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December 17, 2008     The Julian News
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December 17, 2008

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December 17, 2008 Staying Home by Chase Fisher, sophomore One great way to celebrate the holiday season is staying home and spending time with family. I know some people celebrate the holidays by going on vacation and seeing new things. The best -real memory I have from the holidays was when i was very young. It was Christmas eve at my mom's house with all the family up to celebrate with us. At my mother's house 'we celebrate on Christmas eve so that the other parts of my family can enjoy Christmas at their own house. It all started by my Uncle Buster Aunt Moly, Cousin Raven and Cousin Jasper showing up with my Grandpa four hours late as usual. So when they arrived we all cooked dinner and hung out. While me and one of my brothers (Weston) were sitting playing I spy on the Christmas tree. My little cousins were eating snacks and playing with cars on the floor infront of the wood- burning fire. the time we had finally gotten dinner on the table it was well past dark and we were all starving except for the kids. Everyone dished up a nice big plate of honey baked ham, deviled eggs, mashed potatoes, salad, and lots of goodies. After about three bites my cousins were all full from all of thier snacks. So they started running around the table while the rest of us ate a delicious dinner. After dinner we cleaned up and went to open presents. About half way through my other brother (Travis) called from Iraq which was very special, because most all of my family got to talk to him. It was already Christmas day over in Iraq and he knew how we celebrated on Christmas Eve so he had really good timing. We even had little Jasper talk to him who was only two years old, and sense Travis had been gone for so long he didn't know Jasper could talk se he was amazed by that. Once he had talked to everybody and we all wished him a Merry Christmas we went back to opening presents. After that the family said their goodbyes and drove home to have a very Merry Christmas. Overall, it was a great Christmas and everyone had fun and got home safe. I hope i get to experience another very special Christmas again soon. Memories in the Air by Jenna Madeyski, senior In the dark of backstage just before a cue, tension hangs coldly suspended like a snowflake on a string. The moment of entrance onto the stage, into the warm, blinding lights, illuminates until a character shines from within. This is "A Christmas Carol" 2007, on the final performance of the season. Town Hall is packed with a mix of tourists and locals, but for once they are all a single, silent, black observer. Whether I'm in the darkness with the choir or in the bright lights of the stage, I know that I'm a part of the cast which is creating the magic for the audience. For two years, I've participated in Charles Dickens' classic play "A Christmas Carol" as both Belle and a choir member. The final performance of last year was particularly memorable because of how smoothly it flowed and how the Christmas spirit was almost tangible in the air. For the first act of the play, tensio mounted as I waited in the dark of backstage and listened as the other cast members performed. The snow fell thickly and silently outside, and I could feel its presence. When finally I went on stage, I thought of nothing buy my lines and cues, gestures, and expressions. I knew that, though I was not conscious of it during my time in the spotlight, I was a part of the magic being created for that audience. When I was in front of the "audience for my part, I. was no longer myself for a brief period of time; I was Belle, Ebenezer Scrooge's ex-fianc6e who was a beacon of hope for him when he was younger. The lines which I'd memorized, the delivery of them which had been rehearsed for over a month, the singing and dancing, all of this culminated into a few minutes of Scrooge's past, and all the audience saw was the final, finished product. During the second act, I sat off to one side of the audience as part of the choir. This was when I truly felt the Christmas spirit: while singing "Joy to the World" and "Carol of the Bells" as a part of the show. What better way to show excitement for the holidays that in loud song? Christmas carols are a special kind of song. They're only heard at this one specific time of the year, and if they are sung anytime before November, it sounds strange and wrong. But on that last of all the performances just a few short days before Christmas Eve, the carols had never sounded more right. They were perfect for the mood and theme of the play as it happened, and the words had a new taste as I was singing them. Rather than tasting like new snow on a cool, crisp morning, the songs tasted like a freshly cooked turkey with too much gravy, or a warm pumpkin pie, ora mug of hot cocoa with marshmallows. The songs warmed the atmosphere and filled it with memories of smells an.d tastes specific only to this time of year. .Once the show had finished with a final singing of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" and thunderous applause, 'it was hard to believe that it was over. In fact, all the nights of practice and the performances didn't seem like they were entirely finished. It had only been put on hold until this year, when the magic will surely happen again. The snow outside threw a sharp, contrasting, nip in the air which took hold of all of us as we exited the warm theatre. The small swirls of snow flurries brought a smile to everyone's face, and a carol to their hearts. All in all, participating in "A Christmas Carol" every year only makes me more excited for Christmas to finally come. And I'm certain that the audience, though they only sit down for a couple of hours to see this play, feel the spirit strongly in that time. All of the Christmas memories one can possibly imagine are dredged up upon seeing the actors perform and the choir sing, and new Christmas memories are made. The final performance of "A Christmas Carol" is night as spirited and "unforgettable as Christmas Eve. The Great Quarrel by Katherine Thompson, Senior 'Twas the Christmas of 2004 and the holiday spirit hung in the air. My family Christmas had commenced as any other; the fire was lit and burning bright, a vast sea of presents were surrounding the tree, and the sweet and savory smell of cinnamon rolls and Nana's homemade quiche was pleasingly overwhelming. Grandma had turned on the usual Christmas melodies to lighten the mood and my sister Victoria and I sat quietly exploring the contents of our stockings. The minutes flew by and as soon as the anticipation to open gifts was too much, my two aunts Lindsey and Noni walked through the door. Everyone gathered around in the living room by the decadent tree and opened presents, taking turns so that we could prolong the present opening ceremony as long as possible. My whole family: Morn, Dad, Auntie Lindsey, Auntie Noni, Grandma, Nana, Victoria, and I were thoroughly pleased with the gifts we had just received and our stomach began to grumble which meant that it was time to whip out the traditional Christmas breakfast. After our breakfast was finished and bellies were full, my mom and aunt went down to the kitchen to clean up and prepare for Christmas dinner while the IMlll- Palomar Views In Secluded Location On Top Of Pine Hills. $699,000- 2 BR, 2 BA, 17.40 Acres $489,000- 2 BR, 2 BA, 4.16 Acres rest of us sat in the living room either playing with a new gift or popping in a Christmas movie. As most of us carried on with our relaxed filled activities, my aunt Noni laid down in her usual sp6t by the fire to take a long nap. As this went on, nobody knew it but frustration bubbled up with my Auntie Lindsey as she was doing dishes. After the cleaning of the kitchen was finished and my Aunt Noni was awake, out of no where my Aunt exclaimed, "You know Noni, it would have been nice if you had helped us clean up for onceF' At that my Aunt Noni retorted with, "well I did help make some of the food and I really don't' see the need to help when you are already doing it!" After this more harsh words were thrown back and forth until the argument turned into something much bigger than the dishes. Victoria and I sat watching this quarrel between sisters and my mom and grandma intervened with a few words now and then. Once the fight was over and everyone had time to cool down, the rest of the day went on with a slight air of awkwardness. After Christmas dinner was over, I bet you can guess who was first to grab the dishes. We have not looked back this Christmas and laughed q ite yet but in the back of all our minds, we hope that no fights will be started again on such a "merry" day. So This Is by Conor Gernandt, junior In our youth few things seem to show great importance, but for most young kids Christmas is so important some may say, "it's just like Christmas." As a child this event to me was very special. From the beginning of the week to the end of Christmas day it truly was an event to me. The cold December week started with Santa coming to town;, an event my sister and I were always excited for. We would wait in line at the Town Hall for what seemed like forever just to see the big man. Then we'd finally get up there and get to talk to the man that we had made sure all year that we were nice for. My sister .would always go first because she was older this always made that last second feel that mu :h longer. After she Was done it was my turn. I hopped up on his lap pulled out my list, which I of course brought, and told him every single thing I wanted. After I had accomplished my goal of making sure the big man understood what I needed my morn would always take us on a carriage ride. Then we would drive home past the wondrous Christmas Tree next to the museum with a sense of fulfillment and excitement like the Christmas season had really just began. The next day we'd go down to my Uncle's in Carlsbad and see the rest of my family. This was always great for my sister and me due to our close relationships with our cousins. We'd always get together and play for usually the entire time until dinner. Dinner has always and will always be- my Uncle's lamb. Before dinner came grace, a moment in time when my cousin and I have always laughed during and still to this day do to keep the tradition going no matter how much it annoys my aunts and uncles. Really it's their fault for believing we could sit still for twenty seconds, but now that we're older it's probably ours. After dinner we'd play a family" board game usually Pictionary which almost always ends with massive amounts of yelling. Then after coffee, which, was usually meant to calm most down, we'd head home. Next night was Christmas Eve and we'd always get our first present, a sort of short- term satisfaction to calm the excitement. The night always ends with watching It's. A Wonderful Life. As a child I never stayed up long enough to finish the entire movie until about two years ago. The next morning was of course magical. Not much is more special than that feeling of excitement you get as a child when you wake up on Christmas morning knowing that magic is just outside your bedroom door. Mom always made breakfast and Dad would put on the Santa hat The Julian News 9 ) $499,000-$529,000 - 2:5 Acres, Wynola $479,000 3 BR,3 BA,-Pine Hills Fabulous 5.91 Acres Adjacent To And Overlooking Prime Hoskings Ranch. Features Include 4 Bedroom Septic Layout, Well Drilled In 2004, Pasture Land, And A Very Seluded And Excellent Home Location. A Must See. $329,000.' Pine Hills View Lot 1.74 Ares-great Building Site With.Septic in. $12o, ooo Coulter Ridge 19.29 Ares With Panoramic Views $299,000 Pine Ride With Ocean Views 3.14 Acres, Septic In, Water Meter $245,678 and pass out presents. Other than the personal gifts, most of the presents were labeled from Santa to keep the spirit alive. Once the presents were all opened and the stockings were empty we'd hop in the car to finish our usual Christmas journey. The journey to Grandma's house in Los Angeles this drive I grew to know so very well as a child never seemed so short as it did on Christmas day. Whether it was all the excitement or just the spirit of Christmas God only knows but that dive took only a matter of minutes. Then we were walking up to Grandma's apartment with her smiling face awaiting us. This time the mountain of presents wasn't under a tree and they were all labeled from Grandma because she didn't want any one stealing the credit of spoiling her grandchildren. At the end of this exciting day we'd always end it the way every Christmas should end, as a family. It isn't so much that hard times are coming; the change observed is mostly soft times going. -- Groucho Marx Julian Library Hours Monday closed Tuesday 9:30 - 8 Wednesday 7:30-16 Thursday 9:30 - 6 Friday 9:30 - 5 Saturday 9:30 - S Sunday closed iii!iiiil i i iii iiiiiiii i i ii!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ! 765. 0370 /