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December 17, 2008     The Julian News
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December 17, 2008

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8 The Julian News Same 934 MAIN STKEET, JULIAN C01%NEK OF MAIN AND C STIIEETS 760-765-0192 WW JULIANPI OPEI TIES.COM We have information on all homes available in the Julian area, BANK OWNED PROPERTIES SHORT SALES OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME 3 Bedroom, 2.5 Bath, 2,968 sq. ft. nearly new home on .94 acre Great Views. Huge Deck $750,000 $245,000 " at Do ays Mean To You?" The Julian News in cooperation with the Junior High and the High School is sponsoring the fall semester "Essay Contest" students were asked to submit their compositions in their English classes where they would be evaluated by the various teachers then the top essays have been submitted to the Julian News for final judging. The Julian News will be publishing the top 3 essays from each grade 7 through 12 and announce the winners in the December 3pt edition We also encourage the community to drop us a note and tell us your favorites, it could make a difference in the final decisions on the awards. A Traditional Thanksgiving by Aracely Abarca, junior For seventeen years my mom, Dolores Gomez has worked at the Rongbranch Restaurant in Julian. Many a times, she has had to work all day shifts due to the fact that she is a single parent. When she was promoted to manager it brought its ups and downs._ For my sister, Brenda Abarca. and I, it became like a second home since we were the "manager's daughters." For my mom though, it only increased her work days. Therefore, when we were asked to work last year on Thanksgiving it wasn't a huge hassle, but nonetheless we were reluctant to do so. It slipped our minds that our mother had worked every Thanksgiving while we celebrated with family. My sister arrived with a cheerful attitude whereas I was more hesitant. By the end of the day though, the joy overcame the burden. I realized the happiness that comes when you are surrounded by those you love no matter where you are, as a result my Thanksgiving of 2007 has became my favorite holiday memory. As I began to work I reminisced about my past Thanksgivings. They had all been typical Thanksgivings. They consisted of arriving at an aunt's or uncle's house, watching the children, who ranged from one year olds to thirteen years old, while my aunt's cooked, eating, and then spending quality time with the family. My aunt's and uncle's lived down in Chula Vista so we would usually leave early and wouldn't be back up until late, since we had to wait for our mother to get off work. Our meal began by snacking on chips, vegetables, and candy. When the turkey, which was always rather large, was done we would gather up and sit down at the dinner table. There we would pass around the soft rolls, the freshly made cranberry sauce, the steaming green beans, and the mouthwatering turkey until we filled our plates to the brim. We wOuld finish with a slice of the three types of pies we had Many good memories were formed during those Thanksgivings, but none of them ever stood out as amazing. I enjoyed spending time with my family, but it always felt as if something were messing. Not to mention, that I would always wonder about how my morn was doing at work. never understood why I had this feeling, until I spent a Thanksgiving with my mom. Unalike my Thanksgivings at my aunt's and uncle's house, at the Rongbranch I was working throughout the whole day as a waitress. My mom, my sister and I were the only waitresses that day. It was modestly busy, but nothing we couldn't handle. During the slower part of the day we ordered three T.hanksgiving dinners. It was a regular dinner, but it was the best Thanksgiving dinner I have ever had. In between tables we would go to the waitress station and munch on them It was fulfilling eating with the two people I care the most about in this world. Instead of having three slices of three different pies we each had a slice of pumpkin pie with whip cream, which is my favorite. We ate happily and comfortable in the company of our coworkers, the kitchen staff. I went from being bummed to blissfu, just by spending time with my mom. and sister. Throughout the whole day I never had a dull moment. Whether it was getting a bite in before taking a table or waiting on a table. As I look, back on that Thanksgiving at the Rongbranch Restaurant I realize the impact it had on my views and attitudes associated with family and holidays. Itdemonstratedto methe difference between celebrating a holiday the traditional way and the importance of being with those who are closest to you on the holidays. They are the ones that make the difference between a memorable and forgettable experience. What The Holidays Mean To Me by Marisol Aceves 7th grade I bet you're wondering what the holidays mean to me? Well, it means having time off from school, and spending time with friends and family. I love to get presents during Christmas and on my birthday. Another thing is we get to honor our soldiers who died and helped our coumry. These soldiers are very important. First of all, the soldiers are very important because they help protect our country. Some soldiers are fighting right now in Iraq. During the year we have two day that we celebrate our soldiers, Veterans day and Independence day. Those are two very =mportant days. This is. when we can spend time with friends and family, and appreciate our soldiers for us. Spending time with family and friends is very important as well. we can spend time telling stories that our grandparents went through, or something funny that happened, something else you can do is chill with your friends. This is another meaning of what the holidays mean to me. Finally the best thing about the holidays are getting presents. The holidays on which I get presents are Valentines day, Christmas, Easter, and my birthday. Most of the people around the world enjoy presents that they get every year, especially kids. The holidays mean something to everybody. Whether getting presents, hanging out with friends and family orhonoring our soldiers who help our countr y. theseare what the holidays mean to me. We Stick by Shanice Quijano, sophomore Every single year my family gets together to celebrate the holidays. Holidays of all seasons. From Easter in spring to Christmas in the winter. Christmas happens to be my favorite. This is the time for all of us to leave everyth ing behind and enjoy the time we have together. We crack tons of silly jokes, play games, watch Christmas movies, and eat loads of f6od. This goes on all of Christmas day. These gathering always take place at my amazing grandparents' house. A peach colored house with beautiful roses and flowers all around. Gorgeous trees that shade the entire house, and inside big enough to fit the entire family and those others close to our hearts. As we enter the house we are greeted by beautiful holiday decorations. The br, ight red and green lights the shine so beautifully to remind us the spirit of Christmas. Oh my goodness.., the tree! Grandma always picks the best tree. Not to fluffy but not a Charlie brown, and decorates it differently every year. From western, Disney, traditional, monotone, to just a mixture of love. I couldn't forget the smell even if I tried, fresh homemade cookies and hot chocolate, and the never ending smell of pine from the tree to top it off. No matter how old I get ,as each year passes that I walk through that door and see the tree surrounded by presents and gifts of all shapes and sizes, I always catch myself with that fuzzy feeling tn my tummy of excitement and impatience. My cousin Desiree and I always try to sneak around and look at all of the presents to find the ones that have our names on them. When we do find one we give it a good shake and try to guess what it is, then we continue the search. We always get caught but it's still fun. The adults usually hang out in the living room and talk about what's been going on with each other. They make tons of jokes and laugh a lot. (very loudly) I may add. The little ones play games in one of the rooms or where ever, and run around the house like super hero's or princesses. They get dressed up in grandmas and grandpas clothes and heels and boots and play cowboy, or store. The older kids such as myself and Desiree, watch Christmas movies and make tons of cookies. Grandma is constantly in the kitchen working hard cooking deliciously yummy food to feed the family. Dez and I usually help her, and she teaches us how to make certain things and secret family recipes to keep through generations. As all of this continues us impatient children watch as the clock slowly makes its way through each hour slower and slower. As midnight approaches we all gather together to watch everyone get excited and nervous. Then... we sort out the presents and wait for that very last irritating second to pass and we all tear through the nicely wrapped paper, we do it so fast that we don't even notice what we've gotten cause we are so excited about what's next. Finally after we are finished we all sit together and thank each other and we play with our amazingly wonderful gifts. Then its around the time to hit the sack and go to sleep. The 31 Days of by Donny Madison, sophomore Christmas, the snowy heaven of December. It was many years back and the memory I'm going to share is dusty like antiques your mom has on the top shelf of the stands in the living room, usually looked at but never touched. We awoke on the 20th day of heaven known as December we pounced up to the windowsill to feel the cold radiating through the .clear glass which is all that kept us from going out in the snow falling like angels from the sky. My sister Allyssa and I scrambled down to the closet rufly at about 7:25am only to awake the authority sleeping so warm and soundly in the bed next to the show closet. He helped us get clothes and gloves out but made us wait just a bit as he stoked the cobb of the half eaten yule log on the finely yet undisturbed bed of coals it rested on letting them feadt on the new piece of cedar he presented. The fire burned warm and we had almost forgotten about the Christmas that was closing in. The hot chocolate and cream only hightened the pleasure of the 6-7 inches of snow resting untouched on every upward surface outside. When the wooden gate " opened we bolted out warm and overflowing with excitement. When you stop into the snow and breathe the air it is so fresh and so heavy almost like you don't need to breath as hard. After playing for an hour or so my sister went inside of the quaint little snow covered cabin with gray smoke flooding out of the chimney which filled the snow covered wonderland in the sweet smell~Qf cedar. Getting tired I wandered into some fresh powder and sat. For some reason I had no intentions of disturbing the perfectly made bed of snow that lie in front of my tired eyes, but to just sit down and take in the beauty. I found a little hump in the snow and rested there. The silence would come after I settled and it was so quiet and peaceful and that living silence mixed in with the thick air and smells. My body felt very detailed in a way that I had entered a new world and never noticed. That event had modified me forever. I wandered back to my house taking my sweet time literally and stepped back into that little cabin where I had grown. When I stepped in I felt I should turn around and ggo back out. For the rest of the day I would go back and forth between the wild and my' house. The nights were almost as exciting as the days, anticipating the new snowfall, listening to the stories of Santa Claus, and most important opening the little calendar door that have the candy and plastic toys that we treated like they were. worth a million dollars. But in all reality 50 cents available anywhere. A few days passed and Christmas came. "Donny.:. Donny...! .... What" I replied and over my face appeared the wide open eyes of my older sister. I could only ask what the deal was and why she had disturbed me. And she grinned a grin. Her eyes lit in anticipation as she waited for mine to fill up with understanding and they did. We rushed over to my dad's bed and jumped up and down telling him to get up so we could open the presents as they lay before us. Just before we opened them he drug us outside and told us to look around because he had talked to Santa that night. We squinted our eyes and looked for any clue. Scanning any movement, activity, or stirred up area. We mused and noticed something, a little pile of alfalfa for every reindeer in Santa's fleet of grace. Amazed we flew back into the house and shredded the paper aufroundring the mystery insic[e A couple hours a ter I went ,to the same spot to get away and think. I thought for some time and I realized Christmas isn't about the gifts you get. It's about the gifts you give in your heart and that family is more important than any gift and .without gifts I could be the happiest person on earth with good health, friends and family. The best Christmas could ever have would be to be with my family and friends. What The Holidays Mean To Me by Allison Duffy, 8th grade Holiday - a holy festive of sacred day. Okay that's what holiday means .to Webster, but what do the holidays mean to me? Holidays are days full of food and fun. They're a time to spend with family and friends. Holidays can't be spent alone. My family has many holiday traditions. For instance, every Thanksgiving, we get little chocolate turkeys in dark and milk flavors. Everyone gets one, and we often steal each others. My friends and I have festive traditions too. For example, we always go trick-or-treating in town right after school. It seems that almost every one of my annual activities have to do with food in some way. After all, what are the holidays without Thanksgiwng turkey, Christmas cookies, Halloween and Valentine's candy and Eater eggs? You know what they say, "the food makes the feast!" But, often, it's the making of the food that is most memorable. The cooking of the turkey all day, filling the whole house with a one of a kind aroma. Decorating Christmas cookies and setting them out for Santa. The preparing of these annual dishes and others is a family matter at my house. I helped with Thanksgiving diner for the first time two years ago. Holiday experiences often give you a chance to explore another side of yourself for a day, like December 17, 2008 cooking. For that's another great thing about these festive events, acting like someone else for a day. On Christmas you're spoiled, Easter a detective, Valentine's day, Cupid. I love this part of the holidays. Perhaps this is why my favorite holiday is Halloween I always dressed up, and I always will! This is a main part of what the holidays mean to me. Well, that's an awfully long definition, but there you have it, my thoughts and feelings about the celebratory events we call the holidays. That is what the holidays mean to me. Narrative Story by Kelsey Hartung, senior Christmas is a sacred time to many. It should be celebrated with the utmost sincerity and joyful spirit. After all, it is the time where we celebrate our Lord, Jesus Christ. This holiday is not only my favorite because of His almighty birth, but because it is the perfect time to gwe back. It is certainly important to give back towards those who desperately need it. Charity ts one of the most important things to consider, especially around this time of year. Since it is my concern that others should have a blessed Christmas, rve decided to spend my Christmas break over seas. I will expand my dream and be with orphans in Romania. I plan to help them have a loving Christmas they deeply deserve, and most importantly help lead them to the Lord I want to show them that they are truly loved not only by me, but God and His gracious Son. What's Christmas without gifts? There has been an asking of many to contribute and donate anything from underwear and stickers to giant Tonka Trucks to give to these wonderful kids. Even though the ages range from infant' to eighteen, these children are very thankful for anything and everything they may receive. To r ceive a gift from anyone brings somuch life to their faces and joy into their heart. To touch one of these child's heart is aS if you are tOLiChing your own. That feeling of being there for someone who has never had someone before really turns your life arouhd This feeling is almost unexplainable. I know these feelings because I had visited these children my previous summer vacation, and it truly turned my life around. I am blessed by God to have been able to do such a thing not only for the children, but quite possibly the whole nation. Even those that I tell my story may be touched in some way, and could maybe bring happiness to a lonely child on Christmas. It is very difficult to write this narrative without tearing up because these children are so dear to my heart. They are an inspiration to any life that may be going down a troubled road because they see the bright side of your soul and raise it in front of you, to show you the beautiful person you are. They see no errors, but only the love you are willing to give. TheY've changed my perspective and attitude towards my life and I'm sure rve done the same. Th'is is why I can't wait to go during Christmas. It is so cold in the orphanage and hardly anyone goes to visit them. This time of year is the perfect opportunity to show them how much I love them and how willing I am to show them they are wonderful beautiful people inside and outt Although, there will be difficulties to achieve my goal of 2,700 dollars before December, but I know God will provide and help through out my trip. This experience has really shown me hc;w much I can get out of life, and it has given a fire inside of me that may never burn out. After this Christmas I know r will want to always be with them, and think the only way to do that is to make this into a career. I want to further my work with the, Lord and become a full time Missionary in Romania for two or more years. I know this is what God is calling me to do, and I will stop at nothing to fulfill it. This year's Christmas will be the most unforgettable Christmas in my life, and I can hardly wait for it to come.