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September 28, 2011     The Julian News
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September 28, 2011

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September 28, 2011 I POPE TREE SERVICE 1 Thoughts by Michele Harvey All Your "--sree Servsce Needs I Quit Smoking Over A Year Ago Commercsal Oak and Pine our Specialty CA. State License #7o4192 Fully Insured for Your Protection Workers Comp. 76o )vhls i FEED & SUPPLY j Diamon(i ? aturals Lamb & Rice or Beef & Rice - 401bs Everyday LO WPrice $31.99 2902 Washington Street 760-765-1212 Mon-Fri 8:30 to 5:00 and Sat 9.00 to 5:00 NOW OPEN SUNDAYS I 0 to 4 m ]Unique 31d Colle So How Did Volcan Mountain Get Its" Name by Ed Huffman In June of 2010 I quit smoking. Some days it's easy to forget that I ever smoked and other days I have more than one moment of wanting to sit down and relax by inhaling tobacco smoke. The memory of the pleasure of smoking doesn't easily go away. After fifteen months of having a smoke free body, I assume that I'm past my addiction to nicotine and certainly I'm beyond any habits I had that went along with smoking. However, I now have to continue to believe that I am not a smoker. This past fifteen months I've gained a little weight and then lost it and rve done a lot of research into the benefits of not smoking. I know that the first day after my last cigarette I began to feel healthier. Some people get flu like symptoms when they quit smoking. These symptoms can last a year as the body rids itself of all the chemicals that smoking puts into a body. I am fortunate in that I didn't experience the nausea that some feel when they quit smoking. When I quit smoking I did it with a few weeks help from a prescription drug, CHANTIX. I didn't look at the possible side effects because I had tried so many methods to quit that didn't work; it was time to find something that could work for me. CHANTIX, along with my determination to quit smoking worked. The CHANTIX prescription cost me less than a pack of cigarettes a day for a month. Recently rve been researching ways to continue my non-smoking life. Learning about the health benefits of not smoking wouldn't have helped me to quit, because today's cigarettes are so addicting, but it helps me to keep from going back to cigarettes. .One place that has a lot if information that helps me stay away from cigarette smoking is Doctors tell us that when we quit smoking, we add years to our lives. I can also tell you from my own experience, we add quality to our lives. For me, living longer will be great because I feel better than when I smoked. Quitting when I was nearly sixty years old can still give me an extra three years of healthier life. If I had quit when I was in my thirties, I could expect to live about as long as people who never smoked. Within twelve hours of smoking your last cigarette, your body begins to get healthier. The carbon monoxide that came with smoking is leaving your body and your blood pressure begins to go back to normal. A year after you quit smoking your risk of heart attack drops way off. I have naturally low blood pressure. Years ago my doctor told me I would never have a heart attack or a stroke because I couldn't build enough pressure. However, doctors have since found out that all that smoke I inhaled damaged my blood vessels which increased the build up of plaque in my arteries which hardened and narrowed my arteries, increasing my risk of a heart attack. So much for low blood pressure. It's good to have normally low blood pressure, but don't count on it saving your life if you are a smoker. Though I thought I could never have a heart attack, and later found out how wrong I was, I knew that as a smoker I was always at risk for getting emphysema, mouth and throat cancer, and also esophagus and bladder cancer. After I quit smoking for five years, my chances of getting any of those cancers or a stroke is cut in half. This will give me a much better quality of life. By reading the health communities website, I found out that tobacco smoke damages the DNA in our cells. This goes way beyond getting scared of a future with lung cancer. DNA is the Instruction Manual telling our cells how to develop. The damage to our DNA caused by tobacco smoke can cause cells to grow way out of control and that's where cancerous tumors begin. If nobody smoked in this country lots of cancer wouldn't develop at all. At my house, we always smoke outside and any visitors who smoke are asked to do the same. We have containers with water in them set on our porches, specifically to put out cigarettes. Second hand smoke has proved to be such a bad health problem, that I don't want it in my house and I don't like the stink of smoke anywhere I go. Even when I was a smoker, I felt this way. I don't like the stink of smoke and never have liked in on my clothes, walls or in my drapes and other linens. A pregnant woman who smokes puts her unborn baby at risk. When I was pregnant with my children, I was told that my smoking would cause my children to have a lower birth weight, by an ounce or two. I quit smoking for my health. A few months before my sixtieth birthday, I moved my place of business and knew that changing all of my daily habits gave me an excellent chance to quit smoking. It's been a difficult year in some ways. Going back to the comfort of inhaling tobacco smoke could be simple and easy. I don't want to do what's simple and easy. I want to be smoke free for my health and because I smell better; I don't have to wash all of my clothes as often. I'm saving money which is very important during this recession, and I really do feel healthier. I breath better and I'm not fretting over the cost of cigarettes. I would never push anyone to quit smoking. It's too difficult to do if a person isn't ready. However, I do encourage smokers to think about all the benefits of not smoking so when the time is right to quit, they have the ammunition to help win the war against smoking. These are my thoughts. The name origin for Volcan Mountain is controversial and may be lost in time. My research into Volcan Mountain came about at the request of a former Volcan Mountain Presei've Foundation Executive Director Susan Carey in the winter of 2001/2002. I have done thousands of hours of historical research into Volcan Mountain and the areas around it. Of course I kept records of my research and from that information I have yet to find the exact name origin for Volcan Mountain. There are several theories to the name origin and I will allow you to pick the one that you think is correct. The first written document with the name Volcan is found in the San Diego County tax rolls of 1850 with the taxation of Mr. William "Cockney Bill" Williams and his ranch named, "Rancho Volcan de Santa Ysabel." Mr. Williams was an ex-sailor of England and became a Mexican Citizen in the 1830's. He worked in the hide houses of San Diego and as a store clerk in the Old Town store of Mr. Henry Delano Fitch in 1841. He was then hired as the ranch foreman, mayordomo, of Rancho Santa Ysabel, most likely by one of the owners, Edward Stokes. Mr. Stokes was an ex English Sea Captain that became a Mexican citizen and married Refugia Ortega, the daughter of his ranching partner, Jose Joaquin Ortega. Again we turn to tax records and discover that the 1851 San Diego County Tax Rolls listed Mr. Williams as the property of "Volcano Rancho Santa Isabel." The spelling is somewhat different which was not uncommon for the early record keepers that kept the records in both English and Spanish during the early days of California Statehood. Mr. W.H. Leighton surveyed Rancho Santa Ysabel on June 10, 1856 and his map has the name Volcan written at the extreme eastern end of the rancho map, but does not indicate if it pertains to the valley, creek or mountain. It is in today's area of the Santa Ysabel Open Space Preserve staging area on Farmer Road. A court case was held in October of 1866 wherein many documents and testimony was recorded regarding the boundaries of Rancho Santa Ysabel. Volcan Creek, Volcan Valley and The Volcan (meaning the mountain) were names used in both testimony and documents presented during the trail. A series of Plat Maps by the U.S. Surveyor General from surveys taken in 1866, 1869 & 1871 of Rancho Santa Ysabel recorded the area along present day Farmer Road in the vicinity of Santa Ysabel Creek as Volcano Valley, but there is no mention of Volcan Mountain. The 1871 map indicates a residence of J.W. Horrall; formerly Neason's which lead to research on Mr. Neason. A check of the name Neason against the San Diego County Tax Rolls reveals Samuel Neason was listed in the years of 1855, 1856, 1859, 1860, 1861 & 1863. The 1859 Tax Roll listed his property as Rancho Volcan, short version of Rancho Volcan de Santa Ysabel of William Williams. Mr. Williams moved from his Volcan Ranch to his Viejas Ranch in 1853 and possibly sold the Volcan Ranch to Neason, but no documentation has so far been found. The San Diego County Recorder's Office Preemption Claims Book #5 revealed four claims were recorded on January 27, 1871 in an area of San Diego County known as Balcon. The geographical description of these four claims placed them The Julian News 5 Groceries Produce Sundries Beer. Wine Liquor Dry Cleaning Lotto Scratchers Full Service "Best in the County"Meat Department U.S.D.A. 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We are located downstairs in the Warm Hearth. Stop by and see locally made items- support Julian. - Advocate on Sunday, April 23, 1972 gave three sources as the name origin of Volcan Mountain. #1 - The Spanish named the mountain Balcon pertaining to the slopes appearing to be a balcony. Balcon is the Spanish word for Balcony. #2 - The English name Volcan derived from the soil of the mountain looks like volcanic ash. #3 - A man named Vaulcan lived on the mountain more than 100 years before the publication of the Daily Times - Advocate article.. Even the spelling of Volcan varies over time, but they all pertain to what we today call Volcan Mountain. Ed Huffman is the newly elected president of the Julian Historical Society and a retired detective. He frequently contributes to the Julian News on items of historical interest and invites anyone interested in Julian's rich history to attend the Historical Societies programs the 4th Wednesday of the month.