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September 21, 2011     The Julian News
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September 21, 2011

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10 The Julian News September 21, 2011 A DIVISION OF BORREGO COMMUNITY HEALTH FOUNDATION We accept Healthy Families Insurance 7SS 2721 WASHINGTON STREET JULIAN, CA 92036 (Next To Town Hall) OPEN MONDAY - FRIDAY 8:00AM TO 5PM -- 24 HOUR ANSWERING SERVICE No Appointments Just Come In / Now Available ~ G Certified Animal ~J : Adjusting . tfl.~ 9 ~ ~ 0p,,''-" Chiropractic 1455 Hollow Glen Road (net to Sound) OFFICE HOURS: Monday 6:30-8am Tues & Thurs 8am-Noon and 2pm-6pm Fridays 8am - Noon THEOSOPHY CLASS IN JULIAN What is Theosophy.'? and How Does it Apply to Life? 760-765-1090 Sally & Jim Colbert Meets 1st & 3rd Sunday Mornings 10:30 a.m. to Noon CALL FOR DIRECTIONS As Heard On The Streets Of Julian by Eric Stamets Starfest 2011 This year's Starfest was lucky to have the unseasonable clouds dissipate, but the humidity in the air affected the seeing or clarity of viewing. This article is a little bit late because of the important news we had to report about the blackout and the new "Dancing With The Stars" season. Once again there was a follow up viewing of the startling discovery in 2009 of a parallel universe by one of the amateurs. If you'll remember, he spotted what must be a parallel universe, although it was actually almost at a right angle to ours, giving it a little more menacing look. He had just cleaned his lens, eliminating the chance of it being a smudge of mascara from a female or a decked out male guest viewer. Telescopes such as the Hubbell and most large earth based telescopes have such a narrow field of view, they could never make this discovery. Very small telescopes, like many amateurs use with not very powerful lenses, can have a much wider angle of view. The "thing" that was observed was huge: way bigger than even a giant galaxy cluster. There was no other logical explanation for it. There is a cosmological concept of what they call "Bubble universes" and "mL~ltiverses" and so if bubbles are also spotted with more powerful scopes when viewing time would allow, they would definitely serve as evidence that it was a new universe. The scientific method requires that observations are repeatable and so this year's observations were again very important. There is a theory, based upon quantum experiments, called the "Many Worlds Theory". These other "worlds" or universes are like our universe, but the outcomes are JUSt different. In other words, you may exist on this other universe and many others, but if you're overweight or have health or personal problems, you could be in perfect health and the real slim happy you in another universe. You might not owe any money and have plenty of it and not a worry in the world and the economy is good. Since last year astronomers have proved that the other universe is an alternate universe because with the powerful telescopes they have not detected any lap band billboards and gaudy signage and there are no traffic jams in the cities. This alternate universe has it together. Can you get there to take advantage of this wonderful place? Of course not. With present technology we can't reach it and we have no idea how our universe's matter would interact with the alternate universe's matter. It might completely annihilate you upon contact. But rest assured on some alternate universe you are having a wonderful time. Is there nothing you can do? Why yes. We live on a beautiful planet in a nice middle class universe and we can be nice and loving as many people have been to me and my wife and slowly but surely make our universe a better and loving place for everyone. We'll just have to come back to the Starfest again next year and see what happens next. One's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions. Oliver Wendell Holmes S~ttiof qEqt~t SUNCREST LODGE 34540 Engineers Road and Highway 79 6-Bed Full Service Hospice & Dementia Case by Case License #374601019 (760) 765-0065 By Bill Fink WISDOM WITHIN HEALING ARTS Amerion Gold Children Acupressure & Senior Cra osacral As much as I like to see other Massage Massage parts of the country, it's always nice to come home. It was great Special I Yoga to have another SAL member, $48/ 1 , Tony Teora relieve me from $6o/hr writing duties last week so I could concentrate on important Rcg. Priee Wisconsin activities like eating (760)310-8974 cheese curds, potatoes in all forms, smoked pork chops, HOBY continued from page 9 life. For instance, Peter Vidmar the Olympic gymnast had won two gold medals knew how to push himself even harder to stay the best in the world. He gave advice on what makes a winner and it boiled down to pure heart and dedication. I got to know the people in my group and become much more comfortable with them. We talked about our dreams and as pirations and what we needed to work on as leaders. All the ambassadors at HOBY where just like me, we all had goals, but along with those goals came fear. Those fears were causing us to not reach our full potential. As the weekend went on we became like a family. The cheers I had thought were obnoxious and annoying at first became a normal concept. We would yell as we walked from each activity to the next. One of the main activities that brought us together and opened my eyes was the service projects we preformed. There weren't very time-consuming or difficult to do but we knew we were gomg .. ~,~ ~.' ..... to make someoL For example, we stuffed lifl ws for people who had cancer. The pillows we hoped would brighten someone's day and make their hospital room feel a little more like home. This gesture made me realize how fabulous my life is and how I can help spread my good fortune to others even with small actions. We also collected hundreds of pairs of prescription glasses and sun glasses that people had discarded. We cleaned them and fixed ones that needed fixed and we sent them to Africa. There are people there who can't afford sun glasses who work out in the sun all day and it damages their eyes. The prescription grasses were of course for people who could not afford prescription lenses. We did several other service projects that I know made a difference n someone's life. I guess the main lesson I brought back from HOBY was I am only sixteen years old, but I can make a positive difference in this world even :though I am young. If I start making a difference now then maybe my continued on page 13 sausage, sauerkraut and a myriad of pies of from local fruit. Well, that's "my" activity when I go there, especially eating cheese curds. I'd love to tell you what a cheese curd is, but I don't really know. I think it's a curd.., from a cheese... Anyway, I can't even tell you they're delicious but the texture when you bite into them is so pleasing that you can't eat one or two. Experience has taught me not to buy the large bag. And get this, if they're fresh, they squeak when you bite them. I am not kidding. So if you're in Wisconsin or other states in the upper Midwest, don't miss them. But back to Tony's article about his father Antonio and his reference to American streets being paved with gold. I have heard this many times from immigrants of eras past. My father told me that his Grandfather Sam would say this often and when he was young he asked him how he could say something like that. Because it's true, and explained to my father that when we were in Russia we were peasants. We often didn't know where our next meal would come from. We left our hovel with our child (my Grandmother), .. waJked through the Russian and Polish frontiers all the way to Holland and booked passage on a Dutch freighter to New York. Like Tony's Dad, they arrived at Ellis Island and after processing were dumped on the streets of lower Manhattan. They didn't speak English and wandered the streets till they heard dialects that were familiar to them. They were taken in by a family and lived in a tenement till Sam found work and could afford rent on their own third floor, cold water flat. So Dad wants to know, so where's all the gold. Seems sarcasm runs deep in my roots. Sam says are you kidding? I have work almost every day and you have seven aunts and uncles who might not have even survived in Russia. They have been to college, have become teachers, engineers, and musicians they're married, have children and nice homes and are able to provide fcr their families. When America called for soldiers your uncles rose to the cause of their Nation. If this is not gold, I don't know what is. Great Grandfather Sam was a great Patriot. He loved America and in his letters to family and friends extolled the greatness Chef's Corner continued from page 6 is very small pasta and only takes a few minutes to cook when combined with hot water and covered to steam. Add chopped red pepper, chopped onions and other vegetables or canned beans. You also can add dried fruit or nuts for a different flavor. Choose milk or juice for a beverage. --Leftovers from last night's supper are quick and easy. Add fresh vegetables to leftover pizza and heat. Serve with a salad, fresh fruit and milk for a complete meal. --Stir-fry meals are quick and easy -- and you control what goes in the dish. Include pasta, stir-fry vegetables, beans, lean poultry or other meat. Serve with fruit and milk for a complete meal. What about frozen meals? Frozen meals are often high in calories, fat and saturated fat -- and low in calcium and fiber. How healthy they are depends on your daily calorie intake, how active you are and what else you eat during the day. A general guide for choosing a frozen entree is about 300 to 400 calories per meal. Frozen meals are processed and have high amounts of sodium. When looking for frozen meals, try to choose ones that are low in sodium -- 800 mg or less is best. Try to find frozen meals that have a lot of vegetables and whole grains, which contribute fiber and other nutrients. Add a salad, additional vegetables and whole grains if the portion sizes are too small. Frozen meals are notoriously low in fiber, so try tc find meals that have at least 3 tc 5 grams. Stay away from food- that have been di pped in batter ot are covered in sauce -- they have more fat and calories. Bowl meals might contain more vegetables= but they also probably have more pasta or sauce. Have a great school year anc remember to eat healthy! (Additional information provided by Ellen Schuster, M.S., R.D., Associate State Specialist, Nutritional Sciences, University ot Missouri Extension) Angela Shelf Medearis is an award-winning children's author, culinary historian and the author oi seven cookbooks. She's known a~ The Kitchen Diva and is the executiv~ producer and host of "The Kitcher Diva!" cooking show on Her latest cookbook is "The Kitchen Diva Cooks!" Her new inspirationa~ book is "Ten Ingredients for a Joyous Life and a Peaceful Home -- A Spiritual Memoir" and was co- written with Pastor Salem Robinson Jr. (www.dunnsmemoriaLcom) Visi~ her website at I 2011 King Features Syndicate, Inc. / and virtues of his adopted country. He learned English, helped other immigrants, worked hard and took care of his family. At work one day, he got scratched on his nose. Infection set in and m a week he was dead from blood poisoning, no penicillin back then. I guess the point of my and Tony's story is that our forefathers sacrificed tremendously to come to America. They learned the language, worked hard, had families and created a legacy that wouldn't have been possible m their old countries. They have left us a rich fabric of culture but above all they were proud to be American. They knew and appreciated what it meant to be free from the Czar, the Kaiser, the Fuhrer, the Emperor and whatever King or Sultan that kept them enslaved. We, the Sons of the American Legion, as well the Auxiliary, and of course the Legion, appreciate the sacrifices of those before us and particularly our Service members. On the back of the membership card we all carry, it says in part, that we; Proud possessors of a price less heritage, we male descendants of Veterans of the Great Wars associate ourselves to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America; maintain law and order; foster and perpetuate a true spirit of Americanism; preserve the memories of our forefathers in the Great Wars; to inculcate a sense of individual obligation to the community, state and nation; to combat the autocracy of both the classes and the masses; to make right the master of might; to promote peace and good will on earth; to safeguard and transmit to posterity the principles of justice, freedom and democracy; to consecrate and sanctify our friendship by our devotion to mutual helpfulness; to adopt in letter and spirit all of the great principles for which The American Legion stands; and to assist in carrying on for God and Country. These are worthy ideals and you don't have to be in the Legion family to live by them. But by recognizing, appreciating, remembering and fighting for what all those Antonios, Same and all those before them did to make this the great country that it is, we'll have a great America to give to our Grandchildren. Here Ye! Here Ye/ Friday night dinner at the Legion features double dipped Southern Fried Chicken, with mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, sweet cornmeal muffins, dessert of course and cheese curds. Just kidding about the cheese curds. Anyway a great meal, so don't miss it. St. Elizabeth's Church in Julian invites you to the 16th Annual 's/; I turday & Sunday October 8th & 9th, 2011 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Audie is a 2 year old male American Staffordshire looking for a forever home. He is a lovable, energetic guy who needs room to play and experienced dog owners who see past the negative stereotypes of his breed. Audie would like to be an indoor dog to feel like part of his pack and in return he will grow to be the most loyal furry companion a family can ask for. Meet Audie by asking for ID#A1426192 Tag#C284 when coming to the shelter. Cherry is a 2 year old spayed brown tabby cat whose previous owners could no longer care for. She is a furry ball of fun who will entertain you for many years to come. She is litUer-box trained and will chase down furry mouse toys with vigor like you've never seen before. Cherry will need regular brushings to maintain her beautiful coat. Meet her by asking for ID#A1363181 Tag#C943. Now through October 31st all adoption fees are reduced to only $25! In addition, adoption fees for a second furry companion will be entirely waived! All adoption fees include vaccinations, spaying/ neutering (upon adoption), a microchip and free Vet visit. Dog fees also include a 1 year license. Audie and Cherry are at our Central County Shelter, 5480 Gaines Street, San Diego. The Shelter hours are 9:30AM to 5:30PM, Tuesday through Saturday or visit www. for more information.