cali- fornia Constitution which enumerates the rights of the people to take action: "All political power is inherent in the people. Government is instituted for their protection, security, and benefit, and they have the right to alter or reform it when the public good may require." Howard Jarvis distilled this consti- tutional provision in a crude but effective saying: Often government by the masses is preferable to government by the asses. Jon Coupal is an attorney and president of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association - California's largest taxpayer organization with offices in Los Angeles and Sacramento. He can be reached through the association's website, www.hjta.org. VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL - 2003 by Vee Lumpkins, Senior Contributing Writer for JULIAN OUTREACH DISCOVERING THE DEPTHS OF GOD'S LOVE was the theme of this summer's Vacation Bible School at the Julian Community Baptist Church on Aug ust 18- 22. This was a joint venture with CALVARY CHAPEL OF J ULIAN. The church was decorated with scenery props of an ocean atmosphere with reefs, diving shacks, fish, and other sea creatures. There were snack shops, craft shops, class rooms. Downstairs was a submarine setup. Kara Gentry was the coordinator of the whole project. This is her report. "SCUBA gear was the equipment of the day as thirty-five young 'divers' from the Julian area explored Agape Reef at the Julian Community Baptist Church. Each day they dove down to the bottom of the sea in their submarine 'The Jonah.' They were in search of treasure --the best treasure of all-- JESUS! The kids also made cool crafts; ate 'Shipwreck Surprise,' and played games like 'Thermal Vent.' They even collected canned food to help people in need. A great dive was had by all, and two divers asked Jesus to come into their heart and be Lord of their life." King Solomon who was given special wisdom from God wrote the following: "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it." [Proverbs 22:6 in the Bible] A few days after the Vacation Bile School, Dave Gentry brought to us at the Town Hall a large box filled with canned goods for our Julian Food Bank which was pretty low in supply at the moment. So, it was timely and very much appreciated. Our special thanks to all who had a hand in the week's events, and many thanks for the wonderful donation from all the children. 1 OFFICE & BUSINESS SERVICES Business Services / Copies / Fed Ex / UPS / Notary Julian, CA 92036 (760 765-2620 COPtE$ * COLOR COPIES l"J'' FE9 EX UPS SHIPPINGAC,AGING CONRDENTI FAX OFRCE SUPPLI PRINTING LAMINATING RESUMES FLYBYS & NOTICES * AN6eRING SERVICE I'-''--"  M/.SERCES(BULKCK-UPtFOflW/O) I ^=.--.o I SDGt& Nk AT&T pAYPm I ?. I BUSINESS & TAX FORMS I U.Um I BUSESS CDS S RUER STAMPS SE-CRET/d/ S COUTER SERVICES Open M-F &JGS:00 MEI/BEST-ONLINE Units of Adelfoy, LLC lnternet Services www.aaboLcom, www.mtnempire.net, www.meLws, TOLL FREE DIALUP SERVICE in most areas statewide Call: Toll Free 1-800-939-0008 We have the shortest e-mail addresses!! JUST $99.00/YR. (or $32.70 per quarter. You save about 24% with the annual payment) Why pay more if you don "t get more? Tim Haminers, Area Manager tim@reel, ws LETTERS TO THE EDITOR POSTMASTER WARNS AREA REGARDIHG IDENTITY THEFT Dear Editor, I SENT THIS LETTER TO SEVERAL ORGANIZATIONS IN OUR COMMUNITY. MAYBE YOU COULD RUN IT IN THE PAPER. I AM ALWAYS WILLING TO SHARE GOOD INFORMATION. Dear Professional Organization: The United States Postal Inspection Service and United States Postal Service are working together to educate customers on identity theft. As your Postmaster, I am committed to educating my community on this serious crime. Almost all identity theft cases involve the use of an address. Every year thousands of people and businesses are victimized by identity theft schemes. I am available to speak to your group and do a short presentation on identity theftpretection. Recently several of your local neighbors fell victim to this crime by some very innocent mistakes. I want to help educate and encourage consumers to protect themselves. Please come by and see me at the post office in Julian or call 760-765.3648 to schedule a presentation. Laura Lewis Julian Postmaster Julian Daffodil Project 2003 13th colorful yea $115.00 per bushel, approxima bulbs Must be paid in full by Sept. 9 Drop money at Julian Feed Store. Open Monday through Saturday 8:30-5:00 or Mail to Sally Snipes, P.O. Box 775, Julian 92036 or Betty Bowman, P.O. Box 114, Julian 92036 Any questions: Call Betty @ 765-1767 or Delivery near Halloween HOME & PROPERTY SERVICES .-..., Answers to Crossword Puzzle AlClfl  lslTIolwl DfEIA IDle IOIR I E] IAtTI I IT lOIDIOtRIEIXIIIL El [RIUINISlPtOIPIE BRIIILILIsl Tree Trimming  Removal Tree Can Tree Service and for you( tree neeas. lacing, topping, brush clearing, & chipping. Chipper / Tree & Brush BRUSH Cu'rrlNG / CHIPPING, TRF.E TRIMMING / RMOVAL LOT CLEARING, WEED.ABATEMENT 21 yem' arao= rsrs] 6re 61htlsl f.rlul ==m, at madk rtm. 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