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December 30, 2009     The Julian News
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December 30, 2009

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k t December 30, 2009 The Julian News 13 California Commentary Wheels Coming Off High Speed by Jon Coupal When California voters barely approved a $9.95 billion bond measure for High Speed Rail in 2008, they had no idea how soon they would learn the true meaning of the phrase "being railroaded." As more about this project is revealed, the backlash from the"public and political leadership is sure to grow. For purposes of full disclosure, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association ran the unsuccessful campaign against Prop 1A (not to be confused with 2009's Prop 1A, an attempt to raise $16 billion in new taxes). Our most potent weapon was a devastating study by the Reason Foundation which revealed that the proponents' representations regarding costs, fare price and profitability were pure fantasy. (Link: http://reason. will attract 41 million annual riders by 2035, down from last year's prediction of 55 million passengers by 2030." Although this revised plan calls into question the entire viability of the project, the news is bound to get a lot worse. In short, even these revised figures by the Authority were born in dreamland. Another fantasy: "The cost of the project- recently pegged at $33.6 billion in 2008 dollars -- is now estimated at $42.6 billion in time-of-construction dollars." Sure, that's a projected increase of about $10 billion, which is jaw-dropping by itself. But the Reason study suggests the final costs will be more than twice the revised projection. Many who analyze the trend lines of these ridership compared against current aircraft utilization rates at 70 percent)." If building California's High Speed Rail project results in millions of metric tons of carbon going into the atmosphere, and its ridership is substantially less than needed to make the project viable - which is the current trend line - a legitimate question is whether HSR will inflict more damage to the environment than if it were never built. The only good news is that it is still not too late to pull the plug on the entire HSR scheme. Legal authority exists to simply refuse to issue any more bonds or provide appropriations. Better yet, if the Legislature had the courage to do so, it would put the issue back before the voters and, instead of telling them a story of sugar plum fairies, tell the truth about costs and environmental impact. But the chances the California Legislature will do the right HOMES. CABINS LAND. RENTALS. PROPERTY MANAGEMENT. VACATION RENTALS 2019 Main Street 760-765-0111 www.mtnfarms.com $520,000 Julian Estates, 3br, den, 2 ba, $459,000In Town, 2bd, 2ba with 2 car, 2200 sq. ft., 4.47 acres. Wood separate ] bd guest suite, built in 2003, Interior, Lodge Feeling. Seriously Custom Home, org/news/show/the-california- megaprojects think that, if it is thing here are zero. There are high-speed-rail). But, from the everbuilt, the cost will far exceed too many moneyed interests, $319,000 3 br, 2 1/2 ba, plus t.200 sq, _ , .. , start, we had an uphill battle $100 billion, too many cows to be milked toft. guest house over garage on 5 acres, $295,000 Ju!ian IownsiTe, 2 br, 2 ba, on convincing voters how poorly In a bit of poetic justice,give up on this lucrative project 2 horse barns, outbuildings and small :85 o.cre. Within walking, distance to all thought out this measure was. another recent revelation will to expect that rational thought fruitorohard, Tne snops anaresTauranTs. The California Legislature had cause some hardcore backers of will win the day. Between the v '?i already stacked the deck by the project - environmentalists p.r. firms, the contractors and " .. providing such a biased title and and urban activists - to suffer a bond brokers, they will push this ..... summary for the measure that case of buyers' remorse. True, horrible project as aggressively , __ ,!.. v the issue of that deception is still some environmentalists who as possible before the real truth the subject of litigation today, took the time to actually analyze is realized. By then, they hope it The deceptive ballot material, the project concluded that it will be too late for California to ...... in addition to the campaign would do more harm than good. reverse itself. _ .,,, .., -- i Bw . contributions from those who But groups like the Sierra Club Jon Coupal is president of .-~~ would profit from the project, jumped on board without critical the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association -- California's largest ~! ~::. ~~.~.~ was enough to ensure victory at analysis. Like so many others, grass-roots taxpayer orgamzatlon ~~'~ $249,000- Kenlwood, ]bd, ].~...hn with the polls-albeit by a very small they applied a simple mindset: dedicated to the protection of $285,000 Kentwood 2br, 1 ba, 864 sq. large loft All wood nteror, argo deck, margin. Cars, bad. Trains, good. P;tPosit~Ons!3i;~dthe advancement ft. knol-h/pine interior .59 acres, completely furnished Now our predictions have But it turns out that, from an p y g . ~ .... r-- ..... , ............ .... " " 4" ' " ' , come true. A headline from the environmental perspective, this i: ii !:i::ii!i " ?" " San Jose M,ercury News last is not so simple. Recent studies @ As Heard On The :i iiii: week reads State High-speed by the University of California Streets Of Juhan Train Rides To Be Costlier, regarding the environment life- Ridership Lower Than Promised cycle assessment of various by Eric Stamets To Voters." Describing the most passenger transportation . recent "business plan" for the systems cast specific doubt Mayor s List ....... HSR, reporter Mike Rosenberg on California's high speed writes: rail project. In reporting on Of New Public "The average ticket on the those studies, the Institute for ta _ [ ~ l bullet train from San Francisco to Transportation Studies noted WORKS rrolects $259,000 Whispering Pines. 2 br, 1 ba, + 8225,000 Kentwood II 2 br. 1 ba 2 car Los Angeles is now estimated to that "if high-speed rail draws F,',,- .I, llan loft. Wood interior and soaring ceilings, garage, fireplace, hardwood, dual- cost about $105, or 83 percent of only half the ridership it says ......... 1 ba separate apt. downstairs. Double glazed windows, A/C, compambleai are Lastyea the it wil . attract, its environmental .... decks i The mayor has re! ,.ased.ailist:'" = -- -- state said prices would be set at performance will be twice as of new pubhc benefit projects , , , , Ha//O, lnn Lair} 50 percent of comparable airfare bad per passenger mile traveled. ' ":-" ...... Jailer Gastil K zi'elt Terr) Bonlli#. Slt( .'oil "r ,t, that he has proposed for railer and predicted a ticket from San And, if compared to typical ...... cell 760-445-1829 ceh 19-417-0481 cell 619-992. e111760) 803 1195 inclusion in the sdmutus Dill wnite " / - Francisco to Los Angeles would aircraft travel in situations where in Washington D.C. lobbying for cost $55." This near doubling of 70 percent of rail passengerthe Julian area. It seems very the unions get involved and cry also be air conditioned. Other ---- ][ J.lntBI -- the projected fare price will have seats are filled, high-speed rail ambitious and in many casesfoul. Then everything goes on events and movies like that in --------- a major impact on ridership: "As performs worse (the crossoverunneeded, but the mayor stated, like they had the money. We Balboa Park could be held. Also Artswer5 a result of the higher fares, state occurs when high-speed rail "If you collect a little money to could have probably gotten we could install comfy stadium Solution time: 27 rains. officials now think the service achieves65 percent of estimated get the ball rolling and a project almost all this done if we had seating economically from some s]o]31J, lllulvlsl3131 ] fits in a certain category on only had our lobbyist in on the bankrupt movie theaters. All ololzlPIvlulal, l^lNlal R.F.D. by MikeMadand a earmark on a bill slipped first bailout" He said the folks trees could remain. through the legislature like the in Washington recognized the 4. Similar to the animal i v u u first bailout or is an innocuous Harley. sculptures in Borrego, metal s a v 3 a u I v ] _ sounding addendum to a state 1. Tunnel bypass of town. sculptures of the trees that used t ,l o IN El [ V In [ I N [ V[ Z [ ballot proposition that passes, 2. Stadium like dome built over to be here before the Cedar Fire. v!El!31J-!!8!lEl!!s! I ! A d d V H :::1 E)SE) OH money then pours in from the town to combat slipping on icy 5. Approval of monument state or federal governments, sidewalks in winter and keeping to drilling record in town. The A -I ] n 8 " - s d V .... "-.. Pay no attention to the budget town cool in summer, workers buy lots of cold drinks, v 0 3 d O "] 3 N 3 d concerns. These payments are 3. Construction of a smaller6. Re-bankingofcertaincurves i iaJ i i ivi*'li ioi i I week Ilaw and they'd rather threaten test dome over the site of the and cutting down certain trees Sldl'lNlalvllSldlVlZl cuts to fire protection, education Bluegrass Festival in Frank Lane on Highways 78 & 79 so that and law enforcement so thatPark. Thiswould provide needed speeding motorcyclists would be -- Weekly SUDOKU -- everyone makes a big stink and shade for the festival and could ensured of a fun ride instead of Answer being killed. Change all broken I -" -- L ,. ,. ,.. . _ lr ', T111Pi! P,v,t oc-q, Alt/ lt,t passing lines to solid double I I I ' by Linda Thistle I -- J.l.UOoYyVJl.t,,l. lines so that motorcyclists could 18 It ]9 I' tL I81 6 j z is pass anywhere ACROSS ............. " I~I~ISl61elzI~'II9 Ii I i I I I I [ IIi use r" I" I" l" I= I I' l" I'' I 7 Apply fr anthor grant I'1"1"1" l'l'l'l'-I "guna a, ,3 ,4 for Bluetooth 'M implants. " " I I I I [ I" " " " ' 7 4 5 4 Impale, ..... Quite a few Julianites had the I ISl 1et 1 1191z 8 Puppys I l" 1 I I Iprocedure at the townhall and I z11 1g11,1 IslsI 9 2 7 6 attacks 19 are now much better looking and I I I I I I I I I 12 Lem~eux ~ L t' ~ /. 6 9 cJ g ^ ....... better connected- you're next. IIIII milieu Iz I [ I IIzz Iz= II 8 Donkeys on patrol in town [8191zlsI=Iel =lsl 8 3 2 13 Harvard rival " . . . 14Redact 24 25 26 27 28 from12m,dn,ghtto5A.M. Th,s I~l'l~l'l~'l'l~ 15 Mrs. 29 30 31 ensures nobody would mess 9 6 7 Odysseus ...... with nothin' while the sheriffs get 17 Gauchos I I I I I I I some rest. weapon 35 36 9. Create a motorcycle and ik I 3 9 1 18 Bugle call baby carriage lane in town. 19 B~g man on p7 13, I I /40 I I I / 10. Renaming of Banner Grade ..,. campusY 42 43 to "The Highway of Death." The 4 2 5 8 ~ ~)?d phone ~ Jl~~ boost to Julians economy would I J~!-L~(~ (~.[~.~~. I feature be tremendous just from the tee I A I 6 7 9 1 24 Swine149 I I I I1 o I I I 1115 I I 1shirts atone. I I 25 lg30Harold I I Arlen song 48 Menagerie 9 American 30 100 dinars ~ / I -*--.,.~. I '~~~;~~' I 7 , 1 4 29 Equi- 49 Lawyers' --" 33 Polish 41UIIIll,,lllllII I ~-~_~.~._.~L.~'-~ 4 30 Automaton salaries 10 Dosage, silver? Likr-, , Hn,,r,= III 31 Historic time 50 Bohemian maybe 34 Junior of the -- ---- --II I Z]fsBeEi~ingtoLk ~:~1 8 5 3 32 It merged 51 Recede 11 Go nowhere NFL Monday closed II [,~ ';~l with 16 Diner sign 36 Marshlike Tuesday 9.00 8 II Christmas in Kilarnev 'l / Place a number in the empty boxes in such a way / Tanganyika DOWN 19 Thai money 37 Staff leader "_ : " H , " ! / that each row across, each column down and / in 1964 1 Energy 20 Genius 38 Top-rated Wednesday 9.oo- I* I / each small g-box square contains all of the / 34 Winter 2 Expert 21 Parks or 39 Wander Thursday 9:00 - 611 I I forecast 3 Big brass Bonheur 40 Summertime .... .^^ ~ [I I b.~nta.'ta~ ~.~.I numbers from one to nine. / 35 Hideaway container? 22 Exclude pest rrlaay Y.UU - ~"[I I IsComingto Town I / 36 Abacus bits4 Graceful girl 23 "Believe 42 Handhold Saturday 9"00 - ~ [I I ,t.- ~7 li.ffal~ll~ ~'~'~I / /37 Yu'etide 5 New Mexic - nt organizer Sunday closed III "Jl I refrain art colony 25 Asian desert 43 Blunder I~~'~.'Y~ I 40 6 orn Matterh, 26 Fine, maybe44 San [j~ v. ~u~mgm I / "~" Moderate 'k -k Challenging / 41 Booty for one 27 Cattleman's Francisco's ~ 10. GodRestJ...I 42 Aquatic birds 7 Spell-down tool -- Hill [ "" YeMerrvGentlemen~ I 46 Jealousy 8 Outer-space28 Goes off 45 Weep loudly I .. " .... I | *** HOO BOY, / .47 Type of race cloud course I ~ource:ww~:gonzagaDtmeun.com I / 2009 King Features Synd., Inc. I 1850 Highway 78 ]I ' 2009 K'ng Features Synd ~c. ~ 765- 0370 ' " Janet Gastil Kaaren TerO, Bonnie Sharron Hall0, Ann & Larrr Faller cell 760-445-1829 cell 619-417-0481 cell 619-992-3868 cell(760) 803-1195 Weekly DIFFICULTY THIS WEEK: ** * =1