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October 1, 2014     The Julian News
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October 1, 2014

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October 1, 2014 The Julian News 7 Tattered Tidbits #41 Transcendental Disorientation by Albert Simonson Kids have fun spinning 'round and 'round until they can't tell which way is which anymore. You can still achieve that, driving the Henshaw-San Felipe-Julian circle with an old map. Through transcendental disorientation, you may see that surreal landscape retroactively in a state of ,discombobulated consciousness. The French call this "d6paysement." We say, "Whoa, where am I, where's my car?" We know the feeling. It can get weird. Take with you the 1834 map of Valle de San Jos& embracing what we now call Lake Henshaw, Warner Springs, and Highways 76, 79 and $2. The notes are in Spanish script and the scale is indicated in "millas,' each equal to a quarter league or a kilometer. Check out this map at your friendly Julian Historical Society. Silvestre de la Portilla submitted this map to Mexican authorities as part of his application for a kind of homestead. He was a Sonoran with 500 head of cattle, 200 horses, 90 mules, but no wife. (None to speak of, anyway.) He recognized the valley as the best inland grazing for his animals, Presidio comandante Santiago Arguello testified that it was a convenient stopping place for Sonoran travellers using the pass he had discovered while running down deserters from the presidio. Here was the great Sonora Trail to Alta California. The comandante said further that the San Diego mission earlier had grazed cattle there, but had withdrawn them "due to remoteness and opposition by savage Indians." He thought a rancho there would have a beneficial effect on them, "inducing them to habits of civilization." Modern anthropologists would not agree. Other rancheros, Ortega, Carrillo and Estudillo thought the application should be suspended until the mission was completely "secularized." In 1836, the applicant Portilla did receive approval, provided he build a house within a year and leave the roads unblocked. In conformity to the Law of the Indies, he was not to infringe upon the prior rights of Indians. Entering the valley from Santa Ysabel, the old map shows an Indian village directly on the left, Ajata or Tawee, and another at the exit to Pala from Agua Caliente (Warner Springs) and its village, well known from many sources. Things out here have not changed all that much. The handwriting along the road says "creek which crosses the valley; which rises in the sierra and exits to Pala." Off to the right, eastward, is "Valley of Buena Vista, formed of low hills and with great marshes," leading to the valley exit to San Felipe Valley ($2). An exit to Temecula is shown to the north (79). The marshes have mostly dried up. In the lower right, somewhat tattered, are three notes indicating species of trees and water resources, factors which made the valley valuable to Indians, missionaries, and ranchers. The surrounding mountains are shown quite artistically, and the north arrow is an elegantly shaded fleur de lis. The linen- backed map is a bit ragged at the edges, but in good condition considering that it survived the 1906 San Francisco fire which damaged or destroyed many such "disefios" through charring and water damage. These California land case files, numbering over 800 and called "expedientes," formed the basis of ownership for most valuable ranch land. After an invasion of the southwest by the United States in the Mexican-American War, the peace treaty required that prior property rights be respected. In a minority of cases, including this one, the United States did substantially comply with its promise. Usually, though, lawyers and litigation settled the ownership: If you drive up Highway 79, you will see a sign for Buena Vista Creek. Just keep to the right for the exit to San Felipe Valley, which will make for a nice scenic loop. When entering that Valley you might need the 1834 Arenas disefio, the one for Rancho San Felipe. It, too, is easy to follow. It even shows an Indian-owned gem mine up to the right. Before the invasion by the United States, property rights of natives and women were asserted and respected in law. It is thought that the grantee was an Indian, as well. It will not surprise you to learn that Governor Downey's lawyers eventually found a way to drive the Indians off their ancestral land. Indians could not prove in court that they had lived there, even though our old map shows them at "Rancheria del Agua Caliente" and many diarists wrote approvingly about them. Not only that, but getting supplies from those Indians was a life-or-death goal for exhausted forty-niners. Sages have said that gratitude is the weakest of man's motives. Any vestigial gratitude may have been stunted by the prices. Indians learned about pricing from Warner himself - flour at 3 shillings a pound and whiskey at 2 shillings a glass. Driving this loop, you will pass Warner's Ranch and Warner Springs. So much is known about both that you can just google them to relive a very weird past. Of course, as they say, there is no future in reliving the past. In a mellow state of mind, though, it can be fun. Football continued from page I Borrego defense. Kellen Regalado was up next and beat the rush for a 4 yard pick up. 3rd and 7. Skyler Marushige was backpedalling for his life when Shuuluk Linton, starting at tight end, drifted into the open behind the Rams defense. Skyler picked him up and 53 yards later Shuuluk is standing tall in the Rams endzone. Our Eagles strike first. Skyler's PAT flew wide right for no points, but we're on the board first. 10:45 left in the first, Julian 6. Borrego 0. Skyler booms the Eagles kickoff down to Borrego's 5 and the Rams returned the ball to their own 23. Frosh DB Ozzy Martinez took advantage of a poorly thrown Rams pass and came close to having a pick 6. The Rams RB fumbled the handoff on the next attempt and the swarming Eagles offense recovered the ball at the Rams 16. Darren made a quick trip around the right side of the line and picked up 12 yards on the Eagles first snap. Kellen followed up with a 1 yard dash up the middle, dragging most of the Rams defense with him. The Rams were starting to come around and managed to drop Darren for a 3 yard loss on second down. It looked like the right side of the Eagles line decided to take a quick trip Ranchita and allowed a stampeding herd of Rams access to the Eagles backfield, dropping Darren for a 4 yard loss on third down. A pesky Ram penetrated into Skyler's field goal attempt and deflected his shot. Ball over to the Rams at their own 20. The Rams first play of the possession netted 80 yards and a TD over a suddenly vulnerable Eagles defense. The Rams PAT was no good. 6:58 in the first quarter, Julian 6, Borrego 6. Ozzy took the Rams kick at his own 3 and made a mad dash back to the Eagles 35. First and 10 at the Eagles 35. Skyler's pass to Shuuluk was well read and picked off at the Julian 40. Borrego made some good yardage on the pick, but a holding penalty on the Rams brought the ball back to the Eagles 40. Jordan Thompson of the Rams squeezed a whole yard out of the Eagles defense before he was shut down. He managed another yard on his next rush and found a gap in the Eagles D and rumbled down to the Eagles 16 for a Rams first down at the Eagles 12. The Eagles D stiffened and caught the Rams deep in their own backfield. Borrego went over the top and picked up another touchdown. Their PAT was good. 4:04 left in the first, Julian 6, Borrego 13. Once again the Rams kick to the left side and right into the hands of the Ozzy. Oz picks up 20 hard fought yards on the return and the Eagles are set and ready to take off from their own 35. Darren gets a quick 3 yards and he follows up with another 4 on the next play. Kellen got stood up at the line of scrimmage and didn't get the first down. Skyler boomed his punt down to the Rams' 10. The Rams returner snaked his way back to his own 47. First and 1 Rams. JJ anticipated the snap count just a little too much and was flagged for an encroachment penalty. First and 5 from the Eagles 48. Thompson went around the defense and made a mad 48 yard dash to the Eagles goal line and easily scored. The Rams PAT was good. 1:21 to go in the first, Julian 6, Rams 20. Ozzy was in position to take the Rams kick at the Eagles 12 and returned the ball to his own 28. The Rams defense stiffened and the Eagles Oline softened and the Eagles were forced to punt as the first quarter came to an end. At the end of the first quarter, Borrego is leading Julian by 14, 20 to 6. The second quarter opened with Skyler's punt down to the Rams 30. Play was delayed by a Rams equipment problem time out. Equipment problem fixed, back to the game. Van Sickle stepped back and let loose a long arcing pass to WR Michael Manzano running free behind the Eagles defense. 70 yards later, a Rams TD. The PAT was good. 23 seconds elapsed in the second quarter, Julian still has 6, Borrego now has 27. Ozzy picks up another 20 on his return and the Eagles are set up on their own 30. First season RB Nino Romano gets the call, but he can't get out of the Eagles backfield because of an onslaught of Rams defenders. Skyler's pass just flies off the fingertips of JJ. The Eagles fumble on the next snap, but recover the rock at their 42. Darren gets a quick 6, but gets nailed for a 1 yard loss on his next carry. Skyler gets the ball, sets and pitches a perfect strike to frosh RB Nyemetaay Linton who picks up 8 yards. First down Eagles. The Rams are a little miffed and drop Darren for a 4 yard loss. Kellen can't get past the line of scrimmage and Skyler's pass down the field was picked off at the Borrego 43. Thompson takes off around the right side and gets finally tripped up at the Eagles 18. Van Sickles' pass ta Thompson gets into the Eagles endzone. The PAT is good. 5:56 to go in the half, Julian 6, Borrego 34. Once again, Ozzy gets the kickoff and he fights his way forward to the Eagles 28. Somewhere along the way, an .Eagle uses a Rams facemask for a blocking tool and the Eagles are at their own 14 after the penalty. Darren and Kellen can only pick up 7 yards on three attempts so Skyler has to boot it away, again. Down to the Rams 14. The Rams returner Manzano picks up 14 yards on the return. Van Sickle passes to TE Alex Morris for a quick 14 yards over a flailing Eagles defensive backfield. His next pass to Thompson nets 68 yards and another Rams TD. The PAT fails. 0:45 left in the half, Julian 6, Borrego 40. Darren finished the Eagles possession and the half by picking up 17 yards on 2 carries. At the half, it's our Julian Eagles 6, their Borrego Rams 40. Hey, three weeks ago the halftime score was 47 to 0 at half. And there is still a half to go. Julian opened the second half with Skyler squibbing the opening kick down to Borrego 37. Van Sickle sent a quick shot to Manzano, the pass was brought back because of an illegal block in the back against an Eagle defender. Van Sickle's next pass arced over the Eagles defense for another 60+ yard catch and run for the Rams' final score of the game. Their 2 point conversion was good. With 11:27 left in the third quarter, it's Julian 6, Borrego 48. After the Rams score, the officials set the game clock running, with no stoppage of time except for team called time-outs or injury time outs. JJ gets the Rams' kickoff at the Julian 10 and gets back up the 32 before he is brought down. Ozzy is in the backfield and takes his first handoff for 9 yards. He gets that rock again and gets to the Borrego 40. The Oz picks up 4 on first down, but a Skyler to Kellen pass goes incomplete. Ozzie picks up 1 on third down. An Eagles lineman jumps offside and the Eagles are looking at 4th and 10 from Borrego's 40. The Borrego defender hits Kellen just as what would have been a first down pass and catch and falls to the ground. Rams ball at their own 40. The clock is running. An Eagle D lineman jumps offside's and the Rams pick UP an easy 5 yards. Thompson gives up the 5 yard gain after he gets nailed in the backfield by the Eagles linebacking corps. He gains back 3 and Van Sickles pass to junior TE Jeremiah Busic falls incomplete. The Rams punts rolls through the endzone. Julian takes over on their own 20 and Skyler takes it up the gut for 16 and an Eagles first down. Romano is the next man up but gets caught for no gain. Nino picks up 5 on the next play and gets another first down with a 10 yard carry. Skyler scoots for another 6 as the third quarter ends. At the end of the third quarter, with the clock running, it's Julian 6, Borrego 48. Skyler takes the ball for 4 yards and another Eagles first down. Nino takes a handoff and weaves and fights his way into the endzone, but theTD is called back because an unnamed Eagle was caught holding. Nino picks up 8 on the next carry and follows up with 14 yards and a first down at the Rams 25. Skyler's pass to Kellen is slightly overthrown, but a neutral zone infraction by Borrego sets the ball at the 20. Nino gets another quick 2 yards and Skyler gets the first down with a 10 yard dash. There is just over a minute left when Nino takes off and gets the needed yardage for the final touchdown of the night. Skyler's 2 point conversion is good. As the teams lined up for the kickoff, the clock winds to 0:00. Game over. Final score, the Borrego Rams 48, the Julian Eagles 14. My Eagles showed that they have improved from their first game in week 0. They allowed two fewer touchdowns by an older and bigger team as well as scoring 2 TD's of their own. It's the little mistakes that always get you, and they had their fair share of those pesky little errors. They will wipe the whiteboard clean on Saturday and get set for another game on Friday. Your Eagles travel down to Bradley Park in San Marcos to take on the St. Joseph Academy Crusaders at 3:30 in their third league game. Your Eagles are in third place in the Citrus League behind Borrego and Ocean View Christian, who are tied with League records of 2 - 0. Come on down and support your Eagles. The following Friday is Homecoming, with the Eagles taking on West Shores High School in a rare under the lights Friday night game. Collection Event- Household Hazardou s Waste When : :ober 25, 2014 9am--2pm Where: Julian Road Station 1524 Highway 78, Julian CA Bring up to 15 gallons or 125 pounds of waste per vehicle including: and Electronic Waste paint, pool chemicals, cleaning products, batteries (household and automotive), solvents, auto chemicals and oil, computers, monitors, aerosols, pesticides, fluorescent bulbs, etc. Transport in trunk or back of vehicle away from passengers. No containers larger than 5-gallons. Home-generated sharps (syringes, needles & lancets) will be accepted in rigid, closed containers. We can not accept: Business Waste, Tires, Large Appliances, Medication, Ammunition/Explosives or Radioactive Waste For Information Please Call: 1-877-R-I-EARTH (1-877-713-2784) or go to