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October 6, 2010     The Julian News
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October 6, 2010

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October 6, 2010 The Julian News 5 ....... must • O • • • • • • • • • • 2902 Washington Street -i Mon-Fri 8:30 to 5:30 and Sat 9:00 to 5:00 CLOSED on Sunday ULLAN 760 765 1020 fESTERYEARS ue and • • aDS • ,IN. in Wynola Farms Marketplace 4470 Highway 78 A Carousel In Ju Kaaren Terry has the vision that Julian should have a carousel and is on a mission to make it happen. To turn this dream into reality, Kaaren knew she needed to do her homework. She joined the National Carousel Association to learn all about carousels and meet others that share her passion. In September she returned from the Pacific Northwest, where their annual convention was held. She took in three states and six different carousels. Besides having a blast riding the different animals and learning the story of each machine and the community where it resides, Kaaren was there doing research and networking with 88 other members. Learning how other communities banned together and worked towards raising the money, carving the animals,acquiringthe location, and protecting their prize accomplishment with an appropriate building proved to her that her idea was not unique at all. She discovered many communities, some much smaller that Julian, have already completed their town carousel lian's Future? projects. Most often, the town's carousel became their prized jewel. They boasted that the best benefit of all is how the town became united. People with different strengths and skills donated their time to make it happen. Increased tourism, rising sales to local businesses and the creation of local jobs are just some of the benefits our town can enjoy! If you would like to be a part of THE CAROUSEL FOR JULIAN, please call Kaaren at (619) 417-0481. For more exciting information and pictures of carousels in other locations, please visit, St. Elizabeth's Church Of Julian invites you to the Saturday & Sunday 9th 10th, 2010 11:00 am - 4:00 pm MUSIC & DANCING GREAT FOOD JULIAN APPLE PIE CLOWNS AND FUN FOR THE KIDS ! In the Rabobank Parking Lot on Main Street For More Information Call 760-765-1578 l [y Thoughts by Michele Harvey I Quit Smoking Months Ago People keep asking me if I'm still not smoking. Yes, thankfully, I'm still not smoking. I quit smoking sometime in June. That means I quit smoking over three months ago. This is my third column about my not smoking. I quit with a crutch, Chantix pills. I took them for about seven weeks before I felt I could go without them. Some people never develop harmful addictions, and one of them told me that my columns about my smoking habit have given her insight to things she would never understand otherwise. I don't keep track of the days and weeks because I want to think of myself as not a smoker. Some people I know can tell me how many years and days it's been since they quit smoking. Some can even tell me to the hour, how long it's been since they quit smoking. I don't have that kind of memory and I can't allow that many thoughts in my head about smoking without wanting to pick up a cigarette, light it and smoke it. While I admire those people for their tenacity; I have to think of myself as a non smoker rather than an ex smoker. As a non smoker I fool myself into thinking that I don't really want to light up a cigarette because I don't smoke. I have to do this or I may not keep my conviction to never smoke again. I've quit several times in the past. I've quit for several hours, several days and several weeks. One time I quit for five years. And why did I go back to smoking? After that much time we smokers can fall off the wagon just like alcoholics do. We get arrogant and believe that we've kicked the habit. We think we are stronger than our addiction. We aren't. Once we figure out that the addiction has us by the proverbial throat, we give in, thinking we are only giving in for a short time. Soon we will be strong enough to master the addiction again. We are very good at believing our own lies. We are even better at negotiating with ourselves. 'TII just smoke this cigarette, then I'll quit." "1'11 just smoke this one pack..." I think having an addiction to cigarettes isn't a lot different than an addiction to alcohol or drugs. I wouldn't commit burglaries to feed my habit, but I can think of days that I got really cranky and ill tempered when I ran out of cigarettes. We who are addicts, we who want to no longer give in to our addictions; all have ways to keep ourselves away from our addictions. For me, I don't like to talk about smoking. I don't like to see a person on TV or in a movie who is smoking because that causes me to want to light up and smoke a cigarette. I'm pretty much past the habits I used to have that went so well with smoking. I can walk out my front door without feeling the need to light up. I don't automatically reach for a cigarette when I'm stuck in traffic or after eating a meal. However, I still have minor problems with some habits that cued me in to smoking. Settling in to a relaxing phone call with a friend was always a time to take a pack of cigarettes and my lighter, sit them next to me, and occasionally light up as part of my relaxing experience. I seldom talk on the phone these days and don't plan any lengthy conversations until I'm beyond this particular habit. It's fortunate that I seldom get sick. About once a year I get a cold that gives me an excuse to spend a cold winter day or two cozied up in my bed, warm under the blankets with a good book to read. When I was a smoker, I smoked a few cigarettes each day when I had a sore throat. It's what smokers do to test their illness to see if they are improving. Is my throat as sore? Actually smoking used to keep me from coughing when I was ill and about a hundred years ago doctors recommended smoking to cure a cough. According to magazine ads through the past century, doctors have recommended Camel cigarettes over other brands, Ronald Reagan gave cartons of Chesterfield cigarettes to all of his smoking friends for Christmas and Marlboros were recommended to mothers for relaxation. We may think we have too many laws, but I think the ones that banned cigarette ads are a very positive thing. I sell some of the old magazine ads in my store. Young adults can't believe that such ads ever existed. They ask me if they are real and some even ask how I can condone the ads. I don't condone them. I sell them because they are a part of history. Young men really did believe they looked manlier smoking a Marlboro. Women thought they looked more feminine smoking an Eve cigarette or some other brand that was long and thin like a Benson and Hedges. Donna Goodman and I smoked English Ovals for years. I thought they were a very cool looking oval cigarette and each pack came in a hard white thin cardboard box that opened like a fancy metal cigarette tin. I felt very cool and very out of the ordinary when I smoked English Ovals. Some of my friends smoked menthol cigarettes thinking they wouldn't get cigarette breath. To me that's like drinking vodka thinking no one will know you are drunk because you assume they can't smell the alcohol on your breath. I'm just glad that I don't smoke anymore. I like the aromas of soap and shampoo on me that aren't masked by smoke. I like wearing a sweater or jacket more than once without having to wash it every time I wear it so it doesn't get a heavy smoke odor on it and all my other clothes that it hangs with in my closet. Mike and I never smoked in our home, so thankfully it doesn't smell like an old bowling alley. I have low blood pressure. Years ago one of my doctors told me that my body can't build enough blood pressure for me to have a heart attack or a stroke. However, as a smoker, I could get lung cancer, throat or mouth cancer, emphysema, or any number of other health problems. I once wrote a paper for a college class advocating quality of life. It was based on things we can do to keep healthy. My paper began with the idea that a smoker may say that his life will be a few years shorter and that's no big deal. Length of life isn't nearly as important as quality of life. By no longer smoking; I believe I'm vastly improving my own quality of life. These are my thoughts. A Little Rag Time On A Sunday Afternoon At Wynola Pizza This Sunday afternoon they will be tuning up the Piano inside the Red Barn for a little RagTime. San Diego musicological researcher and ragtime affectionado Dan Pinsker with tickle the ivories and entertain from 5 to 8 for a late afternoon lunch or an early supper. He taught himself to play the piano in his early teens and soon developed a lifetime interest in the popular piano styles of the first half of the 20th century. He has studied old sheet music and piano rolls since the early 70s. In San Diego he carries out musicological research, rehearses with various orchestras, and appears as a solo pianist at such venues as Old Town Music Hall, El Segundo, CA, the Orange County RagFest and The Roseleaf Club in Pasadena. He also appeared at both the Sutter Creek Ragtime Festival and the West Coast Ragtime Festival in Sacramento. Drop by Wynola Pizza this Sunday October 10th and hang out with a little piano, some pizza or one of their now famous "Mud Pies" the music starts at5 and Dan Pinsker entertains until 8. Groceries. Fresh Produce • Sundries Beer • Wine • Liquor Dry Cleaning • Lotto • Scratchers • Full Service "Best in the County" Meat Department • II.S.D.A. Choice Bee[ • Buffalo Meat Special and Holiday Orders, Cut to your Speci[ications Since 1988 * Tree Consulting and Inspection * Long Term Forest Maintenance and Planning * Hazardous Removal and Precision Felling * Ornamental Pruning and Lacing * Brush Clearing and Chipping FREE ES TIMA TES Licensed and Bonded Fully Insured for Your Protection ERIC DAUBER H: 760-765-2975 C: 760-271-9585 PO Box 254 JULIAN, CA. 92036 WE-8690A License #945348 Vulnerabilities, like being embarrassed or think we should follow a simple rule: If we risking love, can be terrifying. I can take the worst, take the risk. -- Dr. Joyee Brothers At our house my daughter Kevin Brick and I have been almost giddy with delight as Kevin has a new grandson and I a new Great Grandson. Dean Alden Momsen, born August 17, 9 pounds, 1 ounce and 20 inches long. His sister born a year and a half ago, has been a total delight. So much so that Dorian (Deans mother) warned her husband that Alex was such an easy baby and not all babies are that easy. Well, two weeks after he arrived Kevin was talking to Dorian on the phone. Most babies wake up and sort of squeak and fuss, not Dean. He woke up, apparently realized he was hungry and bellowed, he does it well. His growth is off the charts and his doctor told Dorian that she was providing "high-octane" nourishment. You know, even at my age things get better and better. Beatrice Minnis 'i H