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December 16, 2009     The Julian News
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December 16, 2009

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December 16, 2009 Accounting - Tax Planning LUERS & DYER, CPAs, LLP CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS Income Tax and Accounting Full Service Firm Rebecca fa~ers, CPA Ja~ Dyer, CPA M:tstet~ | )~ ~.~ h fl'.txathm Personal attention to your special needs Wynola Center 4367 Hwy, 78, Suite 112 P.O. Box 1934 Julian, CA 92036 Tel: 760 765-0343 Fax: 760 7650150 Email: Banking ULIAN 760 765 1020 (ESTERYEARS , Checking Savings ] Home Equity Business Banking L~ 2Jm33beM2~n 5'., Julian I 765-2765 Holiday Treats Do you remember the very best thing you ever had to eat in your entire life? Almond paste for Christmas cookies sparked thai thought and conjured up memories of Sunday school for first graders in the days when kids dressed up for church...a dotted Swiss dress that Mother thought was darling but she didn't wear the scratchy thing, white socks, Mary Jane shoes...squirming on the floor to hear some story that started with a baby in the bulrushes and went downhill from there. Back in the Day no one thought Sunday School had to be fun, at least not at Hollywood First Presbyterian. Then the teacher brought out a box of marzipan candies and passed them out to kids who had never seen marzipan before. Peaches and apples and bananas and the kind of taste you never want to stop eating. Heaven, quite theologically incorrect. But thoughts of food provoke more thoughts of food. We were sharing a vacation house with the Johnstons in the Japanese summer resort of Karuizawa where a farmer brought fresh sweet corn to the door. Seven ears...have you done better...and regret at being too full to eat more And it's not past and gone. The first bite of a cider doughnut from the Julian Pie Company, crunching through a delicate crust to the cake below or a cinnamon roll from the Candied Apple compete with ripe Bartlett pears and sunwarmed apples off the tree, preferably filched from the neighbor's orchard. Go to Greece and have fresh cooked calamaraki at a seaside tavern with a Greek white wine on the side. Or perfectly cooked bacon at any time... Then there are the food foods that sound better than they taste. One should really like root beer floats because they are so very good, or sip a glass of sherry by the roaring fire. Well. Sherry tastes great in cooking. Period. And root beer floats are about as appetizing as never mind. But we're each unique. And isn't it great? Can you remember the very best thing you ever had to eat in your whole life? Shelter Valley News By Jean Anderson President, Shelter Valley Citizens Corporation Chairperson, Shelter Valley Kids Club Brrrrrd Winter has finally arrived with a bang. I loved the rain, but I can definitely do without those high winds and power outages. I don't believe the power was out long enough to fire up the generators at the SV Fire Department or the Community Center last week, but we're prepared should the need arise. Just a reminder to all of our residents, that if the power goes out and you have special circumstances or feel the need, please go to the fire department. Their generator will be started first. If the power is out for a long period of time, the SVCC Board will decide when to start our generator and open the Community Center and Kids Club buildings. Fortunately, I have propane for heat and cooking but others may not have the ability to stay at home during a long outage. The Diana Lindsay lecture about Marshal South was very nice, although attendance was small. We were competing with the Chargers game on that Sunday! She showed the full-length Ghost Mountain DVD and gave us a lot of interesting information. Diana is such a nice lady who has a wealth of historical knowledge about the desert and we enjoyed every minute of her presentation. We may have her back in the Spring and will try to avoid conflicts with sporting events. John Hake, CERT Coordinator and Julian Fire Chief Kevin Dubler were kind enough to attend our SVCC General Meeting on December 2. There has been a request to begin a CERT class in Shelter Valley, as well as, a class for Canebrake residents. They discussed the surprising success of their past/current CERT classes and will be making arrangements with Shelter Valley and Canebrake representatives to hold more classes in our areas. Classes could tentatively begin in February 2010. Mr. Hake happened to mention that he was a fireman in Vista at one time (1970's). Canebrake resident, Bob Calhoun retired after more than 30 years with the Vista fire department. Just a few minutes later, they realized they had been at the same station at the same time. Appearances have changed but they remembered each other and had a few stories from those days. Yep, 'tis truly a small world! We are still talking with the cell phone tower company. The SVCC Board is working on the terms and language of the land lease. We sent the company's lease proposal to a real estate attorney for review and have received his comments/suggestions, rm happy to report that the attorney's fee was paid by a generous donor, rll continue to keep you informed of our progress. AA Meetings have been changed to Friday evenings at 6 p.m. in the Community Center. They are hoping the change will allow more people to attend. The Julian News 5 by Michele Harvey I Really Like My Books I call myself a reader. I really like to read. I don't like reading everything because some books just don't hold my interest. For instance I don't read books that are full of scary scenes or gore. If I'm reading a book with sexual acts; I skip those parts. I don't read romance novels because I have plenty of romance in my life and when I didn't; they didn't seem like a good substitute. They just rubbed in what I was missing. I also don't like reading how-to manuals or technical manuals because I learn better from hands on experience. For my tenth birthday, a friend gave me a copy of The Black Stallion. At the time I wasn't a reader and thought it was a dumb idea to give a book to a ten year old. It hardly had any pictures in it. I liked Thornton Burgess books for the pictures and the stories I could make up in my mind about all the animals in his illustrations. However, one day when I was bed ridden with the flu, I picked up The Black Stallion and read Representing Victims of Serious Accidents Home Owner's Fire Insurance Claims Attorney At Law 619-235-0307 jdibos 2445 5th Avenue, Suite 420 San Diego, CA 92101 The Justice and Compensation You Deserve it. That book held my attention and I found out that I could make up pictures in my head about the actions and characters who lived I Collecti lesoGiftsoJewelryI_ in the book. Next I got hooked on my sister's Nancy Drew books, b then moved on to copies ofAnderson's Fairy Tales and Grimm's Fairy Progressively Old Fashioned Tales. Those were gifts from my grandparents that I still treasure and have read many times through the years. 2111 Main Street In 3he Heart of Downtown Julian I then read all of Edgar Rice Burroughs books and eventually all of James Michener's books. These days my favorite kinds of books are mysteries, biographies and historical novels. I love to read a good mystery. Agatha Christie, John Grisham, Dean Koontz; these are for me, the kind of authors that make me wish for a day off when the air is cold outside and I can sit on my couch with my book, a cup of hot tea, a warm quilt tucked around me and a fire in my fireplace. My favorite time to read is at bedtime. I get comfortable under my blankets, cats all in their favorite places on the bed and a good book to take me away from my daily stresses. Sometimes I wake my husband Mike to tell him something interesting in a book rm reading. Usually this happens when rm reading a biography and ask him, "Did you know?" or I say "Listen. This is really interesting." Fortunately he is patient with me. rve enjoyed reading to fall asleep for most of my life. A few years ago my reading habit became a big problem for me. I enrolled in college when I was in my 40s. I had to read lots of chapters in lots of books, and my problem was that I easily fell asleep when I was supposed to be studying. It took me a few semesters to solve that problem. When I was in high school, taking history classes; I didn't get very good grades because I often read about the people in the books instead of reading the texts. At that time, history was all about battle dates and the names of generals and other leaders. Very uninteresting to me. Though my grades suffered; my extracurricular reading gave me a love of history that I still maintain. My ex father in law used to say that if you can read, nothing in the world can hold you back. I firmly believe that and when life is tough, I can pick up a book and go anywhere in the world in any time. I can leave my cares behind for a little while. These are my thoughts. Cats are intended to teach us that not everything in nature has a function. - Joseph Wood Krutch Guy McFall Guy Harrison McFall is seventeen and was born on December 30th, 1991, in San Diego. Presently guy is involved in playing guitar. I have heard him play, he is very talented! He enjoys playing any form of music from classical to metal. Guy is currently involved with the Delayed Entry Program for the Marine Corps. He goes once a week to train with other young men enlisting in the United States Marine Corps as a guest; he is not a member of the program because he does not plan to enlist. Guy intends to set on a much more difficult and enduring path. The path he has set is to attend college for four years at the school of his choice. His top two choices are George Washington University in Washington D.C. and UCLA. He wants to major in Aerospace Engineering, the branch of engineering behind the design, construction, and science of space and aircrafts. The next step, after Guy graduates college, is to start the journey to becoming one of the Few and the Proud, the Marines. He will attend Officer's Candidate School, in Quantico, VA. This is where he will have to show a very high level of leadership, potential, and commitment to success, in order to earn a commission as a Marine Officer. Once he has surpassed the grueling training to become an officer Guy would like to go into the field of reconnaissance. This is the most difficult field to go into in the Marine Corps. Guy intends to stay in the Marines for a career which entails twenty years of service. After his career is done he would like to design missiles for the Marine Corps. When he is not preparing for. his future, Guy plays basketball and has been ever since second grade! He also enjoys reading. In fact his favorite book is The Hunt for Red October, written by Tom Clancy, also one of his favorite authors. Guy also has a tremendous sense of humor and keeps all of his classmates in hysterics, including me! The qualities that make a good and honorable man are all present in Guy Mcfall. He is an extraordinary person, With incredible intelligence and courage. It gives me comfort to know Guy will be protecting our country in the future, as a Marine Officer. He is truly a man of honor. Gifts From The Heart Hannah Elliot had an idea and Coco Leraas had a solution. Hannah's idea was to honor her grandfather for taking her fishing and just being there for her. Upon discovering his old bowling ball in the garage, she envisioned mosaic of the lake they had fished together. That is where Coco came in, she offered to help Hannah by teaching her the art of mosaic and help her see the vision to reality. Hannah was enjoying the projct so much that her mom, Yvonne Fleet wanted to share in the experience and create a mosaic ball too. Coco agreed on one condition, That Hannah teach her mom the process, just as Coco had taught her. Soon a mother/daughter bonding was in action, as mother the pupil was creating her own vision, under the guidance of her daughter. Coco is now opening her studio for classes to train other "apprentices" in the art of mosaic. She will also accept adults as students, for a fee. You can see the results of this mother/daughter collaboration for a short time at the Julian Library. Both mosaic balls are currently on display, at least thru the end of this week. Then they will become gifts from the heart to Hannah's grandfather for Christmas. Hpe we didn't ruin the surprise. Getting Kids To Care About Current Events have established online portals where children can learn about current events. Companies like Nickelodeon, Time Magazine, the Washington Post, and Scholastic have created places where children can learn about the world. The U.S. House of Representatives even established "Kids in the House," a Web Site where children can learn about America's legislative branch. * Check Your Library or Bookstore: There are a variety of books available today that take potentially-difficult topics and explain them to children in age-appropriate ways. Hankins' novel, "1 Learned a New Word Today... Genocide" is one such example for readers as young as 10, while Art Spiegelman's "Maus" and Victoria London's "Lucy and the Liberty Quilt" are other nice choices for kids. * Start a Group and Become Active: There are many current events discussion groups in communities across the country where young people join to discuss issues. If you can't find one in your community, consider starting one. By partnering with similar groups and even writing to your congressman or town officials, you can tap more directly into the places where policies take shape. * Turn it into Games or Projects: Educators encourage families to make current events fun. While combing through the newspaper, children can compile a scrapbook or piece together a collage composed of articles that matter to them. Family and friends can come together to act out sketches based on current events. "Not all details of current events are suitable for young people, but by encouraging children to see what happens in the rest of the world and encouraging their curiosity, you might help shape a generation of well-read, influential individuals," says Hankins. (StatePoint) Getting kids interested in the world around them sometimes can be tough. While many parents have long been unsure how to properly address certain current events with their children, there's no denying recent efforts to reach young people and expand the scope of their world. A number of outlets have worked to establish news sources for children, while President Obanna made some waves this past September when he delivered an address aimed specifically at the nation's children. Even TV pundit Bill O'Reilly wrote a book for children. With proper oversight and some good ideas, families can make current events fun for kids, ultimately expanding their understanding of the world. "Children haven't yet gotten jaded or apathetic. They want the world to be a better place and they believe they can help make it so," says author and human rights activist Elizabeth Hankins, whose new book entitled "1 Learned a New Word Today... Genocide" teaches children about a heavy global topic. "Once you learn of the misfortune of others, you won't look the other way. This can help avoid future mistakes that have continued to allow crimes against humanity." Here are some ways to make learning a.bout current events appealing to children: * Make it a Family Function: Combine quality family time with an opportunity to educate your children by coming together to watch the nightly news or read the local newspaper. While it's important that parents filter the news slightly to make sure children aren't exposed to content for which they might not be ready, it's a great way for families to draw closer. Be sure to participate in a dialogue afterwards and encourage children to ask questions. * Find Good Resources Online: A number of media outlets