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September 26, 2012     The Julian News
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September 26, 2012

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Septenber 26, 2012  JULIAN l i FEED & SUPPLY Last Chance at Current Prices!! Diamond Naturals Lamb or Beef 40# $31.99 while supplies last! 2902 Washington Street .76G-766-1212 Mon-Fri 8:30 to 6:00 and Sat 9:00 to 6:00 OPEN SUNDAYS l Oto4 Putting Food By =he cats love to snuggle and purr and curl their claws in total cmtentment. Cur! their claws into something soft. Like me. Nhich is perhaps yet another motivation to get up and cook. The grden is spewing forth tomatoes and eggplant, the fruit trees are frdting and the Lady of the Manor here is Putting Food By at a furious pce. Ohh, where IS that pesky grounds keeper, not to mention girdener and scullery maid. The Staff being in evidence as nonexistent except in daydreams, its pick and pare and do something because throwing tomatoes at he neighbors has its limitations. This year's tally: Gujarati style bmatoes, Delhi style tomatoes, Bengali style tomatoes, plain tomato auce, spigy italian tomato sauce, Persecute the Kid Tomato Chutney rely TheJgd /asn't around to p.ecsecute this year so I made it. One isperhaps grateful that One has never discovered a good way :o freez zucchini. 760 765 1020 ULIAN (E 0000FERYEAR3 Vegetable medley, apple saue, brandy prune compote, craapple liqueur (that's an experiment) and pickled cra)apples. The last is because crbapples are so pretty and snell so good that it's impossible resist doing SOMETHING with them and a good bit of last yar's jelly is still on the shelf as well as jam from the Methodist RJmmage Sale. Love that IVethodist jam. In years past rows of jams and pickles joined the parade but the fact is that jam is fattening and pickles sourand they were never eaten. Saddle Beattie puts up massive amounts of canned pears and such but around here that kind of thing doesn't get eaten either and, in any case, with only one [erson and occasional guests dong the eating, not all that muchis needed of anything. And there is much yet left to do--more apple sauce (there is a great rmipe for apple sauce pie which, irter alia, doesn't require that the apples be peeled and sliced) rod, of course, apple pie when tie Thompson Greenings come il and perhaps we can do sometling with the winter pears that wJuld be interesting...pear sauce pie?...besides throw them in the bottom of the refrigerator to ripen slowly then quickly rot? And ere are still tomatoes... ...and the bottom line is that it's 1! very satisfying, Putting Food By. Not necessary, given supermarkets, but satisfying at a verl primal level. Must be in the geres. lV00y Thoughts by Michele Harvey I Used To Like The Wind In the nearly 30 years that I've lived in and around Julian, we've clocked winds as high as 90 miles per hour. Thankfully I haven't felt many winds like that though. More common are winds that clock in at less than 40 miles per hour with gusts at or around 60 miles per hour. Those kinds of winds clear most debris off property and any empty boxes left outside can end up a long way down the road if not caught soon enough. Most Of our local winds, whether they are the Santa Ana east winds or the coastal west winds don't blow as fast or furious as the occasional scary wind. As we were evacuating ahead of the Cedar Fire in October of 2003, I saw textured round things about the size of baseballs rolling through my yard at high speed as the wind carried them onto my property, through my property, and on to the neighbor's property. I didn't have time to figure out what they were at that time and forgot about them until we were given permission to return home 2 weeks later. Once we came home and unpacked our belongings, I found one of those textured round things that was wedged in one of our rock walls. Across the road from our property, east of us is a horse ranch. Apparently the wind blew horse poop (into our yard), which is round, textured and about the size of baseballs. Instant fertilizer! I was very amused. The winds don't always keep us amused. About two weeks after we returned from the Cedar Fire evacuation, and just about the time we felt resettled into our home and what was left of our out buildings, we had a fierce Santa Ana wind rush through our property carrying the roof of our old sheep shed with it. The sheep shed roof was corrugated metal with thick metal beams. The support posts, which were wood, were ripped out of their brackets along with the roof and its metal structural beams. The whole thing flipped upside down, bounced off our metal barn roof in two places, doing quite a bit of damage before landing on the grass next to the barn. A few days later we had another fierce wind which slid the upside down roof about 6 feet through the grass. I was thoroughly amazed at the strength of that wind. I have no idea how fast or strong that particular wind was, but I can tell you that I was really impressed. When the winds bring fires, we aren't one bit amused. Last week we were very lucky that the Winds didn't come Friday afternoon. Last Friday a motor cycle with its rider left the pavement on Farmer Road, just over a mile outside of downtown Julian. Apparently the rider may have slid off the road and walked away from his motorcycle, leaving his motorcycle laying on it's side in grass and weeds. The hot engine caused a fire, which heated up the gas tank, which exploded. Fortunately, the fire only burned about 15 to 20 acres and didn't harm any structures. I don't know if that particular motorcycle rider was to blame, and I hope he wasn't hurt, but with all the problems we have in the back country because of motorcycle riders doing dangerous and crazy stupid maneuvers, it's hard to sympathize with them when they cause problems for themselves. Again, I don't know if last week's motorcycle rider was at fault. However, if he was driving too fast, and skidded off the road because of his speed or dangerous driving, then he created a hazardous situation for himself, for people who live in that area, for their homes, animals, crops and property. If the winds had been any stronger than light breezes that afternoon, that fire would have grown really fast and it could 'have endangered many of us. We who live in the mountains of San Diego County have too much experience with fires. We know through many experiences how fast fires can spread with the aid of wind. When I look around my neighborhood I see sights that scare me. I have neighbors who don't seem to foel a neeto cut their grass and weeds along the boundaries of their property where their property meets the road. A fire that starts in tall grass or weeds can spread rapidly along that property and on to the next property in what may seem like the blink of an eye. Though the cigarettes that are made today have a slim to none chance of causing a wildfire, many other things can cause fires including a spark from a piece of gravel hitting another piece of gravel as a vehicle travels along that road. Last week that motorcyclist laid down his bike. The engine caught the grass on fire and the fire heated up his gas tank. The gas tank exploded and the fire immediately spread. When grasses and weeds are exceptionally dry the way they are here, right now, it doesn't take much to start a fire. Once a fire has started, it doesn't take much wind to create a roaring, rapidly spreading fire. Any way you look at the possibility of wild fires in our area, the thoughts get scarier and scarier. It's important for all of us property owners to keep our properties free of tall weeds and other combustibles along our property lines and around the buildings so the next fire doesn't engulf any of our homes. These are my thoughts. The Julian News 5 POPE TREE SERVICE All Your Tree Service Needs Commercial Oak and Pine our Specialty' CA. State License #7o4192 Behan, instructor 619 540 7212 "behan@hotmail.com IS Monday & Friday HERE! 6pm Julian Town Hall WE ACCEPT Groceries Fresh Produce Sundries Beer. Wine. Liquor Dry Cleaning Lotto. Scratchers Full Service "Best in the County" Meat Department O.S.D.A. 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