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September 24, 2014     The Julian News
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September 24, 2014

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September 24, 2014 WE ACCEPT Groceries. Fresh Produce. Sundries Beer o Wine. Liquor Dry Cleaning o Lotto. Scratchers ' Full Service "Best in the County" Meat Department U.S.D.A. Choice Beef Buffalo Meat Special and Holiday Orders, Cut to your Specifications 0PEN Ball.'/ 6a.m. To 8p.m. Bill Pay 2112 4th Street (619) 246-8585 fates Open 7 Days 7a.m, to Dark Office. M-F 9 to 4 closed Sat & SL The Squirrel Factor 1. It's the autumn of the year and the squirrel factor is kicking in. Time to stock the pantry, fill the freezers, prepare for the winter ahead. It's an atavistim inherited, no doubt, from those ancient Norwegian and Dutch ancestors who faced hard winters without Stater Brothers, Sprouts, Trader Joe's and Vine Ripe. How did they ever manage? So it's out to the garden to look at the tomatoes. Tomato sauce-- three kinds of (east) Indian tomato sauce, Mother's barbecue sauce, Italian tomato sauce, plain tomatoes. Some of the bushes are better than others and they don't look up to the task this year. There is one yellow cherry tomato that is downright tasteless--how does industrial agriculture manage to make home grown tomatoes as tasteless as store bought, it's gotta be a plot--but can probably be tarted up. This Year's resolution is: No zucchini bread. Another resolution: Lots of apple sauce and eat it regularly. Not so much sugar. Well, SOME sugar... Apple pies, apple crumble, pear something. Desserts for the year go down in the freezer and they last a Io-o-ong time, mainly because we don't eat dessert unless there's company. The garden is at the scraggly stage that is the most fecund but fecundity isn't very great this year. Wasn't last year either. Blame it on climate change--no one can deny the strange weather which, as this is being written, would be the occasion in North Carolina to put on storm windows and move the tractor to high ground--but it could also be that the garden needs a bit of help. Up to the forest to get leaf mold... And probably down to the Indian store on Black Mountain Road and one of the Oriental groceries to stock up on frozen yummies from far off countries. There is more than one way to satisfy the squirrel factor. I That's gray tree squirrel, not ground squirrel just to clarify. Think about it: Look at the strides of awareness and treatment and tests that women have had with breast cancer, that the gay community has had with AIDS, because they're active and they talk about it. -- Herbie Mann Serving Our Com n00e00rcial Neighbors Residential For Over 60 years ,,, Pay .ment Options lViy Thoughts by Michele Harvey Conversations A few weeks ago, 2 ladies walked into my shop. They live in Oak Glen California, the town that I consider to be the other apple capital of California. We began talking and they told me that they hadvisited our Julian Pioneer Museum. While there they had a wonderful conversation with Richard and Jane Bailey. Richard is the grandson of Dru Bailey, the founder of Julian. As we talked about the history of Julian, that's when the ladies told me that they own Mom's orchard in Oak Glen. I was able to tell them that the Barnes family usedto bring Oak Glen-apples to Julian where they pressed them into apple cider. After the pressing, they drove the cider back to Oak Glen. This dates back before 1942. The ladies were very interested in the shared history of our 2 towns, so I told them that the Barnes family still lives here and I said I would call Woody Barnes for them. Woody answered the phone and I handed it to one of the ladies. It turned out that she and Woody remembered a lot of the same people they knew probably 60 years ago. They enjoyed reminiscing for about 10 minutes. A few days ago, a nice couple came into my shop. (Many nice people walk into my shop). I began talking with them in my usual sort of way. I asked what brought them to Julian. The man had an Air Force cap on. My dad was an air force pilot commanding a B-29 bomber in the Korean War, so that's where I began our conversation. As we talked, the conversation went several different, directions and at one point, they told me that they are tourists from Bishop California. A few years ago my brother Clyde pastored a church in Bishop. When I said that, the woman's eyes widened and she asked the name of my brother's church. He pastored the Neighborhood Church. She very carefully asked my brother's name and when I told her that he is Reverend Clyde Harvey, she practically shouted to her husband and laughed at the same time. "This is Clyde Harvey's sisted" He laughed and they told me how important Clyde had been to their family. Their son-in- law was the youth pastor during Clyde's tenure at the Neighborhood Church. So naturally, I called Clyde and handed the woman the phone. She and Clyde had a delightful conversation. I see and talk with a lot of people each day because I have a very public life. One conversation I recently had with a friend really annoyed me. His attitude and his politics are very conservative, and he gets to do and be that person because he lives in the United States of America. I respect him for being honest about his political beliefs. However, I mentioned public television and radio to him and he immediately said "Liberal garbage." I know he means the news coverage, just as some people say that FOX News is really FOX Opinion. However, his words annoyed me because they encompass all of public television and radio and that just isn't right. I watch KPBS television and listen to KPBS radio for the educational and entertaining programing that goes way beyond headline grabbers. On September 16th I heard Jimmy Buffett's memories of his friend Jesse Winchester, a songwriter whose newest album is being released posthumously. On September 1st I listened to an interview which was billed as a "Visit with ukulele sensation lake Shimabukuro". During the interview lake said that "There's something really magical about the ukulele. It feels so good, it makes you smile, and it just makes everything Okay." Listening to talks like this that are so positive gives me a great start to my day. One morning I listened to a report on why our government's Farm to Table school lunch program isn't working. Children who eat white rice at home won't eat brown rice in school. If they eat white bread at home, they won't eat whole griB bread at school. Apparently the program could work better ff itcan be made more flexible in each region of the country. One school principal complained that the rules are strict and because of that, he isn't feeding children; he is feeding trash cans. This was a very informative radio program. Like the others I've mentioned; it wasn't liberal garbage. It was educational. On September 17th I listened to a report about Volkswagen's new car, the XL-1 that can get up to 300 miles per gallon of gas. Once again, informational, not liberal garbage. On KPBS television, I got hooked on NOVA, National Geographic and other nature programs manyyears ago. My youngest son is 32 years old, and he remembers watching these programs when he was very young along with Sesame Street, Mr. Roger's Neighborhood and The Electric Company. These are all very educational TV shows for children. They don't have commercials for sugar filled cereals or for toys or anythin'g else to get children to beg their parents to buy them things. The Wild Kratts is a children's television show that is animated. The Kratt brothers put on suits that give them the {raits of the animal they touched while wearing the suit. They might become a roaring lion or a termite. They show children what each animal eats and what it does that makes it different from other animals. Today my grandchildren watch Daniel Tiger, an off shoot animated program with a tiger puppet that was originally on Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. Daniel teaches children good ways to behave through singing songs. He tells them that when they are frustrated, to take a stepback and ask. for help. He also sings that if you are playing and it's time to go, do just one more thing. "That was fun, now it's done, it's time to go." Public television has entertained and educated us through the years with Ken Burns documentaries about The Civil War, The history of baseball, the history of Jazz and most recently about 3 Roosevelts, Teddy, Franklin and Eleanor. PBS has so many shows to watch and we have so little time. With musical shows, mysteries, and Antique Road Show, I don't consider the public television and radio stations to be liberal in most of their programing. I simply think they are entertaining, educational and very interesting. On a less intense note, A friend of mine bought 2 bras at the recent rummage sale held at the United Methodist Church of Julian. She has a favorite wrap around dress that she was very comfortable wearing until she wore it with one of her new bras. The bras were from Frederick's of Hollywood. My friend told me that the new bras turned her dress from Sunday go to church, to Friday Night. That was my favorite.conversation this week. These are my thoughts. 24 Hour Emergency Service The Pecatric Essential Health Benefit in the Affordable Care Act now provides children through age 18 with yearly comprehensive eye exams. For information on children's vision and the importance of back- to-school eye exams, visit www.aoa. org. The Julian News 5 POPE TREE SERVICE All Your Tree Service Needs Commercial u Residential Oak and Pine our Specialty CA. State License #7o4192 Fully Insured for Your Protection Workers Comp. 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Wfio would have known that the ghost of Johnny Brooke, a young teenager who supposedly committed suicide in the early eighties, still resides there? But this is not your typical haunted house story! It's a tender piece about relationships and life changes. ,Johnny appears only to Michelle, the oldest of the siblings, and the two of them develop a unique and supportive friendship. Performances: Fri, 10/17 - 7:30p Sat, 10/18 - 7:30p Fri 10/24 - 7:30p Sat, 10/25 - 7:30p Sun, 10/26 - 3pm - matinee and closing performance Tickets are always $5. You can contact us by email outofboxplayers@ (notice no "the") or call the box office at 760-789-0856. Film Review A Romance Worth Watching by Jessica Nichols Recently, I went to the movie theater and watched If I Stay, a love story based on a novel written by Gayle Forman. The story begins with a young girl about seventeen, Mia Hall played by Chloe Grace Moretz, who is an amazing cello player and is waiting for an acceptance letter in the mail from Juilliard. She has a boyfriend, Adam Wilde played by Jamie Blackley, who is in a band that is becoming famous, and her parents are depicted as the most wonderful parents around. Everything seems to be going perfectly until her whole family gets into a car accident. She ends up coming outside of her body and watching herself as her and her family get rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, her parents and little brother die, so the big question she has to answer is if she stays and lives or not. The movie switches between the present and past often to show the life she would leave behind if she decided to end it. At the conclusion, Mia decides to stay, mostly because of Adam. He reads her her acceptance letter to Juilliard and writes her a song, She wakes up, and the movie ends. Overall, I enjoyed the movie and would give it a 7 on a scale of 1-10. As far as the story-line goes, I thought it was original. The switch between past and present revealed a lot about Mia's life and connected the audience to ,her. The connection revealed that her parents and brother were a huge part of who she was that she would have to let go. The acting, although a bit over dramatic at times, was decent and didn't detract too much from the story. I would have to say that the ending was probably the most cliche part because it was predictable that she would want to stay with her boyfriend. Nonetheless, it was sweet and exciting. For everyone, especially couples, who want to watch a teenage romance, If I Stay is a recent movie worth watching.