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November 1, 2017     The Julian News
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November 1, 2017

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November 1, 2017 The Julian News 7 A Daughter's TribUte By Adele Delgmto 771is account of Adele's father has been seen in this column before. It is a touching account of a daughter who will never forget her father and cherishes the service he made for his nation. As Veteran's Day approaches, it is my hope that as our "Greatest Generation" passes on, that we never forget the sacrifice they made for us. Among my family photo albums filled with picnics, baby pictures and various family members is something more mesmerizing and terrifying. There are photos of bodies, men, women, and children, and bombed out buildings. They are the pictures of war. These were the memories my father documented in photos and a basis for the stories he told of his experience in WWlI. I beard the stories over and over as I grew up, some told with bravado, some riddled with grief. My father, Howard Splrz, was born in 1916, the fifth of eight children. He grew up iq the rural St. Louis area. During the depression his father lost his job and father's aspiration for college was dashed. He dug ditches for a living outside the school to which he had aspired. He then joined the Civilian Conservation Corps, part of Roosevelt's New Deal to promote employment and update infrastructure of the country. He earned $30.00 a month with a mandatory $25.00 to be sent home to support the family. Life in the CCC was difficult and physically arduous but it may have paved the way for him to be more hardened for what lie ahead. After the CCC he came to California, worked as a roofer and earned enough to buy a home. When WWll broke out he and his younger brother Irvin both enlisted and were assigned to the 101st airborne. During a training jump he dislocated his shoulder so badly that he was reassigned to the 297th battalion, combat engineers, 7th army. After. training he went to England and waited with so many others for D day. His brother Irvin was also in England but were out of contact despite the efforts of my mother, who wrote through the Red Cross in an effort to reunite my father and uncle. It never happened and they never saw each other again. On D-Day my father went across the channel by ship. He landed on Utah Beach near St. Mere Eglise. His experience was very much like the first fifteen minutes of Saving Private Ryan. He told me of the horror, the bullets coming into the landing craft, men sinking in the water with all the gear that they had on, scrambling for the beach under fire and crawling over bodies of the fallen, can barely watch those fifteen minutes of the movie, let alone imagine how it was for my father as his terror went on and on. Once they made it to the beach and up to the fields they encountered hedgerows that bordered the fields and impeded vision. In the mass confusion they employed toy 'metal clickers make food for the trees. www.readingclubfun.com iThey give us oxygen and shade. nnimills LLC 201 Vl 0-42 s are all around / ; ; -4 I us on plants and trees. ,[ I__ | [ L__J L I The job of leaves is to [ l r- - i make food for plants. / 1 s rt as ' v . / o rl -- . -o voo. . ta.. 000 o I Animals and people eat m - 2 face the to catch its rays of light , LI ---r I many Plantsand leaves / 3. make the --for plants and trees Winter--'1 sun -- 2L - to stay alive We breathe I to stay a . / l/ 4. have a network of to carry food and water ,1 , I/ , , = I oxygen that leaves make. / 5 give off -- 7 II I | I colors ' LI / it" Ir I Ao, uc, do ou,nowl 0 o, many plants turn bright in the fall .... as veins I about leaves' Fill in these I 7 fall from many trees before------- uu, ox -en I Puzzles to . ' yg iind ) U .... 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Then unscramble the letters to fill in the blanks with the names of the trees. = i rb _.. l'~kOa ii h c h s a _ _ #_~~ k g i o g z Solution Page 12 called crickets to find and identify each other. In the next few days as they were making their way forward another soldier saw my dad's name on his jacket, Spirz. It's not a common German name so it stood out and he called to him. He told my dad that he was with his brother when he was killed. Irvin's legs had been blown off and he was begging for someone to shoot him and let him go. He died the day after D-day. Dad wrote to my mother, and though he couldn't say that Irvin had been killed he asked that she stay close to his morn and that there would be a "dead German for every drop of Irvin's blood." He never thought about making it all the way through the war, it was just something that had to be done. He was driven by his loss and the need to make sense of what he needed to do. Being older when the war started may have helped him cope with what he saw. He wasn't a young high schooler, but in hi8 late 20's. He had experienced hard work and hardship, yet rm sure nothing really prepared him for war. From St. Mere Eglise they pushed on to Cherbourg and then eastward toward Germany through Mortain, Mayenne, and Chartres, always on the front lines. Some time off was had in Paris after its liberation and then on again. Up towards Belgium they marched, through Mons and Liege. Next was Aachen and the battle of the Bulge. Extremely cold weather and hilly terrain hindered operations there. I know that many historians say that the Germans break-out was a surprise but my Dad always said that it was a weak spot by design and a trap for the Germans. I asked how he knew and he said the officers told them. Dad spoke of "standing on the heads of dead soldiers." I asked what he meant and he said they stood in the same trenches as soldiers in WWl and helmets and bones were still there. Surviving the Bulge, they moved on. Cologne was next These were the pictures that held the most fascination for me. Horrible, unfathomable atrocities were committed there. Women and children were among the bodies there..Some looked like continued on page 8 of Famer Mike Piazza play for during his 16-year major-league career? Which ones? 3. In 2016, Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints set a team record for longest touchdown pass (98 yards). Who had held the mark? 4. Tommy Amaker became wherepictureshe took pictures of the ~"m~ the winningest coach in Harvardseason). shattered buildings with one men's 'basketball history in Cathedral standing intact. He 2016 (193 entering the 2017- took from the church =ill 18 Who had been the tower of the ruined city below. = w \ Crimson coach with the most AS engineers, everywhere there II IIz victories? was a waterway they either blew I~11 5. When was the last time up bridges, rebuilt them later or before 2017 that Sweden rebuilt bridges the Germans had won the ice Hockey World destroyed. They inflated and Championships? linked pontoons and corduroyed 6. Which of the three them with wood to create heavyweight boxing titles (WBA, temporary passage for troops and vehicles. As they marched across Germany they came to Nordhausen, one of the most infamous concentration camps. 1. Who was the last Kansas City Royals player before Eric Hosmer and Salvador Perez in 2016 to hit a home run in the All- Star Game? 2. How many teams did Hall WBC, IBF) did Lennox Lewis not win more than once? 7. Who was the fastest bowler (by number of events) to reach $1 million in career earnings? Answers on page 12