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December 10, 2014     The Julian News
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December 10, 2014

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December 10, 2014 ulia As we observe the ann versary of the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, we should remember those who lost their lives on that day. Ensign John H. L. Vogt Jr. was killed in action that day. He was born September 18, 1915 in Julian California.. His story begins in 1904, at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in Saint Louis, Missouri. Newlyweds John H. L. Vogt and Eva Julian Vogt were visiting the Exposition and saw the Julian apples that won a Gold Medal. John was from Kentucky and was a Mining Engineer. Eva was from Tennessee and her maiden name was Julian. She possibly was a distant, relative of Mike Julian. John told Eva, Julian is named for you and we should go there and raise apples. They started planning the move. They moved to San Diego in 1911. In August of 1912 they purchased a 60 acre ranch from Horace Wilcox The property was just south of present day Jess Martin Park. They called their ranch the Bide-A-While Ranch. When the Vogt's came to Julian they had two small children. Later four more children were born to the Voigt's in Julian. John Jr. attended grade school in Julian. The family moved to San Diego 1927. John Jr. graduated from San Diego High School and San Diego Normal College. In 1939 John Jr. joined the Navy and went to Flight Training at Pensacola Florida. In 1940, he was commissioned as an Ensign in the U. S. Navy and assigned to Ensign John H. L. Vogt Jr. Scouting Six (VS-6) aboard the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CV-6) stationed at Pearl Harbor. Ensign Voigt was a pilot flying the SBD (Scout Bomber Douglas) Dauntless. On November 28, 1941, the Enterprise departed Pearl Harbor on a secret mission to ferry a squadron of Marine fighters to reinforce Wake Island. The Task Force was commanded by Vice Admiral Bill Halsey. Halsey gave the order that all aircraft were to be armed and to shoot first and ask questions later since they were going close to Japan. The mission was accomplished and the Enterprise was due back at Pearl Harbor on December 6. The task force ran into a bad storm that delayed their arrival till December 7. At 0600 on the morning of December 7 the Enterprise was approximately 215 miles due west of Pearl Harbor. Scouting Six had orders to fly a search pattern 150 miles from the Enterprise and land at Ford Island, Pearl Harbor. This mission consisted of 18 SBD Dauntless aircraft. Ensign.Voigt was assigned to be the wing man for the Squadron Commander, Lt Commander Hopping They took off from the ship at approximately 0640. About halfway through the search.they saw a tanker heading easterly. Lt Commander Hopping signaled (they were under radio silence) Ensign Vogt to stay at altitude beyond gun range and he would go down to investigate. Lt Commander Hopping found that it was a Richfield tanker. When he returned to altitude, he could not find Ensign Voigt and continued to Ford Island. Ensign Voigt and all the other aircraft on this mission arrived at Ford Island in the middle of the Japanese attack. It is believe that Ensign Vogt's aircraft collided with a Japanese Val dive bomber. Vogt and his Radioman/gunner Third Class Sidney Pierce bailed out, but attoo low an altitude. Both died when their parachutes failed to fully deploy. New Ownership At Candied Apple Introduced At Mixer Chef Charles Scott introduced the Chamber of Commerce to Nico and Heather, plus little Mercy Roulston at Thursday's mixer. Charles described the Roulston's as a "perfect fit for the bakery and the community." Both have extensive backgrounds in the restaurant industry and degrees from Cal Poly Pamona (where they met). A serendipitous day trip to Julian brought everyone together, when they noticed the listing at the Julian Realty office. They extended their stay and began negotiations, closing the deal the first of November, they got a full introduction to town at the tree lighting. Stop by and welcome Julian's newest entrepreneurs. Friday- Santa "Serving the Community of Julian" GATED, SECURE STORAGE SITES -- FULLY ENCLOSED YARD INDUSTRIAL/BUSINESS SiTE FOR MACHINERY & EQUIPMENT STORAGE Outside Storage - Trailers, Boats, Cars, RV's Unit Sizes - 5x10, 10x10, 10x15, 10x20, 10x30 ;ates Open 7 Days 7a.m. to Dark Office - M-F 9 to 4 closed Sat & Su 3582 Highway 78 at Newman Way Fax. 765-2797 Grading @,.Demolition [-CABiNETRY: FRAMING ! B-[M [ROOFING. HOME REPAIRS] Grading, Demolition, [ SIGNS" ARTWORK ] Underground Utilities, Dump Truck, Excavation, Loader, I Bobcat Rental, Rock & Base 7 ,J|,0152 II" 619-972-0152 All Your Tree Service Needs Commercial The Julian News 3 CALIFORNIA~" Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery Cabrillo Memorial Drive San Diego Visitation Hours: Monday thru Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. At, Town Hall ze~e p;lat, in 1939" he 'w~' as- signed :fi th'e U,S.S." ~%.ter.~r.h~" .,,g a sceuth~g'l~ilot," U.S. 6. He" v;as given, a :commlssion."in' the U~:~.~I' S~t~s ~'/ 19'iO,' '. . F~sig~ VoW. was a m~nb~'r :of St., Pau].'s Epiwojgqi church, San .'me,g6; ane was ',26 year *old a, the tj'me o~. his death." Surviv/r~., aie tds ,.c'.'.a/~ .nts, Mr,.a~d ,'[~- 3o~n I'i, L. V~ o Viata;: t~ br.of, hm,"~;. Frederick W.--ogt. at Sa.n l ege, 'and, 'Julian'" Yog~'.' .of Geneva;! SwItz~rland," dfid ~-:; SlSferi, i ,..Mrg.' T. E:;'EI .C.aji;n:. MI~. 'B.:i H, Alber. Chula ~JJ.~.~ .:~d ~r~ I James ~.. Sta~- ~ Heideiberg,[ I ~any; Private sercic~ .v, ill ~oe' .held, Please omlt flo~;ers, ' '. ,] The Wynola Conundrum from David Lewis For years, people have debated where the name Wynola came from. In his unpublished manuscript, Julian Sentinel newspaper owner, James Jasper, tried to give us an explanation. According to Jasper, Spencer Valley made a request to the U. S. Postal Service for a post office. Denied, was the answer received from the government. There was already a post office by the name of Spencer...there could not be two. Jasper says the name Wynola was suggested by W. A. Sickler of Spencer Valley. Then he offers that the name was of Native American origin. He claims Wynola means lake. Prior to European settlement, the area had supposedly been called "Squaw Springs". Spencer Valley land owned by Antonia Reed, had a spring on it and a marshy area. Jasper says Antonia had developed the spring into a fish pond. Naming a spring and a marsh with a word that means lake, only confuses the issue. I have spent time trying to settle this question, without success. Recently, there was a rather long Facebook thread, both silly and serious, regarding where the name Wynola came from. Then the dreaded request came. David, what's the answer? I hate it, but there are many times when I have to confess I just plain old don't know! Sometimes I can't accept that answer from myself, So I renewed my attempt to find the truth. I began by simply looking up the origin of the word Wynola. The best Google could do was to say it might be a girl's name. Sometimes spelled Winola, they said it was of Hessian origin. I searched the digital newspapers, nothing. I searChed Ancestry to find where Sickler came from, nothing. Ok, thfm I searched Google for W. A. Sickler and came up with a possibility. On a web page called Pala Gems, I discovered a 1995 story written by Peter Bancroft, for a publication called The Wrangler. In following up on a story he read as a youth which had this headline: ,:Sickler Boys Discover New Gemstone," Bancroft located descendents the Sickler family. He then wrote an intriguing story of the family's immigration to the colonies and their involvement in the Revolutionary War. Finally I got to William A. Sickler's part of the story. The following is an excerpt from Bancroft's story: William A. Sickler- "W. A." "Once established at his homestead in Spencer Valley, "W. A.," invited his father, Dr. Frederick Vanderburg Sickler, to visit. Prior to that visit, Dr. Sickier had sent a bundle of maple saplings to W. A. When the father arrived, he noted that the young maples were in leaf and commented: "Your air smells exactly the same as [at] my home in Lake Wynola." >From that moment on, W. A.'s homestead was known as Wynola Ranch." The above paragraph makes it seem pretty clear that Sicker had indeed suggested the name of Wynola for the post office. The Sicklers of Bancroft's interview said that their ancestors had settled near Butterfield Falls, Pennsylvania. Butterfleld Falls was shortened to Falls. A quick look at Google Earth shows that about three miles north Falls, is a body of water called Lake Winola. It all just fits too good, and I am inclined to say we have our answer. Was Lake Winola once spelled Wynola? Or did someone spell our Wynola wrong? The property Spencer Valley School sits on once belonged to W. A. Sickler. I have the original deed he granted. I also believe he may .have been one of the first teachers there, if not the first. So that ends the story, right? Nape. I had a huge accidental discovery during all of this. In Bancroft's early history of the Sicklers, I found something that caught my attention. It was in this paragraph: A generation later, George Sickler IV married Lucy White, a direct descendant of Perigan White, the first baby born on the Mayflower, While the children of George and Lucy were still young, word reached the Sicklers that a smallpox epidemic had ravaged much of eastern New York State and was moving rapidly in their direction. Without hesitation, they decided to abandon their farm and, in the middle of the night, loaded the children and a few possessions into a covered wagon and headed west into Pennsylvania. Eventually, the family established a new home near Buttermilk Falls (later shortened to Falls), Pennsylvania. Both George and Lucy are buried in Falls. It was the White name that caught my attention. I called my mom and asked, "What were the White ancestors named that we are related to?" Yep, Peregrine (not Perigan) White is my ancestor. He was not the first baby born on the Mayflower. He is however, recognized as the first English child born after the Mayflower arrived here. He was born on board the Mayflower while it was at anchor in the harbor. He is why my family is qualified to a member of the Mayflower Society. SQmetimes historical research is just creepy! The Wynola Post Office School" in 1951. He atso ~,tteDded Sh~t~ Co~|g, where h4 ~'~.~ a mornber of Dclta' Pi ~ta t~a~- nity.: "" " " He was'emplc~yed by'~he'MSt= start, company prim;, to" ,his ape poin~ment as'. a Naval, cadet at -Pensacoln Na~'al. Air, ~ation. A~- t~r" gra'ddati~ as a Nav'al Ai~ R~-