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October 18, 2017     The Julian News
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October 18, 2017

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8 The Jufian News Roles Of A Paranormal Researcher continued from page 1 how ethereal beings exist. The majority of the SDPRS caseload is in San Diego County. The team will occasionally take on cases in other areas of Southern California and even out-of-state, mostly for historical cases. We conduct our research work at no cost to the client', upholding confidentiality at all times. We help assist clients by attempting to identify the types of activity (intelligent, residual, psychic imprint, etc.) occurring at a location, further assisting in bringing resolution to the case. We document alleged paranormal activity through the use of various types of equipment, ranging from audio recorders, cameras, environmental monitoring devices and other specialized gadgets designed for paranormal investigation. We uphold the belief that we, as investigators, are the BEST piece of equipment on any investigation; thus, we pay attention to what our bodies and natural intuition tell us during our projects. We are an advocate for our clients, the locations and the various spiritual energies we work with. The team listens to its clients' concerns and approaches every investigation with an open.mind and a healthy dose of skepticism. We commence a case with trying to see'what alleged activity can be logically and naturally explained. If we, or the specialists we consult, cannot clarify something, we leave it as that: something that we can't explain. Just because it can't be described or justified, doesn't mean that it's automatically paranormal in origin. The SDPRS has a passion for lecturing about various topics in the supernatural domain as we have a strong passion and devotion to studying the field. Supernatural research is an umbrella term for various sub-topic focuses, such as ghosts and hauntings, ufology, cryptozoology, etc. While having knowledge of these various areaS; The San Diego Paranormal Research Society's main focus is on ghosts and hauntings. Legitimate paranormal researchers have spent a lot of time studying the various theories for the existence of ghostly activity as well as ongoing study of the field's founding fathers and applying their hypotheses and approaches to modern day research. They also study and understand the reasons for employing various methodologies to investigation practices, such as the utilization of Environmental Monitoring, Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), Instrumental Trans Communication (ITC), Spirit Photography, Vigils, etc., as well as using the metaphysical approaches of diviningrods, pendulums, crystals, etc. EVP and ITC are often considered cousins to each other. EVP is a voice or sound that is not heard at the time of recording, but picked up later during' review of the audio file. Technology has advanced in allowing investigators to conduct "live" EVP sessions, where you can listen to the file as you record via wireless EVP monitoring. ITC, also known as real-time communication, is heard at the time of recording on various ghost box devices, televisions answering machines, etc. It takes a critical eye and ear---as these methods can be extremely subjective, We look for clarity, context and historical relevance when reviewing our audio evidence. We don't put much emphasis into the orb phenomenon, as most digital cameras cause excessive amounts of these circular anomalies that can logically be explained away as dust, moisture, bugs, lens refractions, etc. We do use digital cameras despite this issue, however-mainly to document our location, always taking baseline photographs that we can use for comparison later on should we capture any weird photographic anomaly. Infrared (IR), full spectrum still cameras, and video cameras are available to investigators. It is theorized that ghostly energy prefers the near IR spectrum, possibly explaining why photographic or videographic anomalies are often seen in this spectrum. Here are some important rules: 1) always take a minimum of three photos, 2) know your camera's specs and how to use it, 3) study the area that is to be filmed, 4) don't overuse any IR or UV illuminators as it can wash out the field, and 5) look for anything, such as reflective surfaces, that could interfere with filming, among others. In our opinion, vigils are almost mandatory in any investigation. When you set up your equipment and are ready to proceed, you don't want to rush in starting your experiments. Take some time and allow your body and senses to adjust to the environment. Allow your eyes to adjust to night vision mode while getting a general feel for the location. For those that are intuitively inclined, this is an important step. Vigil work can help you further prepare for interactive audio sessions in allowing you to come up with historically relevant and appropriate lines of questioning. Environmental monitoring is absolutely imperative before, during and after each investigation, as there are prevalent theories that attempt to explain how our environment causes and/or changes paranormal activity. For example, the EMF (Electromagnetic Field) is theorized to fluctuate with ghostly energy and/or directly cause it, especially when there is a huge amount of circulating EMF in a location. You always want to take baseline EMF and temperature measurements so you can compare those results to your measurements during and after the project. Please keep in mind that modern technology-- televisions, refrigerators, alarm clocks, computers, faulty outlets, etc. all emit an EMF. If you are conducting a measurement and your device is indicating a solid read (not intermittent), then you are most likely hitting an electrical line or reading a nearby man-made piece of technology. Paranormal EMF measurements are typically very small and are extremely intermittent. Theories hold that paranormal energy can either drop or increase the temperature; thus, having a temperature monitor or weather station in your equipment arsenal is vital. Humidity, ionic energy and radiation are also known to fluctuate during supernatural activity. Other gadgets that are often employed are vibration detectors, motion sensors, laser pen grids, wind speed measuring devices, etc. The investigation is just one aspect of the whole project, as adjunct historical, archaeological, and genealogical research are mandatory in order to paint an unbiased and accurate view of what may be occurring at a location. Furthermore, researchers vet out hours of evidence review, often sifting through hours of audio and video files, photographic and environmental monitoring analysis and how personal experiences or intuitive impressions fit into the equation. From reading this, you can garner that there is a huge difference between an authentic paranormal researcher versus someone who is in it for just thrills and chills. Of course, there is nothing wrong with having a superficial interest in the realm, but one cannot call himself or herself a "paranormal researcher" without doing the hard and often time-consuming work. As mentioned, we take a professional and systematic approach to our field work while also showcasing our core values of respect and reverence---one of the reasons Odober 18, 2017 Debbie Fetterman REALTOR CalBRE #01869678 debbiellama@live.com Your Personal & Pro L T Y why the SDPRS team is highly sought after for investigations, lectures a.nd community work. For more information about the San Diego Paranormal Research Society, please visit its website at http://www. sandiegoparanormalresearch. com and/or http://www.facebook. com/SDPRS. 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